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Se toma video y me lo manda por WhatsApp
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". stupid fucking cheer practice out in this hot fucking sun. " Eloise grumbled to herself the entire length of the way as she plodded along back towards the distant campus gymnasium locker room doors. Behind her, the wheels on the cart she was responsible for towing back to the locker room crunched over the sunbaked chaparral grasses of the pass-less-trodden.

She could feel her perky pair of jiggling buttcheeks glistening with a thin layer of sweat, along with the rest of her utterly exposed body. Using the palm of the hand that wasn't latched onto the handle of the wagon, Eloise wiped at her dripping chest in a mostly symbolic gesture of ridding herself of the wetness coating every inch of her almost totally all-eyes-invited figure.

In fact, of all of the articles of clothing she headed to the practice field with, the only ones left were her shoes. Eloise shot the toe of one of her vibrantly-colored trainers towards an exposed tract of dirt in between the one-square-foot patches of poorly-watered landscaping sod. A thin mistiang of dirt flew up into the air in front of her, and immediately found its way directly onto Eloise's sweat-beaded body.

"Just fucking great," Eloise sighed to herself.

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By the time the sweat-caked, nubile, and naked fledgling cheerer had finished hauling the heavily gear-laden cart from the recently manicured and painted cheerleading practice grounds, the sun was beating down at her from dead-center in the middle of the picturesque blue sky. She could feel the heat radiating down from the top of her head, cascading down over her shoulders before dissipating across the the flushed-red and lightly tanned flesh that had been exposed to the hot light all afternoon.

As soon as Eloise had walked out onto the grass outside the back door to the gymnasium locker room that morning to begin practice with her new squadmates, she knew she had made wardrobing error. A pair of tie-dye, curve-hugging, spandex-blend workout short-shorts to match the funky color palette of her sports bra and sneakers made for a cute ensemble, but did her no favors in the broiling sun.

The cheeky pair of booty-flaunting, skin-tight shorts flexed when she walked, bounced, flipped, or otherwise was hoisted up into the air by the supporting hands of her new friends. She went form over function, and her dully stinging skin was a testament to that mistake.

Her squadmates seemed to like her getup, though, so at least she had that to comfort her that is, she did until she was instructed to remove every psychedelically-colored scrap of fabric. Now, when she looked back at the cart she was leading, she could see the workout clothes peeking out while otherwise buried underneath a mountain of equipment.

The only thing that kept her going, at this point, was the hot shower that she had waiting for on the other side of those double-doors.

She sighed contentedly, knowing that at least she'd have the shower all to herself. The evening before, Eloise had to sit and listen to her only friend in the world drone on ad-nauseum via Skype about how "brutal" and how "inhumane" her teammates were going to haze her.

She had read about it on the internet, and she wanted to make sure Eloise was physically and mentally prepared for it. In practice today, however, the squad had been nothing but nice to her. They had treated her like one of the girls, and this was her first day of real practice. Some playful ass-smacks here and there, and they even included her in playful name-calling with commonplace monikers like "whore," and "slut," that were tossed around all day, but nothing out of the ordinary, Eloise figured.

It was just like her friend to not understand, and she was relieved that she hadn't bought into that alarmist line of thinking. It's just what teammates do to each other, and Eloise wasn't about to freak out and run home crying because Amber called her a "dirty cocksucker" when Eloise had her feet come out from under her on the landing of a back handspring and toppled gracelessly to the dirt, thus meaning the whole routine needed to be started again from the top.

It was fine when Taryn smacked her doughy rump and squeezed one of her buttery buns for a second longer than any of the other chicks had that day. These were bonds that she knew she would reflect back on for the rest of her life. Some of the relationships she formed in the Lancaster University Varsity cheerleading squad would change her life.

Probably. Towards the end of practice that day, however, Eloise had her first taste thus-far of what she would regard as a particularly "brutal" hazing tradition. Some time in the middle of the afternoon of sweaty, strenuous practice, Eloise been approached by Alice, the co-captain who wielded her authority like a club.

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Alice was a tan-skinned latina with a tight figure and head of even tighter messy, shoulder-length curls that bobbed just above her shoulders.

She was curt, straight-to-the-point, and never bothered to wait around for input when she gave an instruction.

So, when Alice snapped her fingers in Eloise's face to get her attention, Eloise snapped up straight and fixed her focus on whatever Alice had locked-and-loaded. "Hey, skank, you're going to re-line the practice field and gather up all of the gear before you're allowed to head back inside. Once there, you'll receive further instruction on what to do.


I don't want to hear a word about it, either. Just do it." Eloise nodded in response, but before she had the chance to vocalize her dogged devotion to the well-being of the squad, Alice was marching off in the other direction, no doubt to deliver some other instruction to other subordinates.

Eloise watched her walk away for a moment, then, thought about the workout gear she had donned that morning the same workout gear that she had been kicking herself for all day. It flaunted her delectable rump, it showed off her boyish chest, and made her stick out like a proverbial peacock. What it didn't do, however, was shield her from the abuse of the sun. After a moment, Eloise figured that she had come up with a solution that would solve everything.

In the seconds that followed, she managed to open her mouth and fail to keep herself out of trouble. "It's really hot out here, b-bitch." she began, tripping over at an attempt to 'fit in' with a jab of her own. "Can I do it first thing tomorrow morning before it gets this hot?" Eloise called after Alice.

She knew she had screwed up the moment she watched a couple of girls off in the distance instinctively reach up to touch their mouths in shock.

She watched another girl drop her chin to her chest and proceed to shake her head. Alice, meanwhile, had halted mid-stride. Eloise closed her eyes and sharply exhaled through her nose. "Fuck." Eloise thought to herself.


Alice must've turned around to face her while she was silently lamenting her poor decision making skills, because Alice's voice boomed towards her as if she were using a megaphone to deliver her words. "Oh yeah? It's too hot, bitch? Alright, how about this." Alice growled before a blithe cheer rang out and cut Alice off before she could finish handing down her punishment. "Naked field bitch!" shouted the voice from somewhere Eloise couldn't pinpoint.

She opened her eyes and glanced around, but then she was taunted by another pepped-up teammate who was revelling in Eloise's misfortune and keen to capitalize on it. "Yeah, make her get out of those hot clothes!" Eloise felt her heart sink.

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Her only hope was that, maybe, for some reason, Alice would take it easy on her. She wasn't complaining about the actual task she was assigned, after all, right?

She really wasn't going to make her strip completely naked in front of all of these people she had only met today, right? ". that's a good idea," said the militant cheer captain, and Eloise felt her face fall. Her heart sank even lower, which isn't something she thought possible before this moment. Alice's tone of voice was almost gleeful.

"Get out of those sweaty clothes, slut. Then, you won't be so hot when you're respraying the lines on the field and loading up the practice gear." Alice paused, then gave a roaring instruction to the rest of the squad. "Drop it all, girls!" On command, she heard the collective sound of a dozen-and-a-half squadmates depositing their bags, pom-poms, batons, and, in some cases, plastic placards reading out some fragment of a phrase in bold lettering like "TEAM!" or "DEFENSE!" In a matter of seconds, Eloise was assigned the task of retrieving all of the equipment from every corner of the one-hundred yard mock football field.

As if that wasn't enough, she had to do it in the hottest part of the afternoon, and when she was done collecting the gear, she had to use a rusty metal paint cart and redraw the simulated football field lines that indicated where the squad would position themselves.

She could feel every pair of eyes on the field looking her over. They were staring her down in a sadomasochistic glee, waiting for Eloise to strip off what little clothing she had on. Eloise shut her eyes and nodded to nobody in particular. She wanted more than anything to be a part of this team, and if that's what it took, she would do it.

She had fucked up, and shouldn't be surprised when she was punished for it. With a shaky pair of hands, she reached up with crossed arms and pulled at the bottom hem of her padded sports bra. When it came off from around her neck, she could've sworn she heard a couple of "oohs" and "mmhs" from somewhere on the crowd. Her perky set of bee-sting A-cups were on display for every hungry pair of eyes on the field. Eloise could instantly feel the heat washing over her milky-pale skin, but fought through it as she began to push at the waistline of her scandalously tight booty shorts.

After popping them off from around the generous curve of her already accented posterior, her lush derrière looked even more pornographically plump in contrast with her exposed, underendowed chest. Sans sneakers, Eloise was as naked as she had ever been outside of her dorm room and that was factoring in the couple dozen times she had participated in daring games of 'hold the moan' in risky venues like the woman's stalls the day of tryouts.

Nobody said anything for a while. Her squadmates were too busy eyeing her up like the fresh butcher shop cut that she was, now in more ways than one.

Eloise glanced around the field, making no effort to hide her shame for fear that she might be set upon with some other harsh punishment. Somewhere in the back of her mind, though, the liberating freedom of being completely naked in the middle of this field excited her. She almost felt too ashamed to admit it to herself, but the adrenaline rush of stripping her garments off knowing full well she'd be on stage for an audience of a dozen-or-so women her age out there on the sundrenched practice field was.

Hot. "My, my." she heard Alice exclaim from her vantage point on Eloise's declothed body though it's not like standing on flat ground in the middle of a field presented anything but a good seat to the show. "You're going to have to thank me later, ladies! Aren't you all glad I didn't let her off the hook?" "I think I can see how hard her nipples are from here!" piped a voice from a fellow redheaded veteran squad member.

Eloise felt her hand twitch, but wrestled away the instinct to clasp a hand around her bare breast to block the sight an assumption made by her teammate that she couldn't deny. "Tell her to give us more of a show, Alice!" chimed in a lanky, tall girl with ash-blonde hair that Eloise recognized as one of the panelists behind the other side of the table when she tried out for the team.

She didn't expect, then, that she would be given a VIP pass to her exhibition show within days of first making eye contact with the girl. "Alright! That's enough." This voice, Eloise instantly recognized as belonging to the same sunny blonde that did the talking at her tryouts.

The voice belonged to Tierney, the Lancaster University Cheer Captain. Tierney emerged from a cluster of girls who were practicing basket tosses before the commotion of Eloise's strip show halted practice in its tracks. "I think we 'ought to let Miss Fresh Meat here get to work." Tierney punctuated her degrading comment by blowing a high-pitched, shrill note from the shining whistle that was hanging around her neck.

This prompted a Pavlovian shift of attention from all the girls on the field to hang onto the Cheerleader-in-Chief's next words. "Everybody inside!" *** Eloise felt the chilled air of the mercifully air-conditioned locker room lick at the flecks of sweat that had beaded up into salty droplets on her skin.

If she wasn't returning to a locker room that would be occupied only by herself, she would've made an attempt to hide her quickly-stiffening nipples being that were nibbled on by the icy, stale air contained within.

After stowing the field cart in the appropriate closet and retrieving the shower accoutrements out of her locker, Eloise all-but-ran to the nearest shower stall. She was eager to feel the steamy streams of piping-hot water flow over her supple frame and wash away the grit, sweat, and a healthy dash of embarrassment that clung to her.

She could only hope that nobody had seen her get down-and-dirty out there on the field after the other girls had left. The dimly-lit locker room was still. A couple of lockers remained open as if their tenants had hurriedly removed their contents and headed home.

The only lights on in the room were the always-on emergency ones, recessed behind fogged-plastic panels to take the edge off the harsh, white light of the incandescent tubes. Wall-to-wall-to-floor tile lined every square foot of the place, which made every noise Eloise made in the confines of the room echo and rebound off of each surface.

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After shutting the stall door behind her, Eloise deposited her effects in the corner of the stall and darted her hand towards the faucet. She was dying for that hot water, and the added bonus of no longer being at risk of potentially exposing herself to any horny groundskeeper was all icing on the cake at this point. The stuttering pipes quaked with a deep, rumbling roil as she called up the hot water from them.

Finally, she felt the streams hit the back of her neck and pour down her body. Eloise languished in the rejuvenating shower for enough time for her to lose track of it. She ran her hands in between her legs, up across her tanned, toned tummy and brought both hands across her breasts. She felt a twinge of pleasure shoot up her spine when her fingers danced across her still-stiff nipples, and that was enough to entice her to take advantage of the benefits of the isolated venue.

The thought had crossed her mind as she headed in, and she figured it might relieve some of the tension she had built up over the course of the dehumanizing set of responsibilities that kept her sweating for the last couple of hours. She ran her fingers through her matted orange hair and slicked it out of her face so she could stoop down over the things she had brought into the shower with her.

She reached down and wrapped her hand around the familiar, girthy shaft of the faux cock that traveled around in her bag at all times for occasions just like this. The slick tile walls of the shower stall were going to be ideal candidates to make use of the suction cup affixed to the rear of the stand-in pussypleaser. After tip-toeing up over the stall door to affirm that nobody would be around to hear her, Eloise readied the silicone cock against the opposite wall.

It was a habit to nibble on her bottom lip when she was getting naughty in a place like this. A nervous habit, she supposed.

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As she leant over, spread her legs, and began backing her way towards the bulbous head of the sex toy, her lip was getting a thorough chewing.

She reached underneath her, along her stomach, and felt for the toy while using the other hand as a support joist to aid in the risky debauchery taking place in the disused locker room. Gradually, she inched her wobbling legs toward the fake dick that had plunged into her many times before while she fantasized about the prospect of it being authentic. Unable to stifle an anticipating moan, she eased the tips of fingers along the underside of the believably real cherry-sized head of the permanently-erect plastic schlong and began guiding it into her slick-wet hole.


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Yoo-hoo." The sonorous shout reverberated across the acoustically resonant tiled walls of the locker room, followed by a sickly-sweet catcall. Eloise felt a foot come out from underneath her on the slick, wet tile and she crashed ass-first onto the floor next to the drain grate. "There she is, girls.

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That must be her in the shower," tolled the booming voice of Alice, the cheer co-captain who instructed her to, among other things, stay outside in the heat until Eloise was longing for the shower she was enjoying. In her focus on getting her dripping snatch filled, Eloise figured she must've not heard the door open. She was far from her goal now, and she looked up mournfully at the dildo suction-cupped to the tile. Dazed, and a little sore, Eloise clambered back up onto her feet in the shower stall and cut off the water.

This time, the voice came from much nearer to her. Alice and her posse were on the other side of the shower stall door. "Where have you been? We've been looking for you. Normally it doesn't take this lo " Alice spoke right up until she pushed on the regrettably unlatched door and prompted it to swing right open on it's hinge. Eloise stared back at her in disbelief at both Alice and the crowd of a half-dozen of her squadmates behind her. They were dressed in their game-day uniforms, sporting the heraldic colors of the Lancaster University cheer squad.

She watched Alice's eyes dart back and forth between her and the comically veiny, unrealistically fat schlong that was drooping flaccidly on the half-cocked suction cup that was supposed to helping Eloise strategize how she was going to fuck herself. A cloying, wry smile spread across Alice's face, and Eloise watched the wheels turn behind her eyes as her superior put together what she had just walked in on.

"Did we interrupt something, sweetie," Alice cooed. A collective giggle shot through the menagerie of costumed pom-pom wavers standing behind Alice as they, too, drank in the sights of Eloise's naked, glistening body and the evidence of what she was up to in the shower. "Look, we were going to come commend you for being such a trooper today.

We've never had fresh meat be so eager to take all of her clothes off outside." Alice trailed off and gave Eloise's body an overt once-over with her gaze. ". but apparently you get off on that kind of thing." Eloise was taken aback by Alice's words, but only stared.

"Look, Ellie," Alice began, reaching up to the slick-wet plastic schlong attached to the tile wall and yanking it off with a 'pop!' that quaked across the cavernous room. ". if you wanted that sort of attention, you came to the right place." "What do you mean?" Eloise asked, unable to suppress the tremor in her voice. She knew her cheeks must've been flushed red with the embarrassment of getting walked in on masturbating, but she couldn't differentiate the heat on her face from that and having been out in the sun all day.


"Put it this way," Alice said, wiggling the toy back and forth so it flopped around like an authentic cock. "We didn't accept you on to the squad because you're . good." Eloise furrowed her brow and hitched her fists onto her hips. ". we accepted you onto the squad because, we suspect, that when we do this." Alice's voice trailed off, and apparently 'this' was the code word to prompt the rest of the girls behind Alice her included to reach down and simultaneously lift their pleated blue-and-yellow cheerleader skirts.

Eloise wasn't prepared for what each of the girls was packing beneath the innocent-looking pieces of clothing. Under every single one of those skirts hid each girl's rapidly-stiffening cock in all of their unencumbered glory. All Eloise could do was stare back in stunned silence she was introduced to both the first cock she'd ever seen in-the-flesh, but also the eighth cock she'd ever seen and the sight of those cocks instantaneously prompted her to recontextualize all of the name calling, the ass-grabbing, and, most importantly, all of the staring.

As she scanned the faces of her teammates, she saw each of them looking at her the same way they had looked at her from the first moment she set foot on the gym floor at tryouts: like she was fresh meat. Something, though, prevented her from looking away from the sheer amount of cock in front of her for too long.

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She traced her eyes from one meaty baton to the other, ogling the differences in complexion, amount of visible veins, whether they were cut or uncut, and this detail, perhaps most central the fact that not one of them was smaller than her trusty pussy-pleasing friend that Alice was currently brandishing like a short sword. Alice's cock was something of an outlier in the dreamy assortment of dongs. Her light-brown pork sausage appeared to be modeled after the toys reserved for the back wall of the sex shops; the ones that might as well say "for experienced dick fiends only." Eloise hadn't ever dared venture back to those particular shelves in her weekly stops at the local 'Little Shop of Fake Cocks,' and now she was face-to-face with a ravenously horny-looking woman who probably gave them design cues.

Alice snapped her fingers in Eloise's face, which caused the slightly slack-jawed and wide-eyed girl to rattle her head side-to-side and then tear her attention away from what was below their skirts. ". right." Alice began with a knowing smile. "When we do that, and tell you to, for instance," she paused to bring either of her hands into the air and accent her sardonically-delivered phrase with air quotes "'get the fuck on your knees, whore,' you'd probably do it.

That's why you made the team." Alice let both of her hands fall and crossed them beneath her tits as if to tell Eloise that the ball is in her court. "I don't. I mean." Eloise tried to choke out words as best she could, but she found it hard to assign words to the whirlwind of confusion and arousal that she was experiencing. "Look, I'll make this easy for you. Either you can walk out that door," Alice said while gesturing to the door to the locker room that Eloise had started the day of practice by entering through, ".

or you can get on your knees." Eloise stayed silent, letting the words sink in. She went through them in her mind. If she left, she'd be off the squad apparently they had just taken a gamble on her being eager enough to please that she'd, like Alice said, 'get the fuck on her knees,' like a whore would.

On the other hand, Eloise could see how far down this rabbit hole was going to go. She could drop to her knees in the shower stall and see what happened. The choice was hers.