ChatrandomShe Shows Her Tits Ass and Pussy for Cum Livesex Ass

ChatrandomShe Shows Her Tits Ass and Pussy for Cum Livesex Ass
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Daniel and I just laid on my bed with him laying on top of me. We must have laid there for about 10 minutes. I was slowly rubbing his back and working my way up and down from his shoulders to his butt.

I would sometimes stroke his hair. His head was on my upper chest and he was slowly scratching my right arm which felt really good as I was rubbing his back with my left. He finally said "So what do you want to do know?" "Good question" I replied. I suddenly got a hot idea.

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When I started dirt biking about 5 years ago, I took another friend for a ride. He sat in front of me with his ass and I was humping him while we rode. I don't know if he knew but I got off doing that before. I wasn't going to tell him it was my intention to do that but at this point I am sure he would love both rides. "I have an idea, let's get dressed and I'll tell you." I said. "OK" he said excitingly.

We got up and there was still cum on both of us. We were both soft but I couldn't help looking at his cock, it was so hot. I went to the bathroom and got some toilet paper. Daniel followed me and I gave some to him. We both wiped off the cum off ourselves.

We got back into my room and got our underwear back on. Just then Daniel tackled me and started tickling me again. "Not this again!" I yelled laughing. Of course I let him pin me and win he was again straddling me. He bent in and started making out with me. I gave it right back to him. "Do you love me?" Daniel asked after breaking his kiss. In the second that it took me to respond, I really did. I didn't know what, if it is was his beauty or just how much he was like me.

"Of course" I responded. "Do you love me?" I asked back. His response took longer or it just felt longer. He looked away and looked back at me and smiled "I have loved you longer than you think." We continued to make out but he let go of me and wrapped my hands around his back and head and he did the same.

After a minute I said "You want to know what we are going to do?" "Oh yeah, I forgot." "Let's go dirt biking, we can both ride on my bike." His face lit up, it was so cute. "That would be awesome!" He gave me one more big 'smooch' on the lips and hopped off. We both got all our clothes on and went to my back yard. I was lucky enough to live with a huge river behind my house and I would go dirt biking all the time. I got him my old helmet that was too small, fit him just right and got my helmet.

I got my bike out after we got on our helmets, gloves and goggles. I would usually wear more gear, but I didn't care and I wasn't going to ride the bike over big stuff. I got on the bike and Daniel asked "Where am I going to sit?" I motioned right in front of me. I don't think he skipped a beat walking over and sitting right in my lap. "Don't get any ideas." Daniel said.

"Never crossed my mind" We both laughed. He sat back right into my crotch, I adjusted myself so that way I was right inline with his ass. I put the bike into gear and pulled off. It took me a while getting used to Daniel being in front of me. I had him hold the crossbar that way I can still steer.

It was difficult but I knew he loved the ride.

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Every bump we hit I could tell he would jam his ass further onto my crotch. I had a half hard on because I was trying to concentrate on not crashing. We stopped after about 20 minutes. I turned off the bike but we still sat on the bike.

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It was heavily wooded where we were at and I knew every part of that river and where all the houses and farm lands were. "Are you having fun?" I asked. "Oh yeah!" He laughed. "Could you tell I was doing something?" "Maybe." I laughed He pushed his butt into my crotch again and started moving around.

"That." He said.

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Daniel kept humping my now hard dick, I let go of the handle bars, held him around the stomach and started humping his ass with his motions. "I like that" I said.

"Me too" he said. I worked my hands down to his dick which was hard. "Let's take our helmets and gloves off" Daniel said. Without hesitation I took off my helmet and gloves, so did Daniel. I put them on the ground next to the bike, Daniel did too, and kept going.

I turned Daniel's head over and started making out with him. I was humping his ass and he was going with my motions now. I slid my hand down his pants and rubbed his hard cock. He moaned when I did that, I could tell he was loving this by his motions he was putting into this. Daniel broke our kiss, "Do you want to fuck me?" I paused for a second.


"Do you want me to fuck you?" I asked just to make sure I knew what he wanted. "Yes" He said back. "I've fingered myself a few times before and I've gotten like 3 fingers in my ass" "Are you sure you want to?" I asked him. I was still rubbing his boner slowly. "Yes, I fingered myself thinking about you last night." I couldn't take it anymore, I wanted to fuck him so badly. "OK, let's go back to the house." I said.

I pulled out my hand out of his pants and I gave him one more kiss and I picked up our helmets from the ground. We got our stuff back on and I got the bike started. Over the engine sound Daniel said, "I'm going to keep doing that so I can get myself ready" "Sounds good" I yelled back. I rubbed his hard on one more time before grabbing the clutch to put in gear. I had a hard on the whole way back. On some flat parts I would take my left hand and rub his cock while riding.

We would rock himself back and forth with my rubbing motions with my hands and my hard dick. We got back to my house, got off the bike, took our stuff off and got back into the house.

"Back to your room?" he asked. "Yeah" We got into my room and Daniel immediately started getting undressed by taking off his shirt and pants. I did the same. "I'm going to grab something" I said with only my underwear on with a boner. I went into the bathroom and grabbed the thing of Vaseline.

I got back into the room and Daniel was naked already.

He was laying on my bed jacking off. I pulled off my underwear and sat down on the bed. Daniel sat up next to me. "How about I start fingering you first then work my way to fucking you." "Yeah, you have a big dick" He reached over and started jacking me off.

"You sure you want to do this?" "Yeah" He relied smiling. "Have you done this before?" I asked. "Just with my fingers and a banana one time" I laughed. "You fucked yourself with a banana?" I said. "Yeah, it kind of felt good" I chuckled a little bit more. "Get on you hands and knees on the bed" Daniel got on all fours. At that point I looked at his ass hole and could tell his hole was looser than normal.

I put some Vaseline on his hole and he laughed a little. "It tickles" he said. I worked around his hole and slowly put my middle finger in. I was surprised how easily it went in. Daniel tensed for a second but then released. I fingered him for a few seconds and worked my index finger in. Again he tensed but released. I could tell he wanted this, his dick was still hard. I started jacking him off and fingering him at the same time. "Ready for three?" I asked. "Hmmmhmmm" he said. I worked in my ring finger.

He tensed a little more than before so I just kept my fingers there. After about 10 seconds Daniel's tension slowly released and I was able to slide my fingers in and out easily.


I stopped jacking him off and rubbed my dick with Vaseline while fingering him. "You ready?" I asked. "You going to put it in? Daniel asked. "Yeah, I'll go slow" "OK" was all he got out.

I raised myself up and took my fingers out. My dick was lubed up and I lined up my dick with his hole and slowly pushed in. He moaned a little bit but the head of my dick was in. I held it there for a few seconds and slowly pushed further. I got about half my dick in and slowly started going in and out.

Daniel was letting out small moans between thrusts. "You doing OK?" I asked. "Yeah" He said. "Is it all the way in?" Daniel asked. "Not yet, I'm working on it" "OK" He said. I wiped my hands off on a towel and grabbed his hips and started going faster. His moans sped up with my thrusts. I wasn't going fast I was just keeping a steady pace. Each time my dick would go in a little further. Finally my dick was almost all the way in and I stopped.

"It's in all the way dude." I said. He looked back "Really?" "Yeah" "Sweet" Daniel said. I kept going in and out. "Tyler" he said. I stopped "what's up" "Let's change positions" "OK, what position?" I asked. "Sitting on top of you like earlier" I pulled my dick out and his hole was semi wide open. I laid down on my back and he quickly got on me. I pointed my dick up and lined up with his hole. He lowered himself down and my dick went right into his ass.

"Aww" he said. "You OK?" I asked. "Yeah still getting used to it" Daniel starting going up and down. His dick was still rock hard. He started bouncing up and down working my dick in and out of his hole. It felt so good. I would rub my hands on his thighs as he was going up and down. I moved my hands up to his chest with him still going up and down.

He brought himself down to me and we started making out yet again. I moved my hands down to his ass to help go up and down. Daniel sat back up and would rock his body back and forth.

I started to jack him off and he started moaning. "Are you going to cum again?" I asked. "I think so" he said panting and moaning. I could tell Daniel was just like me when I got fucked before and started jacking off I would cum within 20 seconds. I stopped jacking him off and sat up. I held his back and put his back on the bed so I would be on top. Daniel wrapped hi legs around me. I started going faster. "Does that feel good?" I said thrusting him. "Yes, this is how I fucked myself with the banana" I chuckled a little bit but kept fucking him.

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"I guess I really am the girl" Daniel said. I went in and made out with him. I can usually control when I cum, sometimes I can't but at that point I was ready to cum and I wanted him to get off at the same time. I got Daniel back up on me so he was on top of me. I scooted back to the wall so I could stay propped up. I put my knees up which supported his back. He put his arms around me and put his head on my shoulder.

He was loving every second of this. I did the same.

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His dick was rubbing my stomach as I fucked him and I knew he was liking that. Sure enough after about a few minutes like that he started thrusting forward to move his dick more and at the same time my dick was going in and out of his ass faster. I was ready to cum and I could tell Daniel was ready too as he started panting harder and moaning more audibly. I moved my hands to his ass and helped him with the thrusts. Daniel was moaning louder which was exactly what I would do when I would get fucked and I was about to cum.

I could feel his ass hole clench my dick, he let out about 3 good moans and his hands gripped my back - he was having an orgasm. That sent me over the edge again. I cummed right into his ass. I let out a couple good moans too, I normally don't but I wanted him to hear that. I did about 2 or 3 more thrusts as I felt my cum shooting into his ass. We both stopped our movements and we were breathing heavily. Daniels head was still on my shoulder and his arms still wrapped around me.

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I brought my hand up and rubbed his head. He lifted his head up, looked at me, smiled and kissed me. "Was that good?" I asked still catching my breath. "Better than you think" He said. "Let's get cleaned up" "Okay" Daniel said.

We kissed one more time and he stood up. My dick was still hard his was soft. When my dick came out of his ass some cum dripped out. "Hang on" I said. "Some cum came out of your butt" Daniel laughed "really?" "Get on your hands and knees" Daniel did and he propped his out.

His hole was still semi open but with cum around it. I got a couple of tissues and wiped it off. "Did you cum a lot?" Daniel asked. "I have no idea" I chuckled. "If I was a girl, I probably would get pregnant" Daniel laughed. "Probably" I replied wiping the rest of the lube around his ass off. "All good" I said. "Are we going to do this again?" He asked. "If you want to" I replied. "Yeah, of course I do. Your parents are gone all weekend right?" "Yeah" "Can I come over again tomorrow? My parents told me they are going to some sort of convention and I am staying home." Daniel said.

"Come over as early as you want, I'll leave the front door unlocked." "They are leaving at like 7 or so" "Well come over after that and climb into my bed with me." Daniel's eyes lit up "OK!" He said. I got up and went to my underwear drawer to get a new pair of underwear. I opened the drawer and said "What underwear to wear". Daniel got up from the bed and came over "What kind of underwear do you wear?" He asked.

"Mainly boxerbriefs and sometimes boxers if I am going to be somewhere without a shirt." Daniel was sifting through my underwear drawer seeing the different underwear I have. He pulled out a pair of tightie whities and held them up. "These are cute" he said smiling. "I sometimes wear them if I am playing soccer or football." "I used to wear them until a couple months ago." Daniel said.

"I still have some pairs if you want to see them on me." Daniel said mischievously. I barely got my underwear up and looked at him and his body.

I realized he would look so hot in those. "That would be awesome" I said.