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disclaimer, i do not approve of any of these actions and i do not own any of the content, and in no way reflects the harry potter series and has no affiliation with the author ----- "Jonathan s. Bolton, the jury has reached a decision, you are hear by expelled from hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardy for the use of the imperious curse, the Cruciatus Curse and the rape of fellow students Milly Syant, Amanda Syant, and Samantha Stone when you step out of the court room, your wand will be confiscated and broken, good day to you, and consider yourself lucky you are not being carted to Azkaban as we speak *sigh* do you understand your sentence" said the judge getting up and levitating her paper work after her as she left the court room.

jon stared up at her with a look sly smile and a half hearted "yep" ----- "Your wand boy" said the auror in the hall with an out stretched hand "of course" said jon with the same sly smile pulling his wand out of his robe and holding it out a few inches from the auror hand but as the auror reached out for it jon turned the wand at him and whispered "avada kedavra", the auror fell on his back, his glazed over eyes stared without being able to see into Jons eyes, Jon gave small laugh under his breathe and looked down the dark corridor, wondering why they would leave a supposed "dark and dangerous wizard" to be handled by one auror, the thought insulted him but he had other things on his mind, get back to what he loved most, power.

jon turned on the spot and apperated. he opened his eyes and he was in a dark alley half a world away, he figured the ministry would be looking for him so he might as well have some fun while he had a minute, before going on the run again. Jon walked out of the alley and along a quite street somewhere in New York, a place he hadn't been to in 10 years. it was about 9pm, and Jon was walking along each house looking in at the occupants, first relishing in the fact that he knew he would never get sentence to Azkaban, his family was to well connected, both his parents, 3 of his uncles and 2 of his aunts worked high up in the ministry, his father being good friends with the minister himself.

Although Jon knew from this day forward his father would never look him in the face again, but Jon did not care, it no longer mattered. For jon had a dark desire, and that was for power and sex, it was how he got kicked out of Hogwarts, his memory began to wondered.

he was standing the 7th floor corridor of Hogwarts practicing the Cruciatus Curse on a mouse that he had cornered next to the tapestry at the very end of the hall. The mouse was screaming loud screeches of pain from its small mouth, Jon smiled and giggled to himself quietly, it was the middle of the night and Jon was far from the slytherin dormitories where he belonged at this time of night, but he had always regarded rules as guide lines, to be broken.

He kept at the rat till it stopped fighting and just laid on it side crying quietly with each cast of the curse. Jon grew bored and stood up straight, looking down at the mouse. "Your expendable now, avada kedavra" he said and with a flash of green light the mouse laid limp and lifeless. Just as the hall went dark and the moon was the only light around, he heard a noise at the end of the hall. He thought it might be filch on a nightly round, but he was wrong, it was Milly syant, a Ravenclaw in the year below him she was also the Ravenclaw house Prefect in her year, she was a sweet girl that was very intelligent and eager to please superiors.

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She had light skin and midnight black hair was about 5'4 and had ruby red lips and about a 36c chest and very round plump ass. She was wearing a white uniform shirt half buttoned, and short pants. Jon felt a stir in his pants as his cock started to grow inch by inch as he watched her walk from the shadows. When she was about 10 feet ahead and about 5 feet away from the girls lavatory he stepped out of the shadows and said "hello" She jumped and gave a small yelp "oh my god you gave me a freight, hello" smiled Milly at him "just have to wash my hands, friend of mines Mimbulus mimbletonia shot some of his bogey slime all over them, look" stretching out her hands so that he could see.

"You don't say, not saying that not interesting but its bored me, but I have an idea" said Jon as he gave her a dark look and a twisted smile, staring at her with eyes of dark desire. "y-yeah?" said Milly no longer feeling comfort and trying to keep the fear out of her voice, remembering she didn't have her wand if she needed it. "Yeah, how about you show me those tits of yours, that would sway my boredom" said Jon with the same twisted smile Milly winced and had a look of utter shock on her face, but a moment later the words sunk in and she grew angry "how fucking dare you, you sick twisted freak, I would never, you bleedin toss pop" said Milly still feeling scared turned to run back down the corridor, but only got two steps before she fell to the floor with a feeling that felt like 1000 white hot knives stabbing into every part of her.

A blood curdling scream escaped her lips "Silencio" barked Jon pointing his wand at her mouth and the scream disappeared as fast as it came he smiled and leaning down next to her "how did that feel? That was the first time I've ever got to use the cruciatus curse on a human, I have to say, it was fun. Now here are your options you filthy mudblood, you either let me indulge in my sexual fantasies or I will be force to indulge in torturing you, I'm fine with either, but its up to you" Jon stood back up and waved his wand at her mouth to lift the silencing charm.

Milly looked up at him with desperate and tearful eyes and uttered "please don't" in a breathless voice. "Please don't is not an answer to either question, maybe another little push should help you make your decision" smirked Jon "No don't!" yelled Milly "crucio" said Jon in a small whisper.

Milly body jerked and burned as the knives on magic pushed into every part of her body. But she help back a scream, because she feared it would cause the continued torture. "are you ready to choose?" questioned Jon darkly "ill do anything you want just please stop hurting me, anything, just please don't penetrate me, im still a virgin" cried Milly through a waterfall of tears. "first you will stop crying or I will be forced to continue, second of all…virgin huh?

Well sure I would never take that from you" smirked Jon and her tears stopped immediately, feeling powerful he decided not to slow his roll "get up" Milly stood up slowly and stood as he had told her, shaking alittle. "now walk filth" said jon, they walked up and down the hall three times, a door appeared on the blank part of the wall. Milly looked utterly bemused but Jon looked at the door and smiled, like he knew it was coming.

Jon forced Milly into the room with the end of his wand and as she looked around she was horror struck at the content of the room, there was a bed, a ball gag, a closet full of toys, devices and lingerie, a few whips mounted like cross swords on the wall, and mirrors on all the walls. "I like it, what about you?" laughed Jon in an evil way. "uhhh yeah i-" Jon pushed his wand into her back "-yeah I really do, its perfect" "glad you approve, now if you will remember mudblood, I believe I had a request before" said Jon sitting on the bed still pointing his wand at Milly "let me see them boobs" Milly stared at him for a second and lowered her hand to the white button up shirt she had thrown on in her haste to get to the bathroom.

She started to unbutton it slowly, her red bra came into view on the 4th button, the bra was a size to small and her breast were coming out of the bra at all sides.

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Jon stared at her without blinking as the shirt fell to the ground, and she reached behind her to unclasp her bra. It unsnapped and she lowered it from her breast, exposing her small round bright pink nipples.

"stop there filth, come over here" Barked Jon with a ear to ear smile. Milly was shaking but she stepped over till she was standing less then a foot from Jon and the bed. "good" said Jon grabbed her left tit and fondled it hard, and sucking vigorously on her right tit. Milly just stared forward and pretended she was somewhere else, anywhere else. This kept up for at least 5 minutes; Jon never lifted his face from her breast once. "alright, now off with the rest of your cloths, make it fast" said Jon finally lifting his face and wiping his mouth.

"but you said you wouldn't! you cant you promised you wouldn't rape me!" screamed Milly in a half scared half tearful voice "hahaha I lied, im getting that pussy tonight, now do as I say&hellip.or die" smiled Jon clearly enjoying himself Milly started crying and this time Jon let her cry, it seemed to be giving him sweet pleasure to watch, she dropped her pants immediately and pulled her red panties down and kicked them behind her, her pussy was pink and completely shaven, Jon reached up and shoved 3 fingers deep into her pussy.

"eeer!" screeched Milly in a quiet voice. "hmmmm that's the sweet stuff, you know what, I don't think its fair that you can lose your virginity without doing any work, it will be much more pleasurable for you, to ride my cock" Laughed Jon in his usual evil way. Milly looked at him in horror as he lay back on the bed and pulled his pants off to expose his 8 inch cock standing fully erect.

He shot her a look that chilled her to the bone as he lay there waiting. She wanted to protest but she knew she had no choice; she climbed up on the bed and lowered herself over his cock slowly. When she hit the top of the cock she stopped for a moment as a tear ran down her face, she pushed his cock in inch by inch stopping half way down and coming back up slowly.

"that's right ride me you filthy mudblood" said Jon reaching up to fondle her breast as they hung in his face, over come by the soft moist pussy now sliding up and down him cock building speed with each thrust. Milly closed her eyes, unable to look at herself in the mirrors that surrounded her, she was in so much pain, she looked down and saw blood gently creeping out of her pussy onto his dick, she could not look for more then a split second then looked up at Jon's face, his eyes were cold and lack any emotions when he said "your not worthy to look my in the eyes mudblood, look away" "arghhhh" screeched Milly as Jon squeezed her breast as hard as he could almost making his fingers meet around her tits.

Jon felt a building in his cock with every thrust and he knew he was near cuming, he started to hump back hard, causing her to wimper, but he didn't care he was seconds from cumming, he arched his head back and let his whole body tighten as he unloaded himself insider of her.

"no please don't cum in me please!" screamed Milly trying to get off but he grabbed her legs and held her down pushing every inch of himself into her. As soon as he emptied the last drop into her, motioned her to get off of him.


"you've got what you want, now please let me go" cried Milly standing up as blood and cum flowed down her thighs. "hahahaha, no I don't think so and I think you need to show me some Respect scum, when you speak you will call me sir, and are you seeing my cock, look at what you did to it" said Jon coldly.

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Milly looked down at his cock as he demanded but she knew what was there "i-uh- im sorry" pleaded Milly confused on what she should say, but outraged at herself that she was apologizing for getting her rapist dick bloody. "no, if you where sorry you'd get on your knees right now and clean it" smiled Jon viciously "no I refuse" said Milly backing up quickly "I see you still insist on not being a good bitch and I noticed the lack of the word sir in that sentence, crucio!" barked Jon Milly fell to the floor screaming in pain, Jon didn't care this time, not a sound of it was escaping the room of requirement.

Jon stood and marched over to where she lied crying on the floor, got down on his knees and grabbed her by her hair and pushed his dick to her lips. She refused to open closing her mouth tight. Jon took his wand in his right hand and tapped her lips with the tip 3 times, it flew open and Jon thrust his cock down her throat causing her to gag.

He pulled it out full length to her lips and shoved it back in, the warm salvia on his dick brought his cock back to full mass again and with a burst of lust he grabbed her hair by both sides and started face fucking her as hard as he could. Muffled groans and screams was all Jon could hear as pushed all 8 inches down her throat, the incredible feeling of her uvula and throat sliding up and down his invading member made his dick start to trickle with pre-cum, her throat tightened around his cock as though trying to milk it of every lost drop.

He didn't slow for well over 5 minutes; he started to feel his cock climaxing again. He pulled his dick out of her mouth and painted her face with his entire load. he released her and she fell over onto her back coughing and breathing heavy. "now lick it off your face mudblood, and be happy that you are being given the right to touch a purebloods cock" demanded Jon getting to his feet.


Milly looked up at him and then down to the floor, knowing that there was no way out she raised her hands to her face and used her index finger to clean the cum from her left cheek, she stared at it on her finger for a few moments then to him and inserted it in her mouth, it was cold and salty, it slide down her throat in one gulp, she had to fight the vomit, Jon just started at her gently stroking his cock at the sight of her eating his cum. She finished with the last swipe off her chin looking up at Jon confused and scared at what was going to happen next.

"now ive grown bored of your body, that leaves the question, what to do with you" said Jon kneeling down in front of her, shoving his wand between her eyes "I cant kill you, would never get away with it" Milly's face looked like she had just been attacked by an angry hippogriff, she was stiff as a board, hanging on his every word…he only not killing me because he couldn't get away with it& all she could think. "that just leaves the question of how to handle you" finished Jon "please just let me go I wont tell anyone what happened tonight sir" said Milly who realized she had to try and reason with him "I wouldn't tell anyone, I had fun I swear sir" trying to sound happy and grateful.

Jon smiled down, knowing exactly what she was playing at.

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"Well in that case, I wont kill you, or modify your memory. Ill let you enjoy these memories while your touching yourself later. And since you had fun this doesn't have to be the last time, youll meet me here tomorrow at 1pm, and every night after, and if you tell anyone, or fail to meet me here, Ill kill your filthy little mudblood sister" finished Jon making sure to lock in his new little slave in tight.

Milly looked up and thought of her sister, as her heart sunk, she was a third year also in Ravenclaw, she couldn't allow this monster to hurt her sister, so she closed her eyes and said "ill be here tomorrow sir, count on it" "I don't like the way your putting it, how about you kiss my feet and beg to meet me here tomorrow" smiled Jon Milly felt anger growing in her with this request, she looked at him as if she would do anything to kill him violently at that moment, which is a feeling she had never felt before.

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But she crawled over to his feet and put her lips to it and kissed it several times all over then lifted her head and said "please sir, meet me here tomorrow night, I want you, I need your cock, sir, please" trying to sound as convincing as possible. "Better, now get out of my sight you byproduct of filth" Bark jon Parting ways at the door Jon heading to the dungeon and Milly to the west tower What do think, want more?