Espiando a la vecina tetona

Espiando a la vecina tetona
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About 5 miles out of the quiet town of Love Creek Indiana; a dirt track splits from the highway to snake across the flat 3 miles of golden corn fields to the Cummings farm stead.

That evening the star scattered sky was slowly beginning to smother the light, as the last rays of a particularly hot day receded then vanished. The impressive wooden house built over the years by 4 generations of land toilers was silent and peaceful; the nightly cacophony of crickets and the low groans of the cows in their barn the only sounds audible. From the veranda sounded the squeak of a rocking chair as a young woman relaxed, enjoying the transition from day to night.

The girl, just 18 was the youngest of the family; her ma, pa and two brothers still out for the evening in Love Creek's only hot spot the new bar and grill. She relished the peace and quiet having put on a mock dismay at needing to stay behind and look after Butch, the family gun dog. He'd been howling and playing up all day as if something was troubling him and they feared he was sick.

But now he relaxed on the floor beside her, making her think maybe it had all been an act. The girl was about 5, 6 with long blonde hair. Her tiny waist curved at her hips the tight jeans hugging her firm thighs down to bare small feet.

Her face with cute nose and hazel eyes was slightly freckled, her skinny t-shirted frame supplemented with a firm 36inch bust. Daisy Cummings gave a long satisfied stretch, pouting her large puffed lips and got up to go inside. "Com'n Butch, lets turn in." As she closed the veranda door she didn't notice the flickering light in the sky or the sudden hush as the insects froze in the tall grass fields around her.

Butch had begun to whimper again and she shook his head gripping his short fur roughly in affection. "Hey what's wrong boy?" Suddenly there was a flash, then a deafening roar as outside maybe two hundred yards away the corn field ignited the ground rising in a hissing furrow. Within seconds a huge object had singed a deep scar all the way to the Cummings homestead. The timbers crashed as tons of metal saucer rose up to rest against the crumbling building, its rim overhanging the roof shielding the full moon and casting the house into pitch darkness.

Then silence. A quarter of a mile away Jed, cousin to the Cummings siblings quickened his pace. What had been an evening stroll to see his family had now turned into a horrible nightmare. "Oh gawd an air crash or sumut!" He had figured.

He knew there was no one for miles, maybe the phones still worked in the crushed house, if so he could raise the alarm. Twenty feet behind him a jack rabbit had been watching, concentrating on the human figure. As the man moved away it relaxed sniffed the air then followed.

The electric shock as the creature touched the outside of the rapidly forming half mile wide invisible dome sent it flying, its heart giving way. Jed never noticed that the warm breeze no longer crossed the fields or the air was now drier the stars seeming to be dull in the sky. Nor did he realize only a few paces slower and he would never have reached the house that evening. His only thoughts were for his relations trapped under the huge silver disc. Aboard the craft its occupants worked feverishly, but without panic.


The shield would protect them while they made the appropriate repairs. The creatures were insect like; large bugs 4 to 5 foot high standing on four arched legs, shells on their back with smaller tentacles for manipulating devices. Their collective hive mind processed and gave instructions in microseconds as scores of the creatures had gone to work inside and outside the craft.

As Jed approached he struggled to make sense of the scene. The house was under the large disc, metal tentacles sprouting from it's under belly entwining the building in a robotic hug, other tentacles appeared to be snaking to the farm out buildings, while others burrowed under the soil. He could see shapes on the hull and as he neared he gave a horrified cry of disbelief.

Daisy was awoken by the light vibration on the metal floor beneath her. She opened her eyes wiping her blonde locks from her face. She realized she was no longer in the house.

Her bare feet felt cold on the buzzing metal and she blinked the light too bright. The room if you could call it that appeared to be at a slight incline the walls glowing illuminating the cold space.

She was in a large glass box the top open but too high for her to reach. The space had a layer of mist at floor level and she could only barely see the walls through the blinding haze. "Hello, anyone there?" She called pressing her cute nose against the glass. There were sounds of movement and she reeled back with a shriek as one of the creatures came close to the glass.

She was panting her chest heaving her young eyes unable to turn away. "Oh god, oh Ma, Pa helppp!!!!" Above her the ceiling opened and a mass of thin segmented metal tentacles descended, gripping her. She screamed as she was entwined, one tentacle around her slim waist another on her knees and ankles, more still around her wrists.

The metal coils snaked under her t-shirt ripping it apart the tentacles wrapping around her blushing hard mounds.

They squeezed tight making them bulge like balloons. "Awwww ooooohhhhh! No stop ugggghhhhhh!" She squirmed as the tapered vibrating ends pressed her nipples, the metal cold and unyielding.

"Aww that hurts ugghhhh!" Her jeans were been unbuckled then dragged from her thin calves over her red nailed toes. She gave a scream but then gargled as one of the tentacles entered her mouth the buzzing tip clattering on her teeth. "Awwwwwtttttttttttttt!" The creature spoke telepathically, its words forming inside her head; the noises from its claw mouthed face only a series of clicks. "Be still, you cannot resist." It manipulated a console and the tentacles spread her legs wide ripping her panties from her.

"We wish to examine you internally." Daisy was sweating profusely, the droplets forming on her encircled tits. She managed to pull her mouth momentarily from the vibrating head. "No stop nooo awwwwwww!" A tentacle was curling up between her legs its end beginning to seep a clear lubricant.

The ones on her tits also began to sweat the oil making her tits shinny and slippery. She coughed as it re entered into her hot moist mouth, this end now also producing the disgusting tasting gel.

"Mmmmmggggg!" She felt another cold vibrating tip pushing her pussy lips. She moaned in her head, her hole still sweet and virginal about to be defiled. The tip pressed against her, lips parting and she gave a horrified gaze at the creature as the tentacle head opened her up for the very first time. Her mind raced," it must be a dream, this can't be happening ugggggghh!" "Ohhh, awwwwwwww!!!!!!" On the outside of the craft Jed had run as fast as he could away from the scene; but within 20 or so strides he felt himself tripped overwhelmed by the abominations he had seen toiling on the crashed ship.

He screamed, the creatures coiling him in web type material, forming a tight bind around his body. He was carried inside the ship, through dark corridors into a bright room a recognizable voice moaning and crying nearby. "Ugghh ohhh Jed uggh please help ugghh ohhhhhh!" Jed just stared unable to move. In the glass box was his gorgeous young cousin. She was naked her large hipped ass upturned; her body bent double, face on the cold floor her eyes ablaze. Long legs stretched entwined in coils her hair matted from sweat.

"Agggg get these things out of meeeeeee!" He could see the metal snake buried into her tight twat the goo running out of her slit dripping to the floor. Her eyes were staring straight at him and he could see the sensation in them. Another long tentacle was twisting and probing its metal length deep in her sore pink anus. "Oooohhhhhh ohhh please uggghhh too deeeepp ugghhhhh!" The creature was very satisfied so far." Hmm your cavities are very elastic and adaptable.

I must explore further." The buzzing heads twisted deeper and deeper. "Awwwwwwwwww it's going to kill mee uggghhhhhhh!" The creature turned to Jed. Its clawed spiny hands slicing his shirt open to caress his bare chest. It called to its collective mind and within seconds Jed was pinned by more slimy bugs as they attached a tortoise like shell to his head. The last thing his free mind saw was Daisy still grunting and moaning the probes ever so deep up her tight holes.

The alien turned back to her as its companions attached wires to the skull cap on Jed's head. She felt herself lifted her legs pulled wider calves straining. The two hole-fucking tentacles began to pump in and out.

Daisy screamed as her cunt was pounded faster and faster the slopping noises making her feel sick. Her ass was on fire as the rear probe flexed and wriggled in and out. Her head thrashed from side to side her mouth giving an oval pout of discomfort. "Oooooooooohhhhhhh!" She begged to the impassive insect as his monitored her response.

"Uggg, ug, ug, ooh shit oohhh ahhhhh! Stop! Stop! Please, why are you doing this?" Without warning the tentacles released their grip, her legs buckling, tits bouncing back into shape, her holes releasing their probes with a revolted squeal from Daisy. "Oohhhieeeegggggghh!" She heard the creature in her head again. "You will now mate with the male species." She saw Jed was naked his head up but his eyes blank.

She'd never seen her cousin undressed before, the mid twenties farm boy having a firm physique his long cock unashamedly erect the foreskin pulled back by the taught ness of his erection. "Oh God, but I've nev. and he's my cousin!" The cell walls disappeared and she felt the cold mist surround her as she sat legs curled, her hips giving her the delectable hour glass shape.

One of the creatures was near to him a long wire coming from its head to the top of Jeds skull cap. The thing seemed to be controlling his movements as the farm boy jerked and swayed. The bug also seemed uncomfortable as it tried to get used to controlling a two legged creature. Daisy began to shake as eventually it moved Jed towards her, the man's erection fat and hard; his mouth foaming slightly like a rabid animal.

Outside in the surrounding fields the state troopers had arrived and cordoned off the only road approaching the Cummings Ranch. The first police car had hit the energy field head on and the two occupants were lucky to be alive; the car now a burnt out wreck.

As they searched for a possible way around or through the invisible but very real energy shield the sheriff tried to calm Daisy's Ma and Pa. The house was now shrouded in mist and the sheriff could only make out feint images along with segments of a large shinny disc craft.

"My girl's in there; oh have mercy! We need to do something!" Wailed Ma Cummings; having to be held back from assured electrocution as she tried to storm forward. The sheriff tried to calm her friends, she'd only just been promoted and now all this crazy shit. It was bad enough been the towns first woman sheriff and now having to deal with crashed space ships, she was already beginning to feel the doubting eyes of unconvinced towns folk.

The sheriff was called Candy Vale. She was in her early thirties, married with kids. Ex town prom queen she had grown up here and had served as a deputy until the ill health of her boss had seen her unexpectedly promoted. She was tall with blonde wavy hair and struggled sometimes to be taken seriously; her Baywatch type figure all tits and ass proving very distracting to her male colleagues.

Her nickname was Officer Anderson in homage to her TV look alike. A name none dare say to her face apart from her husband who found it quite amusing. Candy knew the government agencies would be here soon. Unlike in the movies there was no actual ultra secret department always ready to be on site within minutes. In fact communications had been painfully slow and even now as she waited for their arrival she could imagine it would be one lowly official with nothing else to do this evening.

There were shouts of excitement as one of her troopers came running up to her, his face grinning with relief at a job well done. "Sheriff!" He said respectfully, "I've found a way in!" Back in the saucer the floor around Daisy was rising up to form a low table as she lay with long fingers gripping its metal edge her legs curled tight close.

Jed was not responding to her cries and as the creature grew in confidence with his control Jed became more animated and less like a puppet. He gripped her arms half climbing on the table his head down taking a nipple between his lips. "Uggh Jed, no ugghh mmnn!" She tried to push him off as his cock slapped against her knee. "No for God sake, Jed ugghhhh!" Her cousin didn't respond his slurping mouth taking more and more tit flesh into it as his slobbered on her young boobs. Outside the deputy pointed with pride at his finding.

Two fields down a drainage ditch ran parallel to the edge of the shield. The electric force slightly visible as insects buzzed then flashed as they unwittingly crossed it. In the ditch was a 4 foot wide drain used to channel water when irrigation was needed. As Candy looked in she could see it ran into the next field. Behind the shield! She paused for a moment, "did the shield go under ground?" She couldn't tell.

Using a pole she tried to test it. No reaction. She made a decision and began to crawl through. The group of lawmen watched her appear unscathed on the other side. Sheriff Candy was through. In the ship her presence was immediately noticed, the creatures taking an instant to asses then correct their error.

The tunnel hissed and sparked as the deputy following screamed. The shield now penetrated into the ground the poor unfortunate man been dragged from the tube his body burnt.

The sheriff drew her revolver," no turning back now." She thought, beginning to creep through the tall corn towards the homestead. The aliens gathered round the examination table chattering in their undecipherable tongue. The one attached to Jed remained static its mind focused on controlling its rampant host. Jed's hands were all over her body, his fat farmer fingers clutching her tiny waist, caressing under her arms making her shiver and squeal.

"Uggh Jed stop uggh ohh please ooohhh!" His mouth trailed spittle from one sucked nipple as it moved to the other one, descending with a hungry slurp! She clawed his back; her talons streaking up his spine but Jed didn't respond.

"The lead," she realized, gripping the skull cap. Long spiny arms reached down from all sides holding her wrists pulling her arms back away from the connector, the creatures speaking in her head. "Stop resistingzzz the insertionzzz!" Her beautiful young thighs felt the grip of claws as her legs spread involuntarily.

Jed's cock was rubbing her lightly haired mound the fat head sliding close but not into her hole. A creature took hold of Jed's prick aiding his colleague attempts at directing it and she felt his tip spreading her hole. "Aggg stop, stop no, no, nooo!" Jed's body jerked his eyes still half rolled into their sockets as his member road up her loosened canal a few inches.

"Ugggghhhhhhhhhhh noooooo!" The controlling bug started to shudder as it drew the sensations from Jed's mind. The others chattered excitedly, their collective mind already making an analysis. Jed began to rock back and forth his hands now pushing her tits down, pinning her hard onto her back. Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, awww, aww ohhhh!" Daisy felt his rock hard flesh sliding against her walls, the tip going deeper and deeper.

Her face looked up at Jed as she grunted her mouth wet the pink lips glistening. His firm sexy torso rode above her and she almost forgot the retched creatures pulling her arms back so her chest thrust up; others pressing her thighs down almost to the table surface her pelvis rising to suck in the mans robotically pistoning cock.

"Aww ugh, uggh, ugghh oh, oh arrrrrrrrr, arrrrrggg!" The lead alien spoke to her as the fucking proceeded. "The experience is enjoyable for our hostzzz; his thoughts are vivid and your body is arousing interesting feelings in him." Daisy had only just accepted the creatures had control of his body, now she gave an embarrassed groan realizing his mind was still focused a slave to his automated shell.

The spittle dropped from his pursed lips onto her face as he continued to rut only the whites of his eyes visible. Suddenly his thoughts filled her head as the creature began transmitting them with perverse delight. "Oh, ugh fuck soo tight oh the little hot slut uuggghh, oh God fuck her faster, faster make me come, fuck it ahhh, oohh.

She's pinned real good oohh yeah take it you little bitch yeahhh argghhh!" Other thoughts danced around; slap his cock in her face, twist her nipples and let her scream, push her legs back make her suck her own toes.

His fantasizes flooded in from years of sitting chatting on the homestead veranda. Bend her over take her up her young shit box, ride her like dirty dog. Jed's body suddenly stopped as all the creatures turned to each other in discussion.

The mist around the house was getting thicker and thicker, as Candy approached. She was sure the saucer was responsible. "Yet more shielding," She assessed.

"They're up to something they don't want us to see." She had being following a depression in the field along the side of the farm, the recessed ground curling towards the back of the building near the barns. She could tell someone was on top of the saucer as sounds of hammering echoed eerily down, but the fog was too thick to see clearly and she nearly fell into the side of the Cummings barn as she tripped on something.

Below her was the silver girth of a large segmented tentacle. It snaked back towards the ship and onwards through newly smashed planks into the barn.

She tried to peer in through a crack. As she crouched down her black trousers stretched tight to her curved rear, her blonde hair now cascading over her shoulders, denim shirt holding that fantastic bust in place.

The roof was holed in several places by falling debris and the moons rays shone in. She could just see the long tentacle split into many smaller ones like a squid, each one finally imbedded in a silent immobile animal. Their bodies were scattered everywhere; still alive but incapacitated. One cow gave a horrid moan seconds latter a free metal tip pressing into its mouth with a long gargle from the beast.

Candy bit her wrist in revulsion, her no nonsense law woman manner deserting her. "Oh my god, what insanity is this?" Outside of the shield the crowd of cops, town officials and Cummings family could do nothing.

The Mayor had taken charge and it was with great relief that a small convoy of Humvee wagons appeared, moving rapidly towards the site.

As the military vehicles arrived a mix of armed battle dressed and civilian clothed troops dismounted. The Major in charge chewed on his cigar snapping his fingers instructing a tall woman in a long white surgical coat to follow him. "Good evening Mayor," announced the Major cigar still in his mouth. "This is Capt Fin my medical officer; she needs to get up to speed. Her team will be taking over the operation." The Mayor looked confused. "Operation? " Capt Fin smiled. Tall with rimmed spectacles and long matt black hair she looked like a ghost, her pale face and white coat shinning in the moonlight.

"What do you mean operation?" He continued. "To make contact," she said calmly with a slight smile. Back in the ship Daisy was still grunting over and over. The creatures had continued with the fucking after a few seconds of animated debate. The thrusts from Jed were getting harder as his pelvis smacked against her spread wide groin. Each slam forward was reaching deep inside her. "Uggh, uggh, ahh, ahhh, awwww! Oh please stop. No moreugghhh!" Jed's thoughts still filled her head, his disgusting images and ecstatic delight making her deflowering all the more dirty and debauched.


She felt her groin getting tighter her spine tingling. His carnal pleasure swelled in her mind, his growing arousal affecting her body.

All the while a third mind more menacing and dark remained on the edge of her thoughts, it was aliens watching and sampling. There were too many people in her head at once and she gave an aroused groan of lust her clit hardening like she had never experience before.

"Ohh, mmmnn, no, no it's not right ugghhh, ooh, oooh, ooohhhhh!" She felt her pussy wet with her own juice. The mans cock now slid with ease only exciting him more and in turn bringing her nearer a peak.


A vicious gasping circle as she experienced the pleasure of a tight virgin fuck not only through her eyes but the through the senses of the pounding man. She began to feel the heat building in her pelvis, nipples hardening her breathing shallow. "Ohhfuck awwww, ugghh oh, oh, no, no, noooo I'm cominggg aggghhhhhh!" Her fleshy canal tightened as she foamed with juice her own blinding orgasm dominant, but Jed's building climax also apparent getting stronger and stronger.

The bug began to shake, Jed's orgasmic effect new and exciting to it. The other bugs pulled the farmers waist back, as Daisy writhed grinding her sloppy pussy onto his prick. "OOhhh I can't take it againnnnnn, Aeeeeeeiieeee!" She wailed arching her back, firm tits pointing to the sky. His burning cock plopped out of her as it erupted, spattering semen over her mound.

Another two jerks of the cock filled her little belly button. Daisy's face was a picture of disgust, witnessing a man's ejaculation for the first time. Her mind felt him coming like no woman had done before, the seed flooding his pipe before the relief of its exit. "Uuuuhh Jed, ugggggg no, no." Daisy legs were still wide apart her pussy lips drooling and flexing as she involuntarily spasmed; experiencing Jed's showering climax.

The bug's claws caressed her sweating panting tummy; spreading Jed's meager sticky shot. They all agreed this load was most disappointing; some improvements would have to be done here.

The newly arrived military team had set up a large antenna dish and a group of ear phoned white smocks had already begun turning dials making calculations. The infantry had taken up observation points around what was quickly becoming the base camp for what they hoped would be a planet to planet meeting. All the while the force field hummed gently; glowing a faint green in the pitch black each time the moon rays were blocked by clouds.

The antenna device was transmitting and Dr Fin stood with her assistant patiently waiting for a response. After only five minutes they got a response. Capt Fin's assistant saw it first and gripped her officers arm. "What is it Jackie?" The sexy captain asked, seeing the assistant raise her finger as if to point. Jackie was in her very late teens with ringlet red hair, she looked like a coed Nicole Kidman.

She had been in the military less than a year, a secondment from Cal tech. Her frightened reaction made her feel foolish, envious of the stony faced troops around her. Each was expertly masking their fear as a four legged giant bug approached out of the fog. In the ship Daisy knelt in a corner hands tied behind her back.

A silver steel collar and pole attached to the wall kept her passively upright. Jed was thankfully back in control of his body. He gave anguished cries as he tried to break free from the vertical table he was tied to.

Hands and legs out bound in a star shape. The creatures worked quickly each new procedure bringing a wail of dismay, then one of discomfort from the unfortunate man as they operated on him. Sheriff Vale took a deep breath. She needed to go on; there were surely lives at stake. Drawing her revolver she edged around the nightmare barn to look into the Farmyard.

A large hole had appeared where the old Cummings harvester usually parked. Twenty feet across, it had numerous tentacles similar to the barn one, all coming from the ship entering the pit like some outrageous air-conditioning ducting. She crept to the edge but was unable to see far down; the tunnel bending and appearing to head off horizontal about two storey under ground.

She got her orientation, the horror mounting again. It headed east. East to Love Creek! In the experiment room the creatures finished their alterations to their captured specimen. The lead bug paused, its brain transmitting the orders to its eager crew. "The intruding earth woman has come close enough, bring her to me." The military communication device had worked better than anyone could have expected.

Capt Fin and her team had been pushing the boundaries of telepathic communication these last few years, the final result the device in front of them. It was designed for transmitting thoughts more than actual words, hopefully spanning any language barrier. And the response had been almost instant.

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Crouched defensively, the armor shelled bug had come to within ten feet of the shield its antennae waving, mouth tusks chattering. The captain swallowed nervously. "Ok Jackie. Its time I put this toy to the test." She raised a special pair of head phones clipping them around her ears.

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Other team members attached cardiograph wires to her chest and head; unsure of what effect mind communication may have on the courageous officer.

Once they were all set she turned the dial on the device and her head began to fill with an unearthly buzz. Candy's Smith and Wesson had never been fired in anger before. In fact it had only ever been drawn once; to capture an escaped convict. Something the stunning officer had been the toast of the town for.

Now its silver barrel was pointed in anger. The sheriff had suddenly become aware of shapes close by and as they became clearer her knees started to shake. "Oh my word!" She gasped; both hands now tight on her revolver as she stood legs apart her arms outstretched her eye in line with the barrel sight.

She felt something touch her boot and gave a yelp as she was tripped. A metal tentacle lifted her feet off the ground and she tumbled over, her hands losing their grip and the revolver bouncing along the dirt. She gave a shocked scream as she felt a hard bony appendage on her back, large dark shadows over her.

The bugs close up smelt awful, their shells an oily black the creature's underside segmented a sickly pale color. She screamed again as she was twisted around, her legs gripped by pincers. The buzz began in her head as the alien mind invaded.

The screams failed to carry to the edge of the aliens shield where the first official contact was been made. The Major, the Mayor and the quickly growing group of officials and military all waited patiently. The frustration was almost unbearable. What was she saying to it? Captain Fin had stood there for what seemed an eternity her body rigid but all sensors telling them she was alive and in direct mind contact with the beast.

The team almost jumped with surprise when finally she shuddered and snapped back into reality. They all eagerly gathered around her the creature still motionless, waiting.

"It says they will be leaving soon. They require no help." She coughed taking a deep breath. "They breathe differently to us; the shield is for our protection their atmosphere is poisonous." The Mayor interrupted. "But the sheriff and poor Daisy Cummings?" Fin shook her head still trying to regain composure." No, it says they're both sick but ok, inside the ship." The Major looked back at the creature and his blood froze.

"In the ship? God help them." The captain nodded in resignation, something else playing on her mind. "God help us all." She said smiling to her young assistant. "They've also invited us to see for ourselves." The alien tunnel running out from the Cummings farm narrowed to about 3 foot across as it stretched under corn field after corn field.

The burrowing was like a hot knife through butter; the tentacle tips resonating to the perfect frequency to literally melt the soil and rock. The sides of the tunnel were smooth acquiring a glass like texture. Traveling arrow straight and as the crow flies it would reach the sleepy town within the hour. Candy had regained her composure. She was the sheriff and people were depending on her.

The creatures once they had disarmed her had backed off. Her arms had been bound at the wrist behind her back.

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The bugs spinning a silky thread as strong as steel. She had acted like a crazy woman the voices in her head seeming to make her temporally insane; until finally she kept getting the same message. "Follow, follow, follow." The bugs appeared to be gesturing to the underbelly of the ship.

She could see a hatch open with creatures entering and leaving like the mouth of a giant ant hole. Although they didn't drag her she felt them slowly edging her towards it. She crossed her fingers locked behind her back and decided she had no choice but to accept. Inside the ship she struggled to stand the corridor low and at the crash angle. The bugs helped steady her and she had a nauseating image of nature shows when you see the insects carefully carrying grubs and leaves to their nest.

As she entered the mist shrouded room she realized she had made a terrible decision. Across the room surrounded by aliens was Jed. "Oh my, Jed!" She cried recognizing the poor young man still bound star shaped to an upright table. "Oh my God what have they done to you?" Jed gave a embarrassed moan. Like all the young men in Love Creek he was a big fan of 'Officer Anderson.' Only last month he had sat in his pick up at the bar and grill watching the sheriff dress down two jocks in a Camero.

She had bent over her hands on the door sill, curly blonde hair flowing over her shoulders as she spoke to the chastised and no doubt red faced young men inside. Jed had eyed the curve of her ass, the length of her booted legs, the famous breasts masked by dangling blonde locks.

As he watched in his dark cab he had eased his own cock out and began to tug gently. The boys must have been making some real excuses just to have her attention for a few more seconds; because she didn't move from her sexy stance.

Jed had wanked himself brazenly, thirty feet from her knowing any second she would move and he would have to stop, unsatisfied. But she didn't move and would never know of his shameful ejaculation all over his steering wheel that evening. "Agggg sheriff help me, please Jesus oohh." His body was tired, his groin heavy and sore. Candy was embarrassed herself. The young mans cock was limp but swollen, small metal tubes puncturing his cocks skin. Below where his scrotum should be was a baseball size blue sphere.

The thing also had metal piping attached to the outside and she thought she could see liquid bubbling inside the obscene alteration. "Daisy where's Daisy?" She quickly asked before she could be silenced. Jed felt his blush building, remembering what he was forced to do and shamefully enjoyed. "They've got her sheriff awww." He thought back to his wild sexual ranting. "I think I said.

I mean thought, awww God no please she's just a girl." Candy didn't understand what he meant, but his anguished lament began to make her pant and stammer. The lead bug approached her and she was caught by surprise as it ripped her police shirt open the sleeves been shredded in an instant.

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Jed saw her white bra full and proud the straps straining to hold her load. The sharp claws of a bug snapped them and her 40 inch melons spewed out, the nipples large and pink the domed shape of the tits as perfect as the shield outside. "Ugggggg what's going to happen? Why? Why have you done this?" She cried her topless body been lustfully view by boy and alien alike. The reply was clear and clinically chilling. "Be quiet you earth bitchzzz. We wish to sample your fleshzzz!" Young Daisy was becoming very tired.

The steel neck collar had been used like a rigid leash to drag her back into the warm night air. The two bugs with her didn't pause as she tripped and struggled to keep up. They pulled her back into her crushed home, which now appeared to be an extension of the alien craft. She hardly recognized the place as a lattice of pipes and dull green beams covered the collapsed rooms.

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She could hear the barking of her dog 'Butch' somewhere at the top of the stairs. The white tiled bathroom seemed very bright, and as she climbed the steps she saw strange equipment strewn around. She cried back to her dog fearing for his safety, these creatures could snap him in two easily. "Butch run, run sweetie." Then she saw him. "Oh Butch, ooohh what?

Oooooohhhh pleaseeeeee noooooo!" The blonde haired teen began to wail her hips shaking her long firm legs giving way as she was pushed in nearer to her beloved dog. The black haired hound stood barking excitedly, a turtle like skull cap linking him to the waiting bug. The dog's long thin cock was rigid like a poker, the dangling foreskin end already dripping fluid. Captain Fin and Jackie pulled on the helmets of their red NBC suits. The two women checked their communicators and breathing gear.

The waiting bug saw they were ready and the shield parted creating a 6 foot doorway. The two women stepped through and the shield closed. They turned and gave thumbs up to the surrounding people before following the alien into the fog. Candy was moaning her beautiful white teeth gritted her head back blonde mane whipping at the alien pinning her wrists behind her. Her husband had always been so gentle, his lips caressing her hard ends, his tongue trailing the curve of her mountainous domes.

She'd married her high school sweetheart; and had never felt the roughness of a frenzied massage or the back arching shock of hungry unyielding sucking. Jed tried to free his hands but it was no use. The innocent yelping of Candy was rousing his sore cock, the metal pipes tightening around it like a cage.

His altered scrotum burned, his insides aching like he was already pumping a continuous wad. It was no use he had to watch, who wouldn't?" All the schoolboy fantasies could not put such a debauched scene in front of him. Sheriff Vale was been molested by two of the stunted bug aliens. Her shoulders pulled back so her tits thrust out at right angles.

Each alien was clawing or coiling a fat tit. Both creatures had their trunk like tongues flailing as the open dripping ends held her nipples in a permanent slurping suck. "Ugghh mmnngggghh, ah, ah, uggghhh! Stop uhhhhh, uuhh no, no, urrrrrrrrr!" Their tongues were like small elephant trunks, the end animated able to grasp and nip like a pair of lips. The white segmented flesh made them look like a smaller biological version of the probes that had deflowered Daisy earlier.

Candy could only stare down her sweaty boobs been tugged and bounced the slime running from her sucked points down under her tits to drip onto her clench tummy. "Awwwwwww ugh, ugh, oh, oh, ooohhhhh!" The bugs were squeezing their tentacles coiled around her tits making the flesh swell. She felt her hair been tugged and screamed as the third holding bug curled its proboscis around to push her sexy lips apart. Jed's cock was now fully erect his steel veins pulsing, his purple head glistening the newly enlarge spunk hole almost big enough to put your little finger down.

He gave a disgusted growl as Candy choked on the filthy appendage. Her blue eyes flashed as the tongue forced down her throat; the ends seeping slime, her body shaking at the horrendous alien French kiss.

"Ggggggggg ggggggggggg!!!" Both Jed and Candy could hear the excited ESP chatter of the creatures as they reported back to the hive mind. How her tits tasted. How hard her nipples were; the flesh flexible but elastic. Her throat hot and wet; the creature confirming she would be able to swallow the desired load. Realizing it was choking her the bug withdrew its tongue, his spittle wiping across her sculpted nose and dark lashed eyes.

And Candy screamed as she heard both groping bugs agree to try and suck her nipples off. "Oh shit uggh awww please no more!! Awwwwwwwwwwww!" Jed's blue scrotal sphere began to froth his growing discomfort quickly noticed by the bugs. "Now earth bitchzzz, demonstrate taking the males cock in your mouthzzz." Candy shook her head then squealed as the creatures tongues twisted her fat nipples almost all the way around.

"Awwww ok, ok! Just stop hurting my breasts!" She fell to her knees arms still tied her shinny wet boobs glistening with alien spittle the nipples erect like bullets.

In front of her was the young man his crotch full of swollen cock and large single mechanical testicle. His thought were broadcast openly again but he didn't blush or feel ashamed, his painful erection about to be tasted by the sexiest woman he had ever known.

Daisy began to shiver the tears welling in her eyes as the Bugs tugged her metal leash. Her neck was pulled down hard and she knew they wanted her to knell. She was jerked forward onto all fours her captors carefully turning her around so she faced away from Butch. The Bathroom was cold and cramped the bath missing, having collapsed into the room below.

The two escort bugs crowded around the door frame still holding the leash, peering in watching their colleague prepare her. "No, please you don't have to do this!

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This isn't normal uggh, please no nooo." The creature parted her ass cheeks, its snake like tongue caressing her anus down to her young slit. Its claws spread her lips and her pink wet hole felt the cold air. Daisy just moaned in despair. Unable to fight them off and nowhere to run to she gritted her teeth and closed her eyes. She could hear Butch as his claws slipped on the tiled floor, his panting loud over her shoulder.

The leased forced her head down, her cheek pressed on the cold tiles her arse raised. Captain Fin tried her com link to the outside world. It just hissed, the shield creating an electric barrier through which even radio couldn't pass. The creature she was following paused then turned and she instantly felt its mind communicating with her. She understood with scientific delight, "they don't need any machines!

Their telepathy is that advanced!" The creature spoke to them this time far clearer than it had done earlier with their amateurish device. "Do not waste your time with events outside the dome. Hurry we are eager for you to experience our ship." It then continued picking its way through the fog. Fin clicked the communicator to transmit to her partner. "Jackie, did you just hear what I heard?" The way it had just entered her head uninvited making her shiver.

Jackie's expression was of shock her breathing steaming the inside of her face mask. She nodded slowly not wanting to attract the creature's attention. The alien presence was no longer inside her head as it appeared they chose when to communicate, and didn't or couldn't just continuously scope your mind. "What other tricks are they keeping secret?" She thought before clicking back a brief acknowledgement to Fin.

"I don't like it Captain. Not one bit." Fin just pointed commandingly ahead, urging Jackie to keep up with the bug. She too felt very uneasy now, but why make her young charge any more worried. Jed's eyes stung with the perspiration as it trickled down his brow into his sockets.

But he couldn't, or wouldn't shut his eyes. Below him Candy was a picture of eroticism greater than any he had ever conjured in his bed time hours.

Her eyes blue and wide the black lashes curling upwards, her skin tanned her cheek bones pronounced as her mouth pinched.

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The wet rim of her full lips glistening as she encircled the first half inch of his cock. Mmmmmmm slurp! Uggh cough! Slurp!

Mnnnnnnn!" Her hair was bedraggled now, the bugs holding large claws full, pushing her down onto him. She tried to resist and from time to time the cock flipped out of her sliding up the side of her straight nose before her head was pulled up to devour it again. Her hands were down at her side holding herself in a kneeling position, the arms squeezing her tits together creating an almost bottomless cleavage. Below that her trouser hips bulged out, her legs and boots hidden by the floor mist.

"Ugghh Mmmnnn ah ah slurp! Mggggggg!" The creatures pushed harder; her tongue holding back Jed's helmet. He gave a shudder as her hot tip pressed into his enlarged spunk hole.

She tried to thrash her head but just gave a pitiful sexy whimper her eyes moist as she felt his shaft delved farther into her mouth. "Oooooooh yeahhhhh urrrggg, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhh!" Jed growled; her tender flesh and hot spittle teasing the underside rim of his helmet. His mind was been broadcast to the room again, Candy getting a grandstand audio of his thoughts. "Ohh God that's good. Push her in more for fuckkks sake uggggg!

Oh you lovely blonde slut uggghhh. Fuck I can feel the come, its bubbling nnggg! Suck me, suck me dry honey com'n uggghhh!" She gave him an angry come hither glance upwards aware of the pleasure he was getting from her.

Then she gagged as more of her throat was eased onto him. His cock was massive and as she swallowed his sweaty head she felt the tiny metal veins which created a lattice around his twitchy fleshy girth. Her hands came up to claw his thighs, her nails touching against his glass scrotal sphere making a hollow tapping sound. The bugs weren't satisfied; she was still struggling too much. The skull cap was needed. Back in her half demolished bathroom Daisy bit her lip the tears starting.

Her back sensed the hairy rib cage of Butch, his paws firmly resting on either shoulder. Like the sheriff she too was feeling a total slut, her ass pressing against the dogs hind legs the animals long pink rod stabbing her pussy over and over.

The dogs cock had searched for a minute or so, Daisy wriggling the bug struggling to control its animal body. Then the wet end had finally pushed up her, the beast instantly beginning to fuck robotically its tail waging its tongue dangling from its closed jaw.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, nnnnn, nnnnnn!" She grunted, on all fours like an obedient bitch. The cock was like a banana curving dramatically up, the floppy end deep inside her canal. She felt its balls slapping against her clit as the bug decided to push as deep as it could go.

She knew her dog would also be experiencing this. It would be confused, scared, but no doubt innocently gaining instinctive animal pleasure. The bug was visibly aroused, its spiny legs shivering as it broadcasted its experiences. "Mmm, mmmm the dog has different feelings than the man, eager to reproduce, fill the hot hole with seed as quickly as possible." Daisy wailed the cock blurring in and out of her sloppy cunt.

"The earth girl is in despair, the revulsion sickening her uggh, her orifice could take more but the beast is not endowed enoughzzz. Uggg her skin is tensed uuggh yess, this is pleasurable uuggghh, more.

I need more penetration zzzzzzzzg!" The dog pushed at her butt as it tried to climb further on her back, its cock curling up her another half inch. "Awwwwwww no stop uuggghh no, no." Her thoughts were bizarre. "Oh its going to come up me, will it make puppies? No please no, oh God, don't make me suck it. Oh poor Butch I know you can't help it." The bug wasn't been analytical at all now. Its messages were raw and pleasurable, having aroused feelings the hive mind was unaccustomed too.

"Zzzzzggg, zzzzgggg uhh, her fat arse is slapping, her face distressed. Zzzzzzggg The dogs seed pods are tightening Zzggg its spurting Zggg Zgggg its filling her hot wet tube ZZZZzz yessss scream, young earth whore!" The ejaculation was like three squirts of a big bore syringe, the runny spunk shooting its way up to her cervix.

"Oh, oh ugh, ugh no, no, noooooooh. Aaaawwwwwwwwwwggghhhhh!!!" Candy's body was now more rigid her face drawn as her cheeks muscles sucked painfully hard. The bug was in control the cap wires leading from the buxom blonde to its own head. Officer Vale's eyes were white, rolled back in her sockets a stream of saliva running from the corner of her wide mouth dripping off her chin.

Her body was not responding to her commands anymore her mind terrified as she swallowed more and more of the mans massive cock. "Ugggggggggggg oh God ugggggghh I'm choking!" Her thoughts wailed the cock head now pushing her tonsils the slime dripping down her gullet. The bug connected to her savored the taste of the human's sweaty prick, the sensation of the flesh buried in her mouth.

The woman's gums made sucking easy, the full lips like an inflatable vice around the shaft, wanking the loose outer skin of the earth mans cock. It raised her hand to make the woman feel her own fat nipples the sweat making them slippery to touch. Candy tried to let go and slip into a dream. She tried to imagine herself at home sucking her husband, but the size and depth made her retch; all the while this black sinister mind exploring her as ravenously as the cock probed her throat.

Jed was tensed like a coil about to spring. Candy had six inches of him in her mouth. He could feel the back of her tongue, her gullet narrow; see her gasping and gagging as she coughed slime out around his rod. The bugs were making her pinch her own nipples, the long nails bringing them to an erect bullet size. His tube began to fill, his groin squeezing the thick semen painfully up his narrow exit. "Arrggggg uhhhh, uhhhhhhhhh!" He knew he was coming so did the helpless Candy.

His cock convulsed as his veins tighten and then began to flex. Once! "Ugh". Twice! "Uggh." The solid shot was been pumped with difficulty up his shaft. Three!" Uggggggghhhhhhh!" The first spurt was like putting your finger over the end of a garden hose. The eruption covered the back of her throat the chunks sticking then dropping into her gullet. The bug and Candy experienced the filthy gulp together.

"Mgggg Oh shit nooo!" Candy screamed in her head, her body trying to vomit. He came again the second spurt more fluidly, a hot piss like stream of white filling her mouth in an instant. "Gulgggg! Urrkk gulp! Gulp! Ohhhhhhhh!" Candy was gagging trying to swallow rather then choke. The Bug also wasn't enjoying the experience. "Zzggggg!! Ugggggzzzz!" It reeled back breaking the connection between itself and its captive beauty. Candy back in control jerked her head up the cock springing out of her the spunk bubbling over her lips as she coughed frantically.

She didn't get it out in time and as his cock head touched her top teeth he spurted again, Jed bellowing. "Uhhhh jezzz aagggggggggggggg!" His non existent balls felt like they'd been sucked inside out. His tube was stinging as he unleashed a third stream.

She gave a shriek of disbelief having to gulp again the salty liquids stink filling her nostrils, her stomach turning. "Uggh cough! Oooh shit! Cough! Spit! Splutter, ugggg!" She managed a few words as she opened her mouth head down, letting the semen spill over her tits like cream over two hot buns.

His cock waved upright the metal lattice flashing the flesh now dark purple bruised and battered. "Ugghh oohhh uuuhhhhh!" It pumped as it went; another more watery load covered her nose, lashes and eyebrows as she looked down. Then another spurt into her blonde wavy hair, the liquid still with thick droplets in it making it look like she had a really bad case of dandruff. Candy was dazed, her mouth opening and closing, her nose and chin dripping, her tits like snowy mountain peaks.

His final sixth spasm missed her completely and left a trail of slime from his cock eye almost to the floor. The shaft quickly deflated, exhausted. And Jed gave a long painful moan as he felt he was about to pass out. As the aliens discussed the success of their alterations the reconnaissance bugs message alerted the hive. It was nearing the ship, bringing with it the two new specimens. On the outskirts of Love Creek there is a raised well known hillock shrouded by trees. The road leading there turns to gravel before it comes to a secluded spot with a panoramic view of the town below.

An ideal spot for making out, it was frequented regularly. But tonight only one car was there and the occupants writhed in the back seat the windows steaming. The night was still and a few feet away the earth began to bubble then melt a silver blunt tentacle point appearing like a mole sniffing the night air. Inside his father's car the college stud couldn't believe his luck.

Sure he'd heard rumours about her, but he'd never believed them to be true. Under him, her long athletic legs hooked around his waist, was the half naked body of his chemistry teacher; the late thirties vixen they called Miss Crome.