Skinny teen fist fucked in her greedy wrecked pussy

Skinny teen fist fucked in her greedy wrecked pussy
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(I have left Keri's responses in this where it does not give her away.) I look up to you as we lay there in a mess of sweat. "oh yes Daddy, i did like what she did to me. I smile remembering her licking and sucking my cum out of you. You had looked a little dazed. You did cum so nice that first time. I must have filled you completely too. I have never been touched like that before. so soft and gently, it was like she knew my body better than i did.

When i felt her mouth wrapped around me, I almost blacked out, her movements were so smooth. I wanted to tell her to do something, but when i thought about it, she did it.

It was like she was in my head. my pussy was made so wet by her, that I longed for more of her. i still think about her Daddy, and wonder if she would be interested in me again.

or if she doesn't' like me at all." 'Sheela will do as I want'. 'But she does want you baby girl, she tells me on the phone'. 'I will think about it sweet baby'. 'Right now I want to make you mine and not share you at all'.

'I have made you a woman and want to teach you all there is about love'. 'You are so precious my darling'. I stroke your back and naked bottom, little kisses, loving to sip your lips.

'Daddy, am I going to have a baby now'? I chuckle, 'No Keri, not yet'. 'Someday when we both want you to'. 'Now just enjoy school and being my secret love'.

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'You are my love you know, my most precious and wonderful love'. 'How do you feel about me doing this to Sheela and to Mommy'? 'I have to do it to Mommy because we are married and she likes it when she is not mad at me'. 'Sheela, I will do only when I cannot have you baby'.

You giggle a little, 'I can hear you an Mommy sometimes, now I know why she makes those sounds'. 'I don't like it when you and Mommy fight'. 'I think Mommy is so pretty, I wish she liked to do it to me like Sheela'. 'Will you let me watch you and Sheela'?

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'The idea excites me Daddy'. 'Yes baby girl, when I decide to let her kiss you again'. One more squeeze of your little body, a long kiss and I say, 'Time for a bath now baby girl'. 'I have something special for us'. I help you up from the couch and we go to the bed master bath. You pick out the soaps, oils and salts you like.

Mom lets you bath in it all the time so there are hers and yours. Some things you share. I get my safety razor and soap. I want to shave again before we loose ourselves in our lovemaking.

I like your pretty face natural and not hot red from my whiskers. A few kisses are exchanged before I help you in to sit facing me with your legs over mine. I open the frozen bottle of Spumante, fill a large frozen glass and we take sips, sharing the glass. You like it as we always let you have some at holidays. You know that mom and I take to this very bath often too.

Just not very often lately. I soak my face with hot water and lather up. I put some on your delicious nose too and make you giggle. I can see in the mirrors on the sauna walls and I make you help me.

Showing you how to shave all my little niches. I tell you how my mother would shave my father sometimes. He was half French and he would coo loving words to her as she shaved him.

I can feel the lips of your sweet pussy as my hard knob kisses them under the water. Finished, all the shaving creme gone you kiss me in all the nice places on my face.

Enjoying how smooth my skin is now. I adore you with my eyes and my hands massage your sweet little butt as we begin to play. I pour our glass full of the slushy Spumante and we begin to neck softly. Your hand pumping my dick slowly.

Your lips so sweet to kiss tenderly. We do not rush now. We have all the time in the world and we both want to get me inside you again but slowly to let your tight little pussy enjoy it and stretch to accept me. 'You are so beautiful Keri'. 'You are the most beautiful girl in the world'. That may be a stretch but you have got to be close. Perfect breasts, firm curved body, lovely smooth legs, angelic face, long dark brown hair and the sweetest little bottom anywhere.

All surrounding a tight little bare pussy that loves to cum. I am so lucky. I have you and you have me. Nothing can take you away from me now. Nothing! I bath you. Using the soft sponge I rinse my cum off your pretty face and neck.

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Your hand under the water already working to get me hard and succeeding quickly. You have me throbbing in your small hand and it is straining to kiss your little pussy so close to it. Rinsing your shoulders, I admire their shape and how firm your body is. I rub and rinse your back. So nice, I will kiss your back from your neck to your butt when I have you in bed.

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Even if I fuck you here in the tub I will want to fuck you for a long time again before sleep. Mmmmm.

You are the most delicious thing I have ever had and Kan was so special when she was young too. Her body had not had the benefit of good nutrition and healthy exercise like yours has always had. Now for those two wonderful breasts. They are going to be quite large I think. So high and firm now.


You are larger than most Asian women already. I daydream of the day I will see my child nursing from those breasts too. Not for a long time but someday. Giving eat breast its due attention, sucking each nipple, the skin under them and the curve up to your nipples I move my washing down to your tummy.

Leaning you back so that my dick rubs your pussy's lips while I rinse your abdomen slowly. Loving you, my eyes drinking you in. You take my dick and open your pussy with my knob. 'Careful baby girl'. 'You may be too sore'. You kiss me and frown a little as you carefully get my knob in. 'Oh Daddy, oh yes Daddy'. You whimper as you work me half way into you.

Your pussy wanting to swallow my dick so bad but being careful to not make it hurt. 'Daddy, I know you don't like dirty words but can I say some of them when we do this'? You sound a little out of breath as you begin to move up and down on me slowly. You tight pussy getting wetter to take my hard dick deep inside you.

'What words or those baby girl'? 'You can say anything you want now darling'. 'You are a woman now and my woman'. 'I love you and I love everything about you Keri'.

You close your eyes. Feeling me thrust up to meet you. 'Oh Daddy, it feels so good to fuck you'! 'I want to fuck you forever'. 'Never stop fucking me Daddy please'. I kiss you tenderly, push my dick hard into you. 'You can fuck me all you want sweet baby girl'.

'I love to fuck you too'. 'More than anything I love to fuck my sweet daughter, Keri'. I gasp as your pussy grabs me so hard. You using me. Building toward another wonderful cum. 'I will never just fuck you baby'. 'I love you too much and love making you feel good, making you feel loved as a woman and making you cum and cum'. We are thrusting faster now. I thrust up as you come down. You are using all my dick, going up till only my knob keeps you open then pushing down hard to grind your pussy on me.

I am controlling myself. When you cum this time I plan to carry you to bed and continue fucking you till you cannot cum any more. I hold you tight, gentle kisses till your breathing is back to normal. Leaning you back so I can see me in you. It is such a turn on.

My dick completely fills you. Your lips stretched to take it in you. So wet with your cum now, so hot and tight still. I must thrust into you a few times before taking me out of you. I stand in the water and help you up.

Using the sprayer we rinse all the soap off of us and step out on the rug as the water drains away. We finish the wine as we dry each other. You kneel to love my dick with your mouth for awhile. Looking up at me with your smokey brown eyes as you squeeze me with your lips and tongue.

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I press my finger into your tiny anus. You jerk and open your eyes. 'Oh Daddy, are you going to fuck me there'? 'No baby girl, your pussy is too good to think of that yet'.

'I want you to give that to Daddy someday but not now'. I am having to grit my teeth to keep control. You have the best feeling body I have ever known.


Eyes closed again, my hot lips on yours, you cum. So sweet this time. So out of breath and so long. Your pussy devouring my dick. Using it, loving it so good. I am so glad you can take my dick, enjoy it. I know I will have you sore again by tomorrow but it will heal and quickly.