Casal Zebra Laranja Cumming with anal Gozando com pau no cu

Casal Zebra Laranja Cumming with anal Gozando com pau no cu
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That night in the van Introduction: Dean secretly watches Cherise until. Cherise, Sally and Dean sprawled in the back of the van while Ann drove through the darkness. The shows were great and the mood electric. Sally playfully tickled Cherise, thinking Dean was asleep. Helpless to resist, Cheri's giggles intensified as the daring tickling steadily aroused her to the point of submitting to the pleasure of the touch.

Don watched their shadowy forms through barely opened eyes, hidden by his long lashes in the dark. Cheri moaned as the wicked fondling fingers found their intended destination. Her pants were undone for direct contact to delicately bring her off. She came once then again and harder and again. Dean couldn't resist the sounds anymore.

First, he slid over and cupped Cheri's breasts; she squealed with surprise which intensified another immediate orgasm. "Yes! Yes!" Cheri cried out. Dean pulled his clothes off. The hot summer night and sexual heat had him steaming. Cheri's girlfriend Sally pulled off Cheri's panties and Dean moved down and slowly ate her out with a soft tingling tongue. It was too much. Cheri wanted to do "That deed" now! She spread her legs and pulled him up to kiss.

His stiff manhood slid right up to her tight doorway. He rubbed it up and down her entrance, lubricating his next move. Slowly Dean guided just the tip into the moist fold of fertility.

She gasped and bucked up bringing the head of his cock fully into her vestibule. Now he crept forward easing in just a hair then pulling back out, just keeping contact.


His strokes repeated the short penetration. Cheri moaned again with approval. Dean reached down to work her pubic mound against his short probing thrusts. She came again and Dean drove in all the way as she did, kissing her deeply. She bucked back and clinched down hard on his cock. In a few squeezes Cheri milked out Dean's seed load, to gush into to her squeezing love chamber. They moaned together as Dean came and got her off again.

They humped sloppily as Dean was too excited to get very soft. After a while that enjoyable stiffness returned and the breathless, orgasmic lovemaking continued. Then another deeper sensation rocked Cheri.

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An inner hormonal release warmed her in a new but, strangely familiar way. She knew it! She was PREGNANT !!! She held Dean closer and he felt the love. It was right and they felt right! Dean whispered his invitation and Cheri consented to stay.He bedded her in his queen sized retreat and instinctively continued breeding intentionally now. Cheri was so beautiful Dean suddenly wanted their babies with an unexpected urge. After a psychedelic night of intimate love the both felt the link between each other.

Cheri stayed and moved in. Dean planted seed until the fourth week with no period, and a home test, gave the obvious message.

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Dean got Cheri pregnant! They married at Lake Tahoe in Nevada the next week. Dean bought tickets to Paris and they flew away from Tahoe. They arrived in Paris and got to more honeymoon fun.

Just a sip of Champagne here and there and walks around artsy alleys. Then they heard about a wild party club. It was $100 to get in but everyone said it was a must. Inside the club it was wild. Cocaine was openly being procured and consumed while the smell of pot mixed with other perfumes. Cheri noticed a girl taking some cash. Cheri showed Dean the girl pocketing some cash and then blowing the Frenchman and giggled.

Dean said, "that was hot!" Cheri responded with, "I could do that too! Would you like that?" Dean paused then said slowly, "If you want to then.I would want you to do it.

That would be so hot to know you like that idea! I would want to watch your skills. There are no limits here!" Cheri looked around; the hormones of pregnancy already had made her extra horny. She saw a man watching the party girl intently and approached him. She offered her attentions and the man reached for his wallet. He kept piling bills in Cheri's hand, she put his condom on, pulled off her panties and bent over a chair with her skirt up.

The man fucked Cheri gently and evenly but didn't last at all. He was already so turned watching that Cheri easily squeezed one out of him and the kissed him on the cheek. Dean kissed her deeply and said, "I can't believe how hot that was.

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Did you really like it too?" Cheri nodded and smiled. Dean kissed her again. They watched the scene and Dean had a couple of drinks. They smoked a joint with someone, then Cheri took more cash and sucked him off.

They called it a night and went back to their room, for more wild bare sex.

At breakfast Cheri counted out $700 for a throw and a blow.The next day they decided to keep moving in their adventure. A night train with a private compartment took them to Amsterdam. A Dutch Cocoa Coffee and hash hookah in the set the mood for a few more days of tourism. Then they found a kinky sex club. At the Club Cheri dressed in some revealing lingerie and just watched the action. Men approached but nothing happened. Then a man handed over $300 in Guilders and Cheri sucked him dry.

A few more came forward and two more stepped up to pay for play. The night ended almost $1200 richer for the kinky couple. After a bit of sucking Cheri wanted Dean's something inside her too. They fell asleep joined and embracing.


The next morning they had their hash and cocoa; after breakfast and decided to stay longer. Dean really loved watching Cheri meet and suck off strangers.

They started to spend three or more nights a week at the clubs. After three weeks in Holland they spent another month at sex clubs in Copenhagen they banked $25,000 secretly on the isle of Jersey then took the QE 2 Liner home to New York. On the high seas Dean found some older widows seeking affection and offered to please them as long as they made it worth his while. He found a "regular" lady willing to pay more if it was a dinner date. Cheri chuckled and agreed to try and find her own pay and play date at the bar.

It was her third month of pregnancy and she was horny more than ever. Dean did the dinner and walk on deck and then took his date to her room for a nice long fucking.

After two rounds she paid him £800 agreed and tipped him £100 too. Five nights earned Dean £6000 with a bonus for one lunchtime meet up. The honeymoon was more fun than either Dean or Cheri imagined. The financial results were exciting and naughty. They decided to move to Europe after the baby was born and see how it would go.

They took cruise ships and hit the clubs while they raised baby Lisa. After six months Cheri got pregnant again and this time, a boy they named Jesse was born.

They spent summers on the Rivera and winter in the Caribbean. They preferred private clothing optional resorts in St Martin or the Adriatic Sea depending on season. Some years later, they moved to Japan. Dean taught English while Cheri was a hostess at an exclusive men's club. She lit cigarettes and poured drinks for tips but if they wanted to finger her under the table - that could be worked out. The magic of the local mushrooms kept their minds open to new ideas.

"The Japanese families slept together naked under one quilt in their tiny paper walled rooms. No privacy was possible or expected; they hot tubbed and swam naked. They learned that with a long soak, in hot enough water, birth control was not needed for a session.

The heat temporarily inactivated the sperm.


They all took a hot tub together in the hottest water. Then Dean announced that they were all over 18 now. Now the whole family could have any intimate sexual relations with one another if they wished. Japan allowed incest sex within the family since the 1880's but it was not always respected. It was legal but, best kept very private for now. The kids smiled and moved closer to each other, checking out their developed bodies, for the possibilities.

Dean and Jesse went to the hottest tub to cook their sperm into submission. The girls whispered and giggled in anticipation for almost an hour.

They drank water and then the men returned. Lisa grabbed Jesse's dick and squeezed gently, producing an instant reaction. She rubbed lightly making him harder than ever.

Jesse kissed her and cupped her sweet breasts while she played with him. He was the perfect size for her to take inside. Jesse was . Bigger than other boys but not too much. Lisa was well along in her development. Her hips were wide and it opened up the gap between her legs. Her nipples were big not huge but a large area of darker color surrounded them.

They touched and felt all over then Dean said, "Let's go back inside." Inside they dried off and all lay on the central futon. Jesse and Lisa were getting more serious about pleasing each other. Jesse ate Lisa into a wet little mess. Then he slowly slid his young boner into his hot older sister while their parents watched them shake with the new pleasurable feeling of being joined and the secret thrill of the forbidden taboo aura it brought.

Kissing and humping led to the inevitable fountain of youthful ejaculation. Mommy Cheri enviously watched her daughter and son clean up with tongues and fresh towels. Young Jesse was so turned on he didn't soften at all. Lisa lay spooned in front of him so he just slid back into the grip of her tight teen love box. Lisa purred as her lbrother spoon stuffed her again.

Daddy Dean and Mommy Cheri made out as they watched their virgin children explore this new sexual realm. They agreed moving to Japan was the right choice for now. They decided that two hours was their limit for sex without the protecting heat of the hot furo tub.

Dean squirted in Cheri's mouth so the kids could watch and then Lisa said, "I want Daddy's come too Mommy!" Cheri laughed and replied, "you won't get any resistance, on that idea, from either of us. I want to suck off Jesse myself!" Dean got hard quickly looking into young Lisa's sexed up eyes. Without a word the hot teen daughter took her father's stiff erection into her lips and licked the swollen head like a Tootsie Pop. Mommy Cheri followed suit on her own son's stiff dick.

Cheri worked out a blast of semen and the taste made her crave something else. She needed his sperm fresh and alive on her fertile eggs!!! She said nothing but resolved right then to carry her own son's child. No one would know or find out and here no one cared. She fell asleep dreaming of another baby for her. She woke up to find Dean eating his daughter while she sucked her brother. Cheri jumped onto the loop sucking Dean to a stiff state while he ate their girl until she was shaking and quivering with multiple orgasmic waves.

Jesse shot a stream on Lisa and Mommy rubbed some onto her own pussy. Then she beckoned Jesse to come inside her. By now everyone felt the freedom of open family love! Jesse kissed his mommy and then pumped her like a steam engine. Then he blew a huge sperm load in his Mommy! She held him inside, to keep all his seed in her egg place.


She wanted a baby with her new husband-son. Jesse spermed his Mom Cheri four more times that morning. Once or twice he ate his sister while he fucked his Mommy. Dean knew his son would certainly seed Cheri with no protective measures and he kissed her deeply as Jesse unloaded his semen, to fill her again and again. The all loved each other completely.

Cheri got the new baby news in just 3 weeks. Jesse would now be a Daddy! They were all turned on by that idea a lot.

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Lisa announced she wanted a baby too but not anytime soon. So they kept the tub and sex time limits to be safe.

The kids were making love day and night and joined their parents as much as possible too.

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Japan was filled with kinky art and sexy clubs. On parents night out they a watched live TV sex show filming and other risqué shows. "Maybe we should do something like that someday?", Cheri asked Dean. "Maybe.", he replied."