Emo Teenager Brünette wird intensiv hart von hinten schlug

Emo Teenager Brünette wird intensiv hart von hinten schlug
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A SLAVE WITH TWO MASTERS I am a slave with two Masters. One human and one canine. It didn't start this way. I started with just a human Master. My Master is quite a bit older than I am. He is also smarter and stronger than I am, in all ways. He wasn't easy to find.

I am very intelligent and strong willed and I desperately needed a Master like the one I eventually found. However, he found me also. He needed a slave who was intelligent and strong willed.

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One who was not, nor could not be, a doormat. My Master needed a slave who was physically strong enough to handle the things he required of her. He also needed a slave who could carry on in an intelligent conversation, amuse him with wit and a good sense of humor, yet one who submitted to him because right down to her core she was a slave.

That is who and what I am. It is who and what I was born to be.

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Unfortunately, I was born in the United States and here, women are taught that they are equal to men. All women are equal to all men. To be submissive to a man is something a woman must keep secret. We are taught that to desire that, there must be something wrong with us. So I grew up, got married, had a family and the whole time wished my husband was capable of controlling me, being my Master. He is not. Men in the United States are taught the same as the women.


For a man to act dominant, as dominant as a true Master, is seen as a bad thing and just like submissiveness in women, must be kept secret and is seen as a psychological flaw. When I finally came to my senses and began searching for a Master, I met many men online who said they were Masters, but ultimately, they were not. They were either just bossy, or lonely, or sadists. The few that were truly Masters, didn't seem to fit me. Then finally, one contacted me and I knew in an instant he was the one true Master I was born to serve.

Unfortunately he lived far away in another country. Now, finally, after two years of chatting in text and video; after longing for and dreaming of him, I was finally truly his. I wore his collar with pride and there was nothing I would not do for my Master. Which is what has lead me to having another Master who is a dog. This of course is something else I was taught was wrong.

For some it is. However it pleases my human Master, therefore it pleases me. Pleasing my Master is what brings me ultimate pleasure and joy.

If I am not doing something to please him, I am not being true to myself and therefore I am miserable. Shortly after I finally became my Master's slave, he took me to find a Jack Russell Terrier puppy. He wanted me with him because it was important the dog would like me and want me as his bitch. Master looked at several male puppies and chose the one that seemed like the leader of all the others. I was told to sit on the ground, legs spread, so i simply looked like a woman prepared to play with puppies.

Master had another reason for this position which was evident to me but not the owner of the dogs. The most dominant puppy walked right over to me and stuck his nose right against my cunt.

While normally I would not push him away, I had to this time so as not to seem odd to the owner. The puppy would not take the hint. He did not respect me. However when my Master came over and told him "no". The puppy stopped immediately.

Master bought him right away. Over the next several months my Master trained the puppy. I however was not allowed to do anything that might make me seem dominant to the dog. Master named him Buster after a dog I had had years before. I spent as much time as possible on my hands and knees nude. If Buster wanted to sniff my ass or cunt I was not allowed to push him away.

In fact I was to put my head to the floor and raise my ass in the usual submissive bitch presentation position. Naturally, when I cleaned Master's home, did his laundry or cooked his meals, I had to be standing. However if Buster came and put his head between my legs I was to drop into the submissive position asap unless I was cooking and could not without ruining the meal.

Also to teach Buster he had dominance over me, meals were served in the following way, first my human Master, then my canine Master, then me when they were done eating. My Master said it would not always be like this, that once Buster made me his bitch physically, I could eat at the same time as them.

When Buster hit his puberty, Master had me begin to sleep in a large crate with him. For the first several days I was allowed to skip my household chores and cooking so that I remained on all fours. Master watched Buster closely for signs that he was getting ready to mount me. First Master had me touch Buster's cock so it would come out of its sheath. After a few days this happened as soon as Buster saw me.

He would run over and sniff my ass. Then stand and wait for me to fondle him. A week later Master made me get Buster hard then, while holding his leash, Master had me lick Buster's cock. This is not something I would ever have done if it wasn't something my Master desired, none of what I was doing with Buster was. However it did make me very wet and excited. My excitement fed from theirs.

Master made me suck Buster's cock until he came. I swallowed most of it. It was a lot. What I didn't swallow Master made me rub onto my cunt and udders. Then he had me lay on my back, knees up and spread. Buster ran right over and began licking my cunt and udders. He licked my nipples till they felt raw and did the same to my clit and cunt. He stuck his tongue far into my cunt.

It didn't take long before I started begging my Master to let me cum. He made me wait and wait. Finally he said I could cum.

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I came so much, I squirted all over Buster's face which made him lick me more! At this point I couldn't even speak, let alone ask Master for permission to cum.

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Finally, after cumming five more times and thinking I might faint, Master pulled Buster off of me. That night, my Master let me sleep in his bed with him but he didn't fuck me. Master said tomorrow was going to be a big day and exhausting for me.

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He said I needed to rest. The next morning, when I woke, Master was already gone. He had left some fruit, bread and milk on the dresser for me to eat and a note beside it. The note said I was locked in the room and he would come for me later when everything for my big day was prepared. I was to eat and then in an hour or so bath and make sure I was completely clean inside and out.

I knew this meant I had to have an enema. I hated giving myself enemas, but of course I was used to it because I did it for my Master. The note also said that at quarter to five pm I was to put a plug in my ass with a long tail attached to it, my leg shackles, wrist shacklesa belt with rings attached to it, my collar ( which was only off while i bathed) my leash and a blindfold. All were left on a chair waiting for me. Then I was to kneel by the door and wait. No matter how much I might hear Buster whine and scratch at the door, was I to let him in or speak to him.

I did everything as commanded and was waiting at the door when I finally heard it open. I felt my leash lifted and heard Master say, "Come!" I followed behind him as any good bitch would do. "Stand," said my Master and of course I did. I heard a door open and Master carefully led me down the stairs to what I knew must be his dungeon. As we got closer to the bottom, I heard the voices of other men. I couldn't tell how many.

"Down," said Master as we reached the floor. So down I went and was led to what I know now was a bench.

Master pulled on my leash and had me lay over it. My ass was at the edge, my cunt just below. He raised my tail and attached it to the belt.


He attached my ankles to the legs to eye rings in the floor, keeping them spread wide. Then my wrists to the legs of the bench. It was a low bench and by now I knew what was going to happen.

My neck was placed against a,sort of brace and my collar attached to it. My hair, which I had done in a long braid was tied to a hook above me. In this way my head was held up and in place. Master placed a wide ring gag in my mouth and buckled it around my head. The belt around my waist was fastened to the bench.

I couldn't move at all. Now what I expected next was that Buster would be brought in and led first to my mouth, then fuck it it he was very excited. I then expected Master to bring him around back and let him finally fuck and knot my cunt. However that is not what happened. Master removed my blindfold.


After a few seconds for my eyes to adjust, I saw a large computer monitor in front of me and on it was.me! I could see there were three men besides my Master standing and chatting behind me as well as a camera on a tripod recording all the action.

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"Gentleman, before the main event, please enjoy and make use of my slave. Feel free to use whatever implements you would like," my Master said to my shock and dismay.

The first man to come to me knelt in front of my face and began fucking my mouth. He shoved his cock all the way down my throat. Of course I didn't gag, Master had trained me well, not to.

While that man did that, another began whipping me across my back, ass and thighs. He wasn't gentle, either. I felt like my skin was on fire. When he stopped, he got behind me and fucked my cunt. The man in my mouth came down my throat and, as trained, I swallowed it all.

Another man took his place. The man in my cunt pulled out and came all over my cunt. After the second man came down my throat, my Master fucked my mouth but rather than cum in my throat he shot his cum all over my back and cunt. I could see what a mess I was on the screen. Then I heard Buster's paws walking towards me. Master brought him straight to my face. First Buster licked the cum from my face then he raised up on his hind legs, put his front paws on either side of me on the bench, and began fucking my mouth.

Master let this continue for a while, then pulled Buster away and towards my cunt. Bust began licking the men's cum off of me. His tongue going in deep making sure that none of their seed remained. My cunt lips, clit and inside became raw and I tried to beg Master to let me cum but of course I could not with the ring gag in my mouth. Master realized he hadn't removed it and did so. I begged to cum but Master said I could not until my new Master had done so.

If I did, I would be punished. I closed my eyes trying to think of something else, trying to ignore the intense need to cum. "Keep your eyes open and on the screen slave," my Master commanded. He knew that as much as I loved pleasing him, being a bitch to a dog was humiliating. Doing so in front of strangers and being videoed even more so. Master also knew that all that humiliation added to what my canine Master was doing to me, was so stimulating it would be a miracle for me not to cum.

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He was 100% right. I couldn't hold back. I came and came hard. I squirted a huge puddle which Buster happily licked up. "You will be punished, slave, after your new Master makes you his bitch," my Master promised harshly. "Buster, mount," I heard my Master command. Buster put his front paws on either side of me on the bench and I felt his cock searching for my hole.

I was grateful for the plug. I wasn't ready to have my ass knotted. Finally my new Master found his mark and fucked me harder and faster than any machine could have. I felt his cock grow longer, wider and harder until the tip pushed against the narrow opening of my cervix. This was actually quite painful but in a thoroughly exciting way. I began orgasming again. My cunt muscles clutching Buster's cock. Finally I felt his hot doggy cum shoot inside me and his knot swell.

I was stretched more than I had expected. More than I had been giving birth. It hurt, it burned, but my orgasm made me tighten and spasm around him. When my canine Master finally stopped moving we stayed there, both breathing heavily, until the knot went down enough for him to pop out.

Buster went to a corner to clean himself. Master unchained me. Rolled me onto my back. Then attached my ankles to chains that hung from the ceiling. My wrists and waist were chained to the bench again. "Now you will be punished slave," said my Master sternly. He put pulled the lips of my cunt open.

Then with a whip began whipping my already raw outer cunt and clit. Fortunately he didn't make me count the strikes. My mind was mush and I couldn't have even formed the words. When he was done, he and his friends took turns fucking my cunt. I couldn't cum, I was numb and sore all at once. When they were finally done, Master brought over a hose and washed my cunt inside and out, blessedly the water was warm.

He unchained me and helped me to my feet, supporting my weak body up the stairs. He gently placed me on the bed and shut the door, keeping Buster out. I heard him say goodbye to his friends and heard them thank him for their amusement. Then Master came and rubbed his special healing ointment all over my body. I was nearly asleep when i felt him climb into bed, pull me into his arms, kiss my forehead and say, " I love you slave, you are a very good girl." I sighed contentedly and fell fast asleep.

Safe in the arms of the man for whom I existed.