Sexy babe Julia De Lucia wants to suck a huge cock

Sexy babe Julia De Lucia wants to suck a huge cock
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They were a happy couple, with a healthy sex life.

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Maybe a bit to healthy of a sex life. Any little thing they saw on porn or heard talk of they wanted to try. Wanted to try it all, who knows if you'll like it or not if you don't at least give it a try right?

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They had done a lot of things but the one that stuck in his head the most was yet to be tried out. And it was one that they had talked over many many times.

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Just waiting on the day for it to happen. Finally that day had come and both their minds would remember it for a very long time. Talk about it in bed very often and cum to the picture in their heads many nights. This is the story of how it all happened and how she made them all cum for her.


They both liked to go to the club and do some dancing and flirting. He loved seeing her in her little sexy clothes and know all the men were drooling over his sexy wife. Watching her shake her sexy ass on another man's crotch on the dance floor made him hard enough that he had to hold make from pulling it out right there. After a few drinks in her the show always got really good, the more drinks the more her hands tended to roam. As the walked into the bar they noticed quite a few big tall dark skinned men standing to one side.

Just the thought of her flirting with them made his cock start getting hard. As they walked past the group of guys they both saw them watch her ass wiggle by. They grabbed a table close by them and whispered about how their biggest fantasy may have a chance of coming true that night. Seeing all three of those big black guys on her pale skin had them both wanting to start something then and there.

She began making eyes at them and you could tell they were trying to flirt back, just didn't know what to think with the husband right there. After a few drinks she headed to the dance floor with hubby in tow. After a few dances, knowing the men where watching her he left her on the dance floor alone.

Give them some room to see if any of them would come join her. Within no time one of the men headed her way. She moved a little closer so she could back up on him. She rubbed on his chest and let her hands roam his body. When the song was over she whispered to him that her husband would love to see his cock deep in her.

She gave his cock a little squeeze and returned to her table. It wasn't long before all three of the guys joined them at their table. After a few drinks and some chatting the guys all agreed that they would love to fuck his wife for him. That sentence was all they needed to hear and gathered up and walked out.

They headed to the closest hotel and got a room.


Once in the room her husband took a seat in the corner and told the big black men to have their way with her. One of them started to undress her and squeeze her ass and tits. Once they had her fully nude she laid on the bed and all three of them men began licking and sucking every inch of her body.

Her husband began rubbing his cock thru his pants, feeling it harden already.

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While two of the men were working on her body the other stood and undressed. He released his huge cock and slid it into her warm mouth. She sucked on his cock all the while feeling like it was to big, feeling it hit the back of her throat. His hands holding her head so she couldn't back away from it. Feeling the huge cock in her mouth and the fingers pinching her nipples and the tongue flicking her clit she couldn't help but cum all over that talented tongue.

Once she had filled his mouth he stood and undressed, moving up to her mouth. Replacing the one that was there. He slid in as the other spread her legs to enter her dripping pussy. She let out a little scream as he slid into her. It was so big it felt like it was going to rip her open. By this time her husband had done released his awsome piece of meat and began stroking it.

As she felt one big black cock slide in and out of her tight wet box and another in her mouth she watched her husband. She could tell he was really liking it but she also knew what he really wanted to see.


So she stopped it all and sat up. The guy that hadn't been touched yet undressed and laid on the bed. She climbed up on his cock and rode while one of the others slid his finger in and out of her ass. Once she was feeling really turned on she took another in her mouth and braced herself for the one that was about to slide into her ass.

When he entered her ass, she screamed and her husband came. Knowing that was what he waited all this time to see just made it so much better for her.

She began to ride harder and suck as much of that cock as she could. Once she had had her nut a few more times, the men were ready for there turn. They all pulled out and she sat in front of them, mouth wide open and felt all three of those big hard black cocks cum on her face.

Face covered in cum she looked over at hubby and smiled seeing he had cum again.

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Once the guys had cleaned up they left her and hubby alone. Going over and over it, about what it looked like and what it felt like had them both cumming over and over again all night long. They finally passed out feeling fullfilled and couldn't wait for more fun.