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Ebony slut carol marf first anal amp dp with guys sz monstercock and deepanal
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Life Changes, Chapter 6. Christina's Fun continues. Cindy, Samantha (Sam), and I had just finished our first sex session with Christina and her sub Josie. It was fun, but it was still just sex. I didn't know what else Christina had planned for today, but I was definitely interested in continuing with her games. When Bill finally arrived, Christina got the gang together and led us out to her car.

She had a minivan that could seat seven. Since they had no children, I had no idea why she had one, but she did. So we all got into the van, with the three slaves in the very back. Bill and I sat in the second row and Christina took the wheel. "Okay, just relax; we'll be going to a very fun destination." She put the car in reverse and took us quickly out of her driveway and on our way.

I think everyone was a little apprehensive but turned on. I turned and asked Sam and Cindy about the butt plugs and sure enough, they still had them in.

They had been told to leave them in. Bill's eyes got big and he looked back at Sam when she said that. I also realized that Sam and Cindy had been turned on for most of the day and hadn't cum yet. I had cum three times and wasn't sure I had much left. After about an hour drive, Christina pulled into a strip mall in a small town that was about 30 miles from where we lived.

I could see the sign for some kind of adult store and for a small strip club. The area looked run down and very seedy. Christina pulled up in front and told everyone to get out. We were at our destination. We piled out and I think we all thought we were going to go into the strip club; but Christina had other ideas and took us into the adult store.

As we entered, I noticed that it was in pretty fair shape. It wasn't a dark, dingy place, but was well lit and clean. There was a magazine area, a toy area, and a peep-show area. Christina waved to the guy behind the desk. "Hey, Bob, how's it going?" Bob smiled at our group and gave Christina a wicked grin.

"Well, hello, Christina. I haven't see you and Josie in a while. I was wondering when you would come back." "We're back!" Christina waved her arms around. "How many around today?" "About 4 total. A couple is over in the porn movie area and two guys are just looking.

There are a couple of guys in the peep-show rooms, but they may not be aware of it unless they come out while you are here. Number 3 is empty." He grinned again. "Outstanding!" Christina then turned and introduced us. Bob looked us over and lingered on Cindy.


I knew my wife was looking fantastic in her schoolgirl-like outfit. Even after three orgasms during the day today, I wanted to throw her down and fuck her. Christina then led us all back to peep-show room number 3. It wasn't big, but big enough for all of us to get into. I looked around. The window in the front was shuttered from the inside. I could see a coin slot where the tokens were placed to open it.

You had to buy tokens from the machine on the wall in order to get the shutter to rise. There was also a TV mounted on the right hand side that was playing a porn film.

Christina then turned to the women. "Okay, girls… strip!" They were all three used to her commanding them by now and complied. In a minute they were naked. Christina looked at Sam. "Okay, my little cum slut; come with me and let's drum up some spunk!" Sam hesitated. She looked around. Christina grabbed her hand, spun her around and slapped her on the ass.

It was pretty hard, too. "I didn't give you an option, bitch. Now let's go!" At that Sam acquiesced and Christina led her out of the room, shouting over her shoulder.

"The rest of you stay here." I wasn't about to miss what was happening outside in the shop, so I followed. Christina led Sam into the shop. Sam kept her head down and tried to look inconspicuous, but to no avail. She had to be almost 5' 9". Her tall skinny body looked pretty good though. Her ass was firm and well-rounded, with a large red hand print on it.

Her tits, A-cup though they were, were large enough to enjoy and had scrumptious nipples that stuck out like pencil erasers. Christina went up to a couple of the shoppers who were near the checkout counter and announced loudly. "Hey, everyone. I have a submissive cum slut who needs some spunk.

Anyone who wants to make a donation, come back to peep-show room three." She then led Sam back to the room and I followed, checking to see who was going to come back here. The two guys near the checkout counter immediately followed. I saw the couple in the porn movie section both stick their heads out and look.

The guy behind the checkout counter, Bob, locked the register and followed us back. When we got back to the room, Christina lined the girls up with Josie on the right, Cindy on the left and Sam in the middle and told them all to kneel. She also directed them not to touch themselves or cum. The door was open, so the first three guys, including the cashier, gathered outside and watched.

Christina turned to them. "Bob, you go to the woman on the right. Next guy." She pointed to a left-most guy of the group outside. "You go to the girl on the left." The two men approached.


"Okay, girls, get those dicks out and get 'em ready to pop. As soon as the guys let you know that they are about to cum, turn and point their dick at Sam and jerk them into her mouth. Sam, this is your dessert today, so enjoy!" Cindy was the girl on the right and Bob approached her. She immediately dropped both his pants and underwear. I was standing to the side so I could see everything. His dick was average size and his pubic hair trimmed, but not shaved.

That was like mine and I knew that Cindy liked the hair at least trimmed back. The guy in front of Josie, on the left, I could see was a little scummy and had never cut his pubes. It was extremely hairy. It did not seem to matter to Josie at all and she began to fellate him immediately.

Cindy was working on Bob pretty well. She was licking up and down the shaft and then sucking on the head while teasing the underside with her tongue and she seemed to be enjoying it. Josie was deep-throating the other guy and he was moaning loudly. He was the first to say that he was cumming and as soon as he said that, Sam turned toward Josie and Josie pointed the dick at her mouth. The guy came with a couple of short spurts and then just dribbled.

Not much in the way of cum there. Sam swallowed and looked up at Christina who just smiled and nodded. Josie cleaned him off a little and he pulled his pants up. Christina pushed that guy out and grabbed the next guy by the arm and led him into the room. Josie went to work again. Bob was finally reaching his orgasm and announced it.

Cindy pulled him out and turned his dick toward Sam. Bob came in several large spurts, producing more cum than Sam could handle without swallowing. After the first three spurts, she closed her mouth to swallow and he spurted all over her face.

She opened and got the last couple of spurts. Josie's second guy was a little larger and she was really working on him while Bob got dressed. Christina looked out in the room and there was nobody else waiting. She left for a minute while Josie worked on the third guy. She had him moaning in no time. She licked down his dick and bagged his balls, getting them extremely soaked. Then she went up to suck on the head and he announced he was cumming.

She directed him towards Sam and he shot several good spurts, all of which she swallowed. Of course, by now, I was turned on and hard as a rock. I looked over at Bill and he was rubbing his dick through his pants. Finally, Christina returned with the couple from the porn movie section. The guy was about 6', 190, in pretty good shape, and was wearing dockers and a polo shirt. The woman was about 5' 6", with slightly larger than normal breasts, a small waist and a nice set of hips and ass.

She was showing them off with a short jean skirt and a polo shirt herself. Christina smiled. "This is David and Joanne.

I talked her into letting you blow her husband, Cindy. She said he's large and she wants to see another woman suck his dick, so here we are." She led the man into the room in front of Cindy and Joanne came around to stand next to me and watch. I had to move over a little to make room for her.

She smiled and looked down as Cindy took out her husband's dick. She dropped his pants and it flopped out. It was almost hard already and was about 8" long. But it was probably half again as thick as any we had seen. "It's pretty big, and especially fat." I announced. Everyone looked. Joanne looked at me and smiled. "You should try to get that into your ass!" "No, thanks." I said.

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Everyone giggled except Cindy and Sam. Cindy was working on David's balls and Sam decided that she was going to provide assistance on this one. She leaned over and took the head into her mouth, looking up at the guy and smiling while sucking it.

He moaned. I was watching closely and my dick was hard as a rock.

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Josie was watching closely, Bill was rubbing his cock through his pants and watching, while Christina was just looking from person to person enjoying her little show. I suddenly felt another hand on my dick and looked down to see Joanne gripping me through my pants. I decided to take my turn and slid my hand up under the skirt she was wearing to her ass. She was wearing a thong and her firm ass felt great. I took the liberty of running my fingers down under her thong to her asshole.

I ran it around the rim and she moaned.

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She then turned to her husband. "David, this is so fucking hot, I'm going to suck this guy's dick!" David just stared, rolled his eyes, and moaned at the ministrations his cock was getting from the cock-sucking brigade. Joanne got on her knees and managed to get my pants down.

My dick was standing straight out and was hard. I just wasn't sure what I had left after what had happened earlier today. She started sucking and bagging my balls and then worked her way up to the head. She licked around it, placed it in her mouth, and started sucking.

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She was good, but I was not going to cum too soon. I looked over and watched as Cindy and Sam continued to work on her husband. It had only been about 5 minutes, but I could tell he was ready to blow and I was not.

I heard him exclaim that he was cumming and I watched as Sam took just his head in and jacked the rest of his dick. Joanne continued to work on me, but I knew it wasn't going to happen soon.

Finally, David jerked a few times and I could see that he was filling Sam's mouth up pretty well.

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She was having a hard time holding it all. When he finished, Sam started swallowing and some was dripping down her chin. Cindy started lapping it up and sharing it with Sam. This was a fucking erotic site for me. I was really starting to enjoy this new lifestyle.

Finally, Joanne gave up and looked up at me. "I don't think you're going to cum, are you?" "I want to, but it doesn't feel like it right now. It's not your fault. I've already cum three times since lunchtime." She looked at my hard dick for a second and then smiled.

"I bet I can get you off in my ass!" That made my dick twitch and she laughed. "Yeah, I think that will work." Joanne looked at her husband, who was pulling his pants back up. He just smiled and shrugged his shoulders, indirectly giving his approval. I noticed that Bill had stopped rubbing his cock and Christina had taken control of him as well and was holding his hands behind his back.

She had dropped his pants and his dick was standing straight up, but she was not going to let him cum. Joanne was now bending over in front of me and had nothing to hold on to, so Christina told Cindy and Sam.

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"Get in front of Joanne and let her use you guys to brace herself. I think John is going to pound that tight little ass!" I grinned. Joanne put her hands on the kneeling Cindy and Sam and told me. "C'mon, John. Get to work." I looked down and slowly pulled her skirt up over her ass.

It was delicious. Her ass was firm, round, and there was a thong tan line that I could make out just around her thong panties. I yanked them down and took a look at her pussy, too. It was red and swollen. I lined my dick up with her pussy.

"Just going to get some lubrication." I plunged in and she was as hot as molten lead. It felt like she was setting my dick on fire.

I only made about five strokes and then pulled it out and lined it up with her beautiful asshole. She moaned. I starting pushing and her hole slowly started opening and allowing me entry. I eased in, my dick feeling the squeeze. I wondered about her husband getting his dick in there since it still felt so tight, but there was little time for that thought.

I started slowly pumping in and out, feeling her tight little hole grab the skin of my dick as I sawed back and forth. With all my orgasms today, I knew I could last a while, but I didn't want to. I just wanted to let it go and fill Joanne's ass with cum. Joanne was moaning and enjoying it. She finally looked back over her shoulder and said, "Pound me, baby. I need to be pounded hard!" I complied. I grabbed her hips and started forcefully thrusting my dick into her; burying it to the hilt and then pulling out until just the mushroom head was left inside.

She kept moaning. I could feel someone playing with her pussy, rubbing her clit to get her off. I couldn't tell if she was doing it to herself, or if it was Sam or Cindy. Suddenly she shouted "Oh, fuck!" and started cumming. My wife reached up and grabbed her face and started kissing her furiously.

That was all it took for me. I exclaimed that I was cumming and started my thrust and spurt, thrust and spurt, until I was done. By the time I finished, Joanne had calmed down and was now resting her head on Cindy's shoulder; Cindy looking at me with a smile. My dick was slowing shrinking and extracting itself from Joanne's ass. Finally, with a small sucking sound, it dropped out. I hadn't been paying attention, but Christina had led Sam around to kneel right next to Joanne's ass and now pushed her face toward Joanne's ass.

Sam knew what to do. She immediately started lapping at the cum leaking from Joanne's ass. Joanne moaned again and finally collapsed onto all fours on the floor. Sam was kneeling there, licking her lips, and suddenly spotted my dick. She was in cum addiction mode and went after my dick to clean it up. I was not upset about it at all. "Well, wasn't that great!" Christina finally spoke after everyone had calmed down and was quiet for a moment.

"Okay, sluts, get dressed. Bill, pull your pants up, but don't touch your dick. You are not allowed to cum." The three sluts she was referring to put their clothes on. I got myself straightened out, and David helped Joanne get up and regain her balance. She was a little worn out. When we were all dressed, we exited the adult store and got back into the van for the trip home. On the way home, Christina reminded the sluts and Bill that they were not allowed to cum. They all smiled. They were a little frustrated, but not desperate yet.

Then Christina asked Bill where he worked. He told her the name of the company where he was an accountant. Christina smiled. "Do you know Ruby Johnson?" Bill stared at her for a second. I could see his hesitation. "Yes. She's the Executive Vice President for my division. I haven't met her, but I know who she is." "I know her pretty well." Christina answered. "Maybe I'll introduce you two." Bill blanched and I wondered where that was going to go.