Old and young gay sex stories free boys having well we gave him only

Old and young gay sex stories free boys having well  we gave him only
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It was the day after my sister's eighteenth birthday party and already I was getting a headache from the thoughts running rampant through my head. My relationship with her had always been solid, right from the minute she was born we were best friends. And I guess I now had an understanding of how parents feel watching their children grow up and step away from you, because I knew that at any moment she was going to come waltzing into my room with her big plan of life.

At just twenty years of age I felt old, the bes part of my life had been mostly spent with her.

I had friends sure, I even had some that I would call brothers, but in the end it had always been me and her. Angel and me. My parents were fans of the TV show Buffy, and rather than name my sister after the title character, they went with the male vampire character.

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Weird I know, but they figured she had the face of an Angel and that was that. I guess it beats being called Spike, which in the end, was reserved for our dog. It was Sunday, and the sun was glaring its way through my bedroom window. I could hear my parents out the back squabbling about their feeble attempts to light the barbecue and I knew it wouldn't be long before I was called down.

I was the only one who could get the old thing working and every time I ask them why they haven't bought a new one.

''Well, it's not something we use often enough to remember to upgrade.'' Mom would tell me. I was just about to climb out of bed when Angel came in through my door and collapsed down next to me, she was clearly enjoying the effects of her first 'official' hang over.

She was wearing my New York Rangers hockey jersey and was bare-legged. ''Why do our parents think that this is an acceptable time to try and start a barbecue?'' she moaned. I checked the clock next to my television and smiled, ''It's four-fifteen.'' I replied. She quickly sat bolt upright in surprise and then just as quickly flopped back down next to me after forgetting her headache.

''Owww,'' she whined. ''Couldn't find any of your own tops to wear?'' I asked. ''I don't have anything on underneath and mine are not long enough to hide that fact.'' she answered. ''Oh, I see.'' I said smiling, ''Just stripped and crashed last night then?'' ''I don't even remember stripping, I don't even remember getting up the stairs.'' she told me.

''I helped you up the stairs, but the stripping you did all by yourself. Before I could even get you into your room, by the way.'' She started laughing, ''Good job you've seen it all before.'' she said. ''That's not true, I meant to ask you actually, when did you get your nipple pierced?'' I asked. A grin spread across her face, ''Last year. Do you like it?'' ''Yeah,actually.

It was a nice surprise. But not as surprising as seeing you stand there, completely naked struggling with your dress stuck in your earring. Did anyone else notice that you weren't wearing underwear last night?'' I asked her. ''I don't know,'' she groaned, ''Maybe Uncle Earl.'' We both burst into laughter, it was a family party that Mom and Dad had organised.

A couple of her friends were there but it was really just a family thing. A family thing that probably won't be happening for her twenty first now. ''Did Aunt Sara continue the tradition of trying to grab your cock?'' she asked me, it was a true story that whenever there was a family gathering, Aunt Sara would drink a little bit too much wine and get a little 'handsy', especially with me.

I started to giggle, ''No, not this time.

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I stayed hidden.'' She rolled onto her side and brought her leg across mine, she slid her hand over my chest and rested her head against my shoulder. ''Let's skip the barbecue and sleep.'' she said. ''You wanna be the big spoon or the little spoon?'' I asked, without answering she flipped herself over and dragged my arm over her, my crotch pressed up against her lower back and my chin now nuzzled into the back of her head.

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For a few minutes we were silent, I was starting to think that she had actually dropped off to sleep when I heard her take a short but deep breath.

''I don't want things to change between us just because I'm eighteen now.'' she told me. ''I think that you think they might.'' I thought for a moment about how to confirm her suspicions, ''The funny thing about eighteen, is that new life begins. New directions open up.'' I told her. ''I think you mean twenty-one.'' she replied.


''For me maybe, but you? You were always going to be the one with more options, it's just how it is.'' She shrugged her shoulders, she knew it was true. And no matter how strong the bond is between brother and sister, you never give up your life just for the sake of not wanting the other to feel left behind.

Or at least, you shouldn't. ''I do have one thing to ask you,'' she said. ''And you might not like it.'' ''What is it?'' I asked her. ''Emma and Jess want to take me on their holiday to London. It's with their Mom and Dad obviously, but--'' She didn't have to finish her sentence, ''The laws in England are different,'' I said, ''You can get into clubs and bars at eighteen instead of twenty-one.'' ''Yeah.'' she replied quietly, ''Mom and Dad have spoken to their parents and they've allowed me to go.

I want you to teach me some self defence. Just in case I get into any trouble over there.'' It was a lot to take in, but I knew that something was coming.

I knew she had something planned for turning eighteen. I just didn't realise it was a drunken rampage across London. ''I knew that something was coming, but I didn't know what.'' I told her, ''And I know that it's my duty as your brother to get out of the way when it comes to you living your life, no matter our bond, so what I'm going to do, is support you the best way I can.'' ''Is that a yes?'' she asked.

''Yes.'' She rolled over and hugged me, ''Thank you,'' she whispered. She drew her head back a little and our eyes locked, it was one of those moments you see in the movies, where the two leads were about to kiss.

And while it felt right, we pulled away from one another by a knock at my bed room door. ''You need to start this freaking barbecue before I throw it over the fence.'' I heard Mom's plea, I smiled at the thought of it and started to get up. Angel grabbed my pillow and rolled back over, using it to cover her head.

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My eyes were drawn to her ass peaking out from the bottom of my hockey jersey, she wasn't lying when she said she had nothing on underneath. ''With an ass like that you're going to need all the self-defence you can get.'' I told her as I walked toward my bedroom door. As I opened it I felt the tightness in my shorts, I glanced down and realised I was supporting a full erection. What is wrong with me? I thought to myself. A few minutes after I get the barbecue started Dad loaded me up with burgers and chicken, just like always I was left to cook it.

I was starting to think their inability to light the damn thing was a ruse. I popped open a bottle of Dad's beer as payment for cooking and threw the meat on the grill. Mom came out in her usual strapless bikini top, which she wore whenever we were graced with nice weather, and took a seat in a lounger.

''Has Angel spoken to you yet?'' she asked. ''Yeah, has she told you when this holiday is?'' I asked. Mom understood the relationship I shared with Angel, as did Dad, they always told us that they got lucky when it came to us. So many of their friends had kids who were constantly at war with one another, and It was never like that with us.

''Next week.'' Mom replied. I almost spat beer over the grill, ''Next week?'' I spluttered. ''Don't worry, she'll only be gone for a week.'' Mom assured me, ''In two weeks it'll be history.'' I realised that I was probably being a little petty, ''I have plenty of things to keep myself occupied, but I'll probably worry.

That's all.'' ''Dad and I will worry too, it'll be the first time our baby leaves to go to another country without us. But it's important that she has a good time. We're not stupid, we know why she's going, but we also know that she's asked you to help her with any trouble she might have. And we know how much you love her.'' She was right, and as I flipped some burgers over Angel came through the door and into the bright light of day. With her sunglasses on and still bare-legged underneath my jersey she looked beautiful.

The sight took my worries away, but in the back of my head I feared that a few days of self defence speeches might not be enough to help me sleep whilst she was in London. That night I was sat on the edge of my bed playing some Xbox when Angel came into my room. She was the only one I knew that didn't knock whenever she entered my room.

It wasn't as if I was the same way whenever going to her room, I always knocked. ''You do realise that I could have been doing some thing other than fiddling with my controller, right?'' I asked. ''Well I haven't caught you yet dear brother.'' she replied. ''You brightened up pretty quickly earlier.'' I said. She smiled and sat down on the bed with her back up against the head board, ''Of course, you know how to get over a hang over, right?'' ''What do you mean?'' I asked turning to face her, her knee's were joined together as she stretched, ''You know,'' she said.

''Wait,'' I started, ''You rubbed one out?'' I asked, her smile broadened in response, ''On my bed?'' I asked. She started laughing now as she nodded her head, ''Sorry bro, had to be done.'' she said, ''I needed to get rid of that headache somehow.'' I turned back to the TV and continued the game, ''You're unbelievable.'' I told her. She puffed out a sigh and I felt the springs on the mattress move about, ''You're not in any rush to change the sheets though are you?'' she asked statistically.

''Well it's a little late, did you just use your fingers?'' I asked her. ''Nope, I used your Xbox control.'' she quickly replied. I quickly dropped my eyesight to the controller in my hands and started examining it as she laughed, I took a sniff of one of the edges and turned towards her. ''I'm joking! I'm joking!'' she told me. ''Oh,'' I replied, ''That's too bad,'' I teased as I licked the edge I just inspected.

She grabbed a pillow and threw it at me, ''Oh my god, you're the one that's unbelievable!'' she said as she reached for my laptop, I turned and continued playing for a moment when I realised that I didn't shut down my browser last night. ''Wait, wait!'' I started as I span around reaching for something I had no chance of reaching in time.

She had opened the lid and raised her eyebrows. ''Brother fucks sister.'' she repeated the line that headed the video I was half way through watching.

''You watched this last night?'' she asked. ''Well,'' I tried desperately to think of a lie but not a single one came to my mind. She smiled a little as she watched me struggle, ''Yes.'' I finally answered. ''I was a little turned on last night.

Seeing you wriggle around trying to free yourself from your dress, turned me on.'' I confessed. ''Is it the first time you've been turned on by me?'' she asked. I didn't know whether to lie or be honest, but the time it took me to answer must have revealed the honest answer anyway.

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''No,'' I told her quietly. She rolled her eyes and began navigating the touch-pad on the laptop. ''You wanna hear something weird?'' she asked, she didn't wait for me to answer, I guess it because she knew how embarrassed I was at that moment, ''The first time I can remember ever being turned on was that time we spied on Mom and Dad having sex.'' she told me.

It was a few years ago now, but we were both in her room playing a board game when we heard some muffed sequels coming from our parents bedroom. We went out into the hallway and followed the sounds right up to the door. The catch wasn't a very reliable one and just popped open when we touched the door. We both peered in through the small gap and saw Mom riding Dad, her naked chest on display as she bounced off of him, up and down doing her best to not make any noise.

Dad's hand came up and grabbed one of her breasts, pinching her nipple as she began to grind down on him. He reached up and pulled her toward him by her hair, then while grabbing her ass he began fucking her as hard as he could from the bottom.

This went on for a a couple of minutes before they slowed to a halt, Mom eventually slid off of him and laid next to him. ''I remember that.'' I told Angel. She nodded her head but kept her eyes on the laptop screen, ''I wanted to reach down your pants and grab your cock, to do what they did, but we both just stood there staring before going back to my room and pretending as though nothing happened.'' she told me.

I thought for a moment, feeling as though I should share a memory too. ''Do you remember sneaking into Dad's office, and hiding under his desk?'' I asked.

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Her eyes darted to mine and narrowed, ''You were wearing your Power Rangers night shirt,'' I continued, ''And while we hid there waiting or him to come in I moved to face the other way. I saw that you weren't wearing anything on and as you were hunched down on your knees, I had a eyeful of everything.

I used to have sleepovers with my friend Steve and we would try and find the adult movies, one night we found one of a man licking a woman between the legs. That was the first time I ever wanted to lick you.

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Hunched underneath Dad's desk, in your Power Rangers nightshirt.'' I told her. ''I used to want to be Pink Ranger.'' she told me. ''Do you think we're fucked up? In the head I mean.'' she asked. It took me a minute to answer, but the best excuse for our feelings I could think of was right there on the laptop. ''You know, this whole 'Incest' thing, it seems to be in a pretty big boom at the moment. I'm not saying that people are actually doing it, I'm saying that you can't log on to a porn site now without it being right there.'' I said.

''We can't blame today's porn sites for a lifetime of feelings.'' she replied. ''No, but it feeds the imagination. And it has to have been inspired from something. Something dark maybe, maybe because people are drawn to the taboo.'' We both sat in silence fr a moment, before she broke it with a simple request. ''Hug me.'' she said. I dropped the Xbox controller down onto the bed and crawled up beside her, my left arm went underneath her and my right arm around her.

She propped the laptop on the bedside table next to us and she pressed play. ''What're you doing?'' I asked. ''I haven't seen this one.'' she replied. ''This one?'' ''Girls watch porn too you know.'' she snapped. I knew that of course, but I began to wonder when she started watching brother and sister porn.

We both revealed the first time we started developing feelings towards one another, but the darker side of me wanted to know more. I decided to remain quiet and hold her, my eyes wondered to the laptop screen however and I couldn't help but do the only thing that was available to me, and that was enjoy my own arousal as we both watched. The girl on screen was fighting wither her 'brother' over the remote control for the television, they begin wrestling and as a way to escape the hold she has him in, he pulls down her top revealing her breasts.

In surprise she tries to cover them, but sacrifices her footing, he flips her over and gets on top. She quickly forgets about her top being round her waist and begins struggling, that's when his penis slips out through the leg in his shorts. At first she's shocked, but then takes his helmet in her mouth and whilst he's overcome with shock, she wrestled her way free.

They both continue struggling, pulling at one another's clothes as they battle back and fourth. Pretty soon they're both naked. ''Imagine if that happened while you were teaching me self defence.'' she said with a little laugh. ''I'm already imagining it.'' I replied. Her hand came up onto her hip, and then slipped down behind her and against me.

She reached for me and then found my erection. ''You really are.'' she said. On the screen the 'brother' had slipped into the dominant position, he then stuffed his semi-hard penis into his 'sisters' mouth.

After a few moments of jerking himself of in her mouth she wriggled herself free, wrapped her legs around his head and began to grind her vagina against his mouth. Angel had slipped her hand down my shorts and had a firm grip around my cock, I let out a long sigh of relief as she slowly began to stroke it.

I glanced down at her but she kept her gaze on the laptop screen. My hand was resting on her hip now, my fingers ran over her thigh like skaters on an ice rink. I then slid underneath the hockey jersey and up to her breasts, her nipples were as ahrd as bullets and it was her turn to release a sigh as I explored my sisters ample chest. She pulled my penis free of the shorts I was wearing and continued her strokes while keeping her eyes on the screen.

I wanted more than anything to see the breasts I was fondling, to lick her nipples but neither one of us steered away from what we were doing. On screen the 'brother' and 'sister' were now fucking fast and hard, occasionally they would fight for another position. I could only guess that they were now competing as to whom could make the other climax first. Angel had parted her knees, she took the hand I had on her breasts away and placed it between her open legs. I had barely touched it when my finger tips were covered in her home made lubricant.

I tickled her clitoris and she hunched over slightly, letting out a stifled moan. ''Fuck me.'' she whispered. I couldn't have stopped myself even if if I wanted to, I positioned my penis at her vagina and began to push it in. Neither one of us were virgins, but it felt ten times more special than the sex I have had with anyone else.

I slipped into her with little effort, not to say she was easy and loose, but her lubrication made my cock glide into her. Her mouth was gaped open and her eyes closed as I pushed as far into her as my length would allow, after a brief pause I began slowly thrusting. I could hear the faint sound of water being slapped as I picked up the pace, her cervix was being tested as the tip of my cock hit against it.

Her toes separated before becoming a fist, she grabbed my hand and squeezed it in her own, before bringing it to her chest. I cupped her perfect breast as I went in and out of her, each time my balls collided with her anus a new sound escaped her throat.

''Oh my god, yes,'' she gasped. ''I'm gunna, I'm gunna cum,'' she panted, ''Right there! Harder!'' she demanded, and I obliged. But the heat was starting to get to me, I was feeling flushed and I could feel my scrotum tighten as her walls were tightening around my swollen cock.

''Angel, I'm going to,'' I tried to tell her, but she flung her head backward and pulled me closer to her. Our lips met for a brief moment before we both reached our climax. I felt jet after jet of semen leave my member and collided with her.


We kissed some more before coming to the full realisation of what we had done. It was a feeling that was a little bit bitter sweet for me. ''I wish we hadn't of done that.'' I whispered to her, she looked shocked for a moment before asking me why.

''Now when you go,'' I elaborated, ''I'll miss you even more.'' She kissed me softly, ''Don't worry, we have a busy few days ahead.'' she told me. We kissed again and both smiled.

Neither one of us wanted to get out of bed, in fact, it was exactly where we stayed all night. Wrapped up in one another's arms we spent hours exploring each others' bodies.

We eventually fell asleep around three, both of us aching from multiple orgasms.


It was a little after seven when we were woken by a knock on my bedroom door, ''Your Father and I are off to work, ''I heard Mom's cry, ''I've knocked and knocked on your sisters door but she ain't hearing it as per usual, tell her that there's some money on the kitchen side for her to get exchanged at the bank for English money.'' ''Okay Mom,'' I called back before slipping my arm over Angel's naked torso.

I kissed her on the shoulder and while thinking about the fun we were going to have later in an empty house, I fell back to sleep.