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Slut milf takes on two huge cocks and gets creamed in face
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Death B4 Dishonor By Jax_Teller As a warrior race Kafleck knew when and where to be strong and fearless. He also knew there was a time for being a diplomat and a General to his clan.

He was responsible for their lives and all that he could see. Kafleck was also very self-aware. He knew that a woman was a good thing to have and he had three of his own.

The date wasn't known yet it was just a passage in time. A bigger world with communities and neighbors wasn't yet. This was a brutal world of survival and instinct.

Through years of hard work they had built tents by some standards, but more like row houses by others. Each tent had several rooms surrounding a main open area where a fire was used to heat the tent through the cold months. As the leader Kaflecks' tent was by far the largest having a room for himself and another for his three wives and their all children. There were seven children under ten years old that still lived with them.

Every wife was likening to the mother of them all. The area around the encampment was well explored for hunting and to for security.

Kafleck knew one day he would face an attack and he had made sure that all that was his was protected. The younger men of his clan were tending to the mundane tasks of checking the perimeters and traps that were set for food and those that were for repelling attackers.

It had been a long span of time since they last had been attacked and the tension was running high with the expectation of an attack becoming eminent.

Kafleck had taken the men out on scouting patrols and hunting parties to hone their skills and to assess the warriors of the clan for its next leader. Kafleck was getting older and knew it wouldn't be long before he would pass on to the dirt of which he came from. This was not a sad thing but a moment of pride for many of the leaders before him had died young and not done as well as he had for the clan.

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He had been true to his clan and a strong vicious warrior when called upon. He was one of the few leaders to see his seed come of age and in the hunt to become a future leader himself.

On this day Kafleck sent out a hunting party to be led by his eldest son. Kafleck wasn't caught off his guard but not expecting what was about to unfold as it did.

The light of the day was fading and the hunting party was running late. This wasn't unusual especially when they were successful. This time though there was something different, something in the air, so to speak. In these times, one of the survival skills was to be in tune with your surroundings, the lack of one thing or abundance of another, were signs. The little ones were being readied for bed and the women folk were tending to the last of the days' chores. A few guards were posted but they were young and inexperienced.

It had been peaceful for so long that many of the young guards couldn't remember the last battle. There were stories told around the evening's fires, and rigorous training that was almost brutal in of it'self, but these guards were not combat tested. Kafleck rose from his perch to his feet to better hear a sound liken to that of a certain bird, now called a Whipper Will.

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The sound was familiar but it was not authentic. Something not the bird was making the sound. An intruder! Kafleck grabbed his sword and shield and before he could move he was seized by the wave of attackers.

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He was surrounded and his people were being held captive by the intruding forces. Kafleck lowered, but didn't drop his sword or shield, in lowering his head he took an inventory of the situation. If he fought many would be lost, if he gave in to the captors then anyone who didn't serve the invading clan would surely die, but the ones who did serve their captors would live.

Out of the corner of his eye Kafleck saw one of the captors beginning to sexually molesting one of the younger females not yet seasoned. In an instant Kafleck knew it would be better that they all die then to allow the invaders to have his females in this manner. He tightened his grip of the sword and lunged out of the grasp of the men who had a hold of his arms.

He turned swinging the sword taking the heads off of the men and then twisted and deflected a spear flung at him. Then He lopped the arm off the one who was molesting the young one. He scooped her up and used his shield to deflect a blow from a sword as he passed the child onto one of the mothers who was grabbing for her all ready.

Kafleck then trust his sword into the gut of another attacker pulling out flesh as it passed through. Yet another attacker thrust at him with a sword and Kafleck side stepped him and rotated quickly and beheaded the attacker.

There was blood everywhere and bodies lined the area surrounding him and He stepped and side stepped over the bodies to meet another wave of armed intruders flooding toward him. As if time stopped for a brief time, he moved in fluid motions, killing to the beating of his own heart loudly thumping in his ears.


He met each of them sometimes two at a time and slaughtered them all. Aware of the cries and shouting of his clan he could only truly hear his own heart beat as he surveyed the area around him. After a few minutes no one was left to approach him. He stood sword at the ready, circling his position, examining the bodies and parts of bodies, ready for yet another attack.

He had rebuked the challenge and turned away the attackers. Before Kafleck could issue orders, the hunting party returned dropping their catch, and coming to the defense of the clan. Kafleck stood a center of the slaughtered marauders and the young men of the hunting party stared at him, coated in blood from head to toe, none of which was his own.

The female known to be his number one ran to him and hugged him, coating her in the blood as well. Kafleck issued the orders to get the camp in order. He ordered the heads of all the enemy removed and stake them at the edges of their camp. The fires needed to be replenished and the injured tended to, the scared reassured, the weak built up.


When his orders were received and the clan began to go about doing as they were told Kafleck gave one last order that being to his number one, Jajeen, she was to go to his tent and wait for him.

She turned to do as she had been told and asked Kafleck if she should wash first because she was covered in blood. He said no, just to do as told. It was just past dusk and the moon light shine bright on them as they went to his tent.

He entered the tent a few short minutes after she did. Jajeen was a beautiful woman feminine and yet strong. In fact she was stronger than some of the men. Kafleck removed his loin cloth and stepped out of the leather covering his feet.

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Standing naked and still covered in blood he followed Jajeen as she laid back on the bedding on the ground and spread her legs. Kaflecks motion was as quick as when he launched his defense and killed the men holding him.

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His rock hard cock jutted out in front of him as he lunged down on top of her. He wasn't being a lover but a conqueror as he pushed his cock in and out of her. Jajeen squirmed and squealed as Kafleck pumped in and out of her for what seemed like hours in just minutes.

A sudden wave of shock washed over them as an invader, a kolat, one who stayed back, lept into the tent.

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Kafleck jumped to his feet and grabbed his sword swung it decapitating the intruder. Kaflecks men entered within seconds and He motioned them out.

Kaflecks' cock was still hard and Jajeen still lay there naked and spread. Kafleck dropped to his knees and sank his cock back into the warmth of his number one woman. He pumped her even faster and harder into her all the while at his side the fresh blood was still squirting from the dead attacker. Kafleck came and held Jajeen tight to him as his cock jumped and spewed his seed deep inside her.

He stood and looked down at Jajeen still spread open and oozing come from the slit in the hair between her legs. He knew the energy was raw and the emotion was rage but Jajeen crawled up to him and sucked his cock until he went limp in her mouth.

He motioned her to lay and rest. He got dressed and stepped outside his tent pulling out the last intruder by the leg. No one was around and the invaders' bodies had been removed as he had directed. He called to Lount his son and told him to take this body and dispose of it as the others. Lount and two others came and took the last dead warrior away.

Majory, Kaflecks second wife approached and held out her hand and led him by the moon light and a torch to the edge of the creek and washed him removing all the blood sweat and come. Signa the third one of his women brought Jajeen to the creek as well and was washed her. By the torch light at the edge of the stream they could see the guards at the perphrial standing watch over them.

There was an area of water that was slightly deeper than the rest that had a warm spring feeding into the stream. These pocket inlets were common and often served as a place to wash.

In the Moon light Kafleck took a moment to appreciate the beauty all around him, the three women naked and washing getting along with no complaint or jealousy.

The End