Super ultra old mature violent granny

Super ultra old mature violent granny
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Paula didn't move. She was too stunned to know what to do. Then her father's hand grasped her gently by her bare shoulder. "I thought I heard someone in this closet.

Did you enjoy the show?" "I'm sorry, Daddy," Paula said contritely. "I shouldn't have been spying on you." "Why be sorry?" he replied amiably. "I enjoyed knowing I had such an attentive audience. Now let's get onto the bed and I'll show you how much I love and appreciate my sweet, beautiful young daughter." He climbed onto the bed and moved in close to her, putting his arms around her naked body while he kissed her warmly and deeply. The space between her legs felt hot, wet and vulnerable, and she wanted his huge hard cock inside her more than anything else.

It didn't matter anymore that he had been fucking his secretary on this very same bed only a short time before. What mattered now was that he was on the bed with her, and she loved him and wanted him. "Oh my angel," he whispered against her golden hair. "Oh my sweet!" Her fingers and hands, and even her legs, clung to him desperately as though he were a shadow that might disappear.

His hands were caressing her voluptuous young, full breasts, pinching the nipples into erectness. His mouth closed over them and he sucked noisily. She could feel his long thick cock come to life again as it jerked against her thighs, and she inched her hips forward so that his massive prick was throbbing between her legs. She ran her hands searchingly all over his body, pressing every hollow exploring, learning everything she could. They were both breathing excitedly and rocking together as if in tune to music.

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Neither one wanted to rush, they wanted to take their time, explore every crevice, muscle and curve of each other's bodies. It was the most exquisite feeling she had, ever known the gentlest but by far the most passionate and consuming.

Her father's erect and pulsing prick quivered between her thighs, but he had not yet explored the sensitive area between her legs and he wasn't ready to take her yet. His hands grasped her shapely buttocks and pulled her close to him, letting his fingers find the hot wet crease between her cunt-lips, and began to gently rub her cunt until she was writhing and squirming from his touch.

"Oh sweetheart," he moaned against her mouth. "You're so hot!" She thought that the heat between her legs would consume her, send her up in a cloud of smoke. "Hold my cock," he whispered, and she slowly grasped his fiery, hard prick and massaged it softly, feeling the lubricant of his passion on the huge bulbous head.

She caressed it lovingly, easing the foreskin back and forth over the pulsating shaft, and she could feel his hips jerk with each movement of her fingers. His fingers toyed with the fleshy, pink lips of her hot, wet cunt, separating them, squeezing them and running his fingers between them.

"Yesss…" she groaned, her voice too choked with passion to be heard. He slipped one finger inside her, tickling the rubbery walls of her warm, wet pussy.

He made her tremble a couple of times, and the passion building up in her body made it all so very delicious. She wanted him to do everything to her, anything he wanted, it didn't matter as long as he never stopped.

His hands came back to the flushed nipples of her tits, stroking them tenderly while she played with his cock. She pushed her body up against his hands, urging him to crush her with his fingers.

His already huge prick was growing even thicker in her hand, and she didn't want to let it go. She wanted to hold it forever, feel its length and thickness in her hand for the rest of her life.

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She didn't care now if her mother were to come into the room and find her in her father's arms, her hand caressing his cock. She just wanted him and now he was going to fuck her! "Oh Daddy! I can't wait!" "Oh baby!" he murmured. Tears of happiness flowed down her face as she felt him move between her thighs, separating her legs with his knees and adjusting his hips so that the solid tip of his cock was throbbing against the wet lips of her hot cunt.

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"Oh yes," she, moaned as she felt the first stab of his big prick felt it ease it's way into her sending tremors of passion all through her. Her cunt felt stretched and incredibly naked, the ticklish sensations of pleasure becoming greater until it was all she could bear.

"Aaahhh," she groaned as he pushed his cock deeper into her, splitting her channel with each thrust, driving her with each forward movement into an ecstatic state of delirium. She was quivering, clinging, gasping in an effort to stay her orgasm, so she could feel the entire length of her father's heavenly cock as it surged into her with ever increasing speed. She convulsed under him, hanging onto him, pushing and pulling against him and away from him with each of his powerful thrusts.

Her gasps became hoarser and hoarser as his thrusts became more forceful, until she uttered one long low wall and she could wait no longer. "Daddy! I'm cumming! Cumming," she choked out. "Harder, Daddy! I'm cumming…" He buffeted her into the mattress, throwing his entire weight on top of her, and she pulled her knees up almost to her tits so he could bury his cock into her upturned cunt, right to his balls.

"Oh baby!" he gasped. "Oh sweet baby!" She could feel her contractions around her father's deeply submerged prick as he held her fast, his cock buried inside her to the very tip of her cervix. Suddenly, while she was still in the throes of her orgasm, he shot his hot liquid charge up into her. When they were both spent, they lay side by side on the bed, touching, fondling tenderly.

She couldn't move. She couldn't think. She just wanted to be cuddled in her father's arms, enjoying the warmth of her feeling.

After a while, her hand crept down to his cock. "Why is he so soft?" she asked, her words muffled against his shoulder. "Because you ruined him," replied her father with a contented sigh. Paula gave a little giggle. "Serves him right. He ruined my pussy." "That was last Saturday, by the pool." "Doesn't matter. He ruined my pussy just the same.

Now my pussy can't do without him. It wants him all the time." She had a firm grip on his drooping cock and it thrilled her how quickly it sprang back to life in response to her caresses. It felt wet and slippery in her hand, because of his cum and her pussy secretions.

She massaged it softly, easing the foreskin back and forth over the bulbous head, and she could feel her father's hips jerk with each movement her hand made on it. Soon it was vowing even larger in the grip of her gentle fingers. The feel of his cock aroused her, and her soul cried out for further pleasure and satisfaction.

She suffered in semi-sweet agony, feeling that what she and her father were doing was not right. But she also knew that she would never love anyone as much except her brother. She would never ever want to give herself so freely, so completely, so unselfishly except to her darling brother. She bit the skin at the base of her father's neck, then kissed it gently, watching his muscles jerk in spasms as her tongue ran along his skin.

She wanted to excite him again, make him happy, happier than he had ever been with any woman even her mother and she was going to do it! She eased slowly away from his neck and shoulder and moved her, head and mouth down his body, kissing every inch of flesh she could manage to cover along the way. Her father's arms tightened around her, and she could feel his body trembling against her as she was filled with an overpowering tenderness toward him.

A special warmth flowed through her being, a kind of glow, a happiness and contentedness. She kissed the breadth of his chest, the narrowness of his waist and hips, and then her lips closed around his throbbing cock. He gasped as her moist, warm mouth engulfed the bulbous head of his excitedly pulsating prick and her tongue caressed its length with a gentleness that thrilled him.

"Oh Paula, sweetheart," he groaned.

"Yes that's the way to do it!" Paula smiled to herself, happy in the thought she was making her father happy, making him feel the tenderness she felt toward him. "Oh my darling," he moaned, his hands on her shoulders, pushing her down farther onto his cock. She could feel the smooth rubbery head press at the back of her throat and she wanted to devour him, consume him totally, make him completely hers. She continued her voracious mouthing of her father's hardened prick for several minutes, until she could taste the first drop of liquid that flowed from the head of his cock.

"Blow me, Paula darling! Swallow my cum!" The teen-age girl didn't need to be told. She had no intention of letting even one little drop get away from her. Her lip's tightened around the head of her father's cock just as it spurted a hot liquid stream that hit the back of her throat.

Paula swallowed frantically again and again, until she had it under control and the throbbing shaft was sucked dry. Her father lay back on the bed, unable to move, like every nerve in his body for the time being had been short-circuited. If he thought that his teen-age daughter was finished with his cock, he was due for a surprise. Paula refused to let the limp organ slip from her mouth, determined to restore it to its usual bone-hard condition.

It took her several minutes, but by then the huge erect cock she was kissing and licking was evidence of her success. Her father pulled her roughly up on him and kissed her fiercely, passion mingling with tenderness as their bodies locked together, their lips moving of their own will over eyes, cheeks, necks their breathing so enflamed that it choked into half-uttered words.

"Turn over Paula, angel," her father panted, "and raise up on your knees. I'm going to fuck your sweet little ass!" "Oh Daddy!" Paula wasn't about to argue with him. She was hot to get fucked, in whatever way her father wanted to give it to her. Quickly she got into position, and it thrilled her father to see such an erotic sight his darling teen-age daughter down on all fours, her cunt and asshole peeking out from between the satin-smooth curves of her shapely buttocks. He swiftly crouched behind his young daughter, the head of his enormous cock pressing against her wet puckered little asshole.

Holding the cheeks of her ass with both hands, he spread them apart to make his entry easier. With his cock glistening wet and slick from his daughter's sucking and his cum that had flowed into the crack of her ass from theft previous fucking, Paula's father had sufficient lubrication to get his cock into her. Paula felt the sold mushroom-shaped head of her father's prick push its way into her asshole.

The invaded opening of her ass was tight and narrow at first, but the girl was soon relieved to find that he wasn't going to hurt her. She felt now her father could fuck her as deep as he wanted to go, as hard and fast as he wanted to do it.


The girl moaned excitedly as his prick slid deeper into her. It was a tight fit, tighter than her cunt. Within a few minutes he had his cock right up to the hilt in her trembling little ass. Paula could feel his huge hairy balls, hanging from the base of his prick, tickling the sensitive moist lips of her cunt. Her father kept his cock buried in her ass, content for the moment to keep it still and let her anal passage adjust to the enormous size of it.

His one hand caressed one of her tits, squeezing it gently, while his other hand fingered her pussy. As far as Paula was concerned, this was really living! Then the telephone on the nightstand by the bed started ringing. "We'd better answer it, sweetheart," said Paula's father. "It might be your mother. Can you reach it?" "Yes, Daddy." Paula suppressed the urge to giggle as she put the receiver to her ear.

She thought of all the cartoons she'd seen of teen-agers talking on the telephone while sprawled out in ridiculous positions. She wondered if many teen-age girls had talked on the phone while in the position she was in on her hands and knees with her father on his knees behind her and his big prick in her ass. "Hello? Oh… yes, Mrs. Grover.

Yes, I just got home. Uh-huh. Daddy was just explaining to me that you wanted me to baby sit for you tonight. Sure I will. No, I don't mind. Mom and Dad are going out tonight and my brother won't be here either. So I'd be all alone here anyway. Okay. I'll be there before eight. Goodbye." "Excuse the interruption, Daddy," said Paula, putting the receiver back on the phone.

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"Business before pleasure, I guess. I'm baby sitting tonight." "Just be glad we had a phone by the bed," her father said pleasantly. "Think of the trouble we'd have had going downstairs to answer it." Neither Paula nor her father had any intention of letting a little thing like a telephone call distract them from what they were doing.

His hands on her tits and pussy, and his cock in her ass, had her so hot that her climax was nearly upon her. She felt her father's groin pressing against the cheeks of her ass.

It was very pleasant to have him fucking her in this manner. He had her moaning with passion, tile way she moaned when he fucked her cunt, earlier.

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That gave her father all the encouragement he needed. Her father leaned back, letting his cock disengage almost completely from her asshole. When he leaned forward, his cock slid back in much easier than before. It was as if she, had molded herself from within to suit the size of her father's huge prick. Suddenly Paula reached her climax and she showed her father she liked it that way every bit as much as he did.

Her whole body shook and she could feel her tight asshole clamping down on his prick. Her father let out a loud groan and his cum spurted up into her.

His last thrust into her sent her sprawling onto her belly. Her father came down with her, keeping his cock buried in her ass. For a long time Paula lay there, almost motionless, perfectly content.

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She had her father on top of her, his hands caressing her body while he kissed her lovingly. His cock was still in her ass, though it was steadily losing its strength. It was all just wonderful. "Do you like getting a prick up your ass, honey?" he asked. "I like it any way you want to do it, Daddy," she replied. "You're sweet." "So are you." "I think that this had better be our last romp for the day," he said. "I'd better save a little for your mother, who I'm sure will be feeling horny tonight.

One reason your mother and I have such a successful marriage is because I've always given her plenty of cock. I keep her well satisfied. That way I don't have to worry about her getting a little on the side. She just isn't interested." Paula didn't think it would be wise to point out to Daddy that his teen-age son was being a big help to him in keeping Mom satisfied. It seemed to Paula that from now on, Daddy could neglect Mom quite a lot and she wouldn't even notice it, now that her son, Dennis would be fucking her every chance he got.

Paula smiled to herself.


It was better, for the time being at least, that Daddy didn't know his wife and son were fucking each other. After all, it wasn't that he was being cheated. He was enjoying his daughter, wasn't he? "Does Mr. Grover keep his wife satisfied, Daddy?" Paula's father chuckled. "He thinks he does. But he sure wasn't at the time Melinda started working for me. I was pleased that she was so efficient and such a good worker, but I was even more pleased that she was also hot and ready!

I didn't have any trouble getting her down on the couch. When I finally finished with her she was so happy about it, there was no way she'd give up what we had going between us, no matter how much she got at home." "I don't blame her," said Paula. "I wouldn't want to give you up now, either." "You'll never have to, sweetheart." "Not even when I get married… someday?" Her father laughed softly.

"Not even then. Just you wait and see."