Goth mother and daughter get wild in kitchen

Goth mother and daughter get wild in kitchen
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It was late August 2006 when I met him at a mountain top café. He found me online, I don't know how or where, but I have thanked God for it everyday since. We had been chatting for weeks and I was anxious to finally meet him. When I first looked into his eyes, little did I know I was looking at the man who would change my life, make it more fulfilled and bring me more pleasure and ecstasy that I ever dreamed possible.

Things started slow, we only met for lunch on Fridays and spoke on the phone maybe once a week, other than that we had no contact with one another. After about 3 months of Friday lunch dates he finally kissed me. I can still remember the first time I felt his lips on mine. His kiss was savage yet tender; his lips were demanding as they crushed mine is a ravenous titillating display of passion that left me weak in the knees, breathless and full of desire.

In his kiss I could feel all his power, his dominance and his desire, and I knew it was a promise of things yet to come.


His unspoken promise was brought to fruition just a few short weeks later. We decided to take a weekend trip together. I was nervous, he was confident as always. A little voice inside my head told me that sex as I knew it would be forever changed after this weekend, and instinctively I knew I was destined to belong to this man. Once we were in our hotel room I stood there like a scared virgin, so afraid of what was to come.

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I knew he was well endowed and had a pierced cock and I had never experienced that before. This excited and frightened me. He sensed my fear, enjoyed it, fed off it and took control as he began to brand me as his women. Oh how his kisses and his touches torture me.

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My body responds to his every touch, as if I have no control. His every word is a command that I must to obey, as if all my free will is gone. At once I become aware that I am naked, he is naked, and he is feasting on my throbbing pussy bringing me to my first orgasm.

As his pierced tongue sucked on my clit my entire body begins to convulse, and I could feel him licking and sucking faster and harder until I finally found the release I craved. Instantly I wanted to kiss him, I wanted, no needed, to taste and smell my delectable juices straight from his lips. I knew at that very moment I would never get enough of this man, he would become my obsession and I his possession. As our bodies joined for the first time I felt like I had been transported to paradise.

Never had I been with a man I wanted, desired, or yearned for as much. As he put his 7 inch pierced cock in me I gasped. What had frightened me just a few moments ago now gave me profound ecstasy. Our bodies moved fluidly, dancing together, as if they were made for each other. He anticipated my every need, want and desire and met it before I had time to ever process my own thoughts. As he impaled me, I begged for more, the harder he pushed the harder I wanted it. I could feel my orgasm building and wanted release.

I could feel his hands as he caressed me, his teeth as they bit into my skin, his breath as his kissed me and I could see his insatiable passion in his eyes when he looked at me. My body convulsed as it exploded in a powerful orgasm. Again I wanted to taste my own sweet nectar, but this time straight from his cock. I wrapped my wet lips around his hard, thick cock and began to lick and suck and taste the fruits of our passion.

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It was so delicious, salty and sweet. As I licked all my cum from him I became hungry for more. He saw the raw need and hunger in my eyes and he rolled me over and pierced me from behind. The way he could manipulate my body was heaven.

As he ferociously ravished my pussy I became gluttonous, insatiable. He began to spank my ass, gently at first, then harder and harder.

I begged for more. I could not get enough of this man. Another powerful orgasm began to build, I felt like a volcano about to explode, and I knew no matter how far this explosion lifted me he would be there to catch me when I fell. I begged for release as he continued to slap me and was overtaken with pleasure when it finally came. I don't remember what, if anything, he said to me, or I said to him.


I don't remember the day of the week, or the time of day, I only remember a feeling of incredible and euphoric satisfaction and fulfillment, and the sound of his voice telling me how beautiful I am. After a while, when I tried to get up my legs were weak and he got a good laugh at me.

I remember him saying how I would sleep like a baby, and he was right, I could have, but we had plans. A concert to see, dinner, maybe the casino, sleep was the last thing on my mind. We took a shower and I began to dress. As I stood in front of the sink putting on my make-up he walked up behind me and started kissing my neck, nibbling on my ear and pulling my hair.

Immediately I had chill bumps all over my body and began to get aroused. He bent me over the sink and plunged his hard cock back into my sore pussy. Over and over again he thrust his cock in me so unmercifully and I felt so vulgar for loving it.

I began to feel a bombardment of small convulsions in my body, one behind the other, and then I felt his release fill me.

The feeling was incredible, captivating, and wicked. I reached down to rub my clit and feel his seed running out of me. I wanted to taste it so I brought my finger to my lips. Mmmmm. Delicious. Seeing that I enjoyed this, he laid me back on the bed and began to lick my pussy clean, after he lapped up the mixture of our sex, he leaned up to kiss me and share with me the sweet juices of our spent desires. We just lay there, satisfied, for the moment. Later, fully dressed, I walked out of the hotel room a new woman, feeling like I had knowledge of a forbidden secret that no one else had.

It was empowering. The light in my eyes, the glow of my skin and the smile on my face told the world that I was a well fucked woman and his hand ever so gently on my lower back as we walked told the world I belonged to him, and only him. We did get to see our concert, go out for dinner and play the slots at the casino, while mentally counting down the minutes until we were both naked again. It wasn't long, maybe 4 hours or so and we were headed back up to our room.

Once inside he pushed me up against the wall and began to kiss me. His kisses send electricity through me. I needed him inside me, wanted to feel him take me brutally. We both stripped off our clothes in a mad fury, consumed by our lust. He grabbed me by my hair and forced me to my knees then put his hard cock in my mouth. I dutifully took it, and he ravaged my mouth and watched me gag. I could feel his cock piercing roll over my tongue and hit my teeth over and over again and his fucked my face until he was ready to enter my pussy.

He told me over and over again I was being a good girl and that filled me with pride. He lifted me to my feet and gently put me on our bed, and then he lay between my legs and began to lick my bruised and sore pussy.

His tongue had medicinal powers and I no longer felt the bruises or soreness and I begged him to enter me again. Instead, he took a glass toy and began to slowly make love to me with it while he continued to lick my clit. I didn't know torture could feel so good. After my first orgasm he picked up the pace and was now fucking me hard with this toy and continuing to lick my clit. My body was beginning to quiver, my legs were trembling and I was ready to explode.

My explosion lifted me off the bed as my body shuddered with orgasm. Before the shaking stopped he was on top of me and inside me and using me like a ride at an amusement park. He rammed his hard cock in and out so hard and so fast I felt like I was spinning out of control.


He reached down and put his hands around my neck and squeezed, as I felt my air supply being cut off my body began to tense and quiver again. I gasped, my body went numb, I couldn't feel my fingers or toes, I closed my eyes and put my very life in the hands of this man and trusted he would bring me to my ultimate rapture.

As he slowly tightened his grip around my neck I felt my orgasm build stronger, my body went limp for a second and then started to tremble and shudder so forcefully I felt like the earth was moving under me and when it stopped I was floating in the air.

I could feel his hand loosen from around my neck, I could breathe again, the feeling started to return to my limbs and I looked up into the eyes of the man who without a doubt possessed the ability to give me greater pleasure than I have ever experienced.

He pulled out of me and gathered me in his arms. He said I needed to rest a minute and he caressed my hair, kissed me and told me how beautiful I am as I lay there in a blissful euphoric state of enchantment. Feeling overwhelmed, satisfied and safe I fell into a much needed deep sleep. And he let me sleep. I woke up to kisses all over my body and whispers of sweet nothings in my ear. "You are beautiful", "you are sexy", "I love your body", over and over again I can hear these things in my ear.

Its 4 o'clock in the morning, and he is ready to fuck me again. His kisses, his voice and his touches are very arousing and in a half-awakened state I become aware of my arousal. I am lying on my stomach and he slowly enters me from behind.

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As he moves inside me, he whispers how beautiful I am over and over again. I can feel his kisses on my neck, shoulders and back. Then he begins to bite me on my neck, shoulders and back, and after each bite, he licks me as to take away the pain of his teeth.

Slowly he drives his hard, well endowed pierced cock in and out of my battered, bruised and swollen pussy while he repeats in my ear "you are mine", "you belong to me", "you are so beautiful". I can feel my body preparing for its peak; he begins to move faster now, preparing for his as well. "You are mine", "you belong to me" he says over and over, faster and faster, louder and louder until we both reach our intense, unrestrained climax.

He then pulled me back into his arms and we both fell into an exhausted peaceful sleep. When morning came it was time to leave our hotel room and travel home. I was exhausted, sore, and oh so satisfied.

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In the two years since we met our relationship has grown, evolved into its own life form. I truly belong to him now. He possesses my every thought, need, desire, want, heart and soul.

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I have learned that true unbridled pleasure comes from obeying on demand without questions. Since that lesson I have experienced ecstasy more powerful than anything I could have ever imagined and or read about. But that is for another story.