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Euro pornstar pussyfucked after slow massage pornstars european
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As I jogged through the school grounds, I saw a very pretty young blonde-haired girl running towards me with her friends. What immediately caught my attention was how amazing this kid's tits were considering how young she appeared to be; her tight black shirt framed her cleavage perfectly (I can't believe what parents let their kids leave the house wearing these days).

As I was enjoying the view of her bouncing young breasts, I quickly realized it was a student I had taught this year at this very school, which I substituted for.

I should have known this sooner, no other 13 year old girl in the city is more physically developed or oozing with as much sexuality as this gorgeous lolita. Her blonde hair flows slightly below her shoulders, and she has the cutest facial features with perfectly smooth, tanned skin. In addition to this, she has an amazingly curved figure for a 4'8 8th grader. I know that the majority of society would call me depraved, perverted or sick for saying this, but there really wouldn't be anything I would like to do more than caress her perfect, nubile body all over with lotion as I kissed her passionately.


Yes, I am aware this would probably scar her psychologically for the rest of her life, even if she wanted it, and consented to it.

I could damage my reputation and career beyond repair if I did anything, so I never considered taking a stupid risk. However, after I greeted Lorian and her friends (who are all very cute too), and I kept on running behind the school and I devised a plan.

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My house was right near by, so I quickly grabbed a ski mask and a long trench-coat. I knew what I was about to do was very wrong in so many ways, but I was overcome with this overwhelming lust, combined with a realization that I may never have this kind of opportunity again.

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I ran behind the school about 200 yards away from the girls who were playing on the schoolyard equipment. All three of her friends were wearing extremely cute, and fairly revealing clothes which I guess is appropriate for summer. It was 7:45 and it was starting to get dark, and there wasn't anybody in sight, which was typical for this location at this time.

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Lorian was on this semi-spherical structure that is basically just monkey bars in a dome-shape (I thin they call it a spider web). She was resting on the very top, which is about 7-8 feet off the ground. I quickly ran over there, and climbed up this thing so quickly, that she didn't notice me until I had already grabbed her.

She let out a gasp, and I could tell right away that she was terrified. I held her tightly and reassured her in a pleasant, calming voice that I wasn't going to hurt her. Her friends still hadn't become aware of what was going on, and by this time, I was already well under way.

I propped this hot little teen on my lap, so none of her weight was pressing against the bars. It was awkward but I was so instantly delighted by what I was experiencing. I kissed and licked her repeatedly on the kneck and cheek, through my mask, as I massaged her sensually all over her body.

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She was obviously uncomfortable, but I was in complete control of the situation, and she knew it. I felt an un-containable rush of ecstasy as I violated her young body with my mouth, but I was saving the best for last.

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Just as I was eagerly anticipated my next move, the other girls had finally noticed what was going on. I heard, "what's that guy doing to Lorian', followed by a few faint shrieks of horror.

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They ran over to where we were, and one said, 'get off of her you asshole'. I could tell that they were obviously concerned, so I climbed down, bringing my prey with me. I know Lorian, we were just playing (I was trying my best to disguise my voice, since they new who I was).

The girls looked at Lorian to confirm what I told them, but her scared voice told them a different story. Inside I felt bad, but I felt I had gone this far so, I thought I would just go ahead and quickly finish up; plus, the girls watching me defile their friend would just enhance my twisted pleasure. I began kissing her furiously, wasting no time, and I quickly looked up and grinned through my mask when I clearly saw looks of intrigue and curiosity.

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No doubt they were shocked and mortified, but no one ran for help, that's all I'm saying. When the rush of excitement had returned, I dove into her unbelievable ample bosom. I was licking and sucking both of them all over, focusing on her erect, hard nipples.

I got a perfect view of her perfect tits, and it's a sight I will never forget. I was being very sensual with my touching and licking, which induced an unmistable moan of pleasure from my victim. I could tell her body couldn't deny the pleasure she was experiencing. One of her very cute friends bent down to get a closer look for some reason, and I quickly grabbed her ass beneath her short skirt and rubbed it, as I pulled her near me, she tried to pull off but I had her tapped.


I had them both pinned to the ground now; Lorian on one side, her tits being groped by my right hand, and Lizzie on the other, her fuzzy, freckled vagina being rubbed by left finger. I can't believe how quicly I came to the verge of cumming, I had longing desire to preserve this moment as long as possible, but with my finger in a wet young, beautiful pussy, as I groped and kissed two perfect young nubile tits, it wassn't to be.

My dick was throbbing in my shorts, and it was itching to come out. I quickly released it, so all the girls got a clear view of (hopefully) their first 7 inch erection. The other girls had seemed paralyzed with shock and amazement since I grabbed their other friend, so I had their complete attention. I jacked my raging dick furiously feeling the beginning stages of an amazing explosion. Just then, my cum sprayed all over lorian's sexy cleavage like an over-pressurized super-soaker.

I wanted her to share with her friend, so I pulled her lower-torso over to me and I pointed my almost completely satisfied dick right at her beautiful red-haired vagina. There was a lot left for her and I cried out in pure, physical bliss as the white goo sprayed all over her thin laying of strawberry pubic hair.

I rubbed it into this hair like an organic moose of somekind; it was so enjoyable to rub it like this with that gell-like texture. I layed there a moment as I tried to compose myself, and regain my strength. I kissed them both on the cheek, and they barely moved or flinched as I did. The other girls really didn't know what to do, and seemed a bit confused about everything that had happened.

I quickly ran off, with my heart still pounding 80 miles/hour. I layed in my bed reflecting on what happened, but I went to sleep hoping I would never give-in to those sadistic urges as long as I lived.

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It was unsettling to feel a wave of doubt at this resolution; I know I'm a weak, weak man.