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Tight pussy on Black dick
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I woke up that fateful morning in a daze. I was the perfect son, and I hated it. My parents expected me to be perfect. I was a straight A student, never stepped a toe out of line, and even though I was only 17, I already had a scholarship for a full ride to Princeton.


I went to a private school and wore my uniform with false pride. My sister Emma was a different story. Emma was totally rebellious. She wore nothing but black and her everything else was black. Her bed sheets, her clothes, her walls. She went to a dingy public school and got straight Cs. She was the black sheep in our family. I envied her for all of it. I hated being the perfect one. It's just not my style, but there has to be some kind of balance in the family, and I got dumped with the responsibility because my older sister beat me to the punch on the evil one.

My older brother Liam was the median. He was neither good nor bad. He was 23, my sister 21.

He didn't fight with either one of us and he hung out with both of us occasionally and never took sides when Emma and I had our squabbles. I tapped my alarm the same way I always do, took my shower, bitching at my sister for hogging it like I always do.

I got dressed like I always do, in the same uniform that I always do. I had been turned into a robot. Hell, the only thing that was pleasant in my life was my girlfriend, Amanda. I went downstairs for the same breakfast for a healthy lifestyle of a perfect son. "Morning, kiddo!

How'd you sleep?" my father asked me as I stepped into the kitchen. "Fine." Same as always. Just then, my sister walked in. "Well, isn't that just lovely. The Glory child is up bright and early, just like daddy and mommy likes him," she said. I held my tongue for the sake of the balance, grabbed my books, told my mother her cooking was wonderful, and left for school.

I hadn't even reached my desk yet when I was grabbed, and turned around, and then pushed against the wall by a pair of dainty hands. I only had a split second to see that it was Amanda before her lips captured mine. I gripped her ass in my hands as I pulled her body to mine and kissed her back. "Mmm, I love it when you do that," we said together, then we both busted out laughing. We'd been together for over a year and I was in love with her.

"So baby, are we still going to that party tonight?" I ask. "Yes we are! I can't wait, honey," she said. I lifted her half into my arms and kissed her passionately. We sat down together as class started. The rest of the day went by the same way it always does. I hated my life. Thankfully, the party started at 6, so I didn't have to wait as long before my boring life was exciting for once.

Amanda was meeting me there, so we just walked straight to the party. "Hey, baby!" she met me at the door and we walked in holding hands. The party was fun as all get-out. I danced with Amanda until before we knew it, 9 o' clock had rolled around. "Oh, jeez!" Amanda said, looking at her watch, "let's take a break, sweetheart, I'm gonna go get a drink, and I'll meet you back here, alright?" she said. "Alright, love, I'll be sitting over there, okay?" I smiled. "See you soon, babe." I went to find a seat as she walked off toward the porch where the coolers with the drinks were.

I sat down and waited for her to come back. 5 minutes passed by… then 10… A half-hour passed by and I started to go looking for her. Maybe she ran into some friends and lost track of time.

I had looked all over until there were only the upstairs rooms to look in. I looked in every room until the last one at the end of the hall remained. I knocked on the door, like all the rest. No answer, so I walked in, and I couldn't believe what I saw. My brown-haired, green-eyed girlfriend was riding my best and only friend, Daniel, reverse cowgirl on the bed.

Amanda's eyes grew double in size and something inside me snapped as she spotted me. "Oh, my God! Lee! I-" "Stuff it! What the fuck! I think you can guess what I'm not bothering to say. Good-bye, Amanda, and fuck you, Daniel." And with that, I left the party and took a walk home. The pain of it overwhelmed me as I reached the backyard, seeing as my room was the basement, and I had the door right there.

I collapsed, no longer caring. It was after midnight when I finally decided to get up. I had done a lot of thinking and had decided that I longer give a fuck. I walked into my room but went to the kitchen.

I walked through the living room to find my sister watching TV. "Mom and dad left, Golden boy. Left me in charge cause Liam is still at JobCore," she said. "Whatever," I replied. I went right to the fridge and made the most anti-diet sandwich I could think of. Leftover burgers, bacon, cheese, ranch dressing, and all put in a pan to be deep-fried. My sister walked in just as I took a bite into Heaven.

"What the fuck is that and why does it smell so good?" she said. "Deep-fried bacon cheeseburger with ranch dressing," I said nonchalantly. "You know mom and dad would have a fit if they knew you were eating something so bad for your arteries," she said. "Don't give a fuck anymore," I said.

"Don't you talk to me like that, you little shit! I'm still older than you," she said, getting pissed off. "Fuck off, bitch. I'm tired of your shit," I said as I walked right past her and down to my room. I took out a knife from my collection and started carving up the wall. On one wall, I carved the words "FUCK EVERYTHING" into the drywall. I then threw the knife into the floor next to my bed and picked up the weights in the corner of my room and lodged one of the lighter weights into the door.

My sister came bursting through the now half-splintered door. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?" she shrieked. "Shut the fuck up and get out of my room!" I said, throwing the knife in her direction, lodging it in the wall next to her head and resumed the process of flipping my bed over.

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Her eyes got huge and she timidly backed out of my room as I slammed my fist into the mirror on the wall. As the door closed I let out a scream of anger. I dropped to my knees, completely out of things to take out my anger on.

I yanked my blankets out from under my mattress and went to sleep. The next morning my alarm went off at 6am, but I simply threw it at the wall, letting that yank it from the plug.

About a half hour later, my sister tentatively poked her head into my room. "Time for school…" she muttered. "I'll go when I damn well please," I said.

She saw the pieces of my alarm clock on the floor and backed out of my room. I went back to sleep and relived the nightmare of seeing that ex whore cheating on me with my ex friend, my only friend until now. I woke up at around eleven and pulled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and headed off to school, not even bothering with my teeth or hair. When I arrived at the school I was stopped briefly by security.

"Not wearing your uniform is against regulation, Mr. Dramen." He said. I simply said "Fuck regulation" as I brushed past him to my 3rd period class. It was the second class of the day with which I shared with both Amanda and Daniel.

They both stiffened as I walked in. "Lee, you are late," the teacher said. "Fuck off" was my only reply as I found my seat. Sadly, the only open seat was the next row over from Daniel. He was a skinny blonde guy with brown eyes. He could have any girl in school, so why did he have to take Amanda from me?

"Pssst, hey, bro, listen I-" Daniel started, but I cut him off with a pissed off glare he knew not to fuck with. Amanda was sitting behind me and put her hand on my shoulder, but I brushed her hand away. "Don't touch me or talk to me. Ever again. Not a fucking word," I growled, and they both turned back to the teacher. Lunch time was next and so I went.

I hadn't eaten anything yet. I sat there after I had finished eating and it only pissed me off that Amanda and Daniel thought they would come over and reason with me. "C'mon man, I tried to say I'm sorry," he tried. "Sorry doesn't fix jack shit, Daniel. Now you can either walk away clean or bloody," I said calmly, despite the rage inside. "You won't do it, man. I know you and you don't have it in you, Mr.

Perfect." He said that a little too smugly. "Oh, I won't?" I said, and then paused as he smiled. That was it for me. I stepped on his foot so he couldn't step back and decked him across the jaw. He fell to the ground and everyone stared. I jumped on top of him and began wailing on him. It took 3 security guards to drag me off that bastard.

Needless to say, I was ejected from campus. No more Golden bitch lifestyle for me. I could have cared less that I'd gotten expelled and that Daniel's nose would most likely be crooked unless daddy or mommy fixed it for him. Usually I got home after my sister but these were special circumstances.

She was just getting home as I walked up the drive. "Lee?" Emma asked as I unlocked the door and walked in. "What are you doing home?" she asked. "Expelled," I said, handing her a note from the Dean as I headed to my room.

"What did the Golden boy do?" she shrieked. I was in her face so fast she flinched. "Call me the motherfucking golden boy one more time and I won't miss next time I throw a knife," I growled. Her eyes widened again and I turned and walked away, going back to my room. The only thing I hadn't trashed was my entertainment system. I turned on the stereo and cranked up Alone by Bullet for my Valentine.

I sat on my bed, having dragged the mattress out, motionless for the next 2 hours until I heard the doorbell ring even over my music. My dad had had an accident and could only hear out of one ear, so the damn thing was loud. I lowered the music to hear my sister welcome someone in. "Yeah sure, but be careful, he's kind of volatile right now. I have no idea what's wrong, but he nearly took my head off. Maybe you can get through to him…" I heard her say.

I heard a knock on my door a couple minutes later. "Enter at your own risk," I said. The door creaked open but from my bed I couldn't see who yet. They must have seen the knife in the wall, because I heard a female squeak. Steps echoed down the stairs and there she was: my whore of an ex-girlfriend.

I looked at her and my blood boiled instantly. "Get the fuck out." That was all I had to say to her. "But baby, I-" but I cut her off. "DON'T YOU FUCKING 'BUT BABY' ME! YOU FUCKING CHEAT ON ME WITH MY OWN BEST FRIEND AND YOU EXPECT ME TO FORGIVE YOU, DON'T YOU? FUCK YOU! GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM! IF YOU FEEL SO BAD THEN GO FUCK DANIEL AGAIN LIKE THE WHORE YOU ARE! JUST LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!" I roared at her as she backed against the wall. For a moment she just stood there, paralyzed in shock at the fact that mild-mannered Lee Dramen had become so violent.

After another minute I hear heavy footfalls coming down the stairs. I looked just in time to see my sister yank Amanda and drag her up the stairs by her hair.

There was a loud "slap!" that sounded more like a "crack!" and a girly scream. Then I heard my sister yell. "Don't you ever even LOOK at my brother ever again! Don't even walk by our house on the street!" and then there was the slam of the front door and I heard my sister coming down the stairs. "Lee…?" she called, looking at me staring emotionless at the ceiling.

"Lee, I'm sorry… I'm so sorry, I would have never let her in had I known…" I looked at her. "Why do you care? You hate me, remember?" I said, my voice surprisingly level. She looked sad at that. "I do not hate you…I dislike you. There's a big difference. You live the perfect life and mom and dad think I'm shit. I'm your older sister, but I live in your shadow, Lee." I cracked up laughing then.

"I hate my life. I'm always at my sisters throat, my girlfriend cheated on me with my only friend, I'm a nerd in school, and I hate living like a robot, doing the same damn thing the same damn way, every damn day. In my eyes, you have it made. I wish I could be more like you," I said. My sister just stared at me. "You really want to be more like me?" she asked. "More than anything," I said.

"Well, then the first thing you have to do is stop caring." "Check." I said blankly. "Okay, well, you need to take what you want. What do you want?" I thought about that for a moment. My sister was wearing a tight Metallica shirt and a red plaid skirt. Now that I looked at her in a positive light, she was sexy as all hell. In the moment I realized my erection was from my sister, I had a single thought process: I'm already headed down the dark road, why not take it all the way?

So I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up and over her head. Surprisingly, she let me. I pulled up her bra as well and she took it off as I grabbed her breasts, my fingers sinking into her full DD cups.

"Little brother, you realize this is incest, right?" She smiled. "Stopped caring, remember?" I winked at her as I slid my knee between her legs and she closed her eyes and sighed. "Nobody's played with my tits in ages…" she cooed. I pushed her back onto the mattress and started pulling her skirt off, pulling her thong with them. I pulled off my shirt and she started removing my pants.

"I don't know why I want this so much, it feels so wrong, but… Oh, God, you're making me so horny… I… Mmmmm…" she moaned, not finishing her sentence as she sucked my cock into her mouth. She licked the underside of my shaft and I discovered another piercing of hers: a ball on her tongue. She must hide it well… It felt amazing and I started humping in and out of her mouth while she moaned, causing vibrations all over my member. She licked and sucked at the same time and I was starting to feel my balls tighten.

I pulled out of her mouth and licked and kissed my way down to her waist, stopping to stare between her now-spread legs and looked down at me anxiously. "Just what do you plan to d-do with your sister's pussy, Lee?" she asked, and I could tell she was genuinely nervous. "Are you…a virgin…Emma?" I asked. "Y-yeah…" she replied sheepishly. "But I hear you moaning from the living room every time you have a boyfriend over," I said.

"I…I only let them in my ass…" she confessed as my eyes widen. I smiled and licked her pussy, causing her to jump and gasp. "Sensitive down here, aren't you. I'm guessing no guy's ever played with you before?" I asked and she shook her head. I licked her again and she moaned as I continued. "Oooh, little brother… I never knew it could feel so good… Where did you learn this?" she moaned. "Oh, nowhere…" I replied. I just watch a lot of porn.

I attacked her clit with my tongue, sliding my finger into her and she began to squirm. She started humping her hips against my mouth and I only sucked and licked harder. Suddenly she began to buck her hips wildly and her moans turned into squeaking. Even more suddenly, she began to cum, squirting her juices all over my face.


She blushed as she looked down at me breathlessly. "That…was amazing…Lee…" she breathed. "It was fun for me too. Ready for round 2?" I asked, crawling up her body and placing my cock at her entrance. She simply nodded and whimpered in anticipation. "Be…be gentle…" she said nervously. "I will." With that, I slowly pushed into my sister. It was easy because she was nearly dripping. She was tight, and she whimpered in pleasure as I pushed into her.

"Mmm… Just do it… fast, like ripping off a Band-Aid… I want this so bad…" she said, but while she was talking, I pushed it in before she noticed and kissed her once I was all in.

She pulled away a little. "Are you going to…or what?" she asked, looking confused. "Do what?" I ask playfully. She looked down and her eyes widened. "Oh…" then she smiled and kissed me hard, moving her hips against me, silently telling me to move.

I take the hint and begin thrusting, gently at first. Her whimpering was turning me on as I went just a little harder with each thrust. "Bite me, little brother, please…" she moaned, digging her nails into my back and kissing my neck. I did as she asked and bit down on her shoulder and she shuddered, a louder moan escaping from her lips and I thrust deeper. "Oh, Lee! I…I'm gonna cum! You'll make your sister cum!" she moaned, and I could feel I was getting close, too.

She was really tight. "Sis.Emma… I'm gonna cum, too…" I said, straining to keep it in until she told me where she wanted it.

"In…inside… I want it inside!" she shrieked, and I came, her voice telling me such a thing pushing me over the edge. I could feel her cum, too, her body convulsing and her hips bucking against mine in the throes of her orgasm.

Breathing heavily, I stared into her eyes, then kissed her lovingly. She smiled. "Now, little brother, tomorrow is Saturday, and do you know what that means?" I shook my head.

"Well, I got paid today, and I am taking you out shopping tomorrow," she beamed. I smiled and we fell asleep just like that. I woke up the next morning from the most relaxing sleep I'd had in a long ass time. My sister was in my arms and providing her breasts as pillows. "Did you sleep well?" she said, almost giggling. "Best sleep I've ever had. Thank You, Emma," I kissed her chest and then her lips.

"You're welcome, Lee. Hell, I enjoyed every minute of it," she smiled, "Now let's get up and ready for our shopping spree.

Consider this your early birthday gift from your big sis." My shower radio was playing "Bet U Wish U Had Me Back" by Halestorm as I bathed and got ready to go out with Emma.

I didn't know where she was taking me, but I knew it would most likely take me in the direction I want to go in. Emma decided to join me in the shower and we helped each other wash. Her body is decadent when wet. I got dressed in a simple pair of jeans and a black t-shirt on. I pulled a pair of Converse on and I was ready.

As we walked out to my sister's car, I stopped at the passenger door. "Wait a sec…" I hadn't even realized until then, that I was still wearing the magnetic half-heart pendant necklace, to which the other half belonged to Amanda. I pulled it off and chucked it off into the distance. "What was that?" my sister asked as we got into the car. "Just a necklace that used to mean something," I said. "Ah, okay. Was it that one you were wearing last night?" she asked.

"Most likely. It's the only necklace I wore until now." I said. "Oh…" she said thoughtfully as she pulled out of the driveway. When we got to the mall, my sister led me to this place called Dark Threads. It was a place that reminded me of Hot Topic, only bigger, and more clothing-oriented.

"Hmmmm, you're probably a size 30, aren't you?" Emma said thoughtfully, eyeing my waist. "Yeah, actually. You got that right on the dot," I said. "I'm good at eyeballing it. Now, let's find you a new look. You look like you're about a medium in shirts. Why don't you go find some? I'll pick you out some pants," she replied.

I nodded and walked over to the men's shirt section. My 6 favorite bands are Godsmack, Bullet For My Valentine, Parkway Drive, Black Label Society, Metallica, and Halestorm.

I picked out the 7 coolest shirts I could find. BLS's Shot To Hell (gotta love the nuns shooting pool), Parkway Drive's Killing With a Smile, Metallica's Load, Bullet For My Valentine's Tear's Don't Fall, Godsmack's 1998 self-titled album art, Halestorm's The Strange Case of…, and a shirt from Def Leppard's Euphoria.

I picked out my shirts and walked back over to my sister. She had picked out 4 pairs of ripped jeans and 3 pairs of Tripps. "Those what you want?" she asked. I nodded. "Lemme see," she said, examining the shirts I had picked out. "Hmmm… well, if you wear the ripped jeans with any of these shirts and-" she pulled me over to a rack of denim and picked out 4 stone-washed vests with hoods on them, "-wearing one of these over top," she said. I smiled and took them into the fitting rooms.

I tried them all on, every pair of pants and I loved both of the styles. As I was in the middle of changing to try on the 3rd outfit, I heard the door open, and I turned to see my sister walk in.

she held her finger to her lips and took off her shirt and her bra, then slid her panties down from under her skirt. She bent over, bracing her hands against the wall, and I got the hint as she looked back at me. I slid my fingers along her slit and she was soaking wet. I already had my pants down so I pulled my briefs down and pushed into my sister.

She moaned low in her throat and I began thrusting slowly, but hard. "Oh, jeez, you're so deep…" she whispered. I reached forward, took her nipples into my hands and pinched her nipples. "OH!" she shouted and I kept started going harder and faster. I pounded into my sister while she struggled to keep quiet. "Harder…" she whispered, still struggling, "Cum…inside…hurry…" So I kept going harder and deeper until she came hard and I had to cover her mouth to keep her quiet as I came, too.

She pulled up her panties to seal the cum inside and left the changing room sith a smile, but otherwise like nothing happened. The final outfit left was a pair of dark blue ripped jeans and a light blue denim vest.

I walked out to show Emma and 2 other girls standing there. One was a fiery redhead with green eyes, tall and slim, but with a full figure. Her breasts had to me large C's and her legs looked decadent in the frilly gothic dress she was wearing. The other was a brunette with blue eyes and she was wearing a Disturbed shirt and a pair of Tripps with blue trim. She was slim-figured as well, but I personally prefer redheads… "Uhm…Hi?" I said almost nervously, not expecting to have gained any more spectators.

"I am not!" the redhead said in a bubbly tone, "and I don't ever plan to be." She quickly stepped forward and shook my hand. "My name's Alice. So you're the brother Emma's been texting me all day about. It's a pleasure to meet you, hun. I didn't know you had such good taste in style," she said as Emma walked up to stand beside me and the other girl in tow.

"Well, I had he-ooof!" I started to say, but Emma jabbed her elbow into my ribs. "Anyway," Emma said, turning my attention to the other girl for a moment, "this lovely creature is Emilia." Emilia smiled and took my hand. "Nice to meet you, Lee," she said. I changed back into my old clothes so Emma could pay for them, "Awww, I liked that outfit on you…" Alice whined, and I smiled.

"Don't worry, hun, I'll be wearing it as soon as they're paid for, just for you," I said. After my new threads are paid for, I changed into the dark blue ripped jeans, the Def Leppard shirt and the light blue vest. Alice hissed as I stepped out of the changing room. "So what now, Lee?" Emma said, walking over to me.

I thought for a moment about that… "I wouldn't mind getting a few piercings…" I said. "Then piercings, you shall have, little brother," Emma said, pulling me out and to a store called Body Mod, with Alice and Emilia close behind.

I thought I felt eyes watching my butt, but I couldn't be sure. We walked into the shop and I thought about what I wanted. "Hey, girls, can you stick with Lee while I go get something real quick?" Emma said, turning to Emilia and Alice. "Sure hun, we'll keep a close eye on him," Alice says. I looked around the shop at the pictures of different art they had pasted all over the walls, displaying their best works.

There was a guy behind the counter who was covered in tattoos and had vertical bars in front of his eyes. "No offense, dude, but lemme guess, they said you could be anything, so you became a fence?" I asked.

He laughed good-naturedly and replied, "Nah, more like a jail for the voices in there." He pointed to his brain and it was my turn to laugh. Then I turned to whisper so Alice and Emilia couldn't hear. "I got a question, seriously though. Do you have any…females…to do the piercings? Not that I have anything against ya man, but there's a place I want done that…yeah it'd be a little awkward having a guy down there." "Wha-ooooohhh!!!

I get ya man. Yeah, we have Jenny. She has no issues going down there. HEY JENNY!" he said, and a green-eyed blonde came walking out from the back room. "What?" she said. "We have a request for your.specialty," he said. She looked at me and her eyebrows lifted and I handed the guy a ten, as it specified from the price chart.

"My sister's gonna wanna pay for the rest, but I don't want her to know about this one," I said. He nodded and took the ten. "Alright, sugar, follow me," Jenny said, leading me into the back room.

As we entered the room, she turned to face me and I started to feel a little shy. She must have noticed. "Ah, never done anything like this before?" she asked. "No, I haven't.

Kinda nervous," I said. "Well, you don't need to be. How about I do this?" she removed her shirt and her bra before I could say anything, "better?" she smiled. "Yeah, actually, I feel much better." And I was. I felt much less nervous, as my mind was now focused on the medium pair of C cups in front of me. "No touching though," she said, "now I need you to drop 'em, hun." I dropped my pants and my briefs and her eyes widened.

"I've pierced a lot of these, but I've never seen one so big," she said, "So what are you putting through it, hun?" "I want a bar through the head," I said, and she smiled. "Personally, I dated a guy who changed his out a lot and the bar was always my favorite one…" she said wistfully.

She then seemed to snap back to business and started to gather her things. "Now, question: are you sexually masochistic?" she asked. "I think so. I like it when I'm bitten." "I see… Well then, I think it would be best…if I…" Then she put her mouth on my cock and started sucking. She bobbed her head up and down on my shaft and I was hard within minutes.

Before I had gotten too close, she pulled off of me. "I don't want to give you blue balls or anything, and…I don't normally do this, but you're…exceptional. I promise I'll finish what I started." I nodded my head and she made it quick, but blissfully painful.

It actually felt good. Before I knew it, she was done. "I'd suggest that you keep your pants off for now so you don't irritate it. Now what else would you like pierced?" she said. "I want the left ear, right eyebrow, left side of my bottom lip, my tongue, and my left ear cartilage," I said.

"Interesting choices…" She got to work without another word, but plenty of smiling. She put in a two-pronged half-hoop in my eyebrow, a hoop in my lip, and a bar through my cartilage, and a silver skull in my tongue. Those hurt like a bitch and anyone who says they don't is LYING TO YOU!!! I requested a rather special earring for my left ear lobe. She put a stud in my ear that has a tiny chain with a gothic-style cross like the one below hanging from said chain: "I like the way you've turned out," Jenny said, stepping back to look at me once we'd finished, "now, I believe I have a promise to keep, sugar." Then she got down on her knees and began to rub my shaft between her breasts.

I stared down at her, breathing heavier and loving every minute of it. She began alternating her breasts back and forth and hard. I felt that familiar tightening when she dropped her breasts and took me into her mouth, sucking hard. I started involuntarily thrusting myself into her mouth and I felt her smile around me.

I looked her in the eyes and she nodded her head, looking back up at me. I came, painting the back of her throat white and she pulled back, but sucking hard to get every drop off of me. She licked her lips and smiled, standing up. "Delicious…abnormally delicious… Come back in a few weeks so I can check up on it, will you?

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I like to know how the sensitive piercings turn out. The lip, too. They get infected easily…" she said. Then she took out a pen, takes my hand in hers and writes down her cell phone number on my palm. "Call me some time. Even if it's just as friends, and I'm not above having some random fun. For you, any time," she said.

I kissed her lips. "I will," I said and winked at her. We walked out of the back room and I displayed Jenny's work…all but one, of course.

"Niiice," I heard my sister say, holding a brown paper bag in her hand and already paying the guy at the desk. "Sexy," Alice said, winking at me. I grinned, proud of my new body jewelry and hugged my sister from behind. She reached back in an attempt to hug me back and I kissed her shoulder.

"Thanks, Emma," I said. She smiled and blushed. "It's the last I can do for making you think I hated you these past years. I really didn't mean to make you think that…" she said, her voice wavering. I put my hand on her thigh and smiled. "It's okay…" I said. "No, it's not! I gave you hell about everything for so many years… I feel so bad about it… OH! I almost forgot!" She pulled out a box from her bag. "To replace your old necklace…" she said, pulling out a gothic pentagram pendant necklace from the box and put it around my neck.

I was so touched.

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"Thank you, Emma…" was all I could say as I hugged her as tight as I could. We were driving along a back road that went through a forest. "Stop and pull over, Emma," I said. She was crying and I couldn't stand the sight. Emma pulled over and I lifted up the center console so I could sit closer to her. "Look. I was a prick too. I didn't like fighting with you either, and I took that out on you. We're both at fault here," I said, quickly pulling her into my lap.

I kissed her neck, hoping to calm her down as she buried her head in my chest. I rubbed her back and held her close. "Emma… I love you. Not just because of the sex.

Not just because you bought me this new wardrobe. I love you because I've always loved you. You're my sister and I…I always wanted to have a better relationship with you." At that, she crushed her lips to mine and I gripped her ass in my hands on impulse.

Then I got a crazy idea. I opened the door and climbed out, bringing my now horny sister with me. "Wh-wh-what are you doing?" she said nervously as a car passed by and I led her over to the side where her car was between us and the road. I said nothing as I pulled down her panties and I smiled as I saw my cum from earlier drip out of her. "I…I'm a naughty girl, Lee. I…I want you s-so bad it should be criminal…" she stuttered cutely.

I pulled down my pants and pushed into her. She cried out and braced herself against the car. I pushed in hard and deep, reaching into her shirt and grabbing her breasts. My fingers sunk into her breasts and she cried out even louder. I pulled her shirt all the way off and her bra as well.

"Lee! D-don't let me cum! Not yet!" she cried out for the world to hear. I slowed down to a tedious pace, pulling all the way out and then pushing very slowly all the way in. I then ground our pelvises together and pull back out. "Ooooohhh, I love it when you torture me…" she whispered, and I went slower and slower. She began to whimper and squeak, her body squeezing down tight on me harder as I thrust. "Oh… God… Lee… Harder… I can't take it any longer…" she whimpered.

I began hammering myself into her, jolting her body and the car shook a little. I slapped her ass and took her nipples between my fingers and pinched. "Jesus!" she screamed, "Please, Lee!

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Make me cum!" I lifted her leg up sideways and propped her leg up onto the car trunk and plunged myself deeper, but I slowed down. "Wh-why? Don't slow down, go harder, please!" I slowed down more as she thrust her hips backward at me.

"C'mon, please? You're making me desperate!" I slowed down for a whole five minutes, rhythmically pumping into her. My sweet sister began to cry.

"P-please, Lee… I need to cum… Please…" she whimpered, and that was what I wanted to hear. Suddenly I began to pump her and pound her harder than I have ever pounded her. I pinched her nipples and went deeper than ever, and my sister's body squeezed me harder than ever and I felt her body spasm in my arms, her hips bucking hard against mine as she came.

This feeling of my sister in my arms like this sent me over the edge and I came, harder than I ever had, my sister cried out in ecstasy as I pulled her hair back and kissed her exposed neck. We left our clothes on the ground and climbed into the back seat, holding her in my arms, breathing heavily, completely satisfied and totally spent. "I love you so much, Lee…" she cooed. "I love you too, Emma…"We must have laid there for at least an hour, recuperating. "Do you understand now?

I don't care about the past anymore… at least not about the past concerning you. We have a good relationship now and that's what I wanted concerning you. A relationship where we aren't fighting or anything like it…" I said. "I understand now… Nobody who had not forgiven me could take care of me so well…" she breathed. Then she sat up and we got dressed to go home.

She left her panties off, however, so I put my hand between her legs and rubbed her the whole way home and she came as she pulled into the drive. "Oh, God damn…" she breathed as she got out of the car. We went inside and took a shower together and then sat on the couch to watch TV for the rest of the night. About a week passed by and my sister and I kept going on with our new life.

One day, we got a call from Alice. Emma put it on speaker. "Hey, you guys wanna hang? Emilia and I are playing pool at the Lucky Eight and we know how Lee loves pool," she said. "Okay, we'll be right over," she said, seeing the excited look on my face.

As she hung up the phone she smiled at me and gave me a weird look. "So my plan is working, huh?" she said, then seeing my confused look, she explained.

"I'm actually trying to set you up with Alice. She likes a guy with style, and that's why I jabbed you in the ribs when you tried to give it away that I helped you," she said as we both got dressed. I grabbed my custom titanium pool cue from Cutec and we were off. When we arrived at the pool hall I was greeted with Alice flying into my arms.

"Hey there, cutie! I'm glad you could make it! I missed you," she said. Then she took me by the arm and dragged me over to the pool table they were sitting at.

There was a guy standing at the table, holding a Cutec pool cue as well. "Lee, can you help us? This guy wants to take over the table and won't leave us alone," Emilia said. I smiled. Pool is my specialty. "Alright, let's make a deal," I said, looking to the guy, "We play for the table. Loser walks away," I said. He nods and sets up the rack, then waits for me to make the shot. "Uhh, you should go first man. I want it to be fair, and if I break, you'll never get a shot at all," I said.

I wasn't lying. He took the first shot, calling me a "cocky little shit" under his breath and he broke. He shot the 9, with a perfect set up for the 10, but screwed up the set up for the 13. I stepped up to the table, screwing my cue together and putting chalk on the tip. I pulled my Scorpion cue glove on my left hand and smiled.

"This might as well be over," I muttered, just to myself. I hit every ball into the pocket in this order as everyone's jaws dropped a little bit lower: 2, 4, 3, 5, 1, 6, 7, and finally the 8. I stepped away from the table and looked at him. "It's not cocky. It's skill. I almost never miss," I said as the girls walk up next to me and take my arms, making me look like a pimp. "Now, do you think it's worth it to go for 2 out of 3?" He shook his head and put out his hand.

"Good game, kid," he said. I shook his hand and he walked away. I turned back to the girls and Alice was looking at me hungrily for a second, and then quickly hid the look behind a normal smile. "That was epic, bro. I never knew you could play so well!" Emma said, hugging me and handing me a glass of what I thought was coke until Alice whispered in my ear, "There's some Jack in it, but don't tell anyone." I took a sip and walked over to the table to do some quick maintenance to my cue, seeing as I hadn't used it in so long.

For the next 3 hours we laughed and played pool. I had to defend the table a couple times but I enjoyed myself. I felt a gaze on my butt from Alice's direction every time I bent over for a shot.

Of course, I was going easy on them, because if I didn't it wouldn't be fun for anyone. I'd had about 4 drinks, feeling a little tipsy, when the door opened and my sister gasped.

"Girls, get ready to try and hold him back…" I heard my sister say. I looked to see who'd come through the door and my blood instantly boiled and I felt it rushing through my veins so fast I was almost vibrating. I saw red as I started to lunge, for he had seen me and started walking toward us. I felt the girls grab me and hold me back. I also felt the strong grip of a guy and I looked to see another of Emma's friends (David) who was a bouncer. "Whoa Rambo, I have a proposition for you.

We'll settle this in a fair way," Daniel said as Amanda stood behind him.

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I settled down a bit and looked at the girls and David and nodded and they let go. "What kind of deal?" I asked. "Simple. We pit it all on a game of pool. If I win, we walk away from this peacefully and never even acknowledge each other again… If you win, you get to take out all your anger on me first, and then we walk away.

Agreeable?" he said. "Yeah. Let's shake on it," I held out my hand and he shook it. I racked the balls as Daniel picked out a house cue.

I picked up my own cue and stood waiting for him to break. He lined up his shot and got the 1 ball in. then he put in the 3, the 5 but missed the 6. I stepped up to the table and hit in the 9, 11, 14, 15, then missed the 10, now feeling the effects of the Jack and Coke. I stepped back as Daniel lined up his next shot. "Hold on, Danny," Amanda said, walking over to him, her face had a slight red mark on the left cheek and she kissed Daniel on the lips, no doubt trying to distract me and motivate him.

He lined up his shot again and hit in the 7, 4 and the 6, but missed the 2. I stepped up to the table and Alice and Emilia walk up to me and kiss me on the cheeks. As the retreated to the stools they sat on, I lined up my shot, and hit in the10, and 12, but missed the 13. Daniel then hit in the 2, but missed the 8. I stepped up, the liquor wearing off a tiny bit, and shot in the 13 and then finally the 8.

It was over and I had won. "Alright, Lee. It's your win, so have at it," he said. "I want you to fight back. It's no fun if you just sit there like last time," I said. He sighed, but said "alright." He took a swing at me and I leaned back to avoid it, then swiveled around to kick out his knees from under him and swung my heel at his chest, knocking him onto his back.

"Get up, I've seen you do better than that," I told him. He stood up and swung his foot at my head, jumping into the air at me.

His foot collided with my head and I fell, but quickly rolled to my feet and then caught his shin in my hand before he landed. I pulled is leg from under him, forcing him into a split. He cried out and I jumped on top of him and let out all the rage I'd had built up inside. By the time I was done with him his nose was bloody and definitely broken.

My knuckles were bruised as I got up and walked away. Slowly, Daniel got up as well. Suddenly, Alice walked up to me wearing a ruby red lipstick that wasn't there before, and kissed my neck in such a way that my knees almost turned to jelly. I saw Amanda's jaw drop and her eyes tear up before I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation. When Alice was finished she pulled away and kissed my lips, but most of the lipstick felt like it was gone.

In a mirror on the wall I saw that there was now a lip mark on my neck. I grabbed Alice's ass as I kissed her back and Amanda ran out in tears, Daniel close behind her.

"Men's restroom. Now," she whispered, and I lifted her into my arms and carried her into the single-occupant restroom, her legs wrapping tightly around me. She dropped to her knees, undoing my pants before her knees even hit the floor. "I've wanted this ever since I saw Emma walking out of the changing room in the mall looking so satisfied…" she said. I groaned as she wrapped her lips around my cock and played with the head of my cock with her tongue.

I could feel the piercing on her tongue… she suddenly took the whole of my cock into her mouth and I could feel myself go down her throat. She made a swallowing action and I could tell I was getting close. She then backed off and slid her panties down from under her dress and pulled the lacing from the front of her dress corset and it opened to reveal her beautiful breasts with small, sexy, pink nipples and I attacked her nipples with my tongue, flicking them with the skull as she moaned and squirmed.

I slid my hand between her legs and felt her juices dripping down her legs. "Please…" she pleaded, and I bent down and put my mouth to her hot wetness. With effort, given the angle, I lifted her up like that, pushing my tongue into her as her head brushed the ceiling. "Oh, shit!" she cried as I pushed my tongue deeper, the skull on my tongue rubbing herd on her G-spot as I unbuttoned my shirt and it hit the floor.

Her legs wrapped tightly around my head as I moved my tongue furiously, pressing my face to her as I moaned into her, causing vibrations through her body. "Ooooohhhhh! I'm going to cum!" she cried, tangling her fingers in my hair.

I began rubbing the skull in my tongue against her insides furiously and she cried out as her body began to tremble. I let her down, but she sat on the toilet and spread her legs wide. "Take me baby, I'm all yours," she whispered and I pushed into her. She watched as I entered her tight body and her cheeks turned red.

"Sorry I'm not a virgin like your sister, but I've only done this once…" she said and I smiled as I pushed in balls-deep. "Mmmm… Be gentle at first, please…" she moaned, breathing heavily and I began to move slowly, leaning forward to capture her lips with mine. She kissed me like her life depended on it, her tongue dancing with mine and I picked up the pace with my thrusts.

"Oh…damn…b-big…" she choked out as I picked up the pace even more and her breasts started to jiggle. She dug her nails into my back and I bit into her neck softly. At that, she cried out and came, her body shaking as her hips bucked against mine.

I went harder and faster, reaching deeper, holding her hips in my hands. I pulled on the skin between my teeth and sucked on her neck. Then I had an idea. I picked her up and put her so she was bending over in front of me and bracing her hands against the wall and her hips above the toilet and I pushed into her hard. "OH! Jeez, right on my sensitive-OH!" she cried, as I pushed myself faster and harder into her body, aiming for her g-spot. I pushed into her harder and harder with every thrust, her body jolting with every movement and she put her head down, trying to hold back her orgasm.

I was getting close and I told her so. "Do it. Do it honey, I'm on the pill…" she whimpered, and I could hear the strain in her voice as she was trying to hold back. I pulled her so her back was against my chest and whispered into her ear, "You're trying not to cum, aren't you?" She nodded weakly and moaned, "Mhm…" and I smiled.

"Then let's cum together. I'm cumming now…" I turned her around to face me and she wrapped her legs around my waist. When we came together, both our bodies shook from it. The scream that issued from her mouth told me it was as earth-shattering for her as it was for me. I held her in my arms as she wrapped her arms around my neck as we came. "Ohhh, damn…" she whispered, her voice a little shaky. She sighed, still breathing heavily, "You… are… one…Hell…of a… lover…" End of Part 1.