Alysa Tight white pussy meets big cock

Alysa Tight white pussy meets big cock
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I was left picking up after my son again, my son always left a mess where ever he went.

It was hard working and maintiaing a house by ourself, my son Vince was no help, he'd make a mess and expect me to clean it up. I would clean everything except his room he told me not too.


One day while cleaning the house i kept passing his room a complete pig sty, i couldnt bare it any more i decided to go in and clean his messhe wouldnt mind i thought h'e'd appriacated it I thought. Rite as i enetered the room i could smell a aroma, i didnt know what it was exactly it was a clamy damp smell, it smelt mild.

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I didnt know why i liked it as much as i did i couldnt recall the smell for some reason. I quickly went back to what i came to do ,that was clean the roomI started picking up clothes putting them in there placedoing the best i could i then reached for a towel, to my surprise the towel was damp i thought nothing of it he must have used it after his shower.

I finished cleaning his room and went into my bedroom. Tired from another day of cleaning i looked at the clock and thought 2hrs till vince gets home .

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I then i fell backwards onto my bed, placing my forehand over my eyes i again smelled a scent. I removed my hand and sat up the smell went away i was puzzled then cupped my hand over my nose, the smell it was coming from my hand, i thought back to what it was? The towel i thought! i raced back to the rom grabbed the towel and sniffed it again the smell now was on my face.

i went to go wash it off in the restroom and was amazed that a smell was making me giddy. i fooled myself not into believeing it possible wa my son juices on the towel my hand and now my face i laughed no way i thought i had to be for certain i again grabbed the towel and took a deep breath in My nips harden almost instantly.


I could now recall the aroma, It was Jizz a smell i once new all to well it excited me the smell of penile discharge. I looked at the clock again about an hr till Vince gets home i slipped out of my clothes and took the towel with me into my bedroom leaving he door cracked.

I couldnt believe what i was about to do, the thought hit me masturbate to a towel with my son's DNA in it.

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The cum must hav been fresh because the smell was strong, i couldnt take it ,i bit into the towel as my vagina welcomed 2 fingers. The Now strong scent close to my nostrils was intoxicating my body making my nips hard jus as i was moaning i heard a door openIt was vince He's home already and i left my clothes bra's and panties in a trial outside leading to my room. i tossed the towel and quickly raced out to grab my atire.

but before i reached my destintation isaw my son.

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I retreated to my room, leaving everything to be seen and the evidense of the towel i took behind. Vince got a peek at his mother running away from him nude back into her bedroom When i entered my room i yelled out " Oh hey sweetie your home jus was changing" i got nervous i yelled " son did mommy drop anything behind he said ' No and dont worry mom i closed my eyes i didnt see anyting" i knew he did our eyes met who did he think he was fooling.

The rest of the day i stayed embarressed in my room thinking about what i did masturbate to a towel with my sons jizz. I heard him yell out " thanx for cleaning my room mom" iyelled thorugh the room your welcome i heard him laugh i thought i just said ''your well cum'' i thought i couldnt stop thinking about nasty things all nite i tossed and turned.

The next day i heard a KNock on my bedroom door " Mom Im going to school now can u clean my room for me again?" i thought what? why the change of heart, im caught. i went out of my bedroom for the first time sinece yesterdays embarressment. I walked around he living room looking for the towel no luck i thought get over jus act like nothing happendi did get over it for a while till i started cleaing again i decided to once again clean his room this time the towel was in clear view on his bed.

i reached for it and picked it up a note fell out it read " here you go mom have fun" I smiled what a bastard he's teasing his mom? i grabbed the towel.

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it wasnt damp it was wet and sticky i smiled agaiiin horned beyond belief i laughed i can believe this here we go again I went to the living room this time to alieviate myself i got the towel and rubbed it back in forth on my pussy like a wash clothgrinding in my sons passion closing my eyes i felt a warm splash on my face i opened my eyes to my surprise my son balls and cock hanging over me shot a warm shot of goo on moms face.

it was hard to make him out because nearly all my face was cover in cum i oloked up and yelled Vince '' what the fuck '' he laughed and said ''why not hav it directly from me you dont need a towel i got your fix in my sack you jus need to take it out!" I must of been cum drunk alraedy my hands just grabbed his manhood and started jerking him off i couldnt control myself after being injected with his dose of goi lost it.

i was covered in come and now jerking him off inducing for second. He looked at me smiling " mom i alwasy jerk off i think ill get a igger load fucking ur tittes" with that said my hand cupped my 38 DD breast in a postion to be recieved with my son's uncut cock. My breast catchin traction of his forskin as he fucked my juggs releived his brite pink damp shroom hitting my chin.

AAH the smell ithought. Every Thrust i felt his sack hit the lower part of my boobs while my chin connected with his helmet. i Looked up smiling pround of my son. His Head Tilted back as i looked up at him.

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" Mommy wants sum cum vince u gonna cum a huge load for mommy yet?" he replied " No mom i havent built enuff cum yet " he opend his eye and looked down i wasnt there he looked up he saw me spraweld double bent on the couch " Vince This helps now come and fuck mommy and build ur come up in my pussy" he smiled and ran behind me pushin his eager 17 cock in my 31 yr old puss i felt his cock contour its way in my puss he pumped at such a high rate i thought he would be done in seconds but seconds turned to minutes he had me rolling my eyes as he plowed mommy he had me dogy lifting one leg as with each pump his ow hangers bumped moms puss he wrapped his hands on my bow legged hips and started to grind it in time passed and i felt his shroom harded and his shaft flare out it was time for my reward I hit knees looked quick enuff to see him yank his forskin back revealing his pink shroom and watch his slit open shooting sprem on in my outh and cheek bones.

so much shot out it dripping onto my hooters and thighs.

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he made a mess i told him laugh grabed a towel clean myself off and went to my bedroom with my towel.