Ass toying with red dildo

Ass toying with red dildo
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It is coming up to Easter weekend and I suggest a weekend in London. "Let' s see what sexy fun we can have" I say. I book a hotel in central London for the Friday and Saturday. You pack your suitcases for the weekend but I am waiting for a chance to do a little unpacking. While you have a bath I open your suitcases and remove all your underwear, pants and long dresses. I only leave you with 3 miniskirts, 1 see through blouse, 2 low cut tops and a few pairs of stockings and suspenders.

I replace the missing clothes with a few towels. We set off for London in the car. As we are about to get in the car I tell you this is going to be a sex weekend. I am taking you to London to show everybody what a dirty little slut you are.

So let's start as I mean to finish go inside and take your knickers and bra off. You go back inside the house and remove your knickers and bra. I start the engine and we set off for the motorway.

As we are driving along the motorway I tell you to show the driving world what a little slut you are.

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We are behind a coach full of men who seem to be on some sort of outing two of the men look out of the back window and give you a wave. "Smile back to the men then" I say. You smile at the men. They are all drinking and seem very drunk. They begin to sing get your tits out for the men. I tell you to give them a quick flash. You lift up your top and flash your tits at the men. This sends the men wild and suddenly a lot more faces appear. "You have an audience now" I tell you.

They all want to see you. You flash them again and the men cheer loudly. "Go on then don't just tease them show them what a dirty little whore you are" You lift your legs on the dashboard revealing your bare pussy.

Your audience on the coach goes wild. You insert a finger inside your pussy then pull it out and seductively suck your juices off. You now have an audience of about 12 - 15 men. There isn't a spare bit of back window on the coach for anybody else to get a look at you.

You look in your bag and pull out a vibrator. You proceed to give the men a show of you masturbating. "That's it show them what a dirty little slut you are" When you finish your audience gives you a big cheer. As soon as you stop I tell you that I have gone all hard. Watching you showing the world what a tart you really are has made me hard. "Suck me off show the men what a dirty little cow you are" I ask you. You unzip my fly and take out my hard cock and start to suck me off.

The men on the coach seem amazed as they just watch and don't utter a word (unless they are mumbling what a lucky bastard I am having you). I warn you that I am about to come so you start sucking me harder I shoot my load all down your throat and you swallow the lot. You raise your head an open your mouth to show your audience what a filthy cum slut you really are.

If only the other people in your work knew the real you. I overtake the coach and we continue our journey to London. We arrive in the hotel about 4 pm. After checking in we head for a quick drink in the bar. "I see you really enjoyed your audience on the motorway" I laugh. "Oh did I?" you laugh back. Well I am going to make sure all of London sees what a dirty little cum queen you are this weekend. After a couple of drinks we go to the room to get ready to go out for the evening.

As you take a shower I join you. I help you wash, sponging all over your body.

As I reach your pussy I rub your clit with my thumb. I kiss your neck and tell you to tell me how much you enjoyed giving the men on the coach the show. "I know you loved giving the men the show didn't you?" I ask "It was fun you"reply.

"Oh come on you loved it. Well I am going to show London what a dirty little whore my sexy beautiful woman really is." As I finger your pussy and kiss your body I make you tell me how much it really turned you on giving the men on the coach the show. I tell you to think about the fact that all the men on the coach were thinking how much they would love to fuck you. I get on my knees and tongue your pussy. As I tongue you I tell you to think about the show for the men on the coach and how much they would all love to fuck you.

It doesn't take long before your knees begin to tremble and you flood my mouth with your sweet juices. We continue to shower and get dressed.

You open your suitcase to find out I had done a little unpacking. "Where is all my clothes gone you ask?" I tell you I done a little unpacking. All I have left is miniskirts, low cut tops and no underwear you protest. Well all the better to show everybody your beautiful body I say. "Remember you are my little sex slave for the weekend" I say. We decide on going up west for a meal and head for china town.

We order a banquet meal for 2 and a bottle of wine. As we eat our meal you ask me what we will be doing for the evening.

I tell you I don't know yet we will just see what happens. After the meal we go around a few pubs in the west end and have a few drinks. You receive a few admiring glances as we go from pub to pub. Around 11 pm I suggest going to a nightclub. We head for the nearest nightclub. We grab a quiet corner and sit and have a drink. As we drink I begin to feel your knickerless pussy under your mini skirt. "No not here you protest people may see us" "Like you really care if people see us" I laugh.

I know you love an audience. A couple of men at the bar look over and notice what we are up to. They come over and introduce themselves as Tim and Pete. "May we join you they" ask?

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"Sure grab a seat" I say They sit opposite you and we begin chatting they can't seem to take their eyes of you. As I go to the toilet I whisper in your ear to give them a show while I am gone. You open your legs wide to make sure both Tim and Pete can see your bare pussy. You flirt with them as you flash your pussy. I return from the toilet and rejoin you.

Pete asks if he can have a dance with you. As you dance Pete pulls you close and begins to feel you all over your body.

Tim looks at me for a reaction but I just laugh. After the dance you go to the toilet. While you are at the toilet I ask Pete and Tim if they would like to fuck you. They tell me they would love to fuck you. I give them our hotel and room number and tell them to meet me in the hotel bar in half an hour. When you return you ask where Pete and Tim have gone.

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I tell you they had to leave. I say maybe it is time we returned to the hotel. When we arrive at the hotel I tell you to get the keys and go to the room while I get us a couple of drinks from the bar.

While you go to the room I meet Pete and Tim in the bar and tell them to give me 5 minutes before they come to the room. I arrive at the room with a couple of drinks. I begin to kiss you and ask you if you enjoyed the evening. "It was ok" you say.


"Well the night is not over" I tell you. "get undressed sexy" We are both so horny we undress in seconds. You lie in the bed waiting for me. I join you and tell you I have surprise but you can't see it yet. I pull out a scarf and blindfold you. II quickly get up and sneakily let the 2 lads in.

I quietly tell them to get undressed and be quiet. Suddenly I hear you shout "Get beck her and fuck me you" I join you back on the bed and kiss and caress you.

After while I ask you if you want your surprise, "Mmmmmmmmmmm yes please" you reply. I go to shove my cock in your mouth.

"Is that my surprise? Me giving you a blow job?" you ask. "No" I laugh "Just suck me and see what happens" You greedily accept my cock. As you suck me off I indicate to Pete and Tim to join in. Pete gets between your legs and starts tonguing your pussy and time goes for your breasts. You quickly realise we have company.

I pull cock out and remove your blindfold. "Time to full fill your fantasy honey" "Mmmmmmmmmmmm three men. All for little old me" you laugh "Well go on honey show them your stuff" I tell you. You give a broad grin and begin to dance seductively. I sit there telling Pete and Tim how much of a slut you are. "Go on you little whore show Pete and Tim what a little whore you are" Pete and Tim seem are a bit unsure of what to do next.

I give them the ok. "Go on Pete and Tim give the little whore a good fucking" They both move closer to you and begin feeling and kissing all over your body. Pete gets down on his knees and tongues your pussy as he tongues your pussy you suck Tim's cock.

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I sit there in a chair telling Pete and Tim what a filthy little slut you are and how much you love a good fucking. "Don't worry we will make sure she gets a good fucking" says Tim. Pete replaces his tongue with his stiff cock and begins to fuck you from behind as you suck Tim's cock. It doesn't take long before Tim shoots his load all down your throat.

He is quickly followed by Pete shooting his load all over your arse. You lay there on the bed. I tell Pete and Tim you are my sex slave for the weekend and you will do anything I tell you to. I tell you to suck Pete and Tim hard again. You crawl over to Pete and Time and take each cock in turns in your mouth until they are both hard. Pete tells you to get on all fours and fucks you from behind. He is joined by Tim who starts to slide his dick up your arse.

You begin to protest but the feeling of tightness gives you a wave a pleasure and you soon stop protesting. "Go on fuck the little whore" I say to Pete and Tim. They fuck you in unison until you scream loudly in ecstasy. "OH mate you are right she is a cum slut. Lovely tight arse" laughs Tim. "Time to make her watertight" I reply.

I get up and offer you my cock to suck. As you suck my cock I watch Tim and Pete fuck you. The feeling of two cocks fucking you at once is driving you wild. Soon Pete and Tim pull out their cocks shooting cum all over your body. They both then get dressed. They thank us and say they have to leave. After they have left I congratulate on a wonderful performance. You give me a kiss and push my back on the bed. You plant your pussy on my face and order me to lick the cum out.

I make sure i lick you fully clean. "Now it is your turn to fuck me" you say. I get on my back and tell you to ride my stiff cock.

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You straddle my cock and ride it. I tell you what a filthy little whore you are and how tomorrow I will find more men for you to tease and fuck. The next day we go shopping.

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We take a taxi to Oxford Street. You sit in the back of the taxi and open you legs wide so when the taxi driver looks in his mirror he gets a good view of your bare pussy. It doesn't take long for the taxi driver to notice your bare pussy and he seems to be permanently looking in his mirror. We get out in Oxford Street.

We laugh about how the cabbie couldn't keep his eyes off your pussy. "Lets go and flash some more" I say. "Let's go and buy some shoes for you" I say. I tell you that you can give the shop assistants a good flashing. We go into a shop and a young guy comes over and asks if he can help us. You ask him if he has the white boots in a size seven. He returns and helps you try them on.

You are sitting on the chair and open your legs as he helps you put the boots on. The poor guy notices your bare pussy and doesn't know where to look. We buy the boots and decide to look for some shoes as well. We go from shop to shop trying on shoes making sure each assistant gets a good flash at your bare pussy.

After shopping we return to the hotel to get showered and changed and head out for the evening. I tell you we will go for a drive. I know a little place just outside London famous for dogging (dogging as term referring to voyeur and exhibitionist couples who go to car parks to have sex they are often watched by men out walking their dogs). We arrive at the car park and you look puzzled and ask what we are doing here.

I tell you to look around and see if you can see anything. There is a couple opposite us in a car having sex. I explain to you it is a dogging car park.

I pull out my cock and tell you to suck it.

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A man appears at the side window and watches you suck me off. I tell you somebody is watching us and this seems to turn you on as you suck me harder then before. I shoot my load deep down your throat and you tell me you need a good fucking.

We get out of the car and you lay on the front of the bonnet I enter you from behind and start fucking you. The couple in the other car get out and start to watch us it doesn't take long before we have about 6 people watching us fucking. This really turns you on and you tell me to fuck you harder. I tell you to give them all a good show and lie on my back. You straddle my dick and ride me. You ride my dick while looking at all the people watching us fucking there is 4 men and 2 women watching us fucking.

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The men pull out their cocks and begin wanking you call them over and tell them you want to feel there hot cum all over your body. They stand beside you wanking their cocks. It doesn't take long before all 4 men shoot there cum all over you. This turns me on and I also shoot my cum up your pussy. One of the women walks over and begins licking the cum off your body.

She fingers your pussy as she licks your body clean, her mouth slowly moves to your pussy and she replaces her finger with her mouth. Her tongue expertly explores your pussy and gives you a massive orgasm. The watching crowd is really enjoying the show and you are in your element.

The woman introduces herself as Jane and says she is here with her husband Mark. She tells us he was one of the men who just cum all over her. Jane and mark tell us they are going to a special party later and ask us if we would like to go with them. I have an idea what they mean by a special party and tell them we would love to go.

They give us an address of a pub and tell us to meat them in an hour. We go to the hotel and shower and change. When we arrive at the pub Jane and mark are already waiting. We get a couple of drinks and join them. I ask them where the party is they tell us it is near here in a club they have hired. It is for swinger's party. You look at me and I tell you that will you enjoy it. Haven't you ever been to a swinger's party before ask Mark and Jane?. "No we have never done any swinging" I reply.

"We are surprised, the sex show you gave at the car park was very good" they reply. It is a private party by invite only mark tells us and is for couples only.

When we arrive at the party there is lots of couples chatting and drinking. I notice a small stage in the centre of the room and wonder what it is for. After about half an hour a woman asks us to be quiet for moment. "I think it is time to start the night going" she says "who is going start the ball rolling" she asks?. I ask mark what she means.


He tells me that normally somebody goes up on the stage and gives a show to everyone then everybody starts swapping. The woman looks directly at you and says as you are the newcomer maybe you would like to help her start things going?.

She grabs you by your hand and leads you to the small stage. She starts by kissing and undressing you. The stage is surrounded by all the other couples all watching you and the other women. She kisses you all over your body and works her way to your pussy. She tastes your juices and then lifts her head to tell everybody how good you taste. She asks a man called Jim to come and help her out.

He undresses and gets on stage with you and the other women. He offers his cock for you to suck and you greedily begin to suck him off. You look in heaven as you show everybody how you loved to be fucked. A couple more men join the stage and kiss your breasts. The woman comes up for air and her tongue is replaced with a cock.

The man fucking you has the biggest cock I have ever seen it must be 10" wide and 6" thick. He fits it up your wet pussy very easily. He lifts your legs on his shoulders and fucks your pussy. The man whose cock you are sucking pulls out of your mouth and shoots his cum all over your body.

Another woman joins the stage and sits on your face. She gets you to lick her pussy as the guy with the big cock fucks you. The audience then starts to join in the party and within minutes everybody is naked and either fucking sucking or licking.

I lie there getting my cock sucked as I watch you being fucked. As you are the new girl all the men seem to want to fuck you. I watch you getting fucked by man after man.

All night you have a cock in your pussy or mouth. At 1 am we decide it is time to leave, we thank Mark and Jane and swap addresses. We hope to meet again soon we tell them.


When we get back the hotel I take you to bed and lick your pussy. As I lick your pussy I make you tell me how much you loved getting fucked by all those men. In the morning we head back home. You lie in the car fast asleep to exhausted from last night for any games. As I drive home I think of ideas for our next adventure.