Dirty Mature Skank Rides Meaty Fuck Rod In Home Porn Tape

Dirty Mature Skank Rides Meaty Fuck Rod In Home Porn Tape
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I was 2 weeks past my 11th birthday when my life changed badly. At 11 I was carefree slim blue eyed true blond girl. No boobs yet, but everyone keeps telling I am beautiful and if I happen to wear skirt or shorts, men can't stop staring at my legs. My family has a summer cottage rented at different places most summers, and my 11th summer was no different. Cottage was at small lake, that had only main building next to it apart from our rent cottage.

We saw only sometimes the farmer who rented the cottage to us. Mainly weekends when he drank with his friends at his pier. They were a loud bunch so we were not very happy about it, but at least there was some distance between his pier and ours.

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Weekdays I was left alone with my lil sister at cottage as parents went to work and our big sister went to meet her friends. Me and lil sis tanned, swam, tanned, read lot books and so on while alone. One Monday morning it was truly hot already early on. Me and lil sis were alone again, but she was still asleep.

I decided to go tanning on our pier alone, and try my birthday gift: super nice and sexy yellow bikinis. I remember how grown up I felt, how sexy, I even tingled a bit, one of my first times, as I stretched and turned on pier getting sun on all parts of me.

I do not tan easily, and I need lot sun lotion to not burn. Even then I turn sort of golden on skin instead of brown.

However, my big sis says it makes me look really hot. She was 13 then, she knew.

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I heard some commotion from farmer's side of lake, and saw him and one other man walk to his pier. It bothered me a bit that they could see me, but distance was long so I decided it was fine and continued tanning. I must have fell asleep, because next thing I remember was how my bikinis are pulled off me by two strong men.

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Farmer and his friend. I tried to stop them, all disoriented by sudden waking and the scary situation, but they laughed and pulled my bikinis all way off so I was naked between them! I opened my mouth to scream and farmer's friend stuffed his hard cock inside my mouth. Only now I realised they were naked. I tried to fight and get the dirty bad tasting cock out of my mouth but he just slapped my head hard and said for me to stop or he hurts me bad. I stopped struggling, feeling my jaws widen unnaturally wide with his hard cock pressing between my virgin lips.

They kept me on my fours on blanket between them and I started to feel farmer's cock slap my butt. I screamed in fear and pain but nothing much was heard through the cock blocking my mouth.


I was sure he would break my virgin puss next, but instead I felt his cock press on my butthole. It felt so unnatural, and hurt bad as he tried in vain to push inside my butt. I screamed into cock in my mouth again, and heard that man laugh and suggest farmer to use my sun lotion.

Few moments later I felt farmer's huge hard cock back on my butthole, pressing, slick with sun lotion now, pressing.

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I screamed so hard, passing even out little time as his cock pushed past my tight ring and into my anus. I felt how something tore and blood lubricated his cock evcen more, allowing him to slam it in me fully. Then they started to rape my both ends same time.

Farmer's friend forced his cock to my throat and didn't care a bit that I gagged and choked so bad I almost lost conciousness again from lack of air.

He slammed his cock in and out, as did farmer in my butt. Both men had their ball sacks slapping me, farmer on my puss and his friend on my jaw.

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I felt like ragdoll between them, crying, screaming, hurting, being raped so hard. And then farmer stiffened even more inside me and I felt his disgusting cum spurt into me. Only moment later his friend started to empty his balls deep in my throat, blocking me from air totally.

I passed out. When I woke I was laying between them. I kept my eyes closed pretending to be passed out still.

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They were discussing which one would have the pleasure of raping my virgin pussy. I heard them drink while talking.

Suddenly I jumped up and slipped past grasping hands. I ran, I ran so fast.


Naked, blood mixed cum dripping from my butt, my mouth blewing cum out as I breathed out. I ran. I ran past our cottage and into the woods. It took me hours to get courage to approach our cottage, and when I finally did, all was quiet. My sis seemed to still sleep. I slipped into bathroom and washed myself. And then washed again. I have never told anyone about my rape. I was just happy that I was still virgin! Night after night, week after week, however, I kept seeing nightmares about my rape. Nightmares that is, until one night I woke silently screaming and crying but having also the very first orgasm of my life.

That is when I started to fantasy on what had happened to me. I have orgasmed countless times remembering how those men raped me in mouth and butt same time. Finally, about 5 months after the rape I registered on BDSM site online, faking my age and putting up an ad to seek out men who like to rape/use girl's butt. I got lot answers, but what I did with those answers is another story, which I tell only if you want me to.