Super sexy and horny guys gay fucking gay sex

Super sexy and horny guys gay fucking gay sex
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Well this post is already in the forum section - but for those that dont necessarily go there I decided to post this here as well. THis is not my normal type of story but was done as a request for someone wanting to be degraded.

If that doesnt appeal to you, as well as, the rest of the tags above then no point in getting yourself upset from reading this then. If you read it please rate it all.

It lets those of us that write if you like our time we put into something and takes so little of yours to click yes or no. Comments are always welcome too. Anyways . Had been watching you at the beach. Your bikini barely covering the parts of your body it is supposed to. I watched as you got up and headed towards the bathroom. I made my way to the same area. As you walked by me you smiled, seemed to sway your hips just a little bit more - such a cock tease.

The service cart for the bathrooms was outside but I didnt see the person that cleaned the bathrooms. I grabbed the sign that read "Sorry - closed for cleaning" I waited just a couple of minutes. Halted a couple of people that were going to go in after you and waited to make sure no one else was inside.

Then I hung the sign on the door and walked quietly inside. As I turned the corner I saw you checking yourself in the mirror. Seeing me in the reflection you turned, not shouting but asking me what the fuck I was .


I slapped your face and put my hand over your mouth. Pushed you against the wall as I felt you trying to scream into my hand and struggling to get away from me.

Your legs kicking at me and your arms trying to slap me some where to make a difference. I slapped your face again, then slid my hand up to your hair - pulling it hard which seemed to make your legs stop kicking and you moved your hands up to the one I had in your hair trying to free it as I pushed your face against the wall.

I slid my other hand from your mouth - threatening you with your life if you screamed or tried to get anyones help. I watched the tears in your eyes as I pushed my hand into your bikini bottoms - shoving 2 fingers into your pink pussy.

"Teasing lil whore! I am going to give you everything you want bitch!!" I push your bottoms down to your mid thighs and then stepped on them - pushing them down completely. I grab one of your tits hard - pinching at the nipple through the fabric and hear you moan out as I do.

I pull your top so that your breasts fall out of it.


I pinch one nipple hard and then the other, hearing you cry as I do. I push you to your knees - holding your hair tight as I do, "Behave yourself you little cunt. Use that fucking mouth of yours for what it was meant for!" I push my shorts down and my hard cock pops out. I pull your hair hard and your mouth opens. I dont waste any time and thrust my cock into it. Filling your mouth and into your throat. I feel you gag on it, your spit spraying out onto my crotch as you cough and gag on me.

"Suck it Whore!" Demanding as I fuck your mouth hard and beginning to feel your tongue working around my cock. You put your hands on my groin which only gets them slapped hard and pushed away, "Fuck your cunt with those you little slut! The other can pinch your nipples as I did for you!" Slowly I see your hand dip into your pussy, rubbing it slowly and then the pace picking up. Your other hand playing with your nipples, pinching them. I continue pounding away at your face.

Feeling the occasional moan against my cock. I look down and see you with 2 fingers inside your wet sex - fucking yourself harder and faster. I pull my cock dripping from your mouth and watch as you hold it open - almost begging to have it back inside. "I knew when I saw you you were a cock whore!" I pull you up by your hair and push you over to the sink. You practically fall as your legs get tangled in your bikini bottoms. Finally you get one ankle free and get your feet under you just in time for me to bend you over the sink.

I kick my feet at your ankles - telling you to spread your legs wider. I get in position behind you - hand still in your hair holding you tightly as I grab my cock and push it into your cunt.

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Feeling how wet you have gotten yourself I shove every inch of me inside you. "MMMM good job bitch! Got that pink cunt of yours ready to be fucked didnt you?!" All I hear from is a whimpering yes and moans and cries as I fuck your pussy as hard as I did your mouth. I pound away at you - not worried about your satisfaction at all but not knowing how much you are enjoying this secretly.

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Each thrust into your pussy lifts you to your toes when all of a sudden I stop and pull out. Then you feel me push against your ass. You reach back and tell me "no dont ." The tight pull on your hair telling you to stop complaining.

I grab your hand and put it up your head - holding your wrist along with your hair. Your tits pressed into the cold basin of the sink I force my cock into your ass. Again with disregard for you or your body - I shove all of me into your ass. You wanted to scream out over having something pushed in that shouldnt have been. You know better and bite your lip - muffling your scream as best you can.

Again fucking your ass with the same fury as before and lifting you to your toes with each thrust into you. I hear you panting and moaning and I know what a slut you are as you are actually enjoy this.

I pull my cock from you and push you to your knees, "Open your mouth whore!" The indignant pull on your hair and hand and the assuming tone that you do this on a continual basis.

you watch as I stroke my cock and then the thick rope of cum shoots onto your face. I quickly shove my cock into your mouth, "suck it all out and swallow it you stupid slut!" You do as told, sucking my cock dry of every drop of cum. As you finish I watch as my cock starts to soften and the rope of cum runs down your cheek and chin and drops onto your chest. You look up at me and I smile, then you feel the hot splash of urine on your chest. You look down as I wash my cum from you with my hot piss.

It splashes over your face and runs down your body, between your legs and over your abused pussy and ass.

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As I finish I shake the rest over your face and let go of your hair and hand, then you hear the click of a camera as I take a picture of you there; fucked in every hole and then cummed and pissed on, tits hanging out of your bikini and the bottoms wrapped around one ankle, "What a perfect picture that makes of a slut like you!" I grab your hair again and drag you to the bathroom stall.

I kick open the door and pull you up and sit you on the toilet. I push my cock back in my shorts, "Sit there and dont fucking move bitch!" Well there ya go all. Hope ya enjoyed.

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