Eine unwiderstehliche und wilde Hottie Topf

Eine unwiderstehliche und wilde Hottie Topf
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Chapter 4 The next morning, I awoke with Scout in my arms. I gave her a kiss on the back of her head and left her sleeping. I went downstairs to make breakfast. In the middle of making pancakes and sausage, I heard foot falls on the steps. I looked and saw Scout coming down the stairs. She was rubbing her eyes with one hand, the other on the banister.


Her white shirt was riding up, showing off her flat belly. "Hi, cutie," I said. "How'd you sleep?" "Great," she said, smiling. "I've got breakfast, if you want it." "OK." She ran up to me and jumped in my arms.

"But first," she said, and kissed me on the lips "Well thanks," I said. "What was that for?" She laughed and said, "You know," and winked. I chuckled and gave her her breakfast. Now, for some descriptions. I know it's a little late, but better late than never.

Scout was 4'6" tall with long, very blond hair. She was very skinny, had bright blue eyes, and white skin. I am 5'6", with black hair, green eyes and white skin. Later that day, after it warmed up, we went for a swim. As we were playing in the water, it wasn't just me trying to get our bodies closer. She took every opportunity to tease me.

She would swim under my legs, or up the front of my body. It was fun, but I had a raging boner, and could only take so much. The next time she swam near me I scooped her out of the water. She screamed in surprise. I carried her out of the pool and lay her down on a pool chair.

I knelt over her and brought my face to hers.

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Unlike our other kisses, this one was very intense. We started to make out, mouths open, breathing each other's breath.

I forced my tongue into her mouth. She started to back away, but I came closer. I explored the inside of her mouth, urging her to do the same. She hesitantly put her tongue into my mouth.

Soon, our tongues were intertwined. I wrapped my hands around, one at her head and one at her waist and pulled us together, grinding our bodies together, and deepening our kiss.

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After at least a minute, we slowly pulled apart. I chuckled; we were both panting. "We'd better get this chlorine off," I said.

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Scout could only nod. She looked a little dazed. I held her hand as we walked inside to the showers. I had to keep her from falling as she stumbled side to side. By the time we got to the shower though, she had recovered. We got in the shower, and rinsed all the chlorine off our bodies. We dried off, and went to my bedroom to change.

Scout began to take off her bikini, but I said "Stop." I picked her up and laid her on the bed. We started to make out again. I slowly reached behind her and unclipped her top, and threw it to the side.

I moved my mouth down and kissed each of her tits. I sucked on them, like I would a piece of candy, occasionally giving them a gentle nibble. Each time I did that, she let out a small groan. Meanwhile, my hands moved lower. I untied the sides of her bikini and threw it away with the top.

I started to stroke her prepubescent pussy, moving my finger from the bottom to top. With each movement, she shivered.

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I pushed harder each time, forcing my way deeper and deeper into her virgin cunt. Her pussy was too tight to get my finger in it though. What it needed, I thought, was to be wetter. I stopped sucking on her tits and moved my mouth down. I started to lick her vaginal mound, up and down, causing her to moan. I once again pressed, but this time, the moisture of my tongue allowed me to get into her pussy.


As I slipped in, Scout's back arched and she moaned even louder. I moved my tongue in and out of her virgin pussy. I was pushing my tongue into her as far as I could, and she was thrusting her pussy into my face to help get it deeper. I brushed against her hymen on the furthest trust. I pulled out my tongue. Scout wined for more. "I'm going to give you more," I said. "I'm going to fuck you, OK" "Yes, please," she moaned, sounding desperate.

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"I want you in me, please!" I stripped off my shorts, and placed my cock on her pussy. I started to push gently.

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Her pussy spread, little by little, to allow me entrance. The head of my dick popped into her and I heard a sharp intake of breath. "Are you OK?" I asked. "Yes," she said. "More!" I pushed more, until I reached her hymen. "This might hurt," I said. "Are you ready?" She took a deep breath. "Yes," said Scout. I thrust forward quickly, breaking her hymen, and taking her virginity. She exhaled sharply. "Are you OK?" I asked. "Yes," she said.

I started to move back and forth slowly. Each time she took a sharp breath, which turned into a grunt, then a moan, as I moved faster. I started to go deeper. First half my cock went in and then ¾.

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She started to thrust up with me, pushing more and more of my cock deep inside her. We moved faster and faster. Her tight warm pussy was gripping my penetrating cock. Scout started to moan. Louder and louder. "What's happening?" asked Scout. "I feel weird." "You're going to cum," I said. "So am I." "Let's cum together then" she said. "OK," I agreed. She stared to moan again. A load burst every time I thrust. I could feel my cum building up at the base of my cock.

I could hold it no longer. "I'm cumming!" I exclaimed. I shot my cum into her pussy, filling it with my hot, creamy liquid. "Oh god, it feels so good!" She said.

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My cum took her over the edge. With my hard cock still thrusting in and out, spurting my cum into her preteen pussy, she came. Her back arched, and she thrust up, moaning so load it was almost a scream. She reach the climax, and then faded back down while I shot the last of my cum in her tight little pussy.

I pulled out my cock, and lay down beside her. We kissed, and the fell asleep, as my cum dripped out of her tiny pussy.