Hermosa chica se la follan delante de todos

Hermosa chica se la follan delante de todos
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It was silk and extremely soft looking through the window. It covered the mannequin so beautifully and I knew I had to have it. I had to own it in my house so that whenever it was time for her to wear it then it was available for her. I pictured her in it and she looked incredible.

I passed by the window several times before I gathered enough courage to walk into that store. When I walked in I felt like I was in heaven. Silk and satin all around me, starting at me and begging for me to touch them all.


Begging for me to grab them into the nearest change room, remove my clothes and feel them all, one by one… But I had to control myself. Although my sense of smell didn't help, it smelled like women in here, beautiful gorgeous women. I felt dizzy and the room was spinning around me and when I snapped out of it I realized that I was just past the front door. I stepped forward but everything seem to be in slow motion. My breathing all of a sudden slowed down to the speed of my heart rate which must have been no more then 1 beat a minute.

The smell of the silk and the satin around me surrounded by some beautiful women made me very uncomfortable underneath my jeans and I had to do something about it immediately or it would be too obvious. What other reason would a grown up man in his mid 30's have when he decides to walk into La Senza ?

Well, I had a damn good reason and she was waiting for me at home. As I continued to walk I realized that my small cock in my jeans grow to its longest and hardest its ever been and is causing me quite a discomfort. I put my right hand in my pocket and reached forward through my pocket to pull my cock back so that the poking wasn't too obvious. A young sales person caught my eye towards the back of the store so I headed to see her. I felt extremely uncomfortable and turned on at the same time to be in this place but I knew my main objective was to buy that long blue silk nitie.

I passed by some of the customers who looked extremely sexy in this store. Everything seemed sexy in here, even the furniture. I reached the sales girl and noticed her name was Lacy. I asked her about the nitie in the front and she walked me to the correct section.

She had a lovely ass and smelled delicious.


My imagination was working OT as I pictured what she was wearing under. My small cock continued to twitch and it felt like something or someone was rubbing it inside my jeans.

I couldn't believe the feeling I had walking behind this gorgeous young lady. We reached our section and she held it in front of me. Time froze again as she held it up high so that I could see and feel it.

She pretty much held it towards her body asking me if this was the one I was looking for and I may have moaned it out, don't quite remember, but all I could picture at that moment was her nude body fitted inside this silky soft nitie. My cock was raging and I could feel that it was sticky.


I must have some a lot of pre-cum building up inside of it in the past few minutes and there was no other way for it to escape but through the little pee hole. She asked me to touch it and feel how soft it was.

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Being a man, in this store, I hesitated because I didn't want to seem to be the dirty man that I was in front of all of these beautiful women. I felt it by her request and time froze again. A few more pumps were felt on my small but very hard cock and I knew that my boxers were getting soaked with pre cum down there.

I knew I wanted it so bad but I just wanted to get out of there before they call the cops on me. My reactions started to worry me.

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Lacy didn't seem to mind though, she took me around the store and asked if there was anything else I may have been interested in. Every time she showed me something I hesitated and she would get it close to her body to show me what it would look like.

My imagination quickly removed her clothes and pictured Lacy in panties, bras, nities, pj's.

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you name it, I imagined it. Unfortunately I couldn't hold it much longer and even though I hesitated on purpose every time she showed me something, just to allow her a few seconds of trying it on in front of me, for my wild imagination, I knew I was about to explode inside my boxers. And that I did, right in front of Lacy. My cock couldn't hold it back. It felt soft smooth hands, Lacy's hands and fingers, running up and down the small shaft. Rubbing and feeling and squeezing every bit of it.

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I froze for about 10 seconds, just stared at her face and I am sure I made the strangest looking face ever but she knew I was in heaven at that point so she didn't move. Lacy just smiled and kept moving the blue silk nitie around her body as my cock kept twitching to make sure every last drop of cum was out of it and into my silk boxers.

Lacy knew I was done so she walked towards the cash, smiling, as though satisfied with her way of selling. At this point my cock started to shrink but the wetness of my boxers, being full of my own cum, caused the head of my cock to feel slippery and warm to the silk material of the boxers and that felt extremely sensitive.

Lacy knew exactly what she was doing, it cost me about $250 in panties, bras and nities to have this wild orgasm in front of this beautiful girl. Was it worth it ? Hell yes… But how was I supposed to explain all this to Amber ? To be continued…