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Chapter 41 THE HEN'S NIGHT The day of Fucktwat's wedding was approaching. Her belly was bulging with pregnancy, and since she had come back from the farm her "work" at Titcage consisted of kneeling, leashed, in Michael's office, with milk pumps attached to her tits.

Michael would fuck her from time to time, always without asking, and always taking the time to hurt her breasts or pussy as he fucked her. During these sessions he told her about the arrangements for the wedding. He was vague as to most of the details - he merely said he was arranging them - but he sought her input on some aspects. For instance, he wanted to know who should be her bridesmaids.

He encouraged Fucktwat to name the sluts she cared about most.

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Some of the names were easy for Fucktwat to name. There was her sister, Cuntcandy, of course. And there was Slutkitten. When Fucktwat had returned from the ranch and been allowed to see Slutkitten for the first time, she had thrown herself at the other bitch and hugged her so tightly she was worried she might damage the beautiful blonde teen.

She had kissed Slutkitten passionately, and Slutkitten had kissed her back, and in one of the parts of Fucktwat's mind that still remembered what it was like to be a normal girl she realised that she was in love with her friend. They had French-kissed, and started to move to 69 each other, and Fucktwat's father had had to pull the two girls apart. This had all happened on the front lawn of Fucktwat's house.

After Slutkitten, Fucktwat's next choices were her friends Amy and Elena. As women's rights had eroded over the past months, the two girls had found that they were spending more and more of their time being raped and degraded by men. This made Fucktwat happy, as they were becoming more like her, and also because sometimes she got to join in the raping and use them to make herself cum. In her mind now, this was what female friends were for, and it barely registered on her that the fact they were crying as she used them meant they were unhappy.

The two girls were still in a relationship of their own, Amy dominating Elena, but despite their intention to be lesbians they were nevertheless fucking men these days more than they were each other. Fucktwat had helped them pick out names suitable to the new paradigm. She called Elena "Titbunny" because Elena had big tits and she fucked like a rabbit, and she called Amy "Rapepuppet", because it made Fucktwat wet when Amy was completely helpless and being raped.

The girls hadn't liked their new names at first but Fucktwat had got their male friends to help, and applied a Taser to their pussies a few times, and before long they were reluctantly answering to the better, more descriptive names. Michael asked Fucktwat for two more bridesmaids, and Fucktwat had to think for a while. Finally, she nominated Sluthole from work. Sluthole had never been anything but cruel and abusive to her, but in Fucktwat's mind this was increasingly cross-wired with affection.

Maybe by hurting and humiliating her all those times Sluthole had been actually loving her? In any case, once she had thought of Sluthole, she thought of how angry Sluthole might be if she DIDN'T get picked as a bridesmaid, and that made up her mind. Her last pick was also from work. It was Bitchmelons, the brunette who had initially started work under the name Kimberley. Fucktwat didn't really like Bitchmelons but the girl was sexy, and Fucktwat dimly guessed that Michael might let her fuck her bridesmaids, so she added that name entirely in the hopes of getting to make Bitchmelons suck on her pussy.

Michael the notified Fucktwat's chosen bridesmaids of their selection. Her sister and the Titcage girls agreed obediently but Rapepuppet and Titbunny - formerly Amy and Elena - had to be coerced with slaps and threats. Michael told Fucktwat about having to force the girls to be Fucktwat's bridesmaids afterwards, as Fucktwat masturbated, unable to think properly about what it meant.

The first duty of the bridesmaids was the hen's night. For this event, Michael rented out an entire restaurant in the city.


Glass windows along the frontage allowed passers-by to see inside clearly. Within, he had arranged Fucktwat's bridesmaids - each of them nude, kneeling, their hands cuffed behind their back and their clitoris clipped to a bracket in the floor by a short chain. Rapepuppet and Titbunny were gagged, as was her sister Cuntcandy and the Titcage intern Bitchmelons.

Slutkitten and Sluthole, presumably trusted not to be disobedient, had their mouths unrestrained. Michael brought Fucktwat in, crawling and nude, her pregnant belly and milk-filled tits hanging downwards, leading her on a leash.

She was happy to see her friends here, and aroused by the way they were presented. She noticed a few men here too - Ben and Jayce, and her father. "Welcome to your hen's night, Fucktwat," Michael said.

"The point of tonight is for you to have some fun, and for you to help your bridesmaids get pretty for your wedding, which is only three nights away now." He knelt down beside Fucktwat and stroked her cheek.

"When does a slut look prettiest?" he asked her. Fucktwat knew the answer. "When she's naked and crying and there's cum on her and everyone can tell she's a whore." "Good slut," said Michael. "Now, we'll take care of the naked and the cum at the buck's night. What I need you to do is to make sure your friends are crying and look like whores at your wedding.

I want you to torture each of them in a way that will be will be visible to the guests in three days. Either hurt them very badly tonight so the effect still show, or demonstrate a way of torturing them on the day." At this, Rapepuppet and Titbunny - Amy and Elena - began to squeal and buck against their restraints. Cuntcandy's eyes began to fill with tears. The other girls, resigned to abuse, showed nothing. Slutkitten looked positively eager. "No damaging them - they need to still be pretty and fuckable - but there's no reason they need to enjoy being fucked," Michael went on.

Fucktwat could feel her pussy wettening at the thought of hurting other sluts. The idea made her very horny. "You can use them however you like to make you cum as well," said Michael. "You can orgasm as many times as you like. And if you need props, we have an extensive collection of toys and oddities for you to use.

But you need to know one thing, my little slut." Fucktwat looked up at him. She wished he'd stop talking so she could start raping her friends. "Everything you do to these girls tonight will be done to you on your honeymoon. There is no pain that you can give out tonight that you will not receive back." Somewhere inside Fucktwat, she panicked. She knew that she was broken. She knew that, with her pussy this wet, she was going to hurt and rape her friends and make them scream and cry.

She didn't want to feel that pain herself, but she knew she couldn't resist her cunt and its urge to hurt and degrade other sluts. She tried to control herself. Maybe she could be good to her friends?

Then she saw the little chain leading from Sluthole's clit to the floor, and how it was pulling on her clitoris, and how Sluthole looked like she might cry, and she gave in. She wanted to hurt and rape Sluthole very badly. The sexy bitch had bullied and degraded her and now Fucktwat could do anything she liked to the slutty little brunette. She crawled across to Sluthole and started by slapping the slut hard across both cheeks. Then she kissed Sluthole, unclipped her clitoris from the floor, pushed her down, and positioned her cunt over Sluthole's mouth.

She wanted to start with a good tongue licking, followed by pissing into Sluthole's mouth.

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She pinched cruelly at Sluthole's clit as the girl tongued her to orgasm. Once Fucktwat had had her first orgasm on Sluthole's face, and emptied her bladder into the slut's mouth, she had a good idea of how she wanted to torture the bitch. She remembered how Sluthole had always assaulted her in the toilets, had pissed on her legs and made her urinate humiliatingly in front of her.

Pussy still wet, Fucktwat crawled across to Michael and explained her idea while nuzzling her face against his dick, and he agreed that it was something Titcage could make happen. Sluthole cried when she was told what would happen to her. Titcage would implant a chip between her urethra and vagina.

If Sluthole pissed while standing up, while the microphones in the chip could hear multiple male voices, it would reward her by vibrating pleasantly against her G-spot. If it detected her urinating at any other time, it would give her a painful electrical shock. Over time, she would find she would not be able to relax her bladder unless she was standing up, in public, near men, and that when she did meet those conditions she would have almost no control over her need to piss.


It would turn her into a dirty slut-animal who habitually pissed in public. Michael assured Fucktwat that he would keep Sluthole isolated in the twelve hours leading up to the wedding, ensuring that she would wet herself as she stood in front of all Fucktwat's family and friends. Fucktwat had already forgotten Michael's warning. Her pussy was throbbing wet at the sort of making Sluthole into a stupid pissing bitch. She didn't consider the idea that the same thing would be done to her on her honeymoon.

Instead, she crawled over to Cuntcandy (her sister) and Slutkitten (her lover). Her tits were achingly full of milk, so she offered one to each of the girls (first removing her sister's gag) and stroked their hair as they gently sucked the milk from her udders.

She couldn't help making little "moo" sounds, as she had been trained to do, but it felt so good she didn't care. The relief from her tit pain, and the site of her sister's breasts swollen with their own pregnancy, gave her an idea, which she explained to Michael.

She wanted her sister to not be milked for 36 hours leading up to the wedding, with clamps placed on her nipples for the last 12. The pain in her bloated fuckbags should be excruciating by the time of the wedding, and even more painful when the clamps were finally removed and her tits roughly hand-squeezed afterwards.

She felt a little bad for hurting her sister that way, so she instructed Sluthole to lick her sister's pussy while she herself moved on to Rapepuppet. She remembered when Rapepuppet had been called Amy. She had been a lesbian, who liked dominating other girls, and she had loved Elena. It was a shame she had never worked for Titcage, where she would have been allowed to dominate all the girls she wanted, Fucktwat thought.

Rapepuppet still called herself a lesbian, and she cried when men fucked her, but Fucktwat knew that was a silly way for Rapepuppet to describe herself.

Being a lesbian was about who *she* wanted to fuck, and who she wanted to fuck was irrelevant - she was female, and her place in life was therefore to be fucked by whoever wanted to use her. Fuctkwat kissed Rapepuppet for a bit while she thought about how to torture the girl.

Rapepuppet's tits were small, which ruled out a lot of ideas, but her cunt was delightful, with a prominent clitoris and a lovely taste. She told Michael she wanted to see Rapepuppet fucked until she was pregnant, which Michael agreed was a good idea, but it wasn't Fucktwat's actual torture idea. She had a different thought, and was delighted that Michael would be able to provide the components. She got Elena and Bitchmelons to hold Rapepuppet down on the floor, nude with her legs spread, and then she smeared honey over Rapepuppet's breasts and vulva, taking care to get a bit up inside her sluthole.

Then, to Rapepuppet's horror, Michael produced a small jar filled with biting ants. Fucktwat giggled and masturbated as the ants were poured over Rapepuppet's most sensitive areas and began to bite at her. Rapepuppet screamed and bucked, particularly when some of the ants got up inside her vagina and began to bite at the sensitive interior walls.

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Fucktwat left the ants there until she had jilled herself to an orgasm, and then had them cleared away.

Rapepuppet was in tears, her boobs and cunt covered in angry red welts. She had to continue to be restrained to stop herself scratching at them madly - she ended up left with her hands cuffed behind her back again and the gag back in her mouth. Her breasts and genitals would remain in agonising pain until the wedding. Michael told Fucktwat that all the fucking of her needed to impregnate her would both feel good to Rapepuppet, because of it scratching her itchy cunt, and at the same time make the pain a hundred times worse.

Fucktwat wanted to see, so asked her father to rape the girl who had been Amy right now. Her father complied, and Fucktwat watched breathlessly as her father ploughed his cock into Amy's swollen fuckhole and Amy screamed into her gag.

Amy's screams mirrored a part of the back of Fucktwat's mind that was also screaming. She called that part "Claire". Claire was a dumb bitch who thought she had rights.

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Fucktwat was glad she could barely ever hear what Claire was thinking anymore. She wished she could hurt Claire the way she was hurting the other sluts, the way sluts deserved to be used. Fucktwat couldn't think of a time when she had been happier than this, abusing beautiful sluts and orgasming while men watched approvingly. Next was Titbunny - formerly Elena. Fuctkwat thought about how Elena had been dominated by Amy, taken as a girlfriend-slave. She had never been entirely sure if Elena had consented - on one level she had been reluctant, but on another level she seemed to realise it was where she belonged.

Fucktwat got Titbunny to lick her father's cum out of Rapepuppet's abused pussy while she thought, and the sight of the two girls 69ing gave her an idea. She talked to Michael and he agreed. They would implant small powerful magnets in each of Titbunny's nipples, in her clitoris, and in her tongue, and put little pieces of metal in the corresponding places inside Rapepuppet.


When the girls hugged, they would find their tits and cunt literally pulling them together. Titbunny's tongue would be drawn towards Rapepuppet's mouth, her breasts and her pussy.

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Both girls would be able to be stimulated just by passing a magnet in front of them, and they could have small magnets sewn into the crotch of any panties or bras they wore (not that a good slut wore underwear) to pull at their nipples and clit all day long.

Michael arranged for the two girls to be taken to a doctor after the hen's night to have the magnets implanted. Fucktwat overheard him make a third appointment for shortly after her own wedding, and briefly remembered that what she was doing to these girls would be done to her. It was a scary thought so she immediately forgot about it like a good little bimbo.

In the meantime Fucktwat borrowed Michael's leather belt and settled for making Elena masturbate to orgasm while Fucktwat whipped her boobs. That left Slutkitten and Bitchmelons. Fucktwat already knew what she wanted for Bitchmelons. The girl's breasts weren't large enough.

She asked Michael if they could get Bitchmelons a boob job so she would have nice big fuckballoons for the wedding. Michael said it would take several surgeries to safely grow her B-cups up to something truly obscene, but if they took her to hospital tomorrow she could probably be showing off D-cup udders by the time of Fucktwat's big day.

Fucktwat agreed eagerly, and settled for whipping Bitchmelons' cunt with a leather belt for this evening. Last was Slutkitten. Fucktwat knew now that she loved her friend. She kissed Kitten on the mouth, and Kitten kissed her back eagerly, but with some fear. They both knew she had to do something to Slutkitten, had to degrade her, because that was what women were for.

But Fucktwat didn't really want to hurt her friend - or rather, she did, but only in little, sexy ways, like fucking her in public or pissing in her mouth or pinching her clit until she orgasmed.

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She looked into the beautiful blonde girl's eyes, and suddenly she knew what she wanted. She herself was marrying Michael, and her sister was marrying Ben, but Slutkitten wasn't claimed. Was it possible Fucktwat could. "I want to own her," she said suddenly. Michael came over and stroked Fucktwat's hair. "Say that again?" he asked. "I want to own Slutkitten," said Fucktwat.

"I want her to be my own personal cuntlicker. I want her life to be servicing me - and my master. I want her to sleep naked at the foot of my bed when she's not in that bed being fucked. I want her to be my sex-pet and my slave. Every time a man cums in my mouth I want to share that sperm with her. And I want to have her on a leash at my wedding and I want to kiss her before I saw my vows." Slutkitten's eyes began to fill with tears.

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At first Fucktwat thought she had hurt her friend and lover after all, but then she realised they were tears of joy. Fucktwat smiled hesitantly, and then, not able to help herself, she grinned.

Slutkitten wanted to be her slave and her pet. She felt full of happiness and joy. But the opinions of a slut, even one she loved, didn't matter next to those of the man standing next to her.

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She looked up at Michael for approval. "Good slut," he said, stroking Fucktwat's hair again. "You deserve a treat. I'll give you Slutkitten. She's yours now." Fucktwat smiled even harder, biting her lip cutely. "Now," Michael said, "I think your daddy wants to rape your new pet. Why don't you hold her down for him, and then you can lick his cum out of her cunt afterwards?" Fucktwat obeyed. And even though Slutkitten orgasmed twice during the rape, her eyes were looking at Fucktwat's each time, and were filled with love.

(To be continued.)