Dazzling Lesbian Pornstars Having Titan Toys in Their

Dazzling Lesbian Pornstars Having Titan Toys in Their
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I really didn't want to attend the family reunion this year. I was the oldest of all of my cousins and always ended up babysitting the smaller ones, fighting off the older ones and having a real bad time. I begged my parents but to no avail. I was attending and there was no way out of it.

"This year would be different," my mom said. That's what she said last year. I was almost an adult now; well I was 15 this year and that made me an adult. Well, okay, if not an adult, then too old to babysit anyway and I talked my mom into assigning one of the older girls to take on that responsibility.

Let one of them graduate into that chore, I had some serious eating to do this year to fill out my hollow leg. You see, I was a typical 15 year old young man ready to experience life but too young to know what to do.

So I thought that I would stand around, look terribly bored and eat a lot. We were to meet out at Uncle Elmer and Aunt Julie's farm this year since it was their turn to host the annual affair. They owned a wheat farm and had a small brood of kids, some of which I babysat last year and were really quite a nice family.

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All of Daddy's brothers and sister would be there and that meant a lot of kids; twenty three to be exact. Of the twenty three, I was the oldest; there were my twin sisters, four years behind me. I had one boy cousin who was 13 and his twin sister and they had a sister. Then there was a gaggle of little girls ranging in age from 5 up to 11, a couple of boys under 5 and three babies. All in all, our family totaled 35 counting my Grandpa and Grammy.

We always met on the 1st Sunday of September, before school started yet after the harvesting season. Sometimes we met at the park down by the river but mainly we tried to meet at one of my uncles' houses. This year, as I mentioned, it was at the farm. The day of the reunion came and the five of us traveled by car to my uncle's place and arrived a little early so we helped my aunt set up the tables and such and it sometimes left me alone with the food to sample and taste. There was one thing about my family, we had some real good cook and they all loved to show off at the reunion with their specialties.

That was one reason I loved to come, especially now since I wasn't the designated babysitter any longer. Everyone began to straggle in and the games were on. The men got in a circle and talked about crops, politics and the upcoming football season, while the women flocked around the kitchen tables, busily preparing the food for everyone.

The little kids were busy running in circles, playing some active game while the older ones looked on not knowing whether to join in with the little ones or find something else to do. They mostly just stood around doing nothing. I noticed my 13 year old boy cousin had his eye on my twin sisters and was prowling around her, not knowing what to do, but obviously wanted to go up and talk to her.

I chuckled at his infantile attempt to converse with her. My gosh, why didn't he just go up and talk to her. He used to talk to her all the time and think nothing of it.

Now he was 13 and you'd think that he was meeting her for the first time or something, Kids! I started looking around for his twin sister, not really noticing if I had seen her yet. They were the closest to my age and last year we hung out together, when I wasn't babysitting and I got to know her pretty well.

She wore her long hair in pigtails last year and could out run her brother in a second. I was just about to go over and ask him where his sister was, when I spotted her coming out of the house carrying a dish full of food. I stopped and stared; I know my mouth must have flown open.

This wasn't my cousin was it? What happened to the little tomboyish girl in pedal pushers that could run circles around most boys? What happened to the little pigtailed, flat chested girl who could play softball, football and wrestle with the best of them?

My gosh, she had grown up into a young lady and she was dressing and acting the part quite well. She had grown some in height and was about 5' or so and had gained some weight, but mainly she had started to fill out in all the right places.


First of all, she wore her hair down around her shoulders, loosely contrasting the white dress with the light brownness of her mane. The line led directly to her chest area which blossomed out into the nicest 13 year-old protrusion imaginable. You could tell that they weren't too big, just nicely shaped and protected by the outline of the white bra encasing them. My eyes followed the line of her body downward to her firm, athletic tummy and her shapely hip flare.

She was developing an hourglass figure at the age of 13 and I was in shock. Placing the dish down on the table, she glanced up at me and smiled a blushing little smile and turned her red face downward and turned back towards the house. I could make out the slightest hint of her panties as she walked away from me.

My cock began to swell as I edged over and took another olive from the dish. I wondered inside to the kitchen and tried to act nonchalant, but my mere presence told everyone that cared that I had something on my mind. I stood over by the interior door leading to the dining room and turned to watch as she left with another dish.

This time I could see her silhouette in the sunshine of the outdoors through the thin cotton material of her dress and I almost gasped with shock. I could see the outline of her panties, they were white and they were hip huggers. They stood out plainly against her pink skin of her legs and tummy.

My erection continued to grow as I made my hasty exit out of all of the women folk and right behind her. I walked up behind her and said, "Well hi Cuz. I didn't recognize you at first you've grown so much.

You're looking real good," I said, flattering her, the best I could. She just turned beet red with embarrassment and stumbled out a "thank you" and hurried back towards the house. I thought that this could turn out to be a pretty good family reunion after all. Everybody was called to dinner and as 35 people gathered around the table, the noise level got louder and louder. We were all joking, eating and talking all at once.

I sat across the table from Peggy and kept up my gazing at her whenever I thought she wasn't looking. Every once in awhile, she would look in my direction and, seeing me looking at her, smile and quickly look away; generally brushing. After we ate our fill, we cleaned our places by stacking our plates in a bucket and I meandered over to the mowed field and all the uncles and willing kids, started up a ball game.

I noticed her sitting on a wooden fence near the field and I walked up behind her. "Not going to play?"" I asked. "Not in this," she said raising her skirt just a little. "Yeah, I guess not. I'm so full I think that I'm going to pass also.

Want to go for a walk and get rid of some of that dinner?" I inquired. "Sure," she said and scooted off the fence and joined me on the other side. We walked past the barn and down to the river.

We walked along in silence for awhile and then she said, "You know of course, that all us girls had this big crush on you don't you? I mean we all had these fantasies about going for a walk with you. Now, after I've grown out of it, you asked me to go for a walk. Funny isn't it?" she said shyly. I was completely taken off guard by her comment. I had no idea who those cousins were or that I was the subject of their fantasies.

I thought for a moment and then I said, "You really had fantasies about going for a walk with me?" I asked. "All of us girls had a crush on you Cuz, but like I said, I've grown out of it," she added. About that time, we came to a small creek that we needed to cross, so I hopped over and grabbed her hand and helped her over. She came to a stop standing right next to me as I held on to her hand and pulled her close to me.

I looked down at her and asked, "So how long ago did you have this crush on me?" She was startled by either the question, my stance right next to her or maybe both; because she looked down instantly and started to blush.

She didn't answer the question but continued to looking at my hands holding hers.

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Then she slowly looked up at me and said shyly, "I guess I have never really gotten over the crush," and looked back down at her hands. She never tried to remove her hands from mine and she never tried to move herself from standing right in front of me. She just stood there, waiting for me to make the next move.

I thought long and hard about my next decision. I wanted to make sure it was the correct one. It seemed like a long time before I raised our hands up to her face where she released it and I cradled her soft little chin in my gentle touch.

Then I bent down and kissed her gently on the lips. She closed her eyes and kissed me back. I inched my way forward and moved my other hand around to her back. I tenderly pulled her into me as I kissed her fully on the mouth. She moved her lips slightly apart as she hugged me back and drew me into her body.

I got turned on feeling her body against my own and pressed it fully onto her.

This shocked her into moving away from me as she let go of her hug. She looked down again and I could see her embarrassment showing on her neck. She gazed up at me and said, "That wasn't part of my fantasies," and started to smile a little. "It is part of mine," I inserted. "I didn't know you had a fantasy about me," she said. "I just started one," I said with a smile as I took her hand with mine again.

She looked down at her hands and then up into my eyes and asked, "Where does your fantasy take us from here?" It took me awhile to know what was next and during the time it took to figure it out, I began to walk with her again down to the river. We walked hand in hand for another silent minute or two and as we made the crest of the embankment that led down to the river bank, I knew how my fantasy was going to end or I hoped it would anyway. I stopped on the sandy beach of the river and stood right before her.

I dropped her hand and moved my fingers up to the buttons on my shirts and started unfastening them. She looked on with a shocked and embarrassed look on her face. When I reached the bottom button and I removed my shirt from my body, the look on her face had started to turn to panic. My hands went slowly down to my trousers and started on the button and zipper and then I slid them off of my butt.

They dropped to the ground and I stepped out of them. I kicked off my sandals and was standing before her in my boxers, with my erection tenting out the front. She looked on with disbelief and apprehension wondering if I expected her to be next.

I looked at her with questioning eyes. We knew what the question was, but neither one of us knew what the answer would be. I slowly reached my hands down to the waistband of my boxers and slid them down to the ground, exposing my stiff cock to her unbelieving eyes.

She swallowed hard but she never removed her eyes from their target.

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She swallowed again and hesitantly and almost inaudibly asked, "What are you doing?" "I just got undressed and now I'm going to get you undressed," I said and reached for her buttons on the front of her dress. She didn't say a word.

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She didn't say "Stop" and she didn't say "Okay". She just stood there, almost not breathing, swallowing hard at every advancing button that I undid, until my hands were caressing her tummy muscles. My touch was causing her to quiver as I ran them up over her shoulders, taking the top of her dress with them.

She closed her eyes as she fought for her breath. I pulled the garment free of her arms and let it gather at her waist. Her white bra, holding up her tender young breasts; shown brightly in the afternoon sun. Looking at her quivering tender body, half undressed, made me want to rip the rest of them off. But I managed to control myself and started to slowly raise her skirt up towards her hips. I slid my hands along her outer thighs, feeling her soft skin up to her panties.

They were cotton, they were white and they held her hidden treasure that longed to be explored. When I finally reach her hips and taking the entire dress up and over her head, she aided me by raising her arms into the air. The fact that she helped me did not go unnoticed by me and as I found a small bush to lay it down upon, I reached out and tenderly started caressing her shoulders. Her eyes were still closed and her breath was labored but when I removed the straps down over her shoulders onto her upper arms, she couldn't stop a high pitched little moan as it escaped her mouth.

Ever so slowly, I ran the back of my fore fingers up under the cups of her bra. Catching them right at the straps, I slowly pulled them down, exposing her small little breasts to the sunlight. They were exquisite. They had small, puckered areolas, topped off with tiny pointing nipples.

They were perfectly shaped and asked to be fondled. Twirling the bra around her tummy, I undid her white padded bra and tossed it over on top of the dress. Standing up once again, my mouth was agape at the sight of my gorgeous young cousin, dressed in only her white cotton panties, standing there with her eyes closed waiting for my next move.

I could have died right there and then and been happy looking at that sight. She opened her eyes and looked back at me as she bit her lower lip. Then she did the unthinkable, she lowered her hands down to her waistband and slid panties over her hips in a slow but defiant action As they cleared her pubic mound to expose her small, light brown triangle to my sight, it was my turn to inhale audibly.

Sliding them over her legs to the ground, she kicked them off and placed them on top of the pile of her clothing. She then stood back up as we inspected each others naked bodies. My heart was racing and I'm sure hers was too. I took the first step forward and reached out and took her by the hand.

Leading her over to a small patch of grass I sat down and pulled on her hand until she joined me there on the ground. She had her legs curled up under her as she fought the temptation to shyly cover her exposed body. But it was unless and with my assistance, she lay back on the grass looking up into my eyes.

I smiled into her apprehensive eyes and she smiled back with a nervous little quivering of her lips and then as if she gave a sign of surrender, she closed her eyes and waited my move.

I reached out with my touch to tenderly caress her shoulder. Rubbing it softly with my fingertips, I gently moved the circles I was making to her breast bone, to her upper chest and then I barely touched her nipple.

She jerked in an uncontrollable fashion, as she let out a small cry from her parted lips. I touched the other one and she scrunched up her shoulders to repel the sensation. Relaxing her shoulders again, she sighed rather loudly as I took one breast in its entirety in my hand and squeezed and massaged it gently. I would put my palm on her breast and moved my touch up to her nipple and gently pinched it between my thumb and fore finger.

One after the other, I would repeat and alternate this stimulation of her 13 year old breasts. With each one ending at her nipples, she was getting more and more aroused. Then I touched her down at her belly button with one hand and kept the other on her breast. Her muscles quivered as I made contact with a new sensitive spot. But when I lowered myself down and place my mouth upon her other breast and started my oral assault, she reacted almost violently.

I was now lying almost on top of her with my upper body, my mouth on her breast, my hand on the other one. My other hand was probing into her navel, but it had another destination in mind. So it started traveling downward over her abdomen and it felt the tickle of her pubic hair. She tensed up as I arrived down there, so much that I stopped and waited. A little whimper that I barely heard started my hand back down to its target.


I, oh so lightly, brushed her hair between her legs as she once again cried out with anticipation. I tickled the hair down there at her junction.

She squirmed and jerked but slowly spread her legs just a little. It was enough to insert my finger between them and softly brush the velvety hair deep down where the sun never shines.

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She drew her legs up into a ball as she cried out with excitement and then spread her legs wide apart, begging me to stimulate her completely. This I did firmly with one placement of my hand. Grabbing her by the crotch, I put my fingers into her slit while my palm pressed down on her clitoral area.

She cried and moaned and raised her hips up to meet the pressure of my groping hand. My fingers were getting wet from the expulsion of fluids from her vagina where I had placed them and as I slowly inserted one into her opening, she suddenly tensed up and stopped breathing completely. I slid my finger into the tight confines of her virginal canal.

I slid it in to the first knuckle and then the second. Somewhere between the second knuckle and fully buried, it was stopped by a membrane that covered the entrance to the womb. She stiffened once again but started to relax as I withdrew my intrusion from her vagina. The walls almost spat out my finger during its withdrawal and I wondered how tight it would feel around my cock. As she was starting to relax from the vaginal assault with my finger, I rubbed my thumb up her slit and made contact with her clitoris.

This sent her into a crazy, convulsive gyration and she started humping with her hips. All of this stimulation was driving me wild and I knew my time was limited. So I moved over to place myself between her legs as she tensed up with the realization of what was about to happen.

She did not move, she did not object, she just lay there, waiting timidly and expectantly. I inserted my thumb into her opening, just to stimulate it once more and to see if she was well lubricated. The first sign of pre-cum had oozed out of my cock so I placed it right at the opening and started my intrusion. It took only an inch or two before she cried out in pain.

I stopped and waited and then I applied a little more pressure. I had to stop two more times before I reached her hymen. Feeling the barrier, I stopped, retreated an inch or so, and then pressed forward with enough force to break through into her womb. She cried out in pain but allowed me to penetrate beyond the membrane.


Then she begged me to stop and let her catch her breath. I waited until I had her permission to continue and with one more deep thrust, I bottomed out. Her walls were incredibly tight around my cock. I could feel her every muscle as she contracted and released the intruder. The sensation was driving me near the brink but I had to restrain my desires. We were coordinating our rhythmic movements now, slowly withdrawing and penetrating deep within her vagina.

As I slid in, the walls would continue to fight me but gave in more and more to the intruder until finally they loosened up and permitted my onslaught to proceed. Over and over we moved in unison as we brought the intercourse to a lively slamming of our crotches together.

I could tell she was gaining on the orgasm and I knew that I was about to burst. I picked up the pace and force of my intrusions and that seemed to do it for her because she suddenly stiffened up and forced a gigantic release from her vagina as she flooded my cock with her fluids. I could hold it back no longer as I joined her in the thrill of ecstasy by expulsing my semen deep within her womb.

I could feel it splash onto her walls and ricochet back on my cock. Our juices mixed into a slick goo that spread out of her onto our pubic areas.

We both collapsed from exhaustion as I slowly deflated and slid out of her. We lay there for a few minutes, trying to catch our breaths and enjoying the afterglow.

I bent my head down and kissed her right on her lips. She coyly kissed me back and then, reaching around and grabbing me by the butt, pulled my deflated cock to her wet crotch as she humped away in jest.

We both giggled and faked getting turned on and really doing it. She said finally that we needed to get back to the reunion before we were missed and I agreed, so we got up and splashed some water on our private parts to clean up the mess we had created, put on our clothes and headed back towards the house and the games that the family was playing. That was our first encounter of love making, both together and individually but it was not our last.

We got lucky with the first, she didn't get pregnant but we would have to watch it from now on. I never professed any love for my cousin or she for me, but I can say that I loved making love with her and I think she could say the same thing.