Primo dormido le saco la verga

Primo dormido le saco la verga
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but·ter·fly n. 1. a diurnal insect typically having a slender body with knobbed antennae and broad colorful wings. 2. to talk, write or behave amorously, as in a romantic love affair.

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3. A person interested principally in frivolous pleasure. FOREWORD: This peice should take the average reader 22 minutes to read. Readers whom prefer to skip 'details', or whom for whatever other reason, wish to get to the bestiality sex in this story, you need only scroll down to the section labeled: 'DECEMBER 12, Approximately 9.30PM.' Also, I write in a certain style and I have had to reconstruct the dialogue of this story in a way I felt befitting of my attempt to tell my reader something of the greatest love affair of my life.

Furthermore, some things may have been said at different times, and not in the exact sequence of their actual placing in this text, still I assure you; The following story is TRUE, however ornately remembered, and bedizened by its author. PRELUDE: Have you ever been so in love, you saw your soul reflected in your lover?

The world takes on a rosy hue when viewed through the eyes a young man in love with the girl of his dreams. I feel so lucky to have felt that way, at least once.

The year was 1985: Australia, in a long hot summer. Maddonna was almost young enough to be believed when she sang 'Like A Virgin', and Duran Duran had 'A View to a Kill'. Everything from fashion to the stock-market was flamboyant, and there was a romantic optimism in most people, that everything was going to get better all the time. Or perhaps that was only how I felt. because I was in love! Completely captivated by a young woman, at that time. At nineteen years old, I was as tall and good-looking as I was ever going to be.

Physical; fashionable; free-thinking; I had the ambition, bucks and bullshit girls admired -- along with affable persuasion if it was sexually required. This last, was perhaps my greatest blessing as a horny young man in need of constant, ever more exotic sexual thrills. However, it was a talent I never really needed to assert with Lisa.

And in retrospect, is probably one of the things I liked most about her. I had spotted Lisa late one night, on the day she turned sixteen, while driving home from an unsuccessful pussy-hunting expedition with a male friend. It had been raining earlier, making it easier for me to skid my little sports car, with its tires screeching to the curb.

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The large roundup of young ladies, Lisa included, seemed suitably impressed when we two handsome, horny devils pulled up beside them, and began our best efforts to be seductive. They were a very attractive bunch. But I only had eyes for one girl in the group.

Lisa had all the amorous feminine charms I'd ever wanted in a woman. Even at only five-foot-four, she had a marvelous female figure. A radiant youthful beauty, dazzling to my senses. Long, clasped-back brunet hair, gorgeous brown eyes and skin, a voice as sweet as songs sung with her sensual full-pouted lips, her amply uplifted breasts and curvaceous peach-shaped ass made her stand out from the crowd.


And I was smitten! Apparently the girls had been attending a slumber party together. And out of boredom, they'd decided to see what trouble they could get into in the city after midnight.

Well. Lisa and a girlfriend for my friend, found the pleasurable sort that night, on a beautifully moonlit beach, secluded on a cozy cape nearby.

And so did I. It was only three AM in the morning, and already cupid was practicing his archery in the darkened dunes. What else but magic can make us fall in love so fast? I still don't know forty-one! Still. I do know I fell in love that night. Lisa looked great -- she smelt right. As the sea sighed, and we became lovers for the first time, I discovered that she tasted even better.

I could go on, but it suffice to say, we really liked each other from that first sweet-tender moments in those foothills by the sea. However, I quickly came to see something in Lisa that was even more enchanting than romance. Almost immediately I decided Lisa was a very special girl. Sure, she was sexy, and I soon came to worship her as if a Goddess.

But, more importantly to me at that age, she was also a wickedly, salacious little slut! In those days I loved to FUCK. And not just the loving, caring kind. I loved, adored and lived for fucking! I was constantly filled with fuck-lust and I wanted to do it like the devil whenever, wherever and with whomever I got the chance! Luckily, Lisa and I saw eye to eye in that regard, and we soon found we were fire and kerosene together, when it came to sex and living for the moment. Over the following months, our relationship grew firm and fast and soon we could tell each other anything.

There were very few barriers between us, and the ones we found, we wanted to knock down quickly with our loving trust, snuggling into the wild warmth of sexual furry we saw burning in each other. We took an apartment together and our sex life was wonderful right from the start.

She enjoyed the rakish hardness of my frame, as much as I adored the swelling contours of her lithesome little body when we fucked. She was such a lovely, horny little cunt, and I took great pleasure in stoking the fire between her legs with my always willing tool. I loved to fuck her from behind sometimes, prying her lovely rounding buttocks apart with my thumbs so I could better view the way her pussy loved my prick. Her juicy pussy-lips rippled and fluttered tightly around my vein-ribbed cock-shaft as I drove it slowly to-and-fro, my knees outside her tawny thighs - marveling at the feeling of her fuming fuck-channel - the rings of cunt-muscles clenching and pulling as I teased her back and forward on my throbbing prick, before plunging deeply in to satiate her aching need to feel my rigid weapon cramp, and lever in her cunt.

It was so rewarding to draw a foaming orgasm from her while I fucked her ass, and frigged her pussy with a dildo, or by any other way we could think of while alone. And we'd often whisper our dirty fantasies, like what we'd like to do to one another, or any other OTHER for that matter, at such times.

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So we quickly realized how rewarding it could be, as a swinging couple, with such fine young bodies and a pair of filthy minds at our disposal. And we became like sexual vampires on the prowl, when we went nightclubbing together on the town.

We didn't have to try very hard to find our fun. We were an attractive flirtatious couple, and Lisa was as willing to swing both ways as I was, if we thought it was to our mutual amusement. I have lost count of the number of beautiful people who appeared out of the disco foggers haze, while the music blared, the Emil rushed, the Coke fizzed in our brains, or we writhed with Ecstasy, beatifically lighting up our hungry faces on some dance floor.

Girls; guys; groups. We weren't shy! Even though we did become somewhat notorious around the town. Indeed, it was a blessing to us both, that word of mouth severed to get us greater propositions from the willing! Anyway, if you thought this may have been enough sex for any couple, you'd be wrong. Lisa was a schemer. And she loved to dream up raunchy scenarios that tickled both out fancies.

Always wanting to please her, I'd usually play along, no matter how bizarre, or hard to arrange our sexual games. One game involved me having to sit back and watch her fuck a male acquaintance without being allowed to join in.

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And although, while watching, I was allowed to rub my cock, I was forbidden to cum. I can remember vividly how my little bitch writhed beneath his hated, bulky naked body, as he poked my darling girlfriend right before my eyes. As I burned, she seldom took her eyes off mine, preferring to see my pain and anguish while he grunted in her ear. You see, my little angel also had the devil in her, and a tactile understanding of what pleasure comes from pain. However, she was quite fair minded, and had me seduce several of her girlfriend's; Fucking each while she observed, whilst hidden in a bedroom cabinet, then later when we were alone, she'd fuck herself silly with a dildo while she told me her account of what she'd seen.

I always had to give Lisa a 'A for effort' when it came to her creative ways to take our relationship to a higher, if more perverted sexual level. Still. The day I was fucking her quite nicely, and she hotly whispered her latest idea was to fuck a dog!

I was taken by surprise. However, she could tell I quickly got excited be the way my cock went extra rigid in her cunt. And the details of her quickly hatching plan to put on a sex show on for me with a dog, soon made me thunder thick throbs of man-chowder in her hotly coming channel. DECEMBER 12, Approximately 9.30PM. "Hmmm. you like that. don't you handsome!" Lisa purred as the stray male dog we'd picked up only moments before thrust his head beneath her denim mini, burying his nose between her willing spreading thighs and pussy lips, in the darkened backseat of the car.

Lisa had deliberately not worn any panties, just as planned. Handsome! For want of a better name for the strange Doberman we'd abducted off a suburban street, that one stuck. I could clearly hear Handsome making loud wet lip-smacking sounds behind me, as the horny old stray licked my beautiful girlfriend's flavorsome pussy for her, as best he could, in the cramped conditions the pair had to endure while we headed back to our apartment.

I was too busy driving, and the car interior was very dim. However, Lisa gushed excitedly about how the big dog seemed to be very interested in licking her already hotly oozing cunt. The very thought made my cock twist and ache, and my pre-cum had already soaked through the crotch of my pants. Just imagining what was going on back there was making me SO fucking horny! The more Lisa squealed and fidgeted around in glee in the back seat with the curious dog burrowing up into her humid fork, the more difficult I found driving, my hands were shaking visibly on the steering wheel.

I sighed with relief when we finally arrived back at our flat. I was more than ready to see Lisa give me a perverted good sex show with the dog. Once we'd pulled up in the darkened driveway, I ran to open the door with difficulty due to my raging hard-on cramping in my pants. Lisa and the eager dog pushed past me as I opened the door, and by the time I had taken one last guilty look outside, and then locked the door behind us, Lisa had already wiggled out of her clothes.

In fact, she was already perched on the edge of the living room couch, with the rambunctious Doberman crowding in between her luscious, wide spread legs. I was careful not to disturb her or the dog, as I began removing my clothes too.

Relieved and titillated by the sudden rush of cooler air on the skin of my hot ridged cock and lust-clenched ball-sack, as the dog started lapping furiously at her lovely, coral-pink gash. Earlier in preparation, we had positioned a large dressing-table mirror in the room, so that Lisa could enjoy her own obscene performance with the dog.

And what a depraved and filthily erotic sight it was. Beneath her gorgeous tits, Lisa's small waist flared out again at her curvaceous hips. Her thick patch of lustrous brown pubic hair formed a perfect, well trimmed triangle. I could plainly see her swollen pussy lips, moisten by the dog's spittle and Lisa's own hotly oozing secretions, where the dog's tongue splayed and penetrated at the apex of her bush.

Lisa needed little priming to fan her cunt-heat into a glowing furnace of desire and the air in the living-room filled quickly with the spicy, sweet musky odor of her steaming cunt fragrance.

She groaned as she bared her gaping girl gash before the wet, searing caresses of Handsome's hotly lashing tongue. She looked like a woman possessed, her eyes burned almost dementedly with lust as she gazed down feverishly between her legs at the dogs bobbing head, and darting tongue. Her big firm tits, which had been tightly imprisoned in a boob-tube only moments before, were now two gorgeous globes, lifted beautifully on her proudly swelling chest, exposing her tits to the cool air of the living room and causing her tiny brown nubbins to stand out spectacularly.

As the dog strained and slurped through her lubricious lions, she humped her creamy butt checks, pressing urgently on the edge of the couch. She cupped her massive tits, one in each hand, and as the dog kept licking and smacking between her legs, she stroked them softly and gently.

"Oh God, gooood dog!" Lisa moaned, as the scalding pressure of Handsome's powerful tongue peeled her cunt-lips apart and wormed a few inches into the velvety depths of her pussy. It made Lisa jerk her knees up involuntarily. That subtle move pulled her snatch-lips further apart, exposing more of the soft folds of her inner twat to the huffing, probing animal. "God this is so fuckin' horny to watch!" I croaked from the doorway, my throat thick with lust.

Lisa, who had seemed to forget I was there, decided it was time to turn on the kink - she liked to tease me when she put on little sex shows for my pleasure.

Knowing I was watching her tits being stroked and petted by her own hands while the dog licked out her pussy didn't embarrassed her, and she couldn't take her eyes off herself in the mirror either. Making me even hotter - knowing she enjoyed being such a filthy slut - as she humped her cunt onto the dogs hammering, cunt lathing tongue, helping Handsome get at the hot-pink insides of her fluttering fur-fringed fuck-hole.

"Oh good doggy! That's it!" she gasped, spreading her thighs wider to expose the thin vertical oval of her gaping, glistening-wet cuntal mouth to his fanatically jittering maw. "Ooooooh gooood boy.!" She encouraged, as the hairy, heavily muscle dog foraging between her creamy cunt-slabs started corkscrewing his long pink tongue into her tight young fuck-tunnel beyond. She began to stroke her soft white tit globes, carefully tweaking the small brown nipples which coned tantalizingly erect beneath her finger-tips.

She teasingly stroked up and down in the valley between her two soft tits, rubbing both boobs at the same time as I and the dog both panted with lust. Her nipples had become as hard as pebbles - I knew how they must be tingling and aching at her touch - she took a nipple between her thumb and forefinger and rolled it back and forth and as she rolled and tweaked the naughty brown bud, Handsome burrowed lustily into her hotly oozing cunt.

Handsome seemed to be getting more aroused as he stuck his long nose up and down the flooded slick inner folds of her twat.

She could see that his furry mouth was wet with her own hot juice. His black, flared nostrils glistened with it. His pink tongue slapping sloppily over her twat, parted the fleshy fat lips, then slithered up the widened crack, up to her clitoris and bathed it again and again.

"Fuck!. he likes your nice smelly cunt baby!" I rasped. "MMmmm yeah. he gets right in deep too," Lisa teased, as the dog's tongue slathering down her fine cuntal hairs, matting them together with doggie spittle. His tongue moved up from the bottom cleft of her pussy-lips, forcing the hairs to mat together in a slicked-down, upward pattern, while rivulets of his thick animal saliva seeped into the tight crack between her pussy-lips.

Lisa rolled her head from side to side, a low throaty moan of bestial pleasure escaping from her tightly compressed lips.

A dog; a filthy, primal lusting animal was rimming out her cunt. And she was fuckin' loving it! Gasping from the tickle as the animal's hot wet tongue grazed her thickening clit, Lisa thrust her hands down to cover the exposed membranes. The dog licked her fingers, nuzzled at them with hot eagerness as he tried to nudge them away to get back to her tasty twat. One wet lick rubbed over her clit again. Lisa sucked in her bottom lip as she swooned with lust.

What was happening to her mind? A dog . a fucking dog was doing this to her. my God it made me HOT! All this time my cock had been aching. When I dared look, it appeared as tortured as it felt. I had never been harder. My bloated cock-knob was a fearsome purplish color. I was truly afraid to touch myself in case I came on the spot.

I could see Lisa's nipples, stiff and tweaking with excitement as the dog's stumpy tail twitched back and forth in time with his scooping tongue. Lisa rocked her ass slightly from side to side as the dog tongued her, rubbing the inner surfaces of her twat together around the dogs flexing pink ribbon and telling me how fucking great it felt.

The hot flush of her skin, perspiration glistening on her lovely forehead, and her nerves being raked at so sensitive a spot on her body, made me jealous, as Lisa's pretty head thrashed about wildly now and then.

"Mmmmm!" she groaned. The animal whimpered and moved the long tip of his nose from side to side. Lisa sucked in a ragged breath as the dog opened his mouth wide and pressed his front white fangs into the flesh of her inner labia-lips. I loved it when the horny bastard nipped her pussy now and then, causing her to squeal in a paroxysm of pain and pleasure.

One part of my mind was fearful the dog might harm my darlings tender pussy-tissues, yet another part of me wanted to see him devour her, and rip her horny cunt to shreds! I could see she was enjoying every new sensation, and I envied her, I longed to feel what she was feeling, through my lovers senses at that moment.

Lisa squeezed her ass-cheeks together, I could see her asshole pucker up as she lifted her throbbing crotch up to the licking animal. It sounded wonderful, hot and wet. However, I knew Lisa. I reasoned she'd be happy to have something even more satisfying inside her cunt right now.

I could see she was highly aroused, and I knew she didn't like to feel empty at such times. Her cunt needed a good hard cock, she'd already told me how bad she wanted to be fucked by a dog while we'd been planning the show she was putting on just now. Now here was a horny dog between her lovely, longing legs. We had both noticed the dog's nasty red rocket slithering out of its hairy sheaf while he'd been eating his horny little bitch out.

So I figured it was time. The show must go on! "Wow! Fuck. I'd love to see him fuck you now darling!" I suggested, only slightly concerned Lisa might find the idea to frightening at the last minute.

I needn't have worried. "Uhhhh.yeah. me too!," the sexy little bitch grunted, snapping her knees together and trapping the big animal between her thighs. He growled in frustration, twisting his black, hairy handsome head while opening his mouth.

A light nip on the clit warned my girl to be more careful in her sexual acrobatics. And then as if on queue, the big Doberman backed out from between her legs and started dry humping the air. His protruding scarlet cock was waggling around beneath him. "Well. It looks like he's ready to fuck you too!" I observed. "Yeah. but what should I do then?" "Hey baby! I love you SO fuckin' much!. I'll go along with whatever you want to do.

it's up to you. but fuck!. I'd love to see him fuck you baby!" "Oh. shit! Of course I want that too. STUPID!. I mean HOW do I get him to fuck me?" She laughed, and I had to love her attitude! "I know he wants to. please make him fuck me. I want him to fuck me like a bastard!" She gasped, panting for breath. "I can't force him," I rasped hotly, wishing I could help my horny little bitch.

"Just get down on your hands and knees and see if he'll try to fuck you." I suggested. I didn't have to ask twice. Lisa dropped beside the dog and started encouraging him with sweet cooing sounds. Almost immediately he tried to mount her. But he took a couple of attempts to get a grip and stance up on her back. Then after a few humps, whereby he managed to punch Lisa's creamy thighs with his rude red prodder, he'd dismount.


"Please! Get him on me! Make him fuck me!" Lisa begged. Luckily at that moment, Handsome got himself into the proper position to fuck the girl. And then it all happened so fast. Handsome's pointed cock found the slick mouth of Lisa's cunt. Suddenly he was on top of her lovely upturned ass, humping like crazy, and his massive cock drilled into her horny cunt with a vengeance.

Lisa made a low howl of pleasure. I could hardly believe my eyes. It was making me so fucking horny to watch a sexy young teenager I was deeply in love with, fuck a dog, right in our own home. It was almost too good, too fucking horny.

I knelt down quietly behind them and tried to see as much as could of the action happening between their hot, dripping sex organs as I could without interrupting. Lisa's pretty young pussy was already impaled on Handsome's big cock, and he was lunging and plunging it into her cunt with unbelievably rapid thrusts.

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Making her gasp and groan as my mind spun with lust, her thighs and luscious tits giggling in time with his stabs. "You two look so good fucking," I praised. My eyes burned into her hips as the dog gripped tight around her tiny waist and hammered his haunches brutally against her rear. I just had to see his magnificent prick fucking Lisa's lovely pussy. Swapping my angle, and while I whispered my admiration, I could see his doggie cock-lance, as it hissed up her soaking fuck-hole.

"He's fucking you!" I blurted like an idiot, in wonderment and awe. "The dog is fucking your lovely cunt baby!" "Ooohh God.I know--and I fucking love it!" Lisa gasped as she pumped her cunt back to meet the dog's flurrying, fuck-lunges.

He fucked in to the balls, his swollen balls slapping on her ass like the a clapper of a some meaty bell. Lisa's face was a beautiful mask of raw, female lust, with Handsome hunching over her writhing, humping ass as the dog fucked her into a tizzy right before my eyes. I had never been so aroused in my life. Handsome's haunches rippled and quivered. He fucked faster and harder, he looked berserk with the joy of of fucking his little human bitch. His prick jerked out, coated with her cunt cream, then rammed back up that smoldering pussy with a violence that seemed to rattle Lisa's bones.

He was tilting her ass up as he stuffed her full of his gnarled, animal cock-meat. She writhed and thrashed about under the brute, meeting him in counterpoint, pushing her pussy back as he fucked in, and rolling her hips as he drew out.

I imagined her lovely cunt walls molding themselves around the contours of his nasty prick, as she clung and massaged every inch of it inside. Cunt juice sprayed from her pussy as that big dog-cock filled her fuck-hole and pumped the hot froth from her. His hairy balls were soaking with the overflow from her fuck-hole as they slapped against her up-thrust ass with rapid, meaty whacks. "Oh God. hes hitting me on the cervix," Lisa moaned, hips jerking. "Ohhhhhh.and he's getting bigger and bigger inside me too!" From this point on, Lisa had one after another small but trembling orgasms, and couldn't manage to speak coherently.

The dog's spine twisted into an S-shape as he fucked in, his stumpy tail whirling like a propeller behind his heaving ass. Lisa whimpered as she felt his cock throbbing inside her, spreading the moist walls of her pliable cunt out as it swelled and expanded in her quaking guts. I watched that thick dog-cock vanish up Lisa's cunt, and my own cock was so hot - it was numb. As Lisa moaned, and the dog fucked her cunt full of rock-hard cock-meat. I could only marvel at the lewd thought of his nasty cock-head cramping into her little human womb, like a lump of molten iron, and his prick-shaft twisting like a crowbar, levering, wedging and prying up her steaming, hot-pink fuck-hole.

I could tell the dog was going to climax any moment, he had a mad look of concentration as he rode my little daring, like he was ready to go off like a stick of dynamite at any moment.


Meanwhile, Lisa was only babbling incoherently about how good it felt. I was dieing to see the doggy fill her cunt with his hot, thick jism.

The dog poured the prick to her relentlessly, shoveling his phallic fuel into her fiery furnace frantically and furiously. Until finally, his balls exploded. "He's coming!" Lisa wailed, when she felt his cock-shaft buck with his squirting fuck load deep inside her.

The dog's puppy-batter hosed her cunt-hole in creamy jets, and Lisa let herself go. I like to think her cunt must have melted around his prick, like a pink wax candle around a flaming red wick. The dog shot his hot cum, it flooded up her fuck tunnel, and steamed into her quivery womb like a briny, foaming wave crashing on a beach. Each time the dog squirted another shot of cum up her, Lisa seemed to cum again as she moaned like a demented little whore.

Her cunt cream gushed out, mingled with his jism as he unloaded his balls, and panted at her shoulder. A great wash of dog-cum and cunt juice trickled down from her crotch to splatter on the carpet. I felt I was going to have a nervous breakdown, I had never until that moment nor ever since, come without even touching my cock. like I did just then. But just then I did! As my mind dissolved, my cock spewed great thankful jets of hot come, so that I had to grab it like a fire hose. And I became a complete devotee of bestiality sex at that magical moment of such surreal obscenity.

The dog squirted his load of cum into Lisa, then began to slow down, as his balls drained. The last of his jizz came out, and his head drooped.

Lisa was a spent mess on his prick, having milked him bone dry and having had the most wondrous waves of multiple creamy comings of her life. Whimpering, the dog pulled his prick out of her flooded pussy.

His cock came out, his thankfully small knot dragging against the suction of her fuck-hole. Then the naked cock-knob popped out like a cork from a bottle of champagne. His prick swayed up and down, then it began to droop. The doggy hopped down to the floor, panting heavily.

Cum and cunt juice dripped from the head of his shrinking cock, and a thicker flood poured out of Lisa's vacated fuck-hole. Handsome dismounted her right after he had shot his wad and he padded to the other side of the room to lick his cock dry.

Lisa whimpered low and quivered from head to toe, still sprawled on the floor. "Are you all right?" I asked, worriedly.

Lisa looked like she was about to pass out at any minute. But instead she rolled onto her back on the floor laughing. "Yes! Yesss!" She giggled and panted as if she were a drunken slut.

"FUCK that was . fuck. I have never been so. fuck!.please. come and fuck me now!" I think it was that moment she became my sex Goddess! I moved to her gorgeous, young body and ravished kisses violently all over her body as I whispered my undying appreciation for the awesome performance she had given.

I kissed her with a passion I had never known before, kissed her like she'd never been kissed before. My cock was already hard again. But this time with sheer passion for the girl.

I mauled her ripe, jutting tits. Kissed her gorgeous mouth, her tits and then kissed her pretty mouth again. "Lisa," I whispered hotly as she took my big prick throbbing cock in her small, cool hand, and guide me with it to her soft, dog cum drenched cunt. As I pressed my rock-hard cock into her, I looked deeply into her lovely brown eyes. "I love you SO fuckin' much Baby!" I told her with the most heart felt candor. "You're the most wonderful person I've ever known!" I added, as I shoved my cock up into her and made her whimper for more.

"Just promise one thing, baby." I pleaded as I fucked into her in increasing ferocity. "What?" Lisa gasped as she fed me her gorgeous tits. "Just promise me, no matter how many other people we fuck, I'll always be your one true lover. please?." Lisa threw her slender arms around my neck and gave me the most passionate kiss I'd ever known.

"Yes! Yes Baby! Oh God. I love you so fuckin' much darling!" She rasped, grabbing my cock and squeezing it within her lovely tight young cunt tunnel. "I promise! I promise! No matter what. your the only guy who has ever touched my heart baby.

I wouldn't know I even had a heart without you!" "That's beautiful baby. and I'll love you forever. I promise" I told her, as my cock jolted in her tight little cunt.

PROLOGUE: Nothing exceeds like excess. Perhaps that should be the epitaph for the 1980's, and for some folk like me that tried to live life to the full. After that night with the dog. Our love continued to grow stronger for a while, as we continued to experiment with many different types of sex.

However, some months later, Lisa snuck off and fucked a guy I knew, without asking my approval. It was deal breaker.

Before that, we had discussed everything together. When I found out, my pride was hurt, and the pain of her betrayal blinded me with rage and sadness. I spat at her, forgot her many gifts of love to me along with my promises to her, and even cursed her for tearing out MY heart. Because I KNEW I could do better, I certainly didn't need HER lying ass!

But, of course. I was a liar. As pride continued to blind me to her attempts to get us back together after that, I instead, drowned my pain in an veritable orgy of casual lovers, drugs and self-delusion as the months turned into years.

A drug addiction peaked, and after I hit rock bottom, still somehow I survived. Then one day, I heard the awful news, Lisa was lost to me forever. Her naked body was found in some lonely truck stop somewhere. with a needle in her arm. Dead! At only twenty-one years old. My poor, dear, sweet Lisa, Many more years have passed since then, yet now and then, I will look into my children's faces and wonder.

- What might have been? I hope you live a long, if sometimes painful life together, you young lovers. But, beware your foolish pride: Pride is so powerful, it can be so destructive. It can even kill a butterfly!

Just as surely as the selfish, young fool I was, killed mine.