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Awesome teen bonks so nice on camera hardcore blowjob
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The world had changed much in the last 150 years.

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Fueled by socialist ideology and ultra-radical feminism, the Army of Social Justice began to use violence to turn the U.S into a female-led socialist empire. At once, conservative forces were locked down as the remnants of the military were used to enforce the change. Women took the power and used it.

Capitalism was dismantled. All men convicted of a crime were castrated and confined to work camps. The uprisings began soon after.

The Army of Contrition rose from the ashes of a battered conservative base. Armed with ancient nuclear device purchased from the Siberian Republic (formerly Russia), the traditionalists exterminated the Army of Social Justice. America was nearly destroyed in the process.

The toxic bombs had rendered the midsection of the country uninhabitable. Without a government, survivors began to fight each other for remains of a once powerful civilazation. The leader of the Army of Contrition, a former social justice government worker named Sandra Brown, used reconstruction and a new hierarchy to put people back to work and rebuild the country. On the day the cross country rail line was completed, Sandra stepped down. Her speech was broadcast throughout the nation, they still show it in school.

She shook as she spoke, outlining the laws we would live by. Women, she articulated, had led the country to the brink of destruction. Not only should women be forced to repay their debt to society, they must never lead again. Women in this country would be sexual and domestic slaves. All female children would be given to state facilities and trained for service, then auctioned off on slave markets.

Male children would stay with their families and be taught one for the three trades (military, farming, mechanics). Usually these placements were inherited from the father. A new authority was created to monitor the training and use of the women, strictly to ensure that their use and punishment never crossed the line into abuse.

Abuse of a woman was punishable by death. Sandra Brown then knelt before her husband, who became known as Leader to the country. Ever decade, a male from one of the three casts became Leader. He was marked at birth on a random basis, ideology and policy was left to chance. Sandra lived her life as an example of what women should be. I was born about 70 years later. " the hell ya doin'?", a profaned white-haired black man yelled at my father.

"Ahh good good", my father responded. "We just getting the boy here his first woman", my father said in his slightly cajun accent. My father and Black(and appropriate name for a black man) came up from Louisiana together long before my father purchased my mother. Their semi-french english baffled many of the people in our small Pennsylvania village. "Ah.stock's good today Spiral", Black said with a smile on his face. "Theysa gotta this hot little coon ass from back home.perfect little white thing for him" Black said helpfully.

I flushed with embarrassment. Owning another person was never something I had been excited about.until I saw her on stage. She looked to be a couple of years younger than me. She was dressed in loose-fitting faded jeans and a tight gray t shirt. As soon as our eyes met, a pleasant warmth spread through my body.

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"Dad", I said as I slugged his shoulder to get his attention, "look at her". Dad looked up and smiled. The announcer began his info for the new arrival as she was stripped and bound to the auction post. "And finally for today, we have a 14 year old white female from Louisiana. She is a product of a farming family, tests well in science and mathematics, and is a certified virgin", the announcer recites in a bored tone.

"She's also mine", I say confidently to my father. "Go get her then, she's a fine choice.", my father tells me. The first step in taking a woman is to see if she consents. If a woman consents to sex with a specific man while on the auction block, the match is seen as a natural one and she is awarded to the man free of charge. If she doesn't consent, she has to be bought, which can be rather pricey especially for young virgins.

I climb onto the stage and knock another boy off into the crowd to take my place in the middle of the line.

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One by one, she rejects the men and I am starting to think I'll have to make a bid to buy her. A bid I know I'll lose. As I near the head of the line, I analyze the girl. At 14, Im guessing she stands at about 5'4'' and ways around 120lbs.

Her blonde dirty blonde hair is just barely long enought to kiss her shoulders. Her most striking feature is her cat-like green eyes. Obviously athletic, her arms legs and abdomen are muscular and well-toned. While not as thin as a lot of women who sell quickly. She has an honest and steady appeal to her. My focus danced between her small, firm breasts and those beautiful eyes.

Finally it is my turn. I have absolutely no expectation that she will consent, so without fear I step forward put two fingers under her chin, and lift her chin up so we can make eye contact.

"Hello", I say in a smooth tone. She says nothing. "Do you consent", I ask, almost as if Im bored. Again, she doesn't speak. I turn to walk away but before I take a step, I hear a "yes". I turn and look at her. She makes eye contact on her own this time and says, "Yes, I consent". The law of consent states that after verbal consent has been given, a man must penetrate the woman.

One thrust is sufficient for the law, however most men ravage the consenting female on stage infront of everyone. I can tell by the look in her eyes that she would find such a thing distasteful, so I step forward and do the minimum.

Her legs are held apart by the ropes, so I can access her easily. I stand with my body barely touching hers, then I unbuckle my jeans and lower them and my boxers to my ankles. I shut the crowd out as I wrap my arms around her and hold on to the post. My cock is hard, and with our height difference, is pressing into her lower abdomen.

I look at the announcer and command him to cut her bonds, which he does quickly. I kiss her forehead, then plant my hands on the backs of her thighs, just below her ass.

I lift her up, letting the post support her back, then lower her onto my cock. When Im partially in, I feel the resistance. I lean back and look her in the eyes to warn her that this will hurt.

"Just do it", she whispers. I lower her quickly and thrust my hips up, breaking her hymen easily. I lift her up enough to pull out of her, then set her back down. A medic from the military trade examines her, cleans her up, deems her fit and the consent is over. I take her by the had to the announcer's desk where I sign her paperwork and she is branded with my initials and a laser scan id.

The brands are laser etched and painless. Afterwards my father takes me shopping. All women wear khaki dresses. They are form fitting and cover the bust down to mid thigh. We take five of the outfits and a good pair of shoes, then move on to the punishment section. Three aisles of the store are devoted to torturing women.

Corporal punishment devices of all kinds line the display cases. "All right kid, I will buy you one implement. Remember, abusing a woman is against the law, but you don't want to go to light because some women become aroused from punishment. Pick something you know she needs. This will test how well you know her." my father tells me. I think of what I know about this girl.

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She's physically in shape so her pain tolerance must be a little higher than average. She's is definitel high class, not some dumb whore that takes anything. I scan the tools for something graceful and slightly severe.

I find a single tail whip made of soft tan swede. I snap it a couple of times, pleased with the feel, then I have her bend over the counter. I lash her back once. A bright red weal appears. She grunts loudly and her fingers flex again and again as she tries to keep quiet. I smile and hand the whip to dad. After everything is purchased, we go home for the girl's breaking night.

Every girl is broken by the Master who will own her. It is the one time a man may do anything he wishes, no matter how harsh, to break the female in. We step inside the door and are greeted with the smell of my mothers cooking.

She comes sauntering into the living room from the kitchen and greets my father with a deep kiss, which he follows up with nipple twists and a few smacks to her ass that she gratefully accepts. My mother is something of an anomaly. She is the sole heir to a wealthy military family, but she consented to a poor mechanic. She genuinely loves my father and is often referred to as "Painslut Haidrien", since more often than not, any time my father touches her she cums, even during punishments.


"OOOOhhhhhh is this her?", my mother squeals in delight. She leaves my father's arms and hugs my woman. "Welcome to the family" she cooes as she kiss the nervous girl on the mouth. "Mom, please, she just got here", I say with mock irritation. In reality I found the whole thing incredibly sexy. After we eat, I take the girl back to the punishment room for her breaking. Once in the room, I give her a month-long birth control pill and some water. After that, I place her in the breeding stand, which keep her legs straight and her back bent at a 90 degree angle.

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In this position, I can take any whole I like. I strip nude and circle her before I stop infront of her. I take a step forward, and without being told, she hungrily takes me in her mouth. "Youre a goddess" I growl softly as she sucks her little heart out.


I moan and stroke her hair as her tongue swirls around the head of my cock. I pull out of her mouth. She whimpers softly.

"Dont worry, I'll give it back.after your punishment". Elsewhere in the house, I can hear the crack of a whip on flesh and my mother screaming, lost somwhere between pain and pleasure. I pick up a prod and place the prongs to my girl's pussy lips.

I hit the button and she squeals in pain.

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Her hips buck uncontrollably. I laugh and do it again. She cums. I've never seen a woman cum, though I've heard mom plenty. I stand there enjoying the show while she works out the orgasm. "Well", I say, "I think you have a name now. I'm going to call you Electra", I tell her. She smiles and shakes her head in achknowledgement.

Girls are know only by numbers until they are taken by a Master. He is responsible for naming her on Breaking Night. I pick up my new whip and drape the tail across her back. She sucks in a breath and shudders. I smile and lash her back hard.

She hisses in pain. I lash her again and again, working my way from her shoulders to her ass. I beat her ass brutally, again and again. The weals begin to criss cross and soon her ass is bruised and blistered. I toss the whip down and rub her back while she cries in pain. "Uuunnhhhhh" she groans softly, "Thank you for my punishment Master", she chokes out through her tears. "Youre welcome Electra, and you may call me David. I will be your husband soon", I tell her. I stick my hand between her legs and stroke her clit.

"OOOhhhmmmmmm", she moans out in surpirse. "Awww, is that sensitive girly"?, i ask in a mocking tone. "Yes Sir", she says flirtatiously. "Do you want the cock back?", I ask. She starts begging for it. I laugh and call her a cock hungry whore. She thanks me for the beautiful knickname, then begs for cock. I laugh and tease the opening of her pussy with the tip of my cock.

She is bucking her hips back, trying to get me in her when there is a knock on the door. "Come in" I shout. My mother opens the door and asks how it is going. She is totally nude, her curly brown hair is just barely touching her breasts, her pussy hair is shaved. "Going fine mom, but I think Electra would like a pussy to eat" I tell my mother. With a wide smile she walks around to the be in front of Electra.

Eagerly, Electra starts tongueing my mother. Mom's pussy is still sopping from whatever Dad did to her and Mom is soon squealing in delight. While Electra's attention is diverted, I plunge my cock deep in her wet cunt. She screams in surprise. The vibrations from the scream send Mom into in orgasm. I thrust wildly in Electra's pussy, back and forth, slamming hard against her. Mom is screaming as she thrusts her pussy against Electra's mouth and Electra's is screaming as I ravage her pussy.

And Im enjoying listening to the bitches. As my mother tapers off, she drops to her knees and strokes Electra's face. Before long, they are kissing.

I slow my thrusts, reach under Electra and start stroking her clit gently. Her pussy contracts, then spasms as she orgasms. I stop holding back and cum with her. I thrust slowly while i put more pressure on her clit. Her hips buck as she squeals and moans. We thrust against each other as I pump cum into her.

I keep the pressure on her clit as she cums down from her orgasm. As we both finish, I collapse on top of her. "You are a goddess", I whisper softly "I know" she replies without hesitation.

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