Cute amateur chowing down on some cock

Cute amateur chowing down on some cock
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Fbailey story number 549 I'm Knot A Whore I saw this young lady staggering as she walked from the bar to her car. I knew that she should not be driving in her condition and called to her. When she turned around I had to smile her T-shirt read, "I'm knot a whore, I give it away." I looked at her big saggy breasts with her nipples protruding and asked, "So you give it away." She looked down, grabbed the lower edge of her T-shirt and threw her shoulders back saying, "I'm not a whore.

I give it away." I asked, "Can I have some." She staggered and almost fell down as she looked up the street, down the street, and finally asked, "Right here?" I laughed and said, "How about my place. Then in the morning I can fix you breakfast and bring you back to your car." She thought about that and asked, "How many roommates do you have?" I replied, "None.

I live alone." She replied, "Oh, okay. I went home with a guy last week and he had five roommates and they all fucked me. I fell asleep on them but that didn't stop them.

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My cunt and asshole were sore for two days." She looked at me and asked, "How many roommates do you have?" I replied, "None. I live alone." Then I put my arm around her waist and headed her toward my car. On the way home she fell asleep and started snoring. I had to carry her into the house. She did not wake up when I undressed her and washed her up. I put one of my old T-shirts on her and put in my guest bedroom for the night.

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I was up early. I had the coffee done and the bacon was done too. I was just waiting for her to wake up before pushing the toaster down and starting the eggs. All I needed to know was how she liked them. She came bouncing down the stairs in my T-shirt just like a teenager. She asked, "Did you fuck me last night?" I replied, "No. I would never take advantage of a lady in that condition." She asked, "But you undressed me?" I replied, "Yes.

I undressed you, I washed you, and I put you in an old T-shirt." She asked, "How come you didn't fuck me? You could have, you know." I replied, "I would prefer it if you were awake and enjoyed it too." She laughed and said, "Women don't have to enjoy it they just have to let the men enjoy it." It was my turn to laugh and ask her, "Who told you that?" She looked me square in the eyes and said, "My mother and my father, that's who." I then asked, "What's your name and how old are you?" She replied, "Tammy and I'm twenty-one…yesterday.

It was my first legal drink." I laughed and said, "Not just one either." I then said, "Your T-shirt is misspelled. It should be N-O-T instead of K-N-O-T." Tammy said, "Spelling doesn't change the fact that I give it away." I asked, "Can I have some after breakfast?

How do you like your eggs?" Tammy said, "Scrambled and you can have some or a lot. I have no place to be and I'm in no hurry to get there either." I said, "Since you give it away so freely and you admit that six guys fucked you last weekend, would you mind if I used a condom?" Tammy said, "You can use a condom, you can fuck me with you buddy's dick, or you can fuck me with a carrot.

I'm not fussy when it come to getting fucked." As I fixed her eggs I almost changed my mind. She was pretty and she was easy but she was too easy. I didn't want to get AIDS from a quick fuck, no matter how willing she was. While Tammy ate I asked her about anal sex and blowjobs.

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She had no problem with either. In fact she had no problem with me fucking her ass before the blowjob. She had no problem with any kind of sex. She had done it with girls, old men, little boys, and even the family dog.

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She had done it with both her mother and her father at the same time. She told me that she was put on this Earth to give pleasure to everyone. By the time Tammy finished eating I had decided against fucking her, kissing her, and eating her out. I was afraid to swap bodily fluids with her. However I wanted to prove to her that she could receive pleasure from sex. Up in the guest bedroom I had Tammy remove my T-shirt and then take a nice long hot bubble bath.

I lit some candles, put on some soothing music, and I got her a glass of wine. Then I sat on the toilet cover and let her tell me all about her life to that point. Could that girl talk.


Tammy had lost her virginity to the Pastor's three sons when she was eleven, her father fucked her when she was thirteen, and everyone in her class fucked her that year too, including all of the girls and the teacher.

By the time she graduated every boy in her school had fucked her along with most the boys in the grades ahead of her. If she had to venture a guess she would say that maybe seven hundred to a thousand boys had fucked her. I was positive that I was not going to fuck her then.

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After her bath I took Tammy back to her guestroom bed and had her lay on her back. I put on two rubber gloves on the same hand as a precaution.

Then I inserted two fingers in to her pussy and went looking for her clit. I couldn't find it. No wonder she didn't enjoy sex. I knew where it was supposed to be and just started rubbing.

After a while a tiny bump appeared, it was about the size of a pea. I rubbed it and caused her to squirm. She kept asking what I was doing. She was afraid that she was going to pee. Then finally I gave Tammy her first ever orgasm. Her body shook and she quivered. Her breathing became irregular, her legs clinched my hand, and she stiffened up like a board. I continued to molest her tender clit giving her one orgasm after another. I kept it up even though she cried, begged, and pleaded for me to stop.

In the end she was too exhausted to move or speak.

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I sat there playing with her magnificent tits. Then I got an idea as to how I could fuck her and yet not have an exchange of bodily fluids.

I tittie fucked her. She even opened her mouth to give me a target to hit when the time came. I slid my cock between those two orbs until my nuts burst.

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She swallowed all that landed in her mouth and then rubbed the rest into her breasts. She said, "No one has every done that to me before." Before I could ask which thing she continued, "No one has ever fucked my tits and no one has ever given me that wonderful feeling before. Now I know why the other girls liked sex so much. My mother has never had an orgasm either because I asked her one day. She told me that girls like us were only put on this Earth to please men." I said, "You have a very tiny clitoris and it can slip into its hood far enough to be out of reach.


I think a doctor can help you out." Tammy then asked, "If I don't fuck anyone else and a doctor says that I'm clean, will you fuck me without a condom?" That was an offer that I had not anticipated. However, I answered, "Yes, I will." The End I'm Knot A Whore 549