Guy fingers her wet holes hardcore and blowjob

Guy fingers her wet holes hardcore and blowjob
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For Amamda, My Transgendered Lover - by Silk Lover Amanda is a very generous lover, she knows exactly how to please her Papi, that's what she calls me.

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We met on a social network and gradually became lovers, how could I not, she's a soft and sexy woman thru and thru. We enjoy exchanging erotic messages, in great detail she tells me how she wants to please me and I responds in great detail how she leaves me happy and satisfied. Amanda is a very oral lover, she enjoys sucking Papi's long thick cock with her sweet, sexy, red lips. Like I said, she's a sexy, sensuoius woman, and knows how to dress for her Papi, her make up is impecable too.

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She knows I love to see her in sexy nylons and silk skirts and tops and she never dissapoints, she's the sexiest woman I have ever laid eyes on. Because she knows how to turn her Papi on with her words, I want to return the favor, here on this forum, and share with everyone my deepest love and devotion to her.tonight, I'm going to worship her, the way she worships me, her BIG Papi. I arrive at Amanda's place and she greets me with a cocktail and some soft lounge music playing low in the background, I look into her sexy eyes and kiss her deeply, our tongues darting, dancing and twirling.

the seduction begins.

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As I soul kiss her, my hands cup the back of her head, then one slowly trails down her shoulder, along her back and rests at her hip, for a moment, then I caress the small of her back as I pull her even closer.

I gently pull her beautiful blond hair, tilting her head as I kiss along her slender neck, she loves this and it turns her on so much, as my tongue lightly traces the muscle from her ear to her collar bone, I slowly plant soft kisses as I trace my way back up, to the midpoint of the side of her neck, and then I teasingly bite down on the sensitive muscle, and then suck hard.

She softly moans as her body shudders. "Oh Papi!". she pants. She's wearing a sexy, pink silk bath robe with white fluffy trim, and underneath a powder blue teddy with thigh high black nylons. Its complete with a pair of 6" fuck me pumps.

(she loves her fuck me pumps) I pull away and she can read the hunger in my eyes, we slowly dance to the lounge music, across the room, we gently grind our hips as we step and sway, she rests her head on my chest and I inhale, taking in her perfume, my already hard cock growing harder. Our bodies tight against each other, making our way to the soft couch where our cocktails await. We pause our physical teasing to enjoy our cocktails, taking small sips as we talk, my fingers brush her hair from her eyes.

I make sure to caress her beautiful cheek as I look intently into her eyes, hanging on her every word. I lean in to softly kiss her red lips, gently I pull on her lower lip with mine, then I caprure the top one, then the bottom one, this time gently biting then sucking it into my mouth. we kiss deeply, our tongues twirling hungrily, my hands tracing her womanly curves.

we devour each other in a long lucious kiss that seems to last forever. We cuddle and kiss for a few hours while we consume a few cocktails, allowing the spirits to melt away the days stresses and pave the way for an intament night. My hands stroke and caress her nylon encased thighs, my fingers playing with the thick black bands at the top.

she caresses my shoulders and chest feeling the crisp white dress shirt, she remarks how handsome I look in my business clothes.

I remark how stunning, as usual, she looks. Our eyes caress and fondle as much as our hands.

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I look at her mouth, those red lips as we talk, the wonderful things she does with that hot, sexy mouth. her brilliant green eyes, the blue eyeshadow that highlights them. and that sexy, soft body of hers, packaged in sensious silk. Feeling relaxed, warmly buzzed from the cocktails we retire to her bedroom.

a warm and inviting lair. satin sheet and candle melt onto the soft satin and continue to kiss and caress. we have to pause though, so I can undress. her eyes devour me as I slowly unbutton my shirt and loosen my tie. I strip down to my white tank top and blue silk boxers. I pull the tank top up and over revealing my not too hairy chest. Amanda's eyes dance as I return to bed. She's lying back, on her elbows, Mmmmm, those beautiful breasts, I can see her hardened nipples thru the silky teddy.

one leg folded and slightly bent across the other one thats stretched out towards the foot of the bed, right in front of me as I climb towards her. I grasp her foot in both hands and I place a kiss on the pointy tip of her pump. slowly I beging to place soft kisses, first on the top of her foot. soft lips. kissing. now at her ankel.

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my tongue slithers out and licks at the delicious nylon. soft lips. I let my lower lip drag along her shin. She bites her lower lip as her eyelids partialy close. a soft moan escapes from her. her breasts heave and her nipples now strain against their silken confines. her hands gripping the satin sheets.


My hands slide upward past her calve and pause at her thigh, massaging as I rub my cheek against her tight calve, I moan deeply into the muscle. soft kisses. I reach her knee and plant a deep kiss in her quad area, a sensitive spot for my Goddess. I feel her trembling now.


Slow, soft kisses. moving towards her middle thigh. soft kisses, my tongue darting out to trace light circles. She's panting and moaning louder. "Oh Papi, yessss." I slide her one leg over my shoulder and with a hand spread her thighs wide apart.

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I plant another deep kiss into her middle thigh and then gently bite down, teasing her. I caress down her other knee towards her crotch and stop just short of her "CLITTY", kneading deeply into her muscle.

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As I look up at her, I pop the buttons on her teddy and she gasps with delight. "Babydoll, for all those times you sucked Papi's cock with that beautiful mouth of yours, I'm going to return the favor." With both hands I massage her pubic area, all around her "CLITTY". her mouth an open O as I beging to touch her BIG.

HARD. CLITTY. I slowly stroke her CLITTY, feeling how hard and hot it is. Amanda throws her head back, her golden hair flowing as she lets out a loud moan. I rub and stroke and her hips buck. "look at me babydoll, I want you to see me loving you.I want you to see me suck your CLITTY the way you love and suck your Big Papi." Our eyes meet and I slowly start to lick her wet sticky CLIT, stroking its hardness, I pant my hot breath against it and she shudders with delight.

I wrap my lips around the tip of her CLITTY and slowly suck her into my mouth, my tongue swirling as I take all of her. her hands reach down to cradle my head as she moans. "Aye Papi.Uuuuhhhhh yesssss. suck me.suck my CLITTY.ooohhhh yessss!!!" I bob up and down on her thick hard CLITTY, enjoying the feeling of her in my mouth, hoping that I'm sucking her like she suck me.I moan deeply as I slide down her long hard CLITTY.

MmmmmHhhhmmmmm.MmmmMmmmmm.Mmmmmmmhhhhhhmmmmmm! Her hands gently guiding me as I continue to bob up and down, drooling my slick saliva all over her delicious CLITTY. I pop her CLITTY out of my mouth with a loud smack, looking her in those sexy eyes of hers, I stroke her. "are you going to CUM for Papi??. you going to fill Papi's mouth with your sweet, hot CUM???." Panting she replies, "Oh yesss.yes I will Papi.

p-please.d-don't stop.DON'T STOP!!!" I suck her sweet CLITTY back into my hot, wet mouth and continue to suck her off, looking up at my sweet Amanda, as she pants and moans.AYE PAPI, AYEEEEE.YESSSSS.UuuuuHHhhhhhhh Yesssss!!" I bob, taking her as deeply as possible and moan with pleasure as I feel her hitting the back of my throat.Mmmmm.Hhhhuummmmmm.Huuuummmmmmm.slobbering as she fills my mouth. "Oh Papi.yeeessssss.just like that.don't stop.don't stop." Wrapping my lips tighter I bob faster and faster, taking her as deep as possible each time, fucking her with my mouth and throat.Mmmmm.MMmmmmm.MMmmmmm.

I swear I'm about to cum myself, knowing that I'm pleasing my sweet Amanda the way she does me. Papi!!!.Papi.YESSSSS.AYEEEEEE.YESSSSSS. IM CUMMING.IM GOING TO CUMMMM." I suck harder.bobbing.moaning.Mmmmmmm.Mmmmmm.MMMMMMMHHHHMMMM!!!!" Amanda moans loud as she beging to hump and buck my face. P-PAPIIIIIIII.PAPIIIII. I'M C-CUUUMMMMMIIINNNGGG!!!! She grips my head hard and holds my face tight to her CLITTY as she begings to rewards my hungry mouth with her hot, sweet CUM.

I moan deeply as my tongue swirls around her pulsing CLITTY.feeling her throb and pulse her juice into my greedy mouth.MMMmmmmmmm. I swallow her sweet honey, or most of it, as she continues to hup my face.the sight of her extasy in beautiful.I slowly pull up along her still pulsing CLITTY until I reach the tip.then I open my mouth, letting some of her sweet cum drool out and down along her CLITTY.

Mmmmmmm, you taste delightful babydoll.and you CAME so much.I couldn't take all of it.I tease her as I glide her CLITTY along my lips and chin, rubbing her cum all over me.

I suck the rest of her CUM into my mouth, savoring her essence. I climb up along her shivering body until I reach her beautiful lips and kiss her deeply.feeding her the remains of her CUM.our tongues swirl and dance and she moans in appreciation.


We continue to kiss long after her orgasm has passed until finally we pull apart. "Oh that how I make you feel??, she asks.

Not even half as much babydoll, I hope you enjoyed it, I reply. Papi, it was incredible, thank you soooo much, thank you, she said as she kissed me deeply once more. We embrace, I whisper into her ear. "I love you Mandy, I want to please you as much as you please me." I love you too Papi, you make me so happy and you thrill me beyond words.

She looks me in the eye and then down at my throbbing hardness, she licks her lips and says. "Now I need to take care of my Big Papi." But that's another story. for both readers and my sweet, beautiful Lover. END