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kyle sat on the computer quietly reading the latest porn story he had found on the internet. he was busy reading about 2 teenage brothers (coincidently the same age as his and his brother) who had started having sex.

as kyle continued to read he started thinking about his own brother. even though jim was 3 years younger than him at 11 kyle was sure he had started hitting puburty. kyle had always thought about what it'd be like to have sex with a guy. he didn't consider himself gay or anything just curious about what itd feel like to suck a cock or get fucked.

as he sat there reading he decided that since his brother is such a deep sleeper maybe he could try something. he got up and quietly walked over to his brothers bed.

tim had been asleep for awhile so kyle wasnt too worried about waking him but just incase he decided to go slow. kyle started by slowly lifting up the blanket until just his brothers shorts were showing.

this was a big step for him. was he actually going to do this? what if tim woke up? he decided to go for it and started pulling tims shorts down.


kyle expected tim's cock to be very small. hell his was only about 6 inches so he was surprised when a cock roughly 7 inches popped out of his brothers shorts. kyle's mouth started to water as he looked down on the thick monster. he moved down and gently licked the tip of his brothers dick waiting to see if he stirred. his brother didnt move so he moved his mouth up to the tip and started to take the shaft into his mouth. he moaned as it started filling his mouth. he thought itd be good but this was great.

kyle slowly swallowed the cock until tim's balls were up against his chin then started going up and down while continuously checking to make sure tim was asleep. after a few minuites kyle started to feel the cock swell and tim's balls tighten. at first he thought about stopping before Tim jizzed in his mouth but he figured I've already gone this far i might as well go the whole way and kept on sucking.

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suddenly tim's cock starting spurting in kyle's mouth. surprisingly kyle found he loved the taste. he had always thought it'd taste awful but kyle was moaning as the cum ran down his throat. unfortunatly it ended all too soon and kyle was left wishing for more. The next day was the beginning of summer vacation so kyle thought h'ed go play alittle basketball at the local park. He had been playing for awhile when he suddenly had to piss so he went over to the bathrooms.

As he walked in he could've sworn he heard moaning from one of the stalls so he went into a stall and sat down. The first thing he noticed as he sat down was that there was a hole in the wall. He had always heard of gloryholes but had never actaully seen one. As he looked through the hole he realized what the moaning sound was. To his surprise he saw a man up against the other side of the stall and it was obvious that his cock was in a hole in that side.

Suddenly Kyle heard the man 2 stalls down say "Sorry man but i have to go." and then Kyle heard the man open the door and walk out.


"Fuck" said the man in the stall next to kyle. Suddenly the man looks at kyle and asks "How about you man. Wanna help me out?" Kyle didnt know what to say. Of course he loved sucking his brother's cock last night but this was different i mean this guy was a complete stranger. But then again Kyle was so horny and wanted the guys dick so bad that he weakly replied "Sure." "Shit man how old are you?" asked the guy.

"14" relpied Kyle softly. Then the man pushed his cock through the hole and Kyle was greeted with a huge cock probably around 8 or 9 inches. Kyle suddenly went crazy and started sucking like his life depended on it. After about 3 or 4 minutes the guy started to moan and Kyle knew he was about to cum. Suddenly his cock exploded in Kyle's mouth and cum was flying down his throat.


"O god that feels good" moaned the man as he pulled his cock out of Kyle's mouth. The guy then thanked him and walked out leaving Kyle very horny and ready for more cock. Luckily for him he only had to wait a few minutes before someone else came in the bathroom. Kyle heard the door open and started getting really excited. The new guy luckily got into the stall next to his and Kyle looked over to see him pulling his pants down.

Kyle's mouth started to water as he saw the new guy's huge cock bounce out of his boxers.

He could've sworn it was 9 or 10 inches long and very wide. Kyle remembered reading that when you wanted a guy to put his cock into a glory hole your sopposed to wiggle your finger in the hole which he what he got busy doing. The guy on the other side saw the movement and got up and started pushing his cock through the hole.

He went crazy on the new cock and started sucking hard. After a few minutes the guy pulled out and Kyle thought he had done something wrong when he heard the guy whisper "Can i please fuck your ass?" Now he had always thought about what it'd feel like to get fucked but he didnt think he'd actually have an opportunity like this. Suddenly he really craved that big cock in his ass. He said yes and then got up and pulled his pants down.

When he got his pants and his boxer's off he bent over and lined his ass up with the hole. He was nervous as he felt the guy start to push his cock up Kyle ass.

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At first it really hurt as the first few inches were being pushed up there but at about half way pleasure started washing over him. Kyle started pushing back wanted more and more cock up his ass and the guy was starting to thrust into him harder and harder until it was almost a blur. Finally the guy started to moan and Kyle knew he was going to blast soon.

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The guy pushed in really deep and stayed there while his cock spurted deep in Kyle's ass. After he was done spurting the guy pulled his dick out of Kyle's ass and Kyle, feeling really nasty, spun around and took the guy's cock into his mouth. "Mmmmmm" moaned Kyle as he cleaned the traces of shit off of the man's cock. "Wow that was incredible. I'll have to come here again soon." said the guy as he got up and left.

The guy then got up and left the bathroom and and only seconds later Kyle heard 2 more guys enter. They each took a stall next to his and Kyle pushed a finger into each hole. "Oh shit dude there's a guy in the next stall that wants some cock." said the guy on my left.

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"I know dude i can see. You wanna fuck him?" replied the guy on my right. "Ya man lets do it." said the guy on my left again. Suddenly both cocks came through the holes and Kyle decided to take them both at the same time. He sucked each for alittle bit and then got up and backed up onto the dick on his left. "Fuck man he just pushed his ass onto my cock." moaned the guy on his left. "Holy shit dude." said the guy on his right. Kyle got into a steady rythm with the two cocks and was soon taking them hard and fast.

After awhile the both came and left Kyle in the bathroom where he ended up sucking 2 more cocks and got fucked one more time before heading home. Tell me what you think because im thinking about making a big story but don't know how good this is.