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Paizao alargando cu do filhao
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I heard a scream and I was on my feet and out the door, bow and sword in hand. "Why hello there. Were passing through and noticed these lovley flowers wer-" "Drop them. If you don't ill decorate my mantle with your ribs." "There's five of us.

One of you." "Don't make me say I told you so." "You could try." "Girls are you ok?" "Yeah. Just at knife point but aside from that, peachy." "Uh huh…so who wants to die first? No one wants to be my first volunteer?" I was quick to strike and I killed the man holding vex.

Then I killed the other one holding lydia. Then sophias captor. Then striton. I cut all of their heads clean off. "Class dismissed. But little timmy cant leave ye-" I was cut off by him running off. "Oh no you don't." I drew my bow and charged that sum bitch till I felt my blood run hotter than shit.

"Boom." I let that thing rip and it put a hole in him the size of a melon. "Sum bitch. Try and touch them again." I got the bodies and piled them up. "What the hell was that?" "Just forget it." I lit the bodies on fire.

"Lets just go. Im sick of this." "Youre covered in blood. Get in the creek." "No." "Child if you don't. Get his limbs. Were cleaning him weather he likes it or not." "What no. abso-" I was grabbed up and dragged into the water. "Fuck you! You serpentine. Mother." I was being scrubbed furiously.

"Youre so childish. I don't see how sophia loves you so much!" I stopped struggling and I felt my heat speed up. "you can get out. Youre clean." I got out and got dressed.

"Lets go." "Fine. But torl if you act up again I will drop you." "Ok." I was picked up by sophia and we were flown back to kel. I stabled my horse and we made our way to draconia. I pretnened to sleep so I could evesdrop on them. "Did you really have to say that stri? I practically felt his heart speed up." "I think hes adorable. Your children would impress any family." "You forget cousin.

Hes an other worlder. He does not belong here. Her father would disapprove." "He doesn't have to know. Plus hes young. Im almost a hundred. Hes a mere boy. He has a life besides this world. We know that. He hasn't had it easy thre either." "He deserves a good life. Maybe you can give him that? Free him from the ret-" "Enough! I wish to forget the whole ordeal." I held myself closer to her.

"Were almost there. I hope hes in a better mood." Ifell asleep for real this time with a heavy heart. I woke up to thunderous voices. "Wha.who." "I will not allow a mortal here! Not in these halls!" I was in lydias arms. "Whats happening?" I whispered. "Her dad is THROTTLED." "Figured. I should have just said no.

I should have stayed behind." "Don't worry.

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Youll be here." Sophia held her hand up. "Ill let him speak for himself." I almost flew out of the room. I didn't want to fuck with dragon. Hed soon eat me than invite me into his home. "Torl.

Can you make a case of why you should be allowed here?" I slowly was stood up. "Boy. You come before me, and my advisors seeking refuge here?" "I do sir. Im a humble traveling soul. I met your daughter when I first came east.

I had been riding hard from legion lands. I was hunting you see, and I met her on the border of lunitate. We made way to the inner city where we parted ways. I met her again recently." "She tells me you saved her." "That I did. Im no great warrior but I step up when im called." "Hmm…and you?" "Me but a boy. Im just doing the right thing where I lay my head." "You might stay.

But there are some things around here that must be done." I looked this monster up and down. He was a dragon of black and gold. His eyes were deep red. "I would do whatever I could to help." "Sophia. Show him to his room." "Come on. lets get you settled in." I followed her. "What will I be doing while im here?" "Hard to say.


More than likely hard labour until your stay is up." I shrugged and sat on my bed. "Coin for your thoughts?" "I heard you on the way here. You wont…couldn't. Love me. I have no place here. Rember that?" "Gerald.i." "Its fine. Im just a man. Mortal coil.all that mysticism." "Gerald I don't know.i don't." "Were friends. I get it. Im not in love I just don't see why you love a hu-" She kissed me. "Gerald you are one of the best people ive met.

Don't beat yourself up over this." she walked out and shut the stone door. "GOD DAMN IT TO HELL AND BACK!!" I hit that stone wall with every ounce of magic I had. I hit it so hard it was glowing red. "Sum bitch! Its always me! Right?

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Isn't that a twist of fate?" I hit the wall again. And again, and again. "FUCK THIS. IM GETTING MY SHIT AND LEAVING! AFTER I DO THIS IM DONE!" I grabbed my bow and went out back. I saw a pillar and I took aim. I fired off bolt after bolt. Pushing mysef to use more and more. I blasted it with all my hatred, anguish, fear. I brought up all of my memories.

All my hardships. "I was made to suffer. I was made to be a hurt man!" I felt a dark prescence crawl into me. I saw my bolts turn black. I dropped my bow and fired off a blast at the pillar. It was black as night. It cut through the pillar. "You only did this to yourself! You shouldn't have ever trusted anyone! No one cares! They never could! Im not normal here!" "Finally I fo-" I heard vex stop mid sentence. "My…oh no." I spun around and glared at her. My eyes lit with dark fire.

"You. You vile evil serpent who-" I was hit by fire. I could feel it wash over me but I was not burned. "You will not stop me! I will exsist only to hate!!" I blasted back.

"You need to calm down! Youre being eaten by your hatred! You have to stop this!" "Why?! If you knew what ive been through. I have been dead for years!" Two more dragons hit me I finally reached my limit and fell to my knees. I saw sophia walk to me. "Just kill me. Please. I want to free this mortal coil. I wish to join my fallen family." "Youre hurt. And I know how it feels." "YOU KNOW NOTHING!!!!

NO ONE HERE KNOWS WHO I HAVE LOST AND HOW I WAS REWARDED FOR BEARING CROSSES I DIDN'T HAVE TO!!!" I had tears flooding my eyes. "Do it now." I felt a hard thud on my head and I went into darkness. I woke up in a white room. "Wake my child." "Who ar-" "I have many names. But you may call me darkness.

You are angry my child. And I feel your soul being torn." "That wasn't me. I didn't want to do that. What did you do!?" "I gave you power beyond your mortality. I gave ou everlasting life.

Unlimited power. Is that what you wanted?" "I didn't want to become a vessel of darkness!" She grabbed my neck and squeezed. "You cnnot stop this." I was choking.

I couldn't breathe. In my desperation I pushed my hand into her chest. "NO NO! THIs ISNT POSSIBLE!!" I was dropped and she laughed.

"I will be back. I promise I will." The I went into a deep slumber. I could make out faint voices. Then it was quiet.

When I woke up it was early morning. I felt…clean. I saw sophia asleep in a stone chair beside me. I got up and stretched out. I was stiff. "Youre awake…? Thank the heavens! I was so worried about you!" I felt her hug me. "Im fine. What happened. I remember being so angry…I remember black fire." "You were consumed. You almost became one of the most hateful beings known.

A forgotten…" "Well im fine…im so sorry. I wasn't mad at you. It was a build up." "I understand." I heard the door slam open. "Boy. If I wasn't such a forgiving beast I would destroy you. "The large dragon was on me in the blink of an eye. "I truly am sorry." I walked past him and grabbed my gear.

"A simple wandering soul…Im sorry." "Leave this place and do not return. Not for any reason should you darken my doorway. OTHERWORLD FILTH!" I turned around. I felt angry again. Not enough to get me to that point but enough. "Please don't. you have seen what my anger does and I will make this land your tomb." "You dare threaten me?" "No sir. It is a promise." I walked out and I swear that serpent was cursing me the whole way.

"And I hope you die out there!!" I looked at sophia, stri, lydia, and vex. "I wish I would to some times." I had tears rolling down my face.

I turned back and was carried to the base of the mountains. I carried on to kel again. On the way I thought long and hard about my demons. On that road I found my self forgiving and forgetting.

And learning to not be so angry. I got into kel and met back up with my horse. She was right where I left her. And as happy as a fat tick on a hound.

From there I rode. I rode south into my cabin. "Welcome home girl." In my leave of absence from the world I built a fence, dug irrigation, planted food, and finished all of my side projects.

It took a square month but I got it. Time to time I thought about her. But I knew she wouldn't have me. And I accepted that. I spent my days hunting, fishing and farming. I had gone into a life of contempt. But fate was not finished with me yet&hellip.

Two more months had passed, at least I think they did when. But fate it seems it had more to give me when a man showed up at my door. "May I help you?" "I have news of dreyah." I got him inside and listened to his story.

He rode hard from the south. The legion was on the move and had taken half of mordiis. They needed a warrior who could fight. "I not that man anymore." "But sir she was wounded! She needs her student." "Wounded?" "Aye…she may no-" I grabbed my gear and pulled my cloak over me.

I didn't care if I lost it all. I wasn't letting this continue. I couldn't run from my past. I was a wandering soul. Who would fight those who harm the innocent. For two days I rode. Spring killed the snow and had revealed the roads. I saw smoke, heard screams. A whole army was seiging the capitol. I rode in and found someone who looked to know where dreyah was. I found out she was in the great tower. When I got in I saw her.

She looked rough. "Dreyah!" I ran to her and held her hands. "You came…" "Shhh… please don't talk." "Were getting killed&hellip.we cant win." "Don't say that." "It's a whole army.*cough* Were done." "No…never." I stood on a podium. " ARE WE SO EASILY BROKEN?!

WE ARE BUT ON THE BRINK OF DEATH. NOT DEATH ITSELF. I BID TO YOU… RAGE! RAGE AGAINST THE DARKNESS! WE CANNOT STOP HERE! It truly is a glorious day. Come with me if you wish to be remembered as a hero." I grabbed my sword and walked out to the field. I saw a sea of legionnaires. Almost two thousand…I could do it. I ran forth and cut a line into the ranks. I slashed and shot bolt after bolt. I saw white hand soldiers in the fray as well.

I kept cutting away at them. I couldn't keep this up. If I could I would use the darkness within. I kept cutting. I wouldn't stop. I couldn't. "Let me iiiinnn… I can help you…" "Never. I will never let you have me! I swore to do right damn you." She hissed and I felt cold. "I will have you&hellip." "NEVER!!!" I felt heat rise within me and lightning surrounded me. I was amazed…I pushed forth and killed a hundred men.

I was going to stop this. I reached up and pulled from the sky, a torrent of lightning. I watched as it consumed the field. After that they retreated. I was impressed. I made my way back. "What was that? Youre no normal mage!" "No…im just a wandering soul. Wheres your commander? Where is dreyah!?" "Here I am…calm down my apprentice." "Thank heavens&hellip." "You were most impressive. Im proud of my work." "I rolled my eyes. "From the rumors I thought you dropped off the map." "And where did you hear that?" "Dragon-kin make their events known…I also heard of your…outra-" "Stop… I am ashamed of it.

I only came to aide you. Im going home now…" "We both know that is a lie& are going to the continent of solien. I know this because its what I want." "Yes maam. What will i-" "Train. Train and become so strong that you will never fear your demons and fear no other man. You are my son. I claim you as a prodigy. I induct you into the holy family of akatash.

Reigning family of osmeria. If I am to fall you will take my place on its throne. Rule justly and fairly. Protect lands far and wide." I was shocked. From what I read this place was military power house. The biggest, most advanced place on this planet. "Yes…mother." I kneeled before her. "I will serve if you fall and are freed of the mortal coil. I will do as you wish." "Rise my child." I rose up and she kissed my forehead.

"I bore no children. But I am proud I didn't. you are the reason I became so proud in my age." I started crying. "I… I want to talk with you in private. Please?" "Leave us." the room cleared. "I have fallen for a woman. Yet she loves me not." "The halfling… I know. I have talked to her father. We are in an alliance but he was not pleased when I mentioned your name.

he-" "Its all true. I have shamed you…" "My child. You fell in love. It happens. You travel to this land.find a woman named talia. She will help. I will send my best sword with you. reyah. Please come here." "Yes milady?" "protect this boy with your life.

He is my son." "But mi-" "Please? He means the world to me." "As you wish." "My sword is yours child." "Thank you." I hugged dreyah and handed her a picture.

"A picture of me when I played soccer as a child. I keep it with me incase I forget my way. If you ever feel alone. Remember me by looking at this." "Will you come back?" "Of course." We rode to the east, along the beach. "Riverveil should be up ahead. Its getting dark. Hurry!" we pushed on and found the town. "We stay here till dawn. Then we leave out. "Fine by me but im taking first watch.

Weve had that rider on us for the past 90 miles." "Agreed. But if you wake me up magic can help what ill do to you." "Riiight." we headed to the inn and booked a room. I got my bow out and sat at the window.

I started singing down to the river from o'brother where art thou. "That song.its beautiful" "Thank you. I love old music like this." "Your voice is so soft. I don't think dreyah has heard you sing." "No one has. I thought you were asleep." "Well…" "hold up. Hes coming into the inn." I held a ball of energy in my hand. "Shhhh…" I heard a knock. I walked over and slowly opened the door.

"Yes?" I was tackled by a red cloaked figure. "Let go or ill fry your ass you sum bi-" I was cut off by sobbing. "I thought you died on that mountain. I was so worried." "How did you." "Well silly we all heard about the mysterious mage in the battle down south. We knew it.

Only one man has that power." "Oh so youre all here." "yes. All four of us." "Sir Who are these women?" "Sophia, girls meet my bodyguard, reyah." "Oh and your…mother gave me this to give to you, as well as gave me an ass chewing for.well." "I understand. And I forgive you." I was given a new sword. I unsheathed it. "Solid white." I held both of them.

"Stay a while. Lets catch up." Sophia told me about how her father was so angry and how he had heard of my battle and quickly changed his tune. I told them of my house. How I had all these cool features and how I really didn't want to go back home. This world was my home now. "Im happy for you. I know from the day at my are so bent inside…" "I am. But it's a demon I have to live with." "You mean you actually turned?" "Not per say rey.

But I was close…if I had… I could have been unstoppable. Immortal…I could have." "Stop it! You know I couldn't…not like that!" "Right…im sorry." "Well im going to bed. Lydia, vex, sophia lets get a-" "Here. You will sleep here." "But sir. The be-" "I have a pallet that can work. Ill just take a full night watch." I laid them a pallet for them and smiled.

"Torl…" "Yes reyah?" "Sing…please?" I cleared my throat. "Down to the river…" I started singing out of the window. I felt the tears roll. This is the song they played at my fathers funeral. It always got me like this. I kept singing. Tears and all. But I wouldn't let my voice crack. I started into another song by johnny cash and I was a mess.

I began singing when I felt arms around me. "Youre such a oddity. And I love that about you." I kept singing and crying. By now I had sang it twice and she chimed in.

we sang for hours. Until I couldn't anymore and it was all silent tears. "I want to come with you. I would die for you…I love you." "I love you too.

Even if I am mortal.i would spend all my years loving you if we could…" "I know. Hold me please?" I held her in my lap. "I don't want to have sex.

I want to feel our hearts beat in unison." I kissed her. We kept kissing. No fondling or grinding. Just a long passionate kiss. "They are cute arent they?" "Yeah. Too bad shes being married this next moon. I think he really would die for her and shed do the same." I didn't hear them and I did not want to…it would have killed them all.

And the whole world would fall into peril. I would become darkness reborn. We soon fell asleep on the pallet. I dremt of us. Having passionate sex. Making true love. It was a dream so vivid…we had a house on lake country…with kids a dog…it was amazing.

I awoke to a cold floor. It was dawn and I knew had to get going. The girls were gone. And it was back again. That dark power. I shook it off. "Reyah. Get up its time go." "Ok.let me pee first." I got ready and I got dressed.

"If I may ask. Who wa-" "Sophia…princess of draconia…" "You love her?" "Yes…but I cant.she lives forever. I do not." "Cmon big guy. We gotta get going." I groaned. When we got to the dock I paid our way and we set out. "Captain says three days at most. Im really excited." "Me too…may I confide in you?" "Yes sir." "When the time comes you will know my true story…my home.if I tell you and you are the last one to be alive out of those who know…die with that locked away." "Yes sir.

I swear." What I didn't know was that she knew abou the girls conversation. She bore that cross. "And if you know anything that would set me off&hellip.never tell me…please. I could…it would be catastrophic." "Yes sir." I laid back and reyah leaned against me. "Ill keep you safe.dont worry." I soon fell asleep. But not before I wrote in my journal. Everything from the mountains till this moment.

When I awoke reyah was spooning me. It was dark out. I took out my journal and started sketching.

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I drew the mountains and trees. The dragons. I drew lunitate and kel. I drew my house…but I had one drawing I made myself when I drew sophia. I could… "Hey…morning." "Its night. Late…and its so quiet." She snatched my journal up and began looking at my sketches. "Wow. These are amazing." "That's private.

Cmon!" "Im looking!" I glared at her. "Gerald…and you." I grabbed it from her. "That's enough. I told you…one day." I sighed. "I wonder what…mom is doing?" "I bet she misses you. I know shes out there doing good work." "No doubt." we traveled two more days when we spotted dens forests.

"Alright. Were here. A boat runs every month to take passengers back." We hopped off and began the trek. "God its hot here…what the hell?" We walked for miles until we found a hut. Out in the middle of no where. "Is this it?" "Yup. Coordinates match up." "To learn have you come boy?" I saw an elvish woman walk out of the doorway. "Yes maam." I kneeled. "Dre-" "I know who sent you and why you are here. Come in." We followed her in and she lifted up the table, showing a ladder. "Come." we climbed down to see a huge marble door.

"You may go in here. This chamber will dredge up your memories. Make you anything far from happy. You will have seven days. You will not and cannot hurt anyone in this chamber.

Only yourself." "Arent you the teacher?!" "I am. But this is the only way to learn how to control this power." I dropped my gear, save my shirt pants and boots. "Good luck sir. May yo-" I was already inside. I saw images. Saw people die. Relived events I wasn't even there for. But that I knew of. "I will master you!!!" I let loose with a rage so strong I was immediately engulfed in black fire. I began going rampant. I was maxed out. Fully consumed. I had turned. On the inside I was fighting that dark woman.

On the outside I was a howling black specter. We were locked in an epic battle within my soul.

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It was brutal. Two days passed. Physically I was a monster.

I had a devil look. Horns and all. I could tell we are on par with one another as to who has greater control. "You will submit boy!" "Fuck you, vile demon!" It was so taxing.

I knew that if I could cage this beast I could harness the power. Or kill it. But I knew. Deep down…I would have to loose this power. And lock the doors. "I WILL EAT YOUR FUCKING SOUL!!" I kept quiet.

I kept this up for I don't know how long until I lost it. "And look! You have failed! Like you did with sophia, your sister…face it boy everyone hates your worthless gu-" I blasted her ass with what I had left. "I have my mother! I have reyah. And I have my horse you vile whore!!!" I beat her down with electricity. I didn't stop. I was going to end this here and now. I kept up until I finally blacked out.

I awoke to a clock going off. "Seven days already? Good god." I looked around. I was in the chamber.i had won. I did it…and not to late either. I busted out of the door and saw reyah sitting there crying.

"He didn't make it…I failed… im so sorry." "Sorry? For what? Im right here. I did it." She spun around. "Oh my void." I was met with a hug so tight I coughed. "So you have done it. Im impressed. Youre the only one to do so." "It wasn't fun&hellip.i really need to lie down." "This is normal.

You need rest. Im going into town ill be back tomorrow. Rest. The both of you." When she left I jumped up and grabbed my gear.

"What are you doing?" "Gonna stack bodies. Find some thugs and do good deeds. Heroic stuff." I walked out and headed to the mainland. "You cant just run off!" "Oh but I can!" I ran into the bushes. "Wow its so amazing here! So much fauna. I got my journal out and started to draw a huge deer. "That things got twelve points…my god." I heard a twig snap behind. It wasn't rey.

Shed be yelling I was being tracked. I pulled my bow out at the deer and charged my self. I poured a full array of bolts into the sky. Hundreds. If not a thousand. I put a barrier around me and I heard a vile scream. I busted out to find a bleeding person. "Why were you followi-" I saw its face. It was a grey skinned, white haired version of me. "I told you I would be back…I am darkness.

I am death. In the flesh." I drew my sword as soon as it did. "This isnt possible!" we dueled through the forrest. "It is. Im you. Im stronger. I have all of my powers and yours!" I pulled out both swords and felt lightning surround me. "HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! How adorable. The fabled hero against an unstoppable evil!!" we collided again. Causing a crater to form. "SHUT UP!! I can use the darkness in me to defeat ou!" "Don't fight fire with fire boy." I locked up with it and headbutted the creature.

"Fuck you!" "Not bad. But youre at full power. Im only a mere quarter…how sad…but this body…I made it just for you." "But how…?" I was motionless. "You should have kept me with you. I couldn't have escaped then…but too late. I withdraw. I tire of this fight. I want your body and soul to be as strong as me…it will be worth it, only then." Like a mirage it was gone. "Sir! I heard fighting." "It escaped…the darkness escaped…" I walked past her.

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"So powerfull…" "Come on sir. We have to get back to the queen." we walked for a few more hours until we just couldn't walk. "Lets…rest here…" I hit the ground and groaned. "So sore…mortal body failing!" I heard her laugh.

"Your so outta shape!" "Must be great from that glass house, miss sits on ass." "Bite me." "Careful, its learning." "What?" "I don't know!!! I need sleep!" I looked at her and her clothes were clinging to her body, very tightly. "What are you staring at?" I blushed and looked away.

"Nothing. Just spaced out is all." "Really now?" She crawled over to me and grinned. "I saw what you were really looking at." she pressed her breasts together. "Don't take me for a fool." She leaned into me and licked her lips. "I have a good mind to tie you up and make you watch as I bathe." I gulped hard and felt the sweat roll down my face. "I thought you didn't get nervous?" "I don't. I just i- uhm." She kissed me and I felt her run her hands up my chest.

I kissed her back and slid her pants down.


I rubbed her clit and she gasped. "Sensitive!" She clawed me and I grinned. "You think that's awsome try this." I slammed my cock into her hole. "OH MY GOD!!" I drove my self into her. "Shhh this isnt even the beginning." I felt her shudder. I picked her up and started fucking her.

I was absolutley beating her shit up. Her pussy was divine. I felt her cum twice and I pushed her to the brink of passing out. "Cmon boy! Keep fucking me!" I pushed her to a rock and fucked her from behind. I grabbed her ass and rug my fingers into it.

She was so tight. It was like I couldn't pull out. "God youre so fucking tight!" "I know. And youre so big! I want you to cum deep inside of me please?" I groaned. I could feel her walls clamp down on me. "Im gonaa cu-cu-" I felt her cum and I winced, holding my load back. "I cant keep up." "Me either reyah!

Im gonna cum!" "Give it to me!" I pulled out and came on her ass. "Mmmmmm good boy!" I was beat. I was hot, tired and fucked silly. I heard thunder and it started raining. "Ahh that feels amazing!" I sat back and yawned. "Lets sleep." I carried her under a tree and held her close to me. "Sing? Please?" I looed at her and smiled.

"Ok." I slowly sang ring of fire by Johnny cash. Halfway through I heard her breathing slow and she was soon asleep. "Sleep well. Youll need it." I looked into the forrest and saw a cloaked figure. "Hmmm." I got one of my blades and crept over.

I saw her! The witch bitch that sent me here! I knocked her down and pointed my blade at her throat. "Hello." "But how?" "Shhhh its ok. I know youre scared. Probably confused.

But its ok. Cause im here and youre dead." I went to plunge my blade into her. "Stop! I can take you home!" I stopped and grinned maniacally. "I am home…I know youre youre lying." "What if im not?" I backed up.

"Leave. If I ever wish to leave ill hunt you down." I walked away and waved. "If you know whats good youll find a hole somewhere far. Oh and make sure you have an army." I walked back to camp and curled up to reyah. When I woke up she was getting dressed and had our gear ready. "Cmon dumbass.

We gotta get moving." She wore an enormous grin.