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Fast time sex stories xxx baby com
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During dinner, Ellen served potatoes & peas with steak and gravy. Robbie started pouring gravy down Ellen's cleavage and licking it off. Joe started putting some peas in his daughters pussy and eating them out of her pussy, while Sara was sucking his cock.

"Stop everything" said Robbie. He then moved Ellen on the table and poured gravy all over his mothers breasts, chest, kneck and pussy. He then took his sister Dani and turned her so that her pussy was on top of his mothers mouth and then told his father to fuck Dani up the ass and Sara to put her pussy under Dani's mouth.

He then fucked his mother while everybody was being fucked and sucked. About 30 minutes later they all collapsed in a pile on the table in tiredness and quickly finished their supper before Joe took his daughter to the bathroom to fuck and get cleaned up.

Robbie took his mother to the bathroom to fuck and get cleaned up. Sara went to the phone to call some friends. About 20 minutes later, Robbie went to his phone and called 3 friends.

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Then the phone rang, it was for Ellen. "Hello Ellen, how are you?" it was her sister, Janet. "I'm Okkkkkkkk, Janet" said Ellen. "Can the girls and Tom come round for a few days, please?" "Why what happened?" "Tom has a business meeting, and Samantha wants to go to college near you." "OK, see you tomorrow about 2pm?" "Yup, thanks sis you're the best!". As soon as Ellen got off the phone the doorbell rang.


It was Robbie's friends - John, Brett and Sara's brother Simon. "Oh, my GOD!" said Sara as soon as she saw them, she tried to cover herself up.

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"Don't!" yelled Robbie, "you're all my slaves now!". "Go upstairs and take off your clothes" he told his friends. 2 minutes later Sara & Dani's friends came round. It was Jenny, Sara's 16yr old sister, Tanya, her 14yr old cousin and Mary her cousin's classmate. Tanya and Mary were virgins, Tanya had popped her cherry while masturbating with a vibrator about a month ago.

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Robbie told them all to get naked in Dani's bedroom, they looked at Sara & Dani and they nodded. 5 minutes later, Robbie yelled at everyone to come downstairs into the dining room and moved the tables and chairs out of the way.

Robbie then laid all the girls besides for Tanya down on their backs. He then told Tanya to put her pussy in Ellen's face and for Ellen to suck it.

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He then said to all the guys that they were going to lick the girls pussys to the point of orgasm and then fuck them hard. Simon took his sister, Sara. John took Dani. Brett chose Ellen.

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Joe decided on Jenny and Robbie decided to break Mary's virginity. The fucking and orgasms went on for the next 30 minutes, when Robbie went upstairs and took something from his drawer, he gave a pill to each of the guys.

Their cocks stood at almost full mast already, then Robbie told them it was Viagra and they were going to fuck the girls so hard, they wouldn't know what had hit them.

Robbie then took Tanya who was already on her second orgasm and brought Simon, and said "we're going to simultaneously break her through.


Simon took Tanya's cute little ass and started rubbing his cock up it. Robbie told Simon to lie down and Tanya to lie on top of him, he said "we're going to sandwich fuck her and turn her into a slut!" "yeah baby" yelled Ellen, "you teach that pussy how to be a nice obedient horny wet cunt!" In one push, Robbie pushed Tanya's body right onto Simon's cock and the screams could have woken up the dead, but a few seconds her ass muscles started contracting around Simon's cock and they were both enjoying a lot, Tanya loved her cousin's 6" fat cock!

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Then Robbie brutally shoved his penis into Tanya's already wet pussy and after one scream the slut was already loving it, and reached an orgasm in less than a minute.

Simon and Robbie continued their sandwich fuck with Tanya while Ellen to her husband Joe and John to give her the best sandwich fuck she had ever had! The other girls started licking each other and sucking Brett's cock, who then slammed Dani over the table and fucked her up the ass nice and hard.

About 30 minutes later the guys and girls went upstairs all into Ellen & Joe's bedroom and went to bed, some on the floor and some piling on top of the others in bed.

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They then went to sleep with their cunts, cocks & asses touching one another. - If the reviews go well, I'll post more in a few days, where we'll learn about Ellen's sister and her family. If you want to give criticism please make it constructive, as this is my first sex story. -