Nigrx sex stories massage sex storys

Nigrx sex stories massage sex storys
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Now, Julie was really scared.What would he do to her?Brand got some sort of metal stand that looked like one for microphones and set it down two meters away from her.


He put the hose in a halter on top and went back for another hose and hose-stand. He put this one in a halter too. Then Brand got out one of his remotes, Julie noticed that he had about three in that pocket at the back of his pants,and a stream of ice cold water shot out of both.

He pressed another and the first hose shot two streams.

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After that her Master directed them so, that one pointed at her cunt and the other, with two streams, at her breasts. Afterwards he went out. She was in complete agony, her cunt and her nipples hurt because of the ice cold water. After what seemed like hours the brunette came in and turned off the hoses with a switch and untied her.

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Then she put the leash on Julies collar Is there only confinement here?and blindfolded her. She was lead out again and when they finally stopped and the blindfold was removed, she was in a big bathroom with baby blue tiles, a huge square tub and a shower, toilet and washstand.The bunette tied her wrists together, sat Julie down on the toilet and hooked her leash behind above her head so tightly, she could barely move.

The brunette, Julie thought she might be a maid, let hot water into the tub. When she came back for the naked slave she said:" Pee, because you won't be able to for a while."Is she insane?I can't pee while she's watching!But the maid just stood there and looked down at her.

So she pissed and was so embarassed, that she even farted.


The brunette just laughed at that and proceeded to wipe her pussy with toilet paper. When she was done, she unhooked the leash and pulled Julie up with her collar. She proceeded to pick her up and sit her in the tub. There she washed her hair and her body and put some conditioner in, that smelled of coconut.

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"It's Master's favourite", she explained. Julie could only nod, since the ballgag was still in her mouth. After that, the brunette told her,her name was Brenda and that she was indeed Brands maid and unlocked her wrists. Brenda told her to lie down and relax in the nice hot water. " But don't touch your pussy!And don't try to open the gag, it's impossible." Julie tried anyway, when Brenda had gone out and felt a lock she coulden't open with her fingers, she needed a key.

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After about 20 minutes her Master came in and sat down on the side of the tub. He reachedd down and carressed her pussy saying: " So, how did you like your first time? Oh, I forgot, you can't talk with that thing in your mouth!" So he removed it and asked again. Can that funny guy really be Master?The guy who punished me so a few minutes ago?"It wasn't like I imagined, but I liked it a lot.

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Thank you, Master.""You're welcome, slave.You will sleep on the floor here tonight. Iwill bind your arms behind your back and if you need to pee or something, do it on the floor. Your legs will be spread and there will be a camera between them, filming your cunt." He did everything he had said, let the water out and went away. She was blushing but her cunt was totally wet.Tied up like this, she slept deeply and dreamt of what the next day would be like. "Wake up, sleepy! You peed all over yourself!" Oh, noo!Could I have?

Come on, eyes open! She's right,Brenda's right! How embarassing! When Brenda saw that Julie was blushing, she said:" Don't worry slaves don't usually get to use a toilet, so they have to use the floor all the time.

You'll get used to it. Anyway, we have to serve Master his breakfast now."She untied Julie and helped her to her feet. She had to get used to standing again, she was totally stiff.

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On their way to the kitchen, the maid explained the do's and don'ts to her. She managed breakfast without doing anything wrong and then lined up next to Brenda in front of Brand for the day's assignments."Julie,you'll be helping Brenda today, Brenda if she does anything wrong or doesn't do what you tell her, write it down." He gave them a list of things to do and they were off, cleaning the windows and washing laundry, mopping floors and dusting trophies.


Once, Julie asked what they were for and she said:"Slave racing.The Masters sit on their slaves and they have to try to run on their hands and knees.

Maybe you'll have the honor of doing that some day." Honor?That doesn't sound very enjoyable!She must be insane.When she was in one of the mansion's many rooms, she saw a photo of Brand riding a slave. The stirrups were attached to the poor girl's breasts with clamps. The leed was attached to her pussylips, also with clamps and she was wearing a ball gag.

Brand was holding a whip to urge her on.Certainly looks painfull! At nine o'clock, they met their Master in the dungeon and Brenda handed him the list.

It was five lines long, Julie saw in horror. She gulped."Let's see here, you've been quite a bad girl, Julie. You'll have quite a painfull evening, I think."Gulp!