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Big Bubbles Booty Ass Shake
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Chapter 5 The next few days or so involved a lot of settling into the new status quo. Chikorita's presence changed a lot of things, since my room became the permanent resting place for someone who wasn't me, and the insisted on cuddling with me at night. There was a lot of logistical stuff to work out there, as I was both unaccustomed to cuddling all night and unaccustomed to cuddling small things.

Her food and water bowls went next to my computer desk, and a few times I caught Purrloin trying to sneak in and steal some.

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Chikorita's response was a vine around her waist that dropped her outside the doorway and a dry remark. At least, I assumed it was a dry remark. Any Pokemon who enjoyed my company enough to let me take them home had to have been at least a little predisposed for snark. Mom agreed to the whole thing so long as I took care of her and she didn't get into a fight with Purrloin.

Amy took the opportunity to complain that she wanted a Pokemon, that it wasn't fair, that her first few tests of the school year came back with great marks and she deserved a Pokemon.

"Do you think the daycare has any other Pokemon up for adoption?" Mom asked after a couple days of ceaseless complaints and bargaining. "I don't know," I said with a smile so wide you could pass a truck through it. I lay on my bed with a slice of the cake Elaine baked for my uninjured sister. "I had to jump through a lot of fences to adopt her.

Er, hoops. Jump through a lot of hoops." Dammit, Bill was rubbing off on me. "I can ask Elaine, but there's a long waiting list as it is, even if she doesn't want to be picky, and come on.

She's nothing but picky." "He's smiling!" Amy shouted. "Of course I am. Life is wonderful, and every day we wake up still alive and so grateful for what we have. Why would I not be smiling?" My tone was so deadpan it took every bit of effort not to laugh as colour filled into her face but mom just missed the sarcasm.(i thought I herd amy say "smart ass)" Mom sighed.

"Adam, at least see what you can do. And where did that cake from? I've seen it in the fridge for days." "Some things are better left unexplained," I chuckled and motioned for her to shut the door. With the barrier of the door to help snuff out Amy's complaints, I turned the television up, pulled her closer to me, and attempted to find some prime time programming that didn't suck. What surprised me was how calm everything was. I had this picture in my head of constant sex, that with a horny, willing girl in my room at all hours I'd be doing little but sex.

Actually, it was one of my biggest concerns-I wasn't sure where I'd fit reading or gaming time into that. In reality, we had sex maybe every night or two. There was plenty of snuggling, and more than one occasion where she curled up on my chest and I read to her, but for the most part, hobby time proceeded as normal. All in all, though, not much else changed. I was having sex. Woo hoo. Everything else seemed the same, save for the additional thrill of release when I was now doing something morally dubious in having sex with a Pokemon rather than the merely 'icky' act of masturbation.

There was always that risk someone would come in and we'd be too caught up in the act to realize. There'd be no chance to pull a blanket over it and feign scratching my thigh when I was face-down eating out my new Pokemon. There'd probably be a lot less awkward silence and pretending it didn't happen, but a lot more questions.

It added a strange, sick thrill to things that made me all tingly where it counted. "I still don't know what to call you," I said as she pulled herself close to me on Thursday. It had been nearly a week since our first time, since I first brought her home, and 'Chikorita' felt stuffy. Especially once she evolved.

She needed something short, something sweet and endearing. "Chi," she sighed, the leaf on her head running slowly along my chest in what had become her typical way of asking me for sex.

I found it unendingly adorable, but work was catching up with me, and I was in that middle point where I was tired from working, but hadn't worked enough to get used to it. It was a confusing place to explain, but unfortunately it didn't make me any more energetic. I groaned, "You didn't have to spend an afternoon chasing down a bunch of over-energetic Eeveelutions." "Orita," she said, looking me sternly in the eye. There would be no getting out of it, whether I had the energy or not.

Resigning myself to the fate, I pulled her off of me and laid her face-up on my pillow. Her legs opened knowingly as I brought my lips to her belly, teasing her opening with a finger. Each kiss made her squirm a little as they neared her wet honey pot.

I could smell the arousal as it filled my nose with each deep breath, driving me onward. No matter how tired I was, it was hard not to be turned on by it. Probably some pheromonal stuff at play. The base of her leg's skin was incredibly soft and, judging by how she kicked at the air when my fingers rubbed against it, just as sensitive.

Not that her labia weren't delicate as flower petals as my tongue parted them in what I unsexily thought of as some strange approximation of pollination. Her nectar waited beneath the fold, her pussy already soaked with it, and it was all mine to enjoy. My oral experience wasn't too much, and my one previous time with Chikorita was mostly experimentation. I still didn't quite know what worked best, and her methods of communication-writhing and repeating her name-didn't make things easier.

I drew my tingling tongue from her vagina and brought it to her small clitoris, a shade of green just different enough to be noticeable if you were looking for it. My finger drew inward from her thigh and replaced my tongue inside of her, lovingly sinking into her and rubbing against the wet walls. The other hand had, without my knowing, wandered up to her face, curled into a half-fist that she lovingly nuzzled the back of.

She was certainly enjoying herself, which would hopefully be enough to get some sleep after we were done. I shivered at the thought of what would happen if she wanted to keep going.

Then the realization dawned on me that the whole affair-the arousal of eating her out and the pressure of lying on my belly had made me very hard. It was not what I needed at all, because I was too tired to actually do anything.

Hell, I was half-worried I'd fall asleep while going down on Chikorita, which would raise way too many problems to want to fathom during such a happy time. My body lifted upward a little to try and alleviate the pressure on me and hopefully bring the arousal down when, to my surprise, something pushed outward against the space between the wrist of the arm I brushed her face with.

Before I could register what it was, something prodded my waistband and my body clenched up. My eyes drifted upward to see one of the green bead-like thing around her neck replaced by a protruding vine, and the only response I had was to gulp in an ominous, cartoony fashion.(its a vien from a her neck) "Chi chi Chikorita!" she yelped, red eyes wide open and looking down at me with a deadly mixture of glee, pleasure, and amusement.

My own eyes shut tightly as the knowledge of what was soon to come made my stomach drop. Her vine forced its way down my waistband and wrapped tightly around my aching cock, the tip of the vine even brushing off a couple beads of precum before the whole coil shifted downward, tugging me so hard that my midsection dipped forward a little.

It was supposed to be as simple as eating her out, making her happy, and getting a good night's sleep. Thankful as I was that the vine wasn't violating me or anything, it left me feeling a little uneasy; tight as the coil was, I could still feel the vines and the lack of vine in the spiral line all up my shaft.

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It was as unnatural a hand job as I could imagine, and the way the end of the vine brushed my tip only served to accent that point. Most horrifyingly, though, was the fact it felt better than my own hand ever had.

The fast shift of the vine wrapped around me still had all the love of any other motion Chikorita made, and it was a lot tighter than my hand ever mustered painlessly.

Even with her head start, the surprise masturbation would probably bring me to the edge first, and it would be a struggle to bring her to orgasm with me before I passed out between her legs and left her feeling very unhappy.

Awash with lust, I threw all of my effort to pleasuring her as thoroughly and fiercely as I could. With my whole body heaving, three fingers plunged in and out with the same speed she granted me and my tongue paid worship to every inch of her approximate pelvis. Her volume increased as the increasing pleasure threw her into a feverish rush of adrenaline.

To silence herself, she stopped nuzzling my hand and took a finger into her mouth, sucking on it hard and pulling it deeper into her mouth in an attempt to quiet herself. The feeling of her wet mouth tight around my finger did me no favours in keeping my composure, but it was suddenly rendered moot. She hadn't silenced herself because she wanted to keep going, she silence herself because her orgasm was only a second away. She trembled beneath me as a rush of her nectar got my fingers even wetter than they had been, and her vine just lost control.

It moved so fast that I followed an instant later, thrusting forward as the taste of her in my mouth and the sight of her enraptured. I hit the bed as there was the vague feeling of warmth and a dim surge of pleasure that slipped away as my vision blackened and everything went silent.

The next morning I woke up between chikorita's legs i moved off of her to get ready for work.

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. "So, what should we do?" I asked, my chair leaned back against the wall and my hands on the back of my head. It was a little after dinner, which on Friday meant easy time. The empty container that previously held my lasagna sat beside the small sink that dated back before my birth and had the rust stains to show it. I got Saturday off just like Bill and Angie did, and felt like getting out of the house with my new friends on our Friday night and entirety of Saturday.

"Move night?" "Orgy?" They didn't miss a beat in sharing their ideas, Bill and Angie respectively. Looking at each other awkwardly for a moment, they turned back to me and with the same synchronicity, said the others suggestion. I laughed and leaned inward a little, ignoring the perfect timing and bad sitcom coincidence.

"Really now, I would have expected Bill to recommend an orgy." "You haven't seen his idea of 'move night'. I ain't up for luggin' out the VCR and his box of movies." Bill scoffed, putting his cup down loudly.

"Bogus. Minccino Man is still a good movie."(like I said pokemon movie its not real) Both Angie and I looked at him in stunned silence for a moment, and I briefly wondered if putting him out of his misery would be frowned upon.

"Okay," I said shakily. "Movie night is out. But I don't know about an orgy. I'm all for bucking monogamy and all that, but I don't know if I quite want to go full Caligula yet." "How about a swingers thing then?" Bill offered up and unknowingly redeeming himself.

"We can swap partners around and spend the night with them instead. It's not as intense as an orgy. Then, we have tomorrow afternoon free to stop by the ranger outpost to finish Adam's registration." Images danced in my head of cocaine, beads, and Steppenwolf in comic exaggeration of his idea, though it wasn't a bad one.

It beat enduring horrible movies, and seemed like a pretty cool thing to do, not to mention helping ease me into the more wild, unfettered antics Bill and Angie engaged in with their Pokemon. Just myself and my one Pokemon having sex in bed was tame compared to what they, and apparently most Pokephiles, engaged in.

Plus, there was always the chance of ending up in bed all night with Angie, though Lopunny or Gardevoir would be great as well. "I'm in," I said all too readily, pulling my feet off the table and riding my chair back onto all four legs.

"Should we punch out and stop by my place?" "Soon," Angie said, grabbing the deck of cards from the counter. "Give it another hour or so. It comes in handy to make it seem like we're workin' more than we really are." … "You should call her Meg," Bill said as we all stepped into his apartment, Chikorita tailing behind me, Angie leading the charge, and Bill behind her talking to me.

"For Meganium?" I groaned with a roll of the eyes. "Nah, for Mega Drain. Because she can't learn that move, and it's ironic or something." "Y'know, one day you'll have to tell me how you made it to your age alive.

You seem like you'd pick the warning labels off of cleaners for fun, then forget they're hazardous and drink them." Angie cut in at that point, flicking the middle light switch on the wall and bathing the living room in dim orange mood lighting. "His mom taped them back on. Now then, Arcanine appears to be sleeping, and after last night's training, I don't think he'll have the energy for anything.

That leaves three Pokemon and three humans." Dammit, there sailed my chances of nailing Angie that night. "Gardevoir'll pull up some way of pairing us off." With instant reaction, Gardevoir's voice echoed into my head, "The whore's screaming for Adam in her head, let her have him so I'll be able to sleep this weekend. I guess ill join adam. Bring Meg into the bedroom and we'll work something out for the three of us.

Yeah, sorry Adam, she likes the name Meg." I may have had some objections had Lopunny-the aforementioned 'whore', I guessed-bounded into the room.

It must have been something she just did, because Bill and Angie didn't pay her any mind, picking up Meg-fuck, it hurt to say-and whisked her off to do Arceus knows what. I, on the other hand, was a bit preoccupied by her bounciness. She was much, much curvier than a typical Lopunny, and unlike the last time I saw her, I was far enough down the rabbit hole to actually appreciate her. And from what I saw, I wanted to go down her rabbit hole. I could hear Gardevoir groan, not having left my mind yet and apparently not enjoying the pun.

I ignored that, though, letting my eyes appreciate the sway of her hips and the bounce of her bosom. With a smile, she placed her hands on my shoulders and pushed me backward until I fell onto the couch with her in my lap so comfortably that she must have had practice. Her mouth immediately went to my neck, kissing at it lightly and rapidly.

Soft, furred hands pushed up my chest, taking my Bulbasaur Jr shirt off and throwing it with such force that it landed behind the television. "Gardevoir are u not gonna join?" "i will later once u were her out" As she grinded against my lap even before my pants were undone, I understood why Gardevoir derided her as 'the whore', but at least for the moment, fuck if I cared.

Her hands ended up in my hair and my face between her breasts, and in this context, I appreciated her skankiness. Down she sank, her fingers lingering and dragging against my flesh as her body slid down mine until she was on her knees on the floor, hands working at my pants. Before I could even perceive something else, my pants were off, my boxers had ceased to exist, and she was all over me.

One moment, I was being undressed by a friend's Pokemon, the next she had half of my cock in her mouth and my hips pushed forward on instinct. A hand pressed to my stomach, strong enough to keep me pinned down as the other caressed my thigh with a finger, moving in slow, spiralling circles up and down.

My hands dug a little into the velour couch as I tried to pry my eyes open. I wouldn't dare miss the sight of the coquettish Lopunny sucking me off, looking up at me with wide, innocent eyes even as she took another inch in.

It was such a contradiction, but the rational part of my brain that would usually cry foul in obsessive-compulsive refusal was promptly silenced by the part that found the contrast dead sexy. The puffy collections of fur around her wrists tickled and teased as they moved about, slowly rubbing and massaging the skin. "So good," I moaned, thrusting back into her wet mouth. It wasn't a tight seal, with her lips constantly opening, her tongue sometimes moving from base to tip and down in the same spiral pattern as her hand.

It was a longer tongue that I expected, able to move in ways that both frightened and aroused me. Other times, she just wrapped her lips around me and sank in, which really got me writhing. Everything was brilliant and arousing, the culmination of much practice and experimentation.

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By the time I came in, she had perfected her technique, and she knew just how to manipulate a penis for maximal pleasure. The fact Bill was likely the most regular practice dummy didn't even bother me, as getting his sloppy seconds was worth even half a minute of her wonderful treatment. It dawned on me then that, as much as she seemed to just devour my cock, there was a build-up to it.

It wasn't a big one, but she had some sense of escalation. By the time my tip pressed the back of her throat, her speed had picked up to the degree that only a Pokemon could actually pull off.

With each rapid motion, I could feel the contraction of her throat as she took more into her than her mouth could handle. That was when my own hips kicked in and I began aiding in my throat-fucking of the slutty bunny Pokemon. With each exhalation, I could feel the hot breath blasting my crotch from her wet nose pressed to my skin. She kept the eye contact, though, and to my amazement, paying lip-service to my pelvis while every last bit of my dick vanished into her mouth didn't lessen the 'innocent' expression any more.

Meg was slow. Meg was passionate. Even when there was speed, it was within reason. Lopunny wouldn't have any of that, though. It was such a surprise, paired with what was undeniably the best head of my life, that I was blindsided by a sudden orgasm that my body didn't even seem to know the source of.

Without warning, I thrust one last time against her face. She seemed to have a better sense of the oncoming seed than I did, pulling her head away only enough that my tip rested on her lips, jerking and spurting into her mouth and onto her smiling face.

Even as my eyes tried to force themselves shut, I fought to keep them open just long enough to gaze upon the facial I shamelessly gave my friend's Pokemon. I looked over at gardevior to see 2 fingers diging into her pussy I felt sorry she wont join.

At that point with Meg, I would have taken a break, cuddled with her a little and bonded. In what was becoming a recurring theme, by the time I was ready to ask her about a break, maybe grabbing a drink or something, she climbed into my lap and kissed at my forehead.

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"There won't be any breaks, will there?" I gulped as she again forced her tits into my face. By divine intervention, Angie stepped out of the bedroom completely naked, and damn.

Seeing her bare curves, her round breasts, her smooth, slightly tanned flesh covered in sweat and juices, made me want to go full Caligula if it meant I could join in on the orgy in the bedroom.


"I forgot about somethin', and Gardevoir reminded me." "She's still in my head, isn't she?" "You'll get used to it," reassured the disembodied voice, and I rolled my eyes. Bill emerged from the bedroom, rushing over to the kitchen. "I don't know what the problem is. Gardevoir never comments on what happens in my mind." "Oh, sweetie, that's a completely different issue." Lopunny wasn't leaving my lap, which made the conversation going on in the room-and, disconcertingly, my head-all the more intrusive.

"Can we get to the point?" Bill emerged from behind the wall dividing the kitchen and living room with several bottles of alcohol. Angie took two, tossing one to me. "Drink this. It'll help you deal with Lopunny." The small bottle certainly looked alcoholic by colour, but there wasn't a label on it, just a tight circular band of white paper.

Not even a blank label; it was printer paper. "The hell is this?" "Blissey egg," said Gardevoir. "Medication by itself, but with alcohol, a potent aphrodisiac." "Oh, so it's like funky cold medina," I said, twisting off the cap and taking a swig. Bill cocked his head toward me.


"Oh, right. Sorry, it's from the decade before the one you're stuck in." Another groan from the clearly humourless Gardevoir sounded in my head, and she continued. "Take a few sips, you're good for a while. The bottle will last you the night. And don't give any to Lopunny." "Why? It's bad for Pokemon." "No. Meg and I are having some.

We're just saving you the trouble of finding out what happens when a nympho gets something to rev up their libido."(the bottle is like viagra) "Point taken," I muttered, taking several long pulls-probably more than 'a few sips' before putting it down. The effect was profound and immediate. My head became light and my vision blurred briefly, followed by a tingling of my extremities and a sudden jolt of pure pleasure right through my penis.

My achingly hard cock raged against her thigh so fast she jumped a little. When my vision came back, I was overcome with a need for sex greater than I could ever remember.

It was an all-encompassing, burning arousal that must have shown on my face, because Lopunny's expression twisted into a devious smile. What she probably didn't expect, though, was me to seize her hips and twist about, turning her in my lap as we spun. I wasn't even completely expecting it, to be honest. Her hands landed on the armrest of the couch, and her whole body pushed forward as I thrust into her from behind. "Pun!" she yelped as another thrust rocked her body. Seeing her on all fours in front of me, making lust-struck sounds as I thrust into her, was an even hotter sight than the whole innocent/whorish eye contact.

For someone so experienced, I certainly expected her to be looser. She wasn't as immaculately tight as Meg, but her soaked inner walls were certainly snug around my cock. On a bit more aphrodisiac than was recommended, having wild sex with a very experienced, voluptuous Lopunny with lots of hip to hold onto. The new life I had stumbled into was certainly turning out to be a good time. Our magic carpet ride could have used a bit more Steppenwolf, though.

The dim sound of Meg moaning through the half-open bedroom door filled me with joy to know she was enjoying herself just as much. In one week I had gone from finding the whole thing repulsive to swapping Pokemon with friends for the night. Oh, how good it felt to be bad. Each push forward made her moan, and I was probably making some sounds myself that were just lost in the haze filling my mind, only aware of external stimulus. My senses all seemed heightened a little, at least where their impact on my sexual appetite was concerned.

Lopunny was outlined and clear, even a bit over-saturated, standing out clear against the unremarkable living room corner.

Sounds she made seemed clearer, crisper, more resonant in my mind and vivid. It was like a bad vampire show's representation of their super senses made real, and admittedly, it was sort of awesome. That my first thought was, "Cool, this is like being a vampire," was a bit less awesome. She pushed back against my rapid thrusts, using her own speed to really kick things into gear.

It may have surprised her that I suddenly snapped into such aggressive fucking, but once she got over the shock, she really got into the whole wild, animalistic sex thing. My hands dug into her round, delicious ass while it pushed into my abdomen, squeezing, kneading the flesh. Each nerve in my body lit up from the concoction and my hands burst into wonderful, inflamed stimulation from feeling her.

The sound of her body smacking against mine rose up in wonderful symphony with breaths and moans and words dripping with lust and bliss. Every breath I took filled my nose with the smell of sweat and pussy juices. The couch creaked a little as the force of our sex-mostly the amount of strength she put into it-began to rock the arm of the couch and push against it a bit too hard.

Neither of us cared though, acknowledging but ignoring the sounds in favour of fucking even harder. Her back arched and she writhed about, her head straight up in the air and shouting loudly. Her pussy clenched down harder against my cock, seemingly on fire herself. My back arched forward, breath racing as my hips seemed to move in defiance of just about anything.

Don't get me wrong; I didn't want to stop, but it became a bit worrisome that I was stuck in automatic and just fucking away with no control. Or hot. One of the two. My hand left her rear for a brief moment, only to come back with momentum and smack against her round cheek, making her yelp loudly as a hard thrust followed it up. Everywhere our bodies made contact-my hands, my pelvis, my thighs-her fur tickled and stimulated the skin, turning what would be a nice feeling into something twistedly sexual between our position and the chemical influence driving me mad.

Suddenly, the drinking too much thing became readily apparent as my vision blurred again and my body seemed to resign itself to just sex. I gave her ass several more whacks, and with each spank the effect on my senses seemed to double. By the final one, my impending orgasm was so great it inspired a bit of fear. My body was on sensory overload, and it was scary. Sex was scary. It was a horrible thought, but at the same time I was too caught up in the sensation to think it at the time.

I was just turned on and eager to greet my orgasm. Lopunny didn't seem to mind either, pushing back hard in anticipation for her own release, using me to get off regardless of how responsible it was. Release was strong and incredible.

Looking back, it was scary as hell, but at the time, it was the most wonderful feeling in the world. Her orgasm came first, and the feeling of her wet walls clenching down on my cock felt divine as my hot seed poured out, sending off fireworks in my veins and a chorus of angels in my head. I fell back, spurting more streaks of white across her brown-furred ass, falling back and a few more strings of cum falling onto my thighs and my stomach.

My breath was heavy, my heart raced, but all I could want was more. Lopunny was too exausted to get up so I thought I was going to sleep. Boy was I wrong, I forgot all about Gardevoir she got up from were she was sitting and started to suck my cock all I could do was grown, the effect of the medication was still surging in me. what scared me more was I still had a raging hard on.

her tounge felt wonderfull for a pokemon you'd think she was human with that kind of tounge after 2 min of sucking I lost controll and grabbed Gardevoir, threw her on the floor and ripped her dress off. i slammed my cock in her in one motion she made a loud grown which im sure Lopunny heard. I pounded her like no tomorrow, she was saying "o my" grunt "god yes" grunt "adam fuck my pussy" grunt "make me your slut" grunt "o my god I never had it this rough" lopunny noticed I left and decided to join in as well she came over and sat on top gardevoir face to get licked my orgasm was approachin from the endless pounding then gardevoir stuck a finger in lopunny ass.

it sent me over the edge I came 6 times after I was done I fell back and was knocked out from the force of the cum but not before I saw gardevoir and lopunny both licking my dick back to a erection. (the last part were gardevoir joinded is what I added the other ending sucked)