Teen vintage tgp gay porno tube Tommie Reed emerges every day to tidy

Teen vintage tgp gay porno tube Tommie Reed emerges every day to tidy
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1 Gustavo looks similar to Tupac from his mouth, nose, nose ring, eyebrows, and mainly everything else. His body is on point, too. The only difference is that Gustavo has cornrows and dark greenish-gray eyes.


Nikita is beautiful with kissable lips, slanted and exotic looking eyes, and naturally thin eyebrows. Her ears are left natural because anyone who lays an eye on her, including herself, can see how appealing she is; no earrings are needed because it would interrupt her beauty. She is as bootylicious as singers Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce'.

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Nikita has about medium C cup size boobs that look like they have been "done," a skinny waist, and luscious thighs. "So?" Gustavo's youthful voice echoes about the upstairs area. "Soooo?" Nikita slowly rolls her neck in a non-attitudinal way. Gustavo smacks his lips with annoyance. "Go ask them and stop playin' stupid." "Who said she was playin'? Tito jokes as he walks by to get a towel from the linen closet. Nikita hits him. "Mind ya own biz. Okay, 'cuz. You are a guest so I'll go ask." She knocks on her parents door and Adoncia answers.

"Si, dear. ?que' es?" "Umm. Gustavo said we should catch up so can I go somewhere with him?" Nikita tilts her head. "Okay, sweetie. Have fun!" Adoncia doesn't even question where they are going because she trusts her family.

Tito's style is an obvious cross between b-boy and hardcore musician. All the girls love him. He has groupies and isn't even famous.

He has sharp eyebrows that have no curves or shape at all. He always has the same black baseball cap on, day after day, the brim turned to the side and slightly to the back near his ear.

He is old school, having merely one ear pierced and his enticing bedroom eyes are dark brown. To match his full lips are a shadow of a beard and mustache.

He is skinny with the exception of some muscles. Gustavo comes up behind her and puts his hand on the small of her back. "Let's go, chica," he whispers in her ear. Tito makes a face and walks away, waving it off. For Nikita, however, its not that easy to push to the side. She slowly takes a few steps forward, feeling a familiar tingling sensation in her core and a warm liquid gush out and into her panties.

She gasps, runs to her room and checks her thong. No period. "Eww!" Nikita exclaims out loud to herself. She's wondering why her body had to have a reaction like this to her own cousin. Finally, she steps out to the hallway and goes down the swiveled stairs. Gustavo shakes his head, "Its about time. You took a whole damn hour." "I'm here now," Nikita responds with attitude and opens the door. "So, where are we going, butthead?" "For a ride," Gustavo distantly answers. Nikita looks at him for a moment, sensing something strange.

Not disregarding it, she keeps the recent incident in mind. They drive around, talking until they reach a slumberous area. Gustavo turns the car off and locks the door.

He was told when he was younger to lock the door if you are to stay in a car, for safety reasons. Him, his siblings, and other family members his age like Nikita all know that rule. Now what? Nikita thought she was thinking in her mind until he answered her. "We could sit here and talk some more. I just missed you and wanted to catch up personally.

You know?" Gustavo sweeps her hair with his fingers and glares deeply into her eyes. She shifts around in her seat uneasily and adverts her eyes away from him. "Let's go sit in the back. You can crawl if you want but I'm a grown man," he teases. Nikita stays silent and he unlocks the door. With his hand on the handle, he pauses, moving his head forward and in front of her face some to get her attention. "You not going to say anything?" Gustavo frowns, wondering why she's not playing along.

Nikita looks at him and fake smiles. "Uhh." "That's good enough." he gets out the car and gets in the backseat. Nikita follows suit. He repeats his earlier action, locking the door and sits so close to her, he almost sits on her leg. Gustavo does all the talking for 5 minutes and decides he is tired of the silence. "Nikita, if I wanted to talk to myself, I could have done it at the house. What's up with you?" She scoffs and laughs at the same time, "Lo siento.

I'm just tired." "You sure? 'Cuz I was worried about you." he rubs her bare thigh back and forth. "Mm-hmm. Yep," Nikita lies. They are silent for some seconds as Gustavo's hand moves further up her thigh.

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"Ahem," Nikita shifts when his hand comes in contact with her coochie. Gustavo smiles and lingers in her ear. "Close your eyes. All right?" She nods and complies with his command. He then flickers his tongue against her neck, alternating between licks and sucks. He bites her neck gently when he hears a soft moan.

"Ohh!" Nikita gasps and her nipples harden. "Gustavo, what are you doing?" Gustavo purrs, "Relax, baby. Just relax." His hands travel up her thin blouse and cup her succulent boobs. She bites her lip and turns to face him. "Gustavo, I have a boyfriend." "I know. I saw him yesterday," he simply states.

"Come here." Gustavo pushes her gently down to the seat where he is laying on top of her. His hands travel again but all over her body this time, starting in the nether regions and moving upward. He takes off her panties and lingers over her pussy after a couple minutes, rubbing and pulling lightly. He inserts a finger, pushing hard in and out until she cums.

She really didn't want to do that. At least not with him but maybe the orgasm got to her because when she looked up into his eyes, she saw him as she shouldn't see him. Like she does her boyfriend or something. The animal in her arises when she pulls his neck towards her and thrusts her tongue in his mouth.

She grinds her hips up to meet his and he returns the favor. "Now that's more like it," he groans. She tugs his undies down with his jeans to reveal a big 9 inch long and 4 inch wide cock glistening with pre-cum.

Nikita pushes him up off of her so she can handle hers. She doesn't like getting head, just receiving it. When he is in the position she wants him in, she gets straight down to business.

She licks the wet head in a swirling motion, treating it like a chocolate ice cream cone. "Mmm," she manages to put the whole thing in her mouth and ends up gagging. Gustavo chuckles deeply, "Take it easy." She does the same thing again, only this time slower by taking only two inches at a time. She feels his balls harden as she fondles them and stops abruptly, lifting her head as fast as she can.

She looks down at his dick to see if he came. When she sees that he didn't, she giggles in anticipation and takes off her flimsy top. Staring into his eyes, their raw passion magnetizing to each other, she straddles his muscled thighs and reaches down. In a second, his cock is inserted into her hot, dripping pussy. "Fuck!" Nikita throws her head back and pauses. "Shit! Shit!" she yells when he jerks his hips upward to force the rest of his cock inside her. Assuming it might be for the best to just sit on it, she does so when he relaxes his tense hips back down to the seat.

She was right. She rides him slowly, eventually speeding up until she is bouncing. Her hair, titties, and ass bounce along with her. Gustavo holds her hips and licks his own lips, then hers too. In response, she licks his lips and follows it with a tiny, sharp bite. "Ow," Gustavo smiles. "That's what you fucking get for seducing me," Nikita frowns and grinds back and forth on his dick.

She begins to take her frustration of the seduction situation out on his large cock. She bounces as hard as she can and digs her nails into his arms, having an intense orgasm. "Mierda!" Gustavo shoots an overload of nice, sticky sperm into her cumming pussy. She subconsciously buries her face into his shoulder and squeals when he ends up balls deep inside of her, causing a slight stinging sensation because of his large size.

They remain unmoved for about 10 minutes but not before Gustavo let his member out of her, sensing her discomfort. Even though Gustavo definitely satisfied her, Nikita is trying not to go off.

She gets off of him and sits back beside him, her breath finally caught. He rubs her arm and begins to say something. She shoves his hand away. "What is wrong now?" he tsks. Nikita looks at him like he asked the most stupid question in the world.

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"I fucked you, you retard! You're my cousin, my family, if you haven't noticed." "Okay, sorry I seduced you but once I finally saw you after all these years and you turned out so.

so fine and sexy, I just couldn't help it," Gustavo admits. "So I wasn't sexy before? Is that what you're saying?" "All right, senorita. Para. I didn't see you that way back then. We just fucked becuz I seduced you first. Get over it," Gustavo holds his arms out. "Want me to take ya home now?" Without saying another word, Nikita grabs her clothes and sits in the front seat.

Gustavo puts his undies and jeans back on and gets back in the driver's seat. He looks at her and decides to stay quiet for the time being. When they reach her house a few minutes later, he walks her to her door. "Oh, my God, how I feel like I just came back from a date or sumthing wit you walking me to tha door," Nikita manages to smile.

"But about earlier, it's fine. I forgive you, I'm just confused. Give me time, yo." Gustavo nods sharply one time. "I understand. I love you." "Me too," Nikita replies. "Adios." She waits for Gustavo to drive off and turns around with a scream. In the darkness is a man standing, blocking her entrance into the house. He wasn't there before they pulled up. He moves forward slowly, coming towards her until she can see his face with the help of the porch light.

She squints her eyes to focus, "Daley? That you?" "Unh-huh," he responds. "That was a weird exchange y'all just had. If y'all wasn't related, I would'a thought you 2 was datin'. Or even worse, fuckin'." Nikita's facial expression is one of a deer caught in the headlights. Daley cracks up at that. "I know. Disgustin', right?" He raises an animated eyebrow.

"I'm so sick, huh? You should'a seen yo face when I said that shit. I thought you was gon' throw up." "Yeah, you're a perverted mess," Nikita plays it off.

Daley gets serious. "Since you was out for a while, you wanna stay in? I asked yo parents and they said we could watch a movie, get some grub, work out, whateva." "Work out?" Nikita's eyes just about pop out of her head. "Not with them here, you mean." "What? Oh!


Oh, you thought I meant us screwin'?" Daley laughs his ass off. "And you got the nerve to call me perverted." Nikita giggles, "Oops! Anyhoo, let's eat. I'm starved." The cute couple spend most of the night chillin' and having fun until the parents kick Daley out, that is. 2 Today, Nikita feels like being alone which is unusual for her, being an extrovert and all.

So, she was very relieved when her parents and family left to go out for dinner. She only acts like this when she is PMS-ing.

She will stay on her birth control because she's not supposed to get off of it if she is sexually active and would like to keep it that way.

Still, once her period starts, no sex for her and Daley until a whole week after it ends. That means that she will be giving Daley head and hand jobs. Nikita's eldest uncle, Guillermo, comes back to the house, knowing that Nikita is alone and that the rest of the family won't be back until dusk.

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It is an hour after noon and Nikita wants to visit her old tree house from her childhood days. Just to revisit the more innocent and less stressful times.

As she heads over to it, a muscular yet slightly stocky man approaches her. Not seeing him, she keeps walking and right as she is about to reach the ladder to the green painted treehouse, he taps her on her shoulder. She stops all movement and decides not to be such a scaredy-cat for once.

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After turning to face him, she says, "You know what, Uncle Guillermo? I'm so tired of y'all scaring me- or trying to." He places his large, comforting looking hands on his hard chest with exaggeration. "Oh, my! What a scaredy-cat. Don't give yourself a heart attack, now." "Whatever," Nikita sucks her teeth and proceeds to climb the ladder. She is up there before you can say "Leggo my Eggo." After she opens the wooden door, they both are completely inside the large area.

Guillermo closes the door behind them and she sits down. He looks around the interior, admiring the place. It didn't take long to get up to, has bolted windows, a heater/ac system, and one door; the furniture and decorations make it feel like home. "You did all this?" Guillermo asks. "Yeah, all by myself," Nikita answers with pride. She even paid for it all with her temporary jobs, the kinds that kids do for some chump change like mowing the lawn or selling lemonade.

Guillermo gazes down at her, moving his crotch closer to her face. Once she is face to crotch, she looks up at him to see if his action is a mistake.

He winks at her and that's when she knows. "Oh, not again," she begins to wonder if this is all just a mere coincidence or what.

Because first her own cousin came onto her and now her huge, married uncle is, too. He mumbles something indistinct and rubs her face in his crotch with his hands. Inhaling the smell of hard, horny cock most likely dripping with pre-cum, her animalistic side shows again.

She growls kinda, and runs her hands over his black designer slacks, trying to massage the area and deliver pleasure while trying to find his dick. Not having patience but having a wet coochie, she unbuckles his belt and yanks down his bottoms.

She smiles when she sees the outline of his dick, even if it is small. Or smaller. Well, it depends on who is getting it- what's smaller to one girl might be a perfect or even big fit for another.

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Holding off on the 5½ incher, she works her way up, flickering her tongue along his clothes. Finally standing face to face, Nikita gives him a quick peck on his flawless, smooth lips. She runs her fingers up and down his arms and chest, holding in a orgasm just by touching him.

Loving his body too much, she fully kisses him and they make out nonstop. During their makeout session, she tugs on his lavender striped tie and undoes it. She sucks his tongue to the point where it should feel sore and unbuttons his lavender shirt. She bites his nipples, pulling them towards her with her teeth and then soothes them by licking and blowing them.

He winces and she makes smaller bites downwards to his navel, stopping to blow more air and to lick inside. He pushes his hips forward and she races down to his crotch.

Just as she did with his pants, she yanks down his boxer briefs. She clacks her teeth together and stares up at him, faking a few bites at his dick area. "Watch it, now, senorita," Guillermo says nervously. Nikita titters and fondles his balls with her fingertips. She licks the dickhead, swirling the pre-cum around the head with her marvelous feeling tongue.

To him, it feels like liquid silk. He cums within a minute and regardless of her disbelief, she swallows every drop. "Aunt Theresa," Nikita utters with guilt. "Is not here," Guillermo finishes her sentence and helps her up. "Over here." He leads her to a plush carpeted area which leads to a plush wall in a matching feminine color. Taking the hint that she likes it rough, he pushes her up against the wall with as much force as he can muster and knocks the wind out of her.

"You like that, huh?" He smiles. Gustavo certainly makes up for his lacking dick game with his performance skills. He lifts up her dress urgently to feel bare skin. He inserts his cock into her without a problem and gives hard, even thrusts.

She moans and groans, he moans and grunts. She treats the situation like jump rope and chooses the right time to hump back.

Now is the time. The sensation increases powerfully for the both of them and they climax almost at the same time. He lets her legs down when he cums and she holds onto him to re-gravitate. Gustavo smooches her lips in a sloppy manner and she replicates his actions. He obviously doesn't care about her age, who they are to each other, and the laws against this kind of thing. Neither does she. When the rest of the family returns, Guillermo hugs and smooches all over his wife guilt-free while looking Nikita right in her eyes.

She winks at him and he returns it. Gustavo comes up to Nikita and gives her a hug. "What's up, baby?" Gustavo mutters, hugging her at first, then grabbing her ass, not letting go for a moment. He thinks no one sees but Guillermo does. "Hey," Nikita purrs at the feeling of his hot breath against the nape of her soft neck and his immense cock pressed on her naked crotch area.

May the real fun begin.