Gatinho batendo uma punhetinha na pia do banheiro

Gatinho batendo uma punhetinha na pia do banheiro
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Some time had passed since the encounter with Haley and Katie but Katie was always on my mind. We would occasionally meet up and fuck behind Haley's back. We became pretty good friends as well. We talked everyday and she told me all of her fantasies and one of those was to have two dicks at once. I was about to make her fantasy a reality. My friend Shawn was house sitting for his friends mom and he invited me over. I brought some beer and snacks and we were ready to chill at the house for the night.

I quickly got bored watching him play video games so I began to text Katie. After a few minutes of flirting I convinced her to come over.

Shawn rode with me to pick her up, on the way I described what she was like and told him how we sometimes meet up to fuck. He asked me if I was gonna hit it tonight, I told him if we're lucky we both would.

We joked about showing her the Eiffel Tower and all the things we would do to her and before we knew it we were at her place.

She came bouncing out of her house and was somehow even cuter than our first encounter. She climbed in my truck and sat between me and Shawn. The two of them gave introductions and small talk all the way back to the house. I got us each a beer and we decided we were going to play cards and shoot the shit. After teaching her to play I announced we were going to make it interesting and ply strip poker. The two agreed.

Katie started winning immediately and before I knew it Shawn and I were both naked and Katie was still in her bra and panties. God she was so hot. "I have an idea!" She announced. "We will play one more round, if I win the two of you have to touch each other's cocks, but if I lose I'll touch them for you." I didn't give Shawn time to think, "You're on!" I began to deal the cards.

Shawn glided first and it was up to me. Katie laid down her hand, two 10s with an ace high. I laid down mine "four kings" She grinned and told ours to scoot closer. Shawn and I sat side by side completely naked on the couch and Katie got down on her knees on the floor. She looked at me and smiled. She grabbed our dicks and started stroking. She smiled at me again then leaned up and stuck my dick in her mouth.

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Her head bobbed for a few moments then she switched and took Shawn in her mouth. I watched as she sucked off my best friend. "Is there a bed we can use?" She asked. Shawn took no time getting to his feet leading us to the master bedroom. She climbed on to the bed and I climbed up beside her. She sucked on my cocked and held my balls while Shawn ate her out. She was moaning and rocking her hips when all of a sudden Shawn stood up and slapped his dick onto her pussy. He rubbed it around as if he was painting a picture with his dick then he slid it in slowly.

She moaned as he slid all of his dick inside of he. She continued to suck me off. She deep throated me like a pro while her little slit was being fucked by shawns 6 inch cock. She took my dick from her mouth and licked it all over. Moaning from the fucking Shawn was giving her. Then out of no here she began to shake and cum and soak the bed with her juices. Shawn and I switched positions and Katie rolled over and got on her hands and knees.


I slid my dick in about half way and she forced herself the rest of the way taking my full 8 inches. She took shawns cock into her mouth as I started thrusting behind her. Our skin slapped and her pussy leaked and I pounded my dick in her. I pounded and pounded until she came again. She sat up standing on her knees with my dick still inside of her.

I kept fucking her and she was screaming as my cock was forced into her g spot. Shawn stood up in front of her and blew his load all over her. I rubbed her clit and fucked her as hard as I could. My dick slid out and she squirted, soaking the bed and me and herself.

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She fell onto her stomach and I slid my dick back into her. Thrusting as hard and as deep as I could. She squirted again. I pulled out and stroked my dick as she rolled onto her back. I shot my cum all over her tits and stomach. She laid there covered in jizz and her own cum smiling at me. I made her dream come true. After even more encounters with Haley, Katie and others, my sex life was starting to seem like it was slowing down.

Haley and I had went back to our own plain sex and Katie and I had pretty much stopped seeing each other. I had a new interest, Haley's little sister. She was a freshman cheerleader and her body had just began to blossom. She was no longer Haley's cute baby sister, she was sexy. She had long brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. Long tan legs and a slim waist and cute b cup tits. She knew she was hot and she dressed with more confidence. Wearing short shorts and tight tank tops.

It took so much self control to not stare at her. She would walk around in only a bra and shorts or just a t shirt with panties. She always looked good. One night while Haley was at work I was lounging around her parents house while everyone was away at the football game watching Jordan cheer. I was watching porn on my phone with my hand in my pants when I heard the garage door open. Through the hallway I seen Jordan pass by. I stood up to greet Haley's family but no one else came in.

I walked to the kitchen to meet Jordan who was pooping her a glass of kook aid. "Where is everyone?" I asked. "They had to take chase back home and then they are going out for the night.

Mom told me not to wait up." She said not even turning around to look at me. "Cool. Haley is at work until 9 tomorrow so I guess it's just us for a while." She smiled at me as she turned around. "What kind of trouble are we going to get into?" She asked with a grin. "Depends on how much trouble you want to get into." I replied. As she passed walked by our hands rubbed together, she didn't look at me or turn around, she just kept walking.

Jordan and I would joke about flirting but I was a bit older than her so I never said anything to her with any seriousness just in case she were to tell Haley. But for some reason seeing her in her uniform and feeling her hand against mine turned me on more than it ever has.

I sat in the kitchen for a few when I heard her come back into the room. "Do you have any beer?" She asked. "I have a six pack in the garage fridge." I replied.

"Can I have one?" She asked in a sweet voice. "Don't tell your mom!" "You know I won't!" She rand out of the room into the garage. She returned after just a few seconds handing me the bottle to open. "Thanks bubby!" She said in her perky voice. She turned and looked at me, her brown eyes even more cute than normal.

"Could you do me a favor?" She asked as her voice quieted. "Sure" I replied hoping it would be something sexy. And I was right. "Will you help me take off the top layer of my uniform?" I grinned "of course." I grabbed the bottom of her uniform and took it off exposing just a sports bra underneath.

I looked her up and down as she stood there wearing only her cheer skirt, a sports bra and little white socks. She looked so sexy standing there. "Is that the only thing you need?" I asked hoping there would be more. "For now" she replied as she turned to leave the kitchen. "I'm going to go drink this in the tub" "Let me know if you need company" I said jokingly. As she walked out of the room my mind raced. Oh my god that girl was hot. She had to be teasing me by making me take off her top.

I felt like she had to be into me, but only time would tell. A half an hour or so passed as I sat in the living room alone. I got a text from Jordan. "I need company! Bring us some beer!" I smiled as I went to the garage to get the beer. I grabbed the five beers left and headed to the bathroom. As I opened the door I peaked to the bathtub hoping to catch a glimpse of her naked body, but she had the shower curtains pulled shut. I propped myself up in the counter and opened up a beer.

As I took a drink I heard her voice. "Did you bring me one?" As she asked she pulled the shower curtain opened just enough to see her face. I opened another and handed it to her. She took a big drink then looked back to me. "Wanna join?" She grinned. "The only way we would both fit is if you sat on me!" I replied trying to joke.

"Hmm, I've sat on your lap before." Her grin disappeared as we made eye contact. "Are you drunk?" I asked. "No I was just kidding" "What a shame" We sat in the bathroom and talked for over an hour. She shaved and washed off behind the curtain as I drank a few beers hoping to gain some confidence.

After a while I finally heard her drain the water. I handed her a towel and after a moment she pulled the curtain open, wearing only her towel. I tried not to look at her as she stepped out of the tub.

She walked to the sink beside me and put on deodorant and brushed her hair and her teeth.

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She rinsed her mouth out and then asked me, "wanna play truth or dare?" "What are you 12?" "Why is that how big you are?" I was shocked at her reply, "not quite." I was speechless. "Come on" she said as she walked out of the bathroom and up the stairs to her room,I followed.

"Truth or dare?" She asked. "Truth" I replied We entered her room and she walked into her closet and shut the door behind her. I took a seat at the foot of her bed waiting for her to get dressed. She still had clothes laying on the floor and I could see a pair of her little panties staring back up at me.

"Have you ever cheated on Haley?" "What?" I replied, not expecting such a random subject. "You picked truth, now tell me the truth.

Have you ever cheated on my sister?" She came out of her closet wearing only a small black and pink pair of panties and a tank top that left little to the imagination.

I could see her hard nipples poking through the fabric. I felt my cock begin to harden. "Yes. A couple of times, but she knows about them" "I don't care if she knows or not, I'm just setting the pace." I knew her and Haley's relationship wasn't very good. They couldn't stand to be around each other most of the time.

"Truth or dare?" I asked "Dare" I wasn't prepared to give her a dare yet. "I dare you to tell me how many guys you've slept with." "That's not a dare that's a truth!" "But I dared you to tell me." "Fine. Two. Truth or dare" "Wait two? I knew about one but who was the other?" "I've already done your dare, you'll have to ask me later." She grinned "Dare" I retorted.

"I dare you to strip to your underwear." I hesitated. We looked each other in the eyes and he grin widened. I stood up and removed my shirt and shorts. "Looks like someone is a little excited" she said as she looked at my hardening cock under my boxers. "Maybe just a little." I replied a little embarrassed. I sat back down on her bed and she turned off the light leaving the only source of light coming from a lava lamp on her dresser across the room.

"Truth or dare?" "Dare" Our eyes met again as I tried to think of something good, still a little nervous about how this was going to go. "I dare you to flash me." There was a moment of silence before she sat up and lifted her tank top exposing her small but perky tits. Even in the dim light I could see her tan line and her perfect pink nipples. She pulled her tank top down and as I looked up away from her breasts we both giggled. "Now how excited are you?" She asked.

"I dare you to find out." I boldly stated. "Not so fast," she paused. "It's my turn. Truth or dare?" "Truth." "If you weren't with Haley, what would you do with me?" "Anything you wanted" "Tell me in detail." "That's more than one question. Truth or dare?" "Truth." "If I wasn't with Haley what would you do with me?" "The same thing is do while you're with her" she leaned in and as I met her half way our lips met.

We kissed passionately and our tongues danced together. When we finally pulled apart she smiled at me and took her shirt off. I laid her down and climbed on top of her, we shared another amazing kiss before I began my descent. I kissed her neck working my way to her little breasts, taking her nipples into my mouth and sucking on them gently. She let out a little moan. I continued further to her belly listening to hear breathing and feeling her body tighten as my lips explored her.

I removed her panties revealing a freshly shaved slit that was so perfect and untainted. She looked so tasty I just couldn't wait, I lowered my head between her legs and kissed around her tiny slit before finally allowing my tongue to enter. As I liked she moaned and squirmed. She tasted so good and she was getting wetter by the second. I licked and sucked at her clit making sure to listen to her sounds.

Her back arched and her feet planted into the bed.

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Her left hand gripped the covers and her right hand grabbed the back of my head. I licked and sucked and listened as her moans grew louder. "Mmm. Fuck. Mmm" I was as hard as a rock and her pussy had me completely hypnotized.

I licked and sucked and slipped a finger slowly inside. She moaned loudly. She was so tight. I rubbed her g spot as I massaged her clit with my tongue. She was shaking and moaning when finally she erupted into an intense orgasm. Her juices flowed onto her bed and she continued to shake. "Fuck me! Fuck me Michael!" I obliged and as I took off my boxers I watched as her hand slid between her legs and spread her pussy lips.

I climbed between her legs and aimed my cock into her pussy. As the head of my dick slowly passed her lips and slid inside of her I could hear her moan grow louder. It was obvious that she wasn't used to being fucked so I went slow as I slid in about half way. "Oh my god Michael. You're huge." I smiled and pushed the last four inches inside of her. I bottomed out and she let out a loud sexy moan. I slowly started to fuck her as her hands rubbed my back and her lips met mine.

I sped up a bit trying to judge if her sounds were being made because of pain or pleasure. "Oh my god.

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Oh my god". She moaned. I went a little faster. I kept up the pace going a little faster a little harder and a little deeper with each thrust. Her body wasn't still and she squirmed and arched. Her body was so sexy so perfect and her pussy was so tight and so wet. I knew she was getting close but before I had the chance to adjust she reached her second climax and she began to shake and her cum sprayed out of her. "Oh my god. I'm so sorry" she said. I smiled and turned her over to her hands and knees.

I shoved my cock deep inside her wet cunt as I began to pound away again.


She moaned and screamed and her pussy was dripping wet. I reached under her to rub her clit and it didn't take long for her to squirt again. She screamed and moaned as she drenched the bed again.

I didn't miss a beat. I kept pounding my cock inside of her and rubbing her clit. She kept squirting and screaming. I was getting close. "Where can I cum?" I asked still fucking her from behind. "Tell me when you're gonna do it." She replied back. I kept fucking and fingering her. Her pussy was leaking of her juices. "I'm cumming!" I muttered.

She pushed off of me and spun around. She took my cok into her mouth and stoked it. I shot a string of cum down her throat.

She pulled my cock out of her mouth and I shot four more huge strings on her face and chest. She smiled as she licked my dick and took it back into her mouth sucking down the cum still leaking from the tip. She sucked and twirled her tongue around and I somehow managed to stay hard long enough for her to make me cum again.

And again she made me shoot it on her face. She licked up the left overs and finally let go of my dick. I took a step back trying to catch my breath. I stared at my teenage dream drenched in our cum. She had my semen in her hair, on her face, around her mouth and dripping down her chest and stomach as she sat in a pool of her own liquid.

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She grabbed a towel from the floor by her bed and wiped her face. She stood up and kissed me. "This was fun. We should do it again soon." She kissed me again. "Anytime you want." I replied.