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Linda com bucetinha rosa Teen masturbate blonde
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JackassTales…Tale # 49…Readers; this is just a short fanciful tale of forbidden lust and love told with minimal dialog. The characters are a wealthy man of fifty and his nineteen year old niece. This is the shortest story I've ever posted on the stories site. Hopefully, it's not too short for you. Courtney: Rich Man's Teen Niece The Tower Organization's Boeing Business Jet made a super smooth touchdown at New York's JFK Airport.

One of my stewardesses unlatched the airtight hatch and swung the door open. I exited the aircraft and raced down the mobile staircase with the ease and vigor of a man half the age of my fifty years. My Cadillac limousine pulled up and the driver jumped out then opened the rear door.

"Welcome home, Mr. Tower," he said with genuine enthusiasm. On the way into the city I made several business calls and received one personal one. If ever there was a woman who knew how to spend my money, it was that spoiled sister of mine, Maggie.

"Danial, I'm in a hurry," she said. "I've been invited to the Ascot races so I'm taking one of your Gulfstreams and flying over to London today.

I've dropped Courtney off at your penthouse apartment. She's nineteen now and wants to check out Columbia University. Will you make sure she gets in?" Maggie must have been in a hurry for sure because without awaiting an answer, she hung up. Knowing my sister, the woman probably took it for granted that I would do whatever it took to help my sweet niece. If so, then the assumption was absolutely correct.

Courtney was indeed a sweetheart of a teen girl and there was nothing I wouldn't do to help her. As for making sure the girl gets into Columbia University, well she would not need my help with that.

Courtney was one of the smartest kids I had ever known. Her 4.0 grade point average was only the tip of the iceberg. I don't believe the child had ever had a grade below an 'A' in any class she had ever had.

Besides her grades, this teenager had an impressive array of extracurricular activities and honors to add to her notable resume of accomplishments. Carl, my chauffeur, pulled the limo to a stop in front of the main entrance to Vista Tower. At 100 stories this towering structure was the flagship hotel in the worldwide chain of luxury accommodations owned by The Tower Organization. Along with other business interests and investments, these hotels placed my net worth at well over the billionaire mark.

I guarded this information carefully. Although I meet their eligibility requirements, a reader to Forbes Magazine's annual list of the 400 wealthiest Americans would not find my name on it.

There were too many evil-minded people out there who preyed on the rich. I valued privacy and security more than I did fame and notoriety. A high speed elevator swiftly sped me up to my 98th, 99th, and 100th floor penthouse residence. No other apartment shared those floors with my ten bedroom luxury suite.

I stepped into the lobby, entered the three storied living room, and gazed out a bank of towering windows at the finest residential view of Central Park found anywhere in New York City. Remembering my unexpected guest, I headed out on an expedition in search for her. Courtney was a young lady who had only visited here for short stays and she had never stayed all night.

A girl could get lost wandering around in spacious, multi-roomed, unfamiliar surroundings. Finding the door to a bedroom suite open, I entered but found no occupant. I was actually anxious to see my sweet young niece again. She was a good girl who loved me for the nice old uncle I was. Courtney knew I was wealthy, but unlike her mother, she neither asked for nor expected any special financial favors from me.

This daughter of my sister held a special place of endearment in my heart. Hearing a noise coming from the bathroom, I headed for the slightly opened door and lifted my hand to knock.

My hand stopped just before my knuckles touched the door. What was that sound and why did it have such a familiar tone to it?

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If I didn't know better, I'd swear I was hearing the husky purrs a woman makes when she is masturbating! The more I listened, the more convinced I was that I was indeed hearing masturbatory purring. And, so what if I was! My niece was a lady of nineteen years in age so she was plenty old enough for sexual desires.

I had no hard evidence to back this up, but if I were to guess, I'd say most girls masturbate. Most certainly, all guys do, including me! Smiling with the knowledge that my young niece had finally reached an age of sexual maturity, I turned away with every intention of leaving the room and allowing the girl to finish her self-gratification in peace. Impulsively, I decided to push the bathroom door open an inch or two and get myself a quick peek of masturbating female flesh.

Oh god, did I get more than a peek; I got an eyeful of feminine flesh doing more than I expected! Standing in front of a floor to ceiling length mirror was my unclothed niece. The nude girl's fresh-from-the-shower body gleamed with the glow of a porcelain doll in the bathroom's florescent illumination.

The measurement from the tips of the barefooted girl's unpainted toes to the top of her long, straight, tied back blond hair was probably about 5 feet 8 inches. The most prominent features I saw from my rear-view vantage point were a pair of slender sexy legs topped by a shapely rounded ass. Luckily for me, the tall mirror provided a front-view image for my visual inspection as well.

Here a pair of tantalizing tits adorned an unblemished, hourglass-shaped body. The girl's belly was slim and flat with only a hint of a pretty belly bump. Below the bump was a gorgeous, shaved-bare pubic mound with absolutely no pussy hair! Masturbatory purring sounds still escaped from Courtney's mouth, but surprisingly, the young lady was not masturbating. Well, not exactly. Technically speaking, it was not her fingers playing inside the girl's pussy.

To be more precise, I'd have to say that my niece was playing with herself with an elongated, crystal clear, solid glass dildo with ridged rings circling its head. Yep, this young lady was using an artificial cock to fuck herself!

God, I had never seen a sexier sight in my life! I had never seen a dildo wielded by more expertly skilled hands either.

My real life, flesh and blood man's cock had never been more jealous of an inanimate piece of glass in its life. I was hard, hot, and horny for some pussy penetration myself. Just when I thought I could not get turned on any further, Courtney withdrew the glass rod from her pussy then she inserted the drippy wet instrument into her mouth.

The girl licked it, she sucked it, and then she rubbed it all over her nipples and tits. A loud gasp escaped from my mouth. I didn't realize I'd been holding my breath.

Nor did I realize I had unconsciously pushed Courtney's bathroom door open for a better view. Upon hearing my gasp, my niece just naturally turned to stare at me. She had caught me watching her! God damn my wicked soul, but my belt buckle was unbelted, my pants button was unbuttoned, and my zipper was unzipped! Even worse, my hand was holding the hefty bulk of my cock.

Although I was caught, I was at least thankful I need not be ashamed of the size and shape of my exposed erection.

I might be a little bit 'old', but my penile rod could proudly match the girl's glass reproduction in both its elongated length and its swollen girth! My cock couldn't stay as lengthy and fat as long as its glass rival could, but it had the advantage of having blood racing warmth to comfort the insides of a pussy.

I could see Courtney's face was aflame with embarrassment. I'm sure she had no idea her uncle was coming back so soon and even if she did she had no reason to think he would spy on her. This niece of mine was not a completely uninformed woman, though. She knew that, as a rich man, I had no trouble attracting pussy.

Young pussy was not even off bounds. Both the print and television tabloids often featured stories about wealthy men and their latest flings. Standing with a dildo in her hand, Courtney now had a decision to make. There was really only one of two choices to make. One, she could close the door to her uncle and this would most likely be the end of it.

Two, she could invite her uncle into her bathroom and deal with the consequences of what happened as they happened.

I could nearly hear the wheels of indecision grinding as Courtney's mind fought for an answer. I knew I could make the choice easy for her by simply closing the door myself. But hell, being the dirty old man I was, this wasn't the choice I wanted her to make! Without saying a word, the beautiful, naked girl made her choice.

She took her glass dildo, inserted it into her wet pussy, and then held the drippy cunt-juice-sickle up to me. I wasn't the kind of man who had to be hit over the head to catch his attention. I stepped forward and took Courtney's hand in mine and closed my mouth around the cunt-sickle.

Mmm, this was really tasty pussy juice! I wondered if I could get some of it straight from the source. Closing my fingers around my niece's sexy soft waist, I lifted the girl and sat her on the marble-topped vanity table. I took the glass rod from her hand and inserted it into the hole from whence it came. Dropping to my knees, I plunged the glass cock into my niece's vaginal hole. It slipped into the slippery tunnel and buried itself deep.

Feminine juices flowed around the intruder and ran out of the gaping abyss. Hungry for pussy and its juices, I licked around the crystal rod. I lapped wetness, I licked tender flesh, and I savored the taste of femininity.

My nostrils gloried in the musky aroma of young womanhood. God, there is nothing in this world to match the smell of young pussy!

If I could bottle this scent I would sell it to men throughout the world from my French perfume company. Damn, I would make a fortune to match the one I already had! Jerking the glass penis out of its hole, I let my cupped, stiffened tongue take its place. Plunging in, I buried this tongue-cock in as deep as it could go, but it fell far short of going as deep as its glass predecessor had.

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To make up for this inadequacy, I began doing some things the crystal rod couldn't. I twirled my tongue, I flicked, I licked, and then I sucked and savored my niece's vaginal flesh.

The naked girl purred, she whimpered, she moaned. Finding Courtney's clit, I sucked a heaping helping of it into my mouth. My lips gorged themselves on this protruding vaginal treat. I consumed all the clitoral flesh my mouth could hold. I delighted in the texture and taste of the delightful delicacy.

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Gathering pussy juice with my tongue, I slathered this girl's clit with warm, liquefied female gravy. Sucking and swallowing, I ate my niece's feminine meat with the hunger of a man possessed by demonic lust. The girl squealed. "Oh god, Uncle Danial, don't make me cum in your face!" Courtney beseeched. "Uncle Danial, we're not supposed to be doing this…this sinful thing!" Knowing this to be true, I stopped sucking and eating.

I wiped dripping pussy juice from my mouth with the back of my hand. For not one second did I take my eyes of the feminine mound between the nude girl's legs.

Gathering my wits, I stood. The problem is; my unbelted, unbuttoned, unzipped pants did not come up with me. They slipped down below my knees taking my boxers with them.


I stood in front of my niece in a silk shirt hanging down and nearly touching my pubic hair. Like the hair on my head, my pubic curls were salted with patches of gray. Although a bush of salt & pepper hair framed it, my well-matured cock escaped the normal malady of 'drooping-dick' syndrome so common to aging men. Instead, my elongated, fully engorged with blood penile rod stood out in a stiffened 3 o'clock position aimed directly at the wet hot pussy of a naked young woman.

What possessed me to do it, I couldn't say, but I wrapped my hand around this meaty pole then picked up the glass dildo with the other. Holding them side by side, I offered them to the girl. "Courtney," I stated in a calm, clear voice. "If you want one of these, just point at it. I'll put it into your pussy." Teenaged girls have a mysterious mindset of their own.

Courtney was no exception. Only recently just a girl, but now a newborn woman, simple decisions take on added significance. Indecision gnawed at the girl. She knew that what her uncle was suggesting was a wicked sin of unforgivable magnitude. Yet, reluctantly, she couldn't deny her female body's hungry craving for the penile pleasure being offered her.

All the time she had been pushing the glass dildo into herself she had been wishing it were the real thing instead of a toy. Here and now she had the opportunity for it. Paraphrasing the old Coke advertisement, her mind screamed, "Cock, the real thing!" Although it seemed like forever since the question had arisen, in fact it had only been a short time.

Courtney's hand trembled nervously as she made her decision. She reached out her arm and pointed her finger. She did not point at the inanimate glass toy. She pointed at a man and his real live cock. Before giving me a chance to react, my sexy young niece did something so spontaneously unexpected I could hardly believe it. Sitting on the bathroom vanity, Courtney unbuttoned every button on my silk shirt.

After dropping the expensive garment on the floor, the girl ran her hands all over my still solid chest. She pushed me backwards a step. Quick as a cat and with the dexterity of a circus contortionist, the girl bent at the waist and kissed her way down my body. My chest and belly became her kissing playground. With little hesitancy at all, the young woman's lips rained kisses all over my horny, hard cock.

Dribbling saliva from a drippy-wet mouth, she coated my cockhead with drops of moisture then she plopped the bulbous ball into her mouth and sucked several inches of my swollen erection in with it. While my stunned mind screamed in disbelieving astonishment, my sexy young niece began giving me the best blowjob I had ever had in my life.

A serpentine tongue wrapped around my cockflesh and squeezed. With the instincts of an Amazonian Boa, this young woman began swallowing me deeper and deeper into her deep-throated oral cavity.

Quick as a snake, the girl released my meat, but her tongue tip began striking all along the rigid rod's elongated length.

Just as suddenly, hot lips again sucked my manly flesh into a vortex of blissful delight. It seemed like Courtney had an insatiable hunger for the meat of a cock. Her oral ministrations were performed with eagerness and enthusiasm.

So enthusiastic was she a mouthful of pearly white teeth began to scrap and chew on my flesh. Just when I feared my niece's cannibalistic appetites were beyond her control, the girl gained control of her senses.

Courtney's cocksucking mouth quit chewing and eating. Proving her youthful limberness, she sprang up into a sitting-straight position on the bathroom vanity. The horny hot female scooted her sexy young body out to the edge of the tiled cabinet. She spread her legs and her outer vaginal lips. With brazen delight, she pointed at the swollen cock between my legs and mischievously teased, "Uncle Danial, didn't you make a promise to 'put it into my pussy'?" I don't believe I actually 'promised', but semantics aside, I did 'say' those words!


Promise or not, I stepped towards the drop-dead-gorgeous young female awaiting me so patiently. The head of my cock kissed the teen girl's inner pussy lips then it slipped in through her pussy's delicate butterfly wings. Courtney's slippery wet vaginal tunnel accepted the engorged mass of my cockshaft's swollen girth and elongated length with no trouble.

I'll admit to feeling quite a bit of feminine tightness, but this constrictive tautness only aided in building a fast-burning frictional fire. Not that I needed much more orgasm-building fire to add to the young woman's cocksucking ministrations. As my penile shaft penetrated deep into my niece's vaginal depths and began pumping in and out, the sound of her whimpering cries let me know that my pussysucking fun had primed her body for orgasms, too.

Slowing down to prolong the exquisite pleasure I felt, I attempted to delay the inevitable explosion. My hands cupped a pair of mammary orbs which had absolutely no sag at all. I had gotten quite experienced over the years buying bras for ladies, so I knew tit sizes. If my calculations weren't thrown off by the pussy squeezing my cock, I would say my niece's breasts were a 34C. I didn't know who to thank, God or the Devil, but this just happened to be my favorite size!

I was a pretty damn lucky fella, I'd say! Right there on the tip of those gorgeous boobs was a pair of nubile nipples which seemed to be begging my lips to suck them. As much as I wanted to give in to the temptation, I found it to be a physical impossibility.

Hell, it's a God-be-damned shame, but a man can't suck most tits when his cock is imbedded inside the pussy of that same tit-carrying woman! Shit, I wanted to kiss and suck them so badly I didn't know what to do! "No, Uncle Danial!" Courtney squealed.

"Don't you dare stop doing what you're doing down below to my…to me just to get some of my…up-top things! You can have them later." I almost laughed. My niece was shamelessly allowing her uncle to fuck her, but the girl couldn't say the words 'pussy' or 'breasts'. I knew she had been raised as a 'good girl', but what she was doing now wasn't exactly 'good'. I smiled as I recalled some dialogue from the movie Love Story.

The character Oliver is bedding Jenny. He says, "I thought you were supposed to be a good catholic girl!" To which Jenny replies, "Well, I'm a girl.

And, I'm 'good' aren't I?" By this criteria, Courtney certainly was very 'good'! At this very moment her vaginal moisture was drowning my pussy-pounding cock. I knew that right now or in a minute I was going to start cumming. A distraction delayed my seminal eruption.

Fingers began running through the hairs on my chest. Some were tickling, some were lightly tugging, and god some were viciously pulling! As quickly as they started, the fingers stopped. The soft, feminine digits moved up to my shoulders, caressed my neck, and then stroked my cheeks. Courtney's palms seized my head and pulled it towards hers.

A second before they touched mine, I saw her tongue lick her lips. Soft, wet, hot lips met mine in the most passionate kiss I had ever had. Responding automatically, I kissed this young woman with an ardent hunger I didn't know I had. My niece's mouth locked onto mine and her kisses became obsessive and demanding. Locked in this carnal embrace, Courtney and I hugged and kissed with a fervor which surpassed the boundaries of lust.

There was no denying that my lustful cock was still buried in her pussy, but the kisses we were exchanging were bordering on those a man and woman shared when they were falling in love. Of course I loved this girl because she was my niece and she loved me because I was her uncle. But, God forgive us, our impassion kisses belied familial affection and passed over into the forbidden territory of worshiping adoration! Denial was impossible.

As incredible as it was, I was falling in love with this young woman and she was falling in love with me! Proving her loving passion, Courtney's pussy began spraying feminine cum all over my cock and pubic area. She stopped kissing long enough to squeal in orgasmic delight. My lover was a 'screamer' and her piercing cries reverberated against my eardrums. My wet, hot cock needed no further inspiration to release its imprisoned load of seminal cream.

Fleeing its confinement, pressurized semen and sperm raced down the elongated length of my penile hole and spurted out in streams of erectile escapees seeking the safe haven of a vaginal home. Finding this refuge inside Courtney's pussy, my cumming cream began filling up her welcoming vaginal void. If I had the same unrestrained vocal articulations as my lover, I too would be screaming with orgasmic joy. Feeling the full pressure of my cunt-filling cum, Courtney's pussy began spasming again as multiple orgasms rocked her young body.

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Squealing and screaming in an uninterrupted stream of blissful orgasms, the nude lady squeezed my neck in a death-grip hold. Her legs had encircled my body and her unpainted toenails were digging into my ass. Oblivious to the world, my lover niece and I continued to consummate our illicit vows of lust and love until every drop of cum dripped from our loins and every orgasm was snatched from our souls. Soft-spoken words of endearment and the smacking of kissing lips were the only sounds heard as I carried Courtney to my master bedroom suite.

After a cum-cleaning hot bath, the two of us climbed under the covers of my bed for a nap. Upon awakening a little while later, we kissed, we cuddled, and we made declarations of growing love. Momentous decisions were made with no thoughts of the 'right or wrong' of the matter.

While Courtney was attending Columbia University she would live here with her uncle instead of in campus housing. As a cover story, she would serve as my hostess at the numerous business and social functions I had.

The college girl would have her own bedroom suite, but her sleeping-bed would be my bed! Although comfortably cocooned in our bedcovers, the passions of lust couldn't be denied.

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Nude flesh begged for enthusiastic engagement. Without discussion, my cock slipped inside Courtney's cunt and frictional fervor once again blazed with blistering heat. Little did I know as orgasmic thrills again ran through our loins, but after our fornicating pleasure was over, my niece would dress in an extremely revealing outfit and we would take a walk together in Central Park just across the street.

Even though the young lady wore summer sandals it was readily apparent she wore nothing else. Her legs were bare of hosiery, her hips were missing panties, and her breasts were unencumbered by a bra.

Courtney was a sexy beauty indeed, oh yes she undeniably was. And, without a doubt in this world, I knew she was mine all mine!