Funny nerd bangs hard pretty russian girl masturbation and reality

Funny nerd bangs hard pretty russian girl masturbation and reality
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"HarderNaruto-kunHarder!" Hinata moaned as her fingers shoved deep inside her soaked pussyimages of Naruto bending over herhis cock hard and deep inside her.She felt her climax approaching and imaged Naruto's happening tohis warm cum shooting deep inside her soaked cunt.Her body shuddered and shook as her orgasm took holdher juices flowing freely from her slit.Her breath came in harsh gaspsair hardly making it to her lungs before she let it back out.The images of Naruto were still flowing in her mindas her juices continued to flow from hersoaking her bedsheets."Naruto-kun." She thought shyly.She began to think about how Naruto had changedfrom knuckle-headed ninja to respected Shinobi.He was training on a new technique that even the fourth could not pull off.She had faith in him and knew he would achieve it but her mind wasn't intrested in these thingsthey were intrested in Naruto's scenthis touch and his feel.She wanted to be held in his arms and kissed lovingly and passionately.She began to blush even at the thought of ither usual shyness taking over as her orgasm wore off.In the few moments that follow Hinata decided to visit him.She knew she had toshe just had to because if she didn't Naruto would never know how she felt.And with that in mindshe got to her feet and reached for her pantiesher imagination stirring up idea's of what might happen tonight.She could never have guessed what would actually happen though.

20 minute's laterHinata was frozen outisde Naruto's doorhaving just heard Naruto moan loudly.She knew by the sound's inside something was happening.She waited a few more minutes then knocked.Silence.She timidly opened the doorswallowing her embarassment.For the second time in as many minute's she froze as she saw Naruto's cockthrobbing and rock solidhovering at the entrance to Sakura's pussy.Both Naruto and Sakura looked up then blushed as they saw Hinata standing thereher eye's glued to his cock and her pussy."Ahem." said Narutohis unbelieveable arousal taking control."Would you like to join in Hinata-chan?".Her face burned with embarassment but hesitantly she noddedher lust for Naruto beating her overall shyness around him.Naruto moved from Sakurawho looked more than a little disappointed at her unwelcome visit.Hinata was about to back out for fear of Sakura hating her but never got the chance.Naruto had stepped in front of herhis musky scent reaching her nostrils.She felt her juice's begin to flow again and leant forward to kiss himand he happily obliged.Their lip's met.They kissed softlyat firstthen it got more passionateboth of them duelling with their tongue's and pressing their lips against each other as if glued together.Naruto's hand had slid down her stomach during the kiss and was now softly rubbing her clit and opening through her tight pantswhich felt even tighter with him touching her.She wanted them off and inside her.As if reading her thoughtsNaruto stopped and gripped her pants around her waist and slowly slid them down.He could see the wet spot in Hinata's panties as he did so and he slid those off tohis tongue slipping inside her slit the moment he could reach it.Hinata moaned in ecstacyher dream of having Naruto lick her finally come true but it ended just as swiftly as Sakura came back into the picture.Her left hand had grabbed Naruto's cock and began stroking it again while her right hand had Hinata's breast cupped in ither index finger and thumb rolling her nipple around the the material of her shirt.The most shocking thing about Sakura was that her lip's had not met Naruto's but Hinata's instead and she suprised herself by kissing back deeplyas if she had wanted this the entire time.Since his tongue had been denied Naruto's fingers began to slide inside Hinataslowly at first then quickerhis thumb stimulating her clit.Sakura noticed how much juice was coming from Hinata and smiledthen said "Narutoi think it's time you fucked Hinatawhat do you think?"."I think so too.

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Do you want me to Hinata-chan?".She blushed and mumbled "YesNaruto-kunbadly"."Then let's do it." Smiled Sakura as she led them both to Naruto's bed. "HarderNaruto-kunHarder!" Hinata moaned as Naruto's cock slid deep inside herSakura kneeling over Hinata's stomach so Naruto could finger and lick her as he fucked Hinata."Wowwe've only started and she already want's it harder." though Sakura.Sakura moaned as Naruto's tongue went in and out of her cunthis tongue grazing her clit each time and in rhythm with his cockthe head already coated in his own pre-cumthe rest complete soaked in Hinata's juices.He began to pump harder inside Hinata and she started moaning louderforcing his cock deeper inside her as the wall's of her pussy tightened around his cock and she was brought to orgasm.She squirted her juices all over Naruto's cock and some onto his stomachas Sakura moanedcloser to orgasm having seen Hinata's look of pure pleasure.She reached down and pulled Naruto's cock from Hinatawhich was slippery to her touch and slid it inside her own cunt.A few thrusts later she was cumming and Naruto was moaning and mumbling that he was cumming.Both Hinata and Sakura knelt down in front of him and let him jerk it until he camespraying each of their tongue'sface's and hair with a huge load of cum.Both girl's giggled and licked the cum from each otherfinishing with a full-on open-mouth tongue kiss to clean their tongue's.Naruto watched and loved the viewhis cock attempting to stiffen for the third time that night but it wouldn't.His exhaustion from traininga blowjob and having sex with two girl's was to much for even him and he lay backjoin a moment later by Hinatathen Sakura.They cuddled up and thought about what happenedand what would happen the next day.Naruto had found the perfect balance between training and fun.

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More in Part Three.Comment and Rate.Hope you enjoyed itThank's for reading.