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Mofos shes a freak liona fullservice m
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Learning to be a slut: "We expect your complete surrender and submission. You have agreed to become a sex slave and you remain one until we release you. For the duration of your time here you will do what we say, accept what we do to you, and cooperate eagerly.

At times you may be bound and gagged. Your permission will not be required." I listened to these instructions in a state of fear and excitement. Maria, one of the other women in the room and a friend, was not new to this.

It was she who had reassured me. "There will be pain. Getting fucked in the vagina hurts. Our bodies and brains accept the pain as pleasure," she assured me. "After the first few times we learn to love it more than anything. What the men will do to you is much like that, only more so.

It takes sex to a new dimension. At first you may not believe you're experiencing pleasure. But soon you will beg for them to do the same things to you again and often." Maria and I had discussed it over lunch a week before the arrangements were made. Two week after that I found myself here on this island with my husband of two years and three other couples.

Matt and I were novices. I knew he had been told more details about what to expect than I. Leaving the female in ignorance was a part of the routine.

Maria told me she had no intention of spoiling my fun. So I imagined all sorts of exotic degradations, and I was hardly disappointed. Perhaps what was most surprising and delightfully degrading was the way I eventually found myself wanting the men to further abuse me.

Other than asking a man to fuck me harder during coitus I could not remember ever asking a man to perform a sexual act on me. In my previous life men had always made the suggestions and asked my permission. On this holiday, however, it was I who had to ask permission. But I wasn't even allowed to beg for something unless told to do so. It was hard to be really scared with Matt there. I had been in love with him for twenty years, and apparently the feeling had been mutual, though he had not admitted it until nine years later when I was fourteen.

Even then, other than becoming lovers, we both agreed to wait another eight years until I was older before we decided if we were going to do anything more about our mutual attraction for each other.

During that waiting period it was my task to make myself an experienced woman.

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We spent a year living together, and then got married when I was 23 and my groom 29. --------------------------- the long affair: Sometimes I think my life began around the age of five when I first decided that boys were different, and sort of special. Boys my age were nice but not special. My little girl fantasies became fixated upon one particular boy six years my senior.

He was the son of my father's partner and in all ways, perfect. His name was Matt Carlton. Matt's sister was two years his senior and much too old to be a friend, though I liked it when she babysat for Ginny and I.

Verley liked the fact that most times when she sat for us, Ginny and I played together Ieaving her free to watch the tube or read.

One fear I had was that my parents would one day ask Matt to sit for us. When I got to be seven, he'd be thirteen, and old enough.

But someday I wanted him to be my boyfriend, not my sitter. For several years I wondered how long I should wait before telling Matt about my intentions. At five I guessed I was too young for an eleven year old to take me seriously. At seven the six years difference seemed insurmountable. At ten I decided I should wait until my body developed.

I knew many married couples differed more in age. Perhaps once a girl became a woman it didn't matter. Around twelve my tits began growing along with thin silky hairs above my slit.

People talked about girls growing hair between their legs so this is what I expected. Had I perused internet porn pictures the way boys do, I would have realized how much girls vary down there. I was somewhat surprised to see myself growing a beaver while my pussy lips remained, as they do today, completely naked. If you see me naked today, however, this isn't obvious since I shave everything there is to shave.

At thirteen I had my first period. That was an experience for which I was overly ready! I was so busy becoming a woman that I had forgotten this was to be the trigger, the event for which I was waiting concerning my relationship, or lack thereof, with Matt. In fact, it was only when an opportunity occurred, that I remembered it was something I'd been waiting for. Matt probably always liked girls the way I always liked boys.

He tells me he played doctor with a girl when he was eight. The girl. Laura, was a little minx of ten or so and entertained three boys, all of them two years younger than her. She made the boys show her their pricks by unzipping their pants and letting her touch them. When it became her turn she completely undressed, probably getting even more pleasure displaying herself then looking at them. Being an exhibitionist myself I can only admire how advanced this girl was. She had the boys touch her slit and clit, and asked them to kiss her lips.

While all three boys fingered the girl, Matt was the only one who kissed her mouth. Several times before he reached eleven, the age when I became interested in him, Matt had played privately with this girl. He never kissed her lower lips. The idea didn't even occur to the girl, though she regularly fondled his erect penis and kissed the tip without taking it into her mouth.

Sometimes she made him cume. Apparently it was always her choice. When she felt like it she could make him ejaculate. When she didn't he usually masturbated later by himself. The Parrot and Carlton families had always visited a lot.

But when Verley got old enough our parents started spending even more time together socializing. Of course, when Verley was babysitting, Matt had to come along because his parents didn't feel comfortable leaving an eleven year old alone. Everyone liked the idea of the four of us together with Verley in charge. Mostly she stayed in the TV room while Ginny and I hung out in the playroom, which left Matt with a choice.

Do you know what it feels like for a five year old to get fondled by a boy she really likes? I don't remember being fondled.

I sort of remember climbing on him and making him push me away. I think I really liked the places where he touched me when he was doing that pushing. At any rate I kept giving him the excuse to do it. At five my body knew pleasure, but my brain was clueless. For another nine years I worried about how I should go about showing him I was a female. "Matt" I said, "Hold me tighter." I was fourteen and my life long lover, twenty. He had just finished his sophomore year, and I was about to enter high school.

But I was already as tall as some of the girls he dated, and as physically developed as well. He was working not far from the resort where my sister, I, our parents, and his, were vacationing, and he dropped by whenever he had time off. The place had these dress up dances on Friday nights for the "young people".

The problem was, that this summer there was a shortage of boys. You didn't actually come with a date. But neither Ginny nor I knew any boys our age who would ask us to dance. Being the gentleman he was, Matt was dancing every dance with one or the other of us. Coming to the dance was actually the parents idea, Matt being a bit older than those of us staying their. Not only did Ginny and I avoid the embarrassment of not having a partner, but we were being escorted by the most desirable boy, correction - man, there.

All the other girls were envious. I was sure Matt was enjoying himself, especially when it was my turn to be his partner.

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But it was awkward the way he was trying to keep some distance between us, trying to avoid touching my belly with his erection. As if I didn't know and he didn't know I knew! I wanted to feel it pressed firmly against me.

When he finally pulled me in, I pulled also, pressing hard against it. "I love feeling it touch me this way" I murmured. I think a girl is supposed to ignore a boy's erection when she isn't having sex with him.

I didn't care. And there wasn't anything I'd rather do than have sex with Matt so I wasn't afraid to encourage him. I had come close several time to losing my virginity, even had anal sex with one boy who assumed I didn't want to go all the way and had pleaded with me to just let him do it there at least.

Silly boy! I would have let him have me in both places had he just asked. Which meant, I was still technically a virgin and Matt could still be my first. "Matt, I can feel that you love me. I have a confession. I've always been in love with you.

Ever since I was five and you used to play with Ginny and me in the playroom. I intend to marry you some day if you'll have me." I could hardly believe I had finally said it, everything! In those few words I had finally told him everything I'd wanted to tell him for years. Matt sort of jerked a little, like I'd shocked him.

But I noticed his erection didn't diminish. "Cathy dear, an erection doesn't mean love. It means lust. It means my body wants to fuck yours. By coincidence, I also happen to love you. It would be hard for me not to love someone I've known so long who's also so wonderful, cute and sexy." Thank God he said cute and sexy. It was starting to sound like a "let's stay friends" brush off. Not that I was expecting much more. I wanted him to know how I felt. And I knew he couldn't just run away because our families were always getting together.

Which was why I was willing to just lay my cards on the table without seeing his. No matter what type of rejection he gave me I wasn't about to write off a nine year infatuation. "You were five then, right? Girls that young aren't supposed to like boys much. But you kept climbing on me and pushing your pussy against me.

Kind of like a cat in heat. I didn't know if you knew what you were doing. It really turned me on. I have to admit, I took advantage of the situation. You weren't the first girl who's pussy I fondled. But you certainly were the youngest. Even at eleven I knew I shouldn't have done what I was doing, what you seemed bent on making me do." "Oh Matt.

I guess I didn't know exactly what was happening. All I remember is how much I liked it. Imagine trying to seduce my lover at the age of five! Just imagine how sexy I am now! Wouldn't you like to get your dick inside my panties? By some silly quirk I'm still a virgin and you could be my first!

You could be my only one ever if you want. At least in my pussy. My asshole isn't virgin any more." Matt didn't tell me at that time what a surprise that comment was. While he'd had sex with four different girls, he'd never had anal sex with any of them. And suddenly it turns out that his young childhood sweetheart has already been there. But this didn't make him change his mind about what he said next.

"Oh Cathy. That's wonderful! The anal part. I was afraid you were totally inexperienced. Truth is, I've always had fantasies about you. Sometimes we're married, other times lovers. Sometimes I'm part of a gang, and there are three or four of us delighting the shit out of you. I think you're the only girl I have dreams about, probably because I believed I'd never have the opportunity to more than just daydream about you.

I'll tell you what. I'm too young to get married and you're much, much too young to get married. You have to have fun first. The worst thing is not doing anything first, then feeling you have to be faithful afterwards. You begin to wonder what you missed doing it with other guys. In the end you'd begin to hate me.

Especially you. You're too sexy to spend your life in a straight jacket. "So here's my proposal. When you graduate from college, we get together. That's assuming neither of us has a relationship, marriage or otherwise, with someone else. Then we go someplace nice on a sort of honeymoon. Hey, if you're 22 and I'm 28 no one would think twice about our age difference.

Anyway, after we fuck the shit out of each other for about a week, we decide if we want the marriage part as well. One condition, however. You can't be a virgin. You have to have had sex with at least two other guys first. I'd guess in the next eight years you'll have had a dozen, of course." I smiled.

This was about the best offer I could imagine! I also smirked and replied, "The same applied to you, then. You can't be a virgin either!" "All ready taken care of. At least the vaginal part. I still haven't had anal sex yet." "What? You've never been fucked in the ass? I recommend it. Quite nice." "Funny. Any anal sex I'm contemplating involves my penis and a female fanny.

Maybe yours!" he said before remembering mine wasn't virgin. Guys think they can intimidate a girl by threatening to fuck them in the heinie. But if you like it in the back it's not much of a threat. In fact, I didn't even give him a chance to back peddle. Instead I steered him out toward the balcony. This deck wasn't actually high up. There were short stairways off each end down to the lawn. Our cabin was only a short walk away and the rents had all gone to town together.

The only one who might disturb us was Ginny. And I neither cared nor worried about her. If she knew what we were doing she'd probably not disturb our privacy.

Or if she did happen to walk in and catch Matt sticking his dick in my fanny she'd simply cheer us on. Ginny knew my intentions toward Matt. She knew I wanted to make it with him and had for years.

Her only complaint was that she had similar feelings herself. Several times she'd suggested that when I finally did land him I'd have to let her have a turn or two. I think Ginny is even more randy than I was at any given age. Of course, I didn't have a slutty older sister. Matt apparently believed I was just teasing right until I pulled off my panties, pulled up my skirt and bent over the end of the bed. "Matt, dear. Don't you dare leave me like this or I'll never forgive you.

When a girl displays herself like this a gentleman does what a gentleman is suppose to do. Use a little spit for lubrication. It's not quite as simple as fucking a girl's pussy." I made it sound like I was experienced when I had only done this once before.

I don't even know what the boy did before entering me. But he used something because he just slipped inside me without it hurting at all. When Matt penetrated me it did hurt a little and felt wonderful. It wasn't my first time.


But it was Matt inside me, which made it even more special. Matt once told me that he believes he still loves every girl he's ever fucked. I love the way he believes that love doesn't have to be exclusive. You don't have to stop loving other people when you begin loving a new person. Later, when he explained this philosophy to me I was relieved that I didn't have to stop loving the boy who'd first fucked me in the ass. Later on I decided that it was nice because I was free to fall in love immediately and completely any time a guy sticks his dick inside me, something I'm inclined to do any way.

Following Matt's ideas, I never have to try and stop myself from falling in love with anyone. What a wonderful philosophy! ----------------------- Back on the island: I didn't know the man reciting the rules. I knew his name was Ken, but hadn't heard either of the other two addressed yet by their names. And I wasn't allowed to do things like ask. I didn't even know which man was Maria's husband. The other two women were Kara and Eve. We didn't exchange last names, but Eve told me it was also her first time.

She seemed excited. I wondered if I looked as eager as she did. "We have two new women here. Each new couple will get their indoctrination separately. The other three women will take Matt out on the boat for a bit of pleasure while Cathy remains here with us. Matt, you do understand that the three girls are totally yours to command? They must grant your every wish." I was a little scared when I realized Matt wouldn't be there for my initiation and almost a little peeved that he obviously considered the prospect of having Maria, Eve, and Kara to himself, delightful.

But I was here for excitement, not for another romp with my love of twenty years. The three girls stood up, naked. All females had to remain naked at all times. The four of them walked out the long pier to the cabin cruiser that went along with the rental of the "cottage". The house was large and they could have just gone to one of the five bedrooms. But the boat would put Matt out of sound range and I wouldn't be able to yell for help.

I couldn't imagine there'd be any reason to. But the arrangement was intended to make me think there might. The four men had all still been wearing shorts, probably to emphasis the fact that the females were already nude. Perhaps this was to intimidate us, but I was pretty sure the other three girls liked being naked just as much as I did. I was instructed to bend over the back of a chair and noticed the men removing their pants while one of them "prepped" me. Basically he stuck his lubed fingers inside both my holes.

The serious preparation had occurred earlier. As soon as we arrived and surrendered our clothes, Maria and Kara had taken Eve and I into a bathroom where we gave ourselves enemas, fresh shaved our pussies, including Eve, who had come with an untrimmed beaver, perfumed ourselves, and lubed both love holes. No one bothered commenting on the obvious expectations about sodomy.

The man now fingering my holes with lube was just adding some to what was already there. I think it was mostly an excuse to try and shock me by his casual attitude toward my orifices.

While doing my pussy he reached a few inches forward and "flicked" my clitoris. It probably hurt but was mostly an unexpected shock. I jumped and the three men laughed. I'd had my nipples and clit rubbed and pinched many times but never simply abused just to get my attention.

Under any other circumstances I'd have been pissed at my lover. But I wasn't allowed that option. While bent over, the men attached leather cuffs to my ankles and wrists.

A clip was used to attach the wrist cuffs together. It was easily removable by anyone else but totally out of my reach.

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I was brought to a place in the room where a large hook was mounted in the ceiling, perhaps for hanging plants. If so, the plant had been removed. The eyebolt looked like it could hold a very heavy weight, much more than my weight. Through the eye there was passed a rope, one end of which went to a pulley arrangement attached to a nearby wall. It looked like a small force on the rope in the pulleys would provide a large upward force through the eyebolt.

The end of the rope hanging down from the eyebolt had attached what looked like a large, thick, smooth, shinny metal hook with a blunt point. I was sure they were going to do something to me with it but I couldn't imagine what. I think I was scared to come up with the obvious answer.


On the floor there were two ropes coming from the sides of the room. Each rope had a clip on the end and the two clips were about three feet apart. It was obvious why, so I stepped into position and held my legs wide apart. In spite of the fact that my privates had already been violated, I still felt horrible exposed. I raised my wrists above my head where one of the men attached the joining clip to a loop in the down hanging part of the rope.

I was now also totally helpless. There was still slack in the rope, but they could easily raise it, even without the pulley system. I only weigh 105. I then learned what I had feared. The blunt point of the hook was nestled into my anus and some of the slack taken out of the rope.

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It forced my arms up a little and pulled the hook firmly up into my rectum. I think the shaft was little less than an inch at the blunt "point" and tapered to almost two inches in diameter in a distance of two inches. I have a dildo that diameter. When Matt uses it in my heinie he pushes it in very slowly. These men did not. The sudden stretching made me feel like I'd just been raped in the heinie by an unstoppable smooth metal shaft. Although it hurt, what I mostly felt was violated, vulnerable, and helpless.

About three inches of the hook was inside me and the curve was now pressing hard up against the bottom of my fanny and the back side of my hole.

I knew they could lift me off the ground with this hook, and it would hurt a lot more than being impaled by it.

"So far so good, Cathy. You know the rules. If you are in pain a little whimpering is OK, but no loud screaming. And no questions, demands or begging.

We know it will be hard for you to be good during the next few minutes so we'll let you have a gag. In the future, however, we'll expect you to obey without any help." I think my eyes were bugging out of my face.

They were about to mutilate me and were allowing me the use of a gag? Could Maria have been serious telling me I'd learn to love what they did to me? Before I had a chance to break the rules, however, I found a ball gag in my mouth. I never before realized how effective they were. Instead of raising the rope they tightened the ones to my ankles forcing me a bit further apart and down onto the hook.

Then they raised me up a few inches, first warning me I'd have to raise myself up on my tiptoes. Actually they only raised the rope until I was on the balls of my feet. With all the hours I'd spent walking around in high heels, I could just manage to keep most of the weight off the hook in my asshole. I looked at the men standing around my naked, exposed, vulnerable, helpless, whatever.

Anyway they looked pleased with what they were doing. "Cathy, we've done this before, at least Jim and I have.


This is your first time and you're learning how to be a good sex slave. Likewise Eric is learning to be a master, as will Matt. Besides Jim and I and our wives, there are seven other couples that have joined this club. We know from good experience what you can tolerate.

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Better than you, probably. If we're wrong, well, bad luck. Just keep reminding yourself how lucky you are to have a gag keeping you in line." Apparently Eric was Eve's husband.

My inner thighs were getting tired from the strain of holding my weight up on my toes. I was already wondering how much I could tolerate. One of the men, Jim, got in front of me, reached around me and got a hold of the large loop in the rope that my wrist cuffs were attached to.

Under other circumstances I would have gotten turned on by the way his chest was sliding over my tits and nipples while he did this. God damn, I WAS getting turned on! Was the strain in my thighs making me more sensitive to such treatment? Jim was taller than me, a woman's vagina is lower than a man's penis, and with my legs wide apart my target was even closer to the floor.

He would have to squat a lot to do the obvious. And then I discovered why he was holding the loop in the rope. He used it to pull himself up and to pull his erection up into my vagina.

I probably sighed with relief, though with the gag in my mouth even I didn't know what sounds I was trying to make. I hadn't realized until he entered me how much I needed a man's member inside me. To this day I don't know why the whole scene was making me so horny. The men don't either. All anyone has is theories. One is the fact that there was this big blunt shaft in my heinie.

It's a lot like when a girl gets a DP. Jim pressed slowly and firmly upward pressing into my cunt harder than I think I've ever felt it before. Normally when a guy bangs a girl hard in the pussy her whole body moves.

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Mine couldn't go anywhere. As he partially straightened out his legs, he raised me several inches, his groin and my poor happy cunt supporting all my weight. For that period of time the discomfort at the back of my asshole went away, and the stuffed feeling due to the shaft's thickness only felt nicely erotic. Jim fucked me slowly so that as he pulled out, the hook didn't suddenly take up my weight and hurt me any more than the men intended. Even the slow increase and decrease in the pain began to feel erotic.

I had several orgasms. Jim might have also climaxed during my last one, but I think he managed to hold back. He didn't seem to lose his erection when he pulled completely out of my love hole. Eric, the novice, watched all this and took his turn. I was at first worried. Would he be as careful with me as Jim had been? Soon, however, I was lost in the erotic pleasure, not only because I was being fucked in a way that was wildly exciting and scary, but because I was getting fucked by a penis that had never been in me before, and he was my second new lover in a row!

I suppose Jim was the one that got me started. But by the time Eric got inside me I was more than primed. I started to lose count of my orgasms. It was many more than the two I had had with Jim. I think Eric got me at my peak. Ken did a wonderful job fucking me, being careful and forceful, and well, everything. I think I was getting addicted to making love with a giant hook up my ass.

But I was also getting used up. I only managed to give my darling Ken three orgasms. I promised him, mentally since I still had the gag in my mouth, that next time I'd do better. When they cut me down I was a totally converted, happy sex slave. My indoctrination had been more than successful and I was delighted with my new self.

Perhaps I was brain washed, although it was my asshole and pussy that got most of the attention, not my brain.

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It doesn't matter. I could spend a week writing about all the other wild, wonderful things that happened to me that week. Perhaps some day I'll take the time. But one thing else I'll mention. When we returned to the old life I was totally changed, and Matt loves the new me even more than the old me.

For one thing I'll do anything for him. Absolutely anything, even if he wants me do it with another man. --------------------------------------------- PS: I'm not married, and I'm 28, not 25.

Some of this is obviously made up. I did recently have a rather hard core experience involving four couples, which inspired this story. One rule on the island was, the girls had to do anything the men said. A second rule was, a man could use the other three women anyway he wanted, but couldn't have any sex with his partner.

I discovered, among other things, that getting my pussy fucked with a large dildo up my ass, is a real eye opener. Did the experience change me into any more of a slut than I was? By the way, the island was very beautiful. Love and kisses, Cathy Cook