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Cigar doc gay sex Hot public gay sex
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Whilst Lucy showered I went and waited for her in the kitchen. She came walking in wearing just a silk dressing gown. My eyes widened as she walked over and gave me a kiss. "Listen, Lucy" I said. "Yes, babe". Lucy innocently replied.

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"You don't regret anything that happened last night, do you?" "Of Course I don't! You treated me like a woman, I had been treated properly by a man for the first time in ages. I may be double your age but I'm not letting that stop us. Plus you were super good in that bed because you made me scream with passion" I could tell that Lucy was telling the truth just by the tone of her voice.

She sounded so happy and excited. "If that's the case then I guess you can expect more of the same then" I joked. I couldn't believe what she came back to me with. "I would LOVE more of the same from you, Cody. Seen as though Fred is away for the rest of the week, why don't you stay here with me for the week and stop me from being lonely?" She winked at me as she finished her sentence.

"I would be stupid to refuse that offer from a beautiful woman like you Lucy". I said before leaning in and beginning to kiss her.

I could feel the passion between us as we made out with each other. Lucy pulled away. "Now, Cody, What kind of things turn you?" She asked "Just you. All I need is you." "Come on Cody be serious, I mean what kinds of clothes does a woman need to wear to get you going the quickest?" Lucy asked. "Okay, Okay, I'm Sorry. I am usually turned out when a woman wears stockings and corsets. Then a short sexy dress to go on top." I could see her writing things down as I was talking to her.

"Right, I need to go to the shops now. I won't be long gorgeous." She planted her lips onto mine. "Be as long as you like sexy." I replied with before she left the house.

Whilst she was out I went back to my house to pack some clothes for the week. I made sure to pack my suit because I was going to need it for my special plans tonight. Throughout the time Lucy had gone to the shops I couldn't stop thinking about last night, and how she screamed my name. I began to get hard again.

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Just the thought of her naked was enough to make me get my penis out and start masturbating. I had my eyes closed the whole time and was trying to visualise her perfect tits in my hands and the sweet smell of her pussy on my fingers. It didn't take me long to reach my climax. I shot my load into my hand and then collapsed onto my bed and drifted off to sleep.

An hour had passed when I awoke. I got a shower and then put my suit on and made my way back to Lucy's house. I entered to find that she hadn't returned yet. I was planning to take her out for a romantic dinner. I found the number for one of the poshest restaurants in England. I rang the number and booked us a table for later on that night.

As I ended the call all I heard was a voice shout "Cody, Where are you?" It was Lucy.


I went to the door and greeted her with a kiss. "Don't you look smart in that suit of yours. I've always had something for a man that looks good in a suit" She winked at me. "I'm wearing this suit for a very special reason" I said. "I'm taking a very special beautiful lady out for dinner tonight." "And who might this be?" "Her name is Lucy. She is the sexiest woman I have ever met." I explained.

I seen her smile. She put her bags on the floor and put her arms around me. "Oh Cody that's so sweet." She placed her lips onto mine and we made out in the doorway. "Come on" she said, "Help me bring these bags into the bedroom. And don't look what's in them, they're a surpirise." Now I was intrigued to what the night might bring.

"Get yourself ready" I said whilst leaving her bedroom "Our taxi will be here soon" I waited in the living room for her to return. I heard her walking down the stairs. "I have a feeling you are going to like what I am wearing" she giggled. She entered the room and I felt my penis twitch.

She was wearing some black stockings and a black short dress that showed off her sexy legs. She was also wearing bright red lipstick which also made her lips stand out even more to me.

"My God you look stunning" I said whilst giving her a peck on the cheek. "You went shopping for all this just for me?" I asked her. "Yes, and why wouldn't I for a sexy man like you" As Lucy said this our taxi arrived outside. We got in and the driver took us to the restaurant. "We've booked a table for two" I said to the waiter.

"Certainly sir, follow me" As we were led to our table I can see heads turning as Lucy walked past. I felt like the luckiest guy in the world at the moment. I smiled sarcastically at all of the turned heads as I walked past. "What are all these people looking at?" Lucy questioned.

"I think they are admiring your sheer beauty" "Well I don't feel comfortable with all of these people looking at me. I think they are looking because I am much older than you" "Here Luce, I'll give them something to look at" I said as I leant in and started to kiss her. What was meant to be just a kiss turned into a snog. Our tongues explored each others mouths. We broke this kiss. "That lipstick tastes magnificent" I said to her.

"I don't think I'm going to be able to resist you throughout this meal. Do you mind if we skip it and I can show you what I have instore for you tonight?" She had a huge grin on her face. "Whatever you want darling." I replied with. We stood up and walked towards the door. I could see heads turning towards us once again so I gently slapped her arse as we left. "Oooo Cody" Lucy said.

She grabbed my hand and said "Tonight is my turn to treat you." "I am looking forward to this" I said as we made our way to the taxi. The journey seemed to be a lot quicker on the way back. We went back into the house and Lucy immediately ran up the stairs.


"Sit on the chair that I have placed in the living room and wait for me Cody." I did as she asked. She seemed to be upstairs for what felt like ages when she came walking back down the stairs. The song "It's getting hot in here" began to play and all I seen was Lucy come walking into the room wearing a lace corset and panties and her stockings. I instantly had an erection. "I'm about to give you the best night of your life." Lucy said to me. She began to dance along to the music in front of my chair.

I was so turned on. I stated to unzip my pants. Lucy stopped me. "I am treating you tonight Cody, You don't need to do anything" she whispered seductively. She continued with her lap dance.

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She was rubbing her bottom on the bulge in my pants. "Do you like that?" "Who wouldn't like that you sexy bitch?!" I enthuasticly said. She continued doing it. She could see how much it was sexually frustrating me. She jumped up and span round. Within a flash her corset had been removed and her perfect tits were in my face. I loved these so much. She teased me with them by moving them close to my face and then further away. I felt her hand stand to stroke my bulge.

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I sprayed my load in my pants. I couldn't stop myself. Lucy had made me so aroused. "I guess I really am turning you on here aren't I?" she giggled. Next the zip on my pants was coming down and my cum covered cock sprang out.

As soon as it was out I felt Lucy's tongue licking up all of the cum on my cock. "Your seed is so nice Cody, You're going to give me more aren't you?" "Anything for you my love" I replied. Her head went all the way down on my penis.

She began to suck on it and my god she was brilliant at it. She really was the best at giving out blowjobs. I had my eyes closed most of the time because I was loving the sensation she was giving me. I started to hear gagging coming from her. She was deepthroating my penis. It was beautiful to watch. She could take all of me in. "How did you like that babes?" she asked when her head lifted away from my cock.

"That. was… sensational." was all I managed to say. She stood up and removed her lace panties. Next thing I knew was that they had been pressed up against my nose. "Smell how wet I am know there.


You done that to me you fucker. I want you to keep these and use them to jack off to the thought of me when we aren't together." She demanded. I clearly knew who was in control. She clambered up and mounted my cock with her back to me. Lucy had done this before I could tell.

She began to move up and down on my rock hard cock so I began to kiss her neck. "Ohhh Ohhh Cody, Your cock is perfect" Lucy began picking up the pace. She was going so fast that her arse was slapping off of my thighs. "Mmmmmm." she moaned. I began to gently bite her neck. "You know what you are doing here don't you? You little bastard". I seen this as a signal to do it some more. She stood up and span around so her tits were in my face.

"Give me some more of this hard cock" I heard her whisper. She lowered back down onto my dick. I gave one thrust up into her. I watched her eyes widen as my balls slapped off of her cunt. "You naughty little boy, I'M GOING TO RIDE YOU LIKE THE LITTLE SHIT THAT YOU ARE" Her sex talk was incredible. So as she promised she rode up and down on me like there was no tomorrow. I planted my face inbetween her boobs and began to motorboat them.

I could feel myself coming close to climax. "Luce. I'm… gonna&hellip. Blow." I managed to get the words out whilst she was pleasuring me on new levels that I have never been on before. "In my mouth" was all I heard her groan. She jumped off of me and immediately knelt down on the floor. I grabbed my cock and started to jerk it. "What are you wanting for Cody?

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I need to taste that delicious seed again." That was enough to get me off. The cum exploded out of my shaft and landed on her tongue. I collapsed back into the chair whilst she swirled it around her mouth. "Mmmmm" was all she said as she swallowed it all down.

She jumped up and started to make out with me again.

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I broke the kiss. "Thank you for tonight Lucy" "It was all my pleasure Cody love" she replied as we went up to the bedroom and snuggled up together until we fell asleep. *I can continue this story so just let me know what you think and whether I should*