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Teen sex free porn sexy milf free nude sauna sex fairy tales storys 5 star hotelerotica for women fi
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I stare into the cracked mirror. It wouldn't be too bad trying to get money this way, most boys at the school stared, but she had been saving her virginity for the right guy.

That was the one problem of going into prostitution, she would definitely have to lose her virginity. But they couldn't afford food and they were going to get kicked out of their house, so there wasn't much of an option.

She started later that night so had to go get ready. That night she headed into town wearing the most revealing clothes she owned and she had to admit she looked very sexy. Her shining and silky blonde hair glowed in the moonlight, her large breasts, a double d cup, bobbing as she walked due to not wearing any underwear.

She headed to a small alleyway near a pup. It was a Friday night and she could see boys from her highschool heading in and out with sluts tied to their arms. It wouldn't be long until she was one of those sluts, but it had to happen. She stared at the pub for around half an hour, but other than a few boys glancing at her, she had no attention.

Obviously she has to step up her game, so reluctantly she took off her jacket, and put down the straps of her tank top down past her arms, flashing the side of her breasts. It wasn't long until there were more boys paying attention, but most already had their whore for the night.


It had been an hour and no boys has approached and Lily was getting tired. She got ready to head off when a group of boys stumbled out the pub, obviously more than too drunk.

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They spotted her and started heading towards her and Lily recognised them, they were the football team. She swallowed, knowing it was about to happen.

When the boys reached her, the leader of the group, Sean Graham looked at me greedily. I started to ask what I could do to pleasure them, but before I could finish Sean yelled "get down on your knees. Now." Once I overcame the shock of being shouted at, I did as I was told and it was then I realised that he had his penis out. It was huge, maybe around 10" and it seemed to be fully erect.

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I looked up at him, and it was obvious hat he wanted me to do. Unfortunately I made the mistake of hesitating, and he put both his hands on my head and before I knew it he has pushed my mouth it least half way down the cock. I gag and try and tell him to stop, but he just pushes it even further down and soon I had taken the whole cock in. I cried for help, but the cock prevented any words from being heard.

I tried to catch my breath when he pulled me by my ponytail all the way back up to the head, when he started pushing and pulling my head at a steady speed, all the way down his cock to his balls and all the way back up to his head.

I was crying by now, and he obviously wasn't done. He sped it up, and his cock was a complete blur by now and I was choking.


"FUCK! That's right you little slut, take it all in!" I couldn't do anything, I was beyond helpless, when I felt his cock tense up. I expected him to pull my mouth off of him, but his cock was shaking and he still hadn't. He pushed my head all the way down his cock one last time, and he cummed all in my mouth. I kept it on my tongue waiting to spit it out when he slapped my cheek.

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"Swallow it you whore! I gasped, but knowing the rest of the group was still there, I swallowed it all. He threw me to the ground, leaving me on all fours trying to get up when I screamed. He has just rammed his full cock into my ass and was already pounding it will full force.

I screamed in pain but it turned to pleasure. My mouth still open one of the group pushed a pill into it,I obediently swallowed it when I realised what it was, a sex drug. It affected me almost immediately and I was pounding against his thrusts.

"Anyone else want a taste?" I yelled. The first or the group to react went under me and slammed his entire cock into my pussy. The others followed and soon I was deepthroating one and rubbing the other 2. I was choking everywhere and hurting. They had went crazy.

The one fucking my ass had gotten his balls in and was about to cum, and the one I was sucking was forcing his coco all the way in, balls and all. The one fucking my pussy had made his way to my breasts and was squeezing them, while licking and biting my nipples like a vicious animal tearing at its food. All of a sudden a pain was going through my mouth and when I looked I almost screamed. They had fit 2 more of their giant cocks into my mouth and as if in usionwere forcing their cocks into me.

I screamed and screamed but I didn't get mercy. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I orgasmed over them all.

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Before I could catch my breath they continued to pound me and all I could do was orgasm again and again. Soon I felt each and every cock tensed up, and screams and grunts were louder than ever. They all cummed inside me one by one and all I could do is sit limply waiting for my money. Once they regained their energy they threw 5 pounds each and walked away grinning. I looked down at myself and cried.

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I might do more stories, this was my first. Comments wanted!