Sexy indian babi enjoying the fuck in kamasuthra style

Sexy indian babi enjoying the fuck in kamasuthra style
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The night was right, the dark passenger was awake and at the wheel. The full moon sat low in the sky shining through the windows of the car touching me and filling my veins with that intoxicating rush knowing that tonight is the night.

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All of my senses were sharp, much sharper than I'd actually thought possible. The smell of the cool autumn air flowing into the car filled my mind with such peace, it helped me to get those remaining hints of nervousness out of my system.

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I was now in my most high functioning mode, ready to deal with any possibility. I had worked everything out beforehand, as I always do.

I had been watching this girl for almost two weeks, learning everything I could about her: the layout of her property, the entrances to her house, human traffic at the home, what vehicles were there and when, neighbor activity, etc.

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I'd come to realize that she arrived home from work everyday just after 8PM and was home alone for at least two hours before her mother got home.That would be when I would strike. She'd always use the door in the back of the house, which luckily for me couldn't be seen from the road or the neighbor's.


The driveway went all the way to the back of the house near the door, this would be easy. I'd back up the driveway almost to the door, I'd easily be able to get her bound and into the trunk before she realizes what's happening to her.

I had a couple lengths of rope, a roll of duct tape, and a handkerchief, that is all that's needed. Here I was, parked down the block with a clear view of her house, waiting for that little bitch to come home. I was enjoying the dark silence in the car entertaining the thoughts of all the twisted shit I'm going to do to this sixteen year-old bitch. I was imagining her tied up on the bed, gagged, looking up at me with true fear in her eyes as I started around to her back.headlights.she's here, getting dropped off by her coworker as always, I guess she's still too young to drive.ha.

I wait until I see the light come on up in her bedroom and I put the car in drive. Within a minute I'm parked at the end of the driveway walking up to her back door. I'm carrying a clip board in my hand because, well, I've come to realize it's enough to get people to open the door for you. I knocked three solid times. In a few seconds I could see her running down the stairs toward the door, she looked at me somewhat curiously, but not in an alarmed way at all.

I assume she'd just been changing because she was out of her work clothes and was now wearing a very short pair of red cotton shorts and a revealing black tank top with her high school logo on it. She looked very tempting in that outfit, all of her features enhanced, her youth expressed clearly. She had no idea what was about to happen, and I loved that. She opened the door and before she could say anything I'd hit her hard across the left side of her jaw. She stumbled pretty heavily against the wall, clearly stunned, and so I took this opportunity to kick her legs out from under her, knocking her dazed body to the floor.

I grabbed both of her wrists as I knelt onto the back of her legs, immobilizing her. I took the duct tape from out of my cargo pant pockets and secured both of her wrists firmly behind her back. Since she was still dazed I decided to take the extra precaution now and bind her legs together as well.

Good, she has no chance of fighting back now. As I grab her by the right arm and pull her to her feet she starts to come to, struggling to speak and understand what's happening.

Before she can make any sense of this we're out the back door and she's being pushed into somebody's trunk, she must feel so helpless right now. Once she's lying in the trunk she starts screaming, I scold her for that and punch her in the abdomen. As she's catching her breath I shove the handkerchief in her mouth and tape it shut. That'll keep the bitch quiet for our little drive. Before I leave I quickly tie her wrists to her bound ankles so she's even more restricted in her movement.

I look at her face and into her teary eyes, seeing that fear, that hopelessness, and I can't help but to smile. She continues to make muffled sounds of distress and it's beginning to piss me off. "Shut the fuck up if you want even the slightest chance of coming out of this alive" I said with real conviction. She stopped and was quiet for a moment, stupid cunt, she really thinks she isn't going to die. I spit on her. "You stupid bitch, you're fucking pathetic. We've got a two hour drive ahead of us, so get comfortable and contemplate your future." The drive out of state to my secret little cabin was very soothing.

I know I take the extra risk transporting her like this, but it pays off since once we're at the cabin, there isn't anybody around for miles, nobody to hear her scream, and I like to hear them scream. Traffic was light, the temperature outdoors perfectly cool, and the moonlight keeping the dark passenger firmly in control, laughing behind the wheel. I stopped at the only roadside store within an hour of the cabin. I went inside the store and bought a case of beer and some smokes. The store clerk had no idea that I had a 16 year-old girl bound and gagged in the trunk of my car and that I was taking her off to a secluded cabin to do all sorts of perverse and wonderfully sick things to her.

No, he did not, but why would he, why would anybody.

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I really enjoy the chaos and obscurity of the whole situation. "Thank you, come again" the clerk said as I shoved the receipt into my pocket. "Oh, I will" I laughed, and I would be back, probably in a few weeks, picking up some more beer as I headed to my little sanctuary with a trunk full of fresh meat.

I put the beer in the backseat, taking one can out for the ride.

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I started the engine, backed out and got right back on the last highway this little cunt would ever be on. I was feeling in the mood so I put on one of my favorite mixed cd's.

Oh, that's it. "whiskey bottles and brand new cars". the song starts off putting me in that very favorable soulfully wicked sense of existence, my senses as sharp as a knife, traveling across asphalt at 66 miles per hour, cool night air filling up my lungs. I laughed aloud as I was completely and utterly overwhelmed by the pure insanity and freedom of this night. .


""ooh ooh that smell.can't you smell that smell". Yes, yes I can.""ooh ooh that smell, the smell of death surrounds you."""' To add to the intoxicating rush I was experiencing I took the pack of smokes out of my pocket, hit the bottom of it a few times on the dashboard and ripped off the plastic. I pulled a cigarette out of the pack with my lips and grabbed the lighter from the ashtray.

Ohh, sweet sweet menthol. Remembering the beer I'd taken out before I cracked it open and was instantly refreshed. This is my night, nothing will go wrong. Maybe the little bitch in the trunk sensed that we were getting close to her final destination, because she began moving around violently in the trunk, making more muffled sounds and grunts than she had the rest of the trip. She actually thought she might be able to.what, get away? Haha. Even if she managed to undo the duct tape and rope tied around her hands and feet, which she never would, she'd still have to get out of the trunk.

That wasn't possible either, since I'd broken the interior latch. Even then, what, is she going to jump out of a moving car at 60 miles per hour on a dark, deserted, middle-of-nowhere, country road?

And expect to then elude me? Dumb bitch, but it's fine with me if she wants to waste important energy, that only makes things much easier on me later on. I turned the volume way up on the stereo to drown out her pathetic escape attempt. Humans, they're so damned interesting. With just minutes left before this night really begins I decelerate just a bit and begin to get my mind fully in the game.

""and I've got one more silver dollar, but I'm not gon' let 'em catch me no, not gon' let 'em catch the midnight rider." If I'd have used a GPS device it'd be saying I'm now arriving at my destination. I turned the music off and began to drive slowly down the gravel road. This clearly indicated to the little slut that we were in fact arriving someplace she did not want to be, she began to sound increasingly frightened, and she had to be hurting herself moving around in such a small space like that.

After a half mile of gravel road I turn right down a steep gravel driveway and come into view of my special cabin. That saying "if these walls could talk" will probably never be more relevant than with this cabin. So much has gone on here, and in the surrounding woods too.

I pull my car to the back of the cabin, completely out of view. As I step out of the car and into the brisk autumn night filled with those night time sounds, and the moon, oh the moon, my blood begins to run. I can taste that sweet feeling already, that feeling that I live for. I take a deep breath, exhale, and open the trunk. Her dirty blonde hair is wildly messed up, she's clearly exhausted, but continues to thrash around like some sort of spastic monkey.

It's so amusing I just stand there for a minute watching her rage around in the trunk, smile on my face. The look in her eyes speaks volumes. It says "I'll kill you", "Don't kill me", and "Oh, please, why are you doing this" She can't readily decide which emotion to stick with, I guess she doesn't know which one might work on me the best.

Truth is, my mind is set, she's about to be raped like a filthy fucking whore, in every hole she has. She can see that in my eyes too, that she's in the company of a true predator, and that she has absolutely no chance of getting out of this. With that realization, she decides she'll just make it as hard as possible for me then, and begins shaking violently again, trying to flail whatever parts of her body she can.

All her rage does though, is get me into the game, I like to watch them struggle, see the desperation and fear consume their faces, I also like to inflict pain. I grab her hard on the left bicep and drag her out of the trunk and let her drop to the ground. I kick her in the ribs just enough to hurt, not enough to break anything, yet. She rolls over onto her stomach in pain, and I crouch over the back of her, grab a fistful of hair and yank her head hard back until shes looking up over her forehead at me, the fear still filling her eyes.

"Listen to me you fucking cunt, I'm going to fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk, understand?" I slap her hard across the right cheek. She recovers and I tug back on her hair so I can see into her eyes. "I'm going to take the gag out of your mouth now, okay? Scream all you like, nobody will hear you, except the animals." I tore the duct tape off her mouth and she winced, just to ensure she screams bloody murder I spit in her face and slap her across the jaw before I pull the handkerchief out.

"HHEELLPP!!.HHEELLPP!." she screams as I stand over her laughing. "You motherfucker ill fucking kill you you piece of shit" I'm still laughing. I reach into my pocket and pull out a 6 inch blade, the sight of it under the cold moonlight makes her whimper slightly before she shuts up and stares at me with a look that says everything I wanted to see.

"All right you fucking tramp." I unzip my pants and her eyes widen. "You're gonna come over here like a good little whore and suck this dick just like I tell you to" "Please, (sobbing) no, why are you doing this? she pleads with me, but I'm only getting more aroused. "One fucking stupid move." I said, "the second I feel teeth I'm going to shove this knife right into your fucking throat" she looks at me helplessly, face glistening with tears, and all she can muster to say is a pathetic "pleease." over and over again.

I take two steps closer and now im standing right next to her, towering above her pathetic sobbing body laying sideways on the gravel. I grab her hair and yank her to her knees. I wave the blade slowly across her face before resting it in place on the left side of her neck, so that she can see it the whole time.

Still crying relentlessly, not even begging anymore, this barely sixteen year old bitch is about to get a throat full of cock. I reach into my boxers and pull out my 7 inch hard dick and smack her a few times on the face with it, using her tears as a sort of lube. Still crying I grab the back of her head and slam my cock deep into her young virgin mouth.

It's so warm and wet.


With my hand on her head I start to fuck her mouth slowly going deep into the back of her throat with each thrust. I pull my cock out and she gasps for much needed air, but she doesn't get very far with that as I slam back in her mouth and down her throat.

I start pounding into her face harder and harder until it's clear she's choking badly, and then I pull out for a second. With the knife still to her throat and my other hand grabbing her hair I pull her body across the rough gravel to the side of the house. I set her right against the wall and lean her head parallel with the wall. Now with the house as a backboard I again enter her sweet young mouth with my long pulsating cock and slowly fuck the shit out of her mouth for a good 5 minutes.

That's when I feel it, I know I'm almost there, I take long, rough, well timed strokes into the depths of this young girl's virgin throat.

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I pick up the pace and she can feel it coming too, so she tries to get my cock out of her mouth by swaying her head from side to side, but im too big and her heads pinned against the wall. The warm wet inside of her mouth is soo nice, its like heaven. Pounding so hard now that her skull is hitting the house pretty hard with each thrust, I finally can feel it coming, so I push in and down her throat as hard as I can and let the huge load of hot sticky cum shoot far down into her throat and she starts to gag violently but I stay in her and let her struggle to breath as she chokes, with the knife pressed hard against her neck.

Just for kicks as I finally pull slowly out and she can finally try and breath I punch her really hard across the jaw and she falls fast onto her stomach on the gravel. "I need a beer" I realize, as I head back over to the car, sure that she isn't going anyway. "I'm gonna finish this beer and then we're going to go inside and get the real party started.

That throat action was just a little warmup" I told her this and she began to cry even harder than she had been before.