Rin Satomi Asian doll is tied and teased with dildos in gangbang scenes

Rin Satomi Asian doll is tied and teased with dildos in gangbang scenes
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My best friend Shawn and i have been friends for about three years now. We're 20 and currently dating two 16 year old step- sisters Julie & Erica and man did he get the better one. Im only with Erica for the sex but only Shawn and i know that. if she werent sixteen she'd know it too. Shawn and Julie are really into their relationship despite the four year age gap.

At first he was with her just for the sex but now i think they're serious. Erica envies their relationship and wishes we could be more like that but i only see her as a peice of ass. We've been having problems recently maybe because she's so immature.

She's nothing like her same age step-sister Julie. Julie is gorgeous on the inside and out long light brown hair to her waist that she often likes to curl at the ends, grey eyes a small waist with a nice perfect ass and a large set of breasts on her.really she often busts out most her tops, tanned skin and the sexiest lips that can probobly give a hell of a blowjob.

She's really into the girly clothes like short skirts, thongs, sandals, and tight shirts she's much more mature and understanding. Whereas Erica wears nothing but jeans and sweatshirts covering up that body i told her about that and how she needed to dress sexier but she got all bitchy on meshe has no ass, shes skinny frizzy blonde hair and brown eyes she's white as powder She never tans, and so immature she bitches on everything. But she's always givin up the goods thats why we've lasted for so damn long or otherwise i woulda let her go in a New York minute.

But I cant let Shawn know im wantin his girl first Shawn would kill me and Erica would finish me off. Julie would bury me for hurting her sister that way, i've had a couple wet dreams about Julie God she turns me on.

I wish she'd let me hit just once so i'd be over this feeling but that wont happen. Shawn, Julie, Erica and i are headed up to a little timeshare beach house where we'll be getting nothing but pussy for two weeks. Everybodys coming to my house because im driving im the only one with a reliable car and for some people a license.

I know this sounds mean but im a little embarrassed to be seen with Erica at the beachall those tanned hotties and i got the bride of frakenstein not to mention the hair she never combs. After this vacation i think imma call it quits. The doorbell rung" hold on Shawn!" I said knowing it was him he never knocks I got out the chair i was in to answer the door.

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To great suprise it was Julie.by herself at the door struggling with three huge luggages. damn she looked good that pretty face her skirt was tiny and short as hell and a sexy pink bikini top on with those huge beautiful tits just ready to spill out that tiny thing and a butterfly belly ring, and her long hair lightly blowing in the summer breeze.

damn i was ready to take her right on the porch i had to remain calm after she gave me the sweetest smile. "Hi Jason." "Whats up Juls, where's everyone else?" "Oh Shawn's at the market doing some last minute shopping and Erica's at the mall looking for some bikinis." "Erica in a bikini?, never thought i'd see that." I joked " Yeah you'd think she'd bring a tee shirt and shorts." " Oh come in, how'd you get up here?" "My dad, Jason can you help me with these luggages I think if i lift another one of those things my arms will pop off." "No prob." Her voice was so soft and sweet she sounded so polite even when she was talking to me, I wonder how she sounds when she moans, i wonder how it would sound when she screamed my name I pulled the bags in and shut the door.

"So Juls want a soda ? i noticed it was blazin hot out there." "A water would be nice." She said walking into my living room As she was walking i saw her cell phone fall out her overstuffed purse. She didn't know i was behind her when she bent down to pick it up.She had nice round shapley cheeks.

Damn she had an ass on her and a blue thong was what she had on i wanted so badly to reach my hand up there but only in dreams. "Goddam." i said under my breath with clenched teeth.

"What was that?" Julie asked "Oh uhh mm nothing just a little song verse i picked up." I went in the kitchen feeling embarrassed to get a bottled water came out and brought it to her, normally if it were Shawn or Erica or anyone else i woulda tossed it to them.

"Thank you Jason." I gestured and walked out i couldnt be in the same room with her, if i were there any longer i think i woulda got an erection. She even smelled good like that scented shampoo like pantine or something. as i was leaving the room I caught Julie looking at me through the living room mirror. I wouldnt blame her. After all i didnt have on a shirt. She quickly turned away when i caught her. Just then the doorbell rang i was leaving the kitchen to get it but Julie insisted.

"Its okay Jason i got it." when she got up that short skirt rode up a little and i saw her asscheeks, those perfect asscheeks i had to get in between. I've never wanted a 16 year old so bad "Hi Shawn!!" she said opening the door exited to see him He hugged her grabbed her ass and kissed her, now if only i can do that i didnt mean to show it but i had an envious look.

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Just let me switch places with Shawn. i was having a little fantasy of Julie sucking my dick and me fuckin her from the back when guess who ruined it, Erica. "Hey Jason", Erica said in a "i dont care voice" there she goes looking like a bum again when her dad is one of the highest paid attourneys in town a grey shirt with long baggy swim shorts and not to mention the ugliest glasses i've seen. i went in the living room and hugged her, nope no kiss. "So is everyone ready to go" i said everyone said yes and we headed in for the car of course Erica bought one bag she really isn't in to clothes I got in the expidition and ulocked the doors for everyone else of course Shawn helped Julie put her bags in the back and opened her door.

"Jason why cant you open my door like that." Erica bitched "Becuase you never asked." i said impolitley while starting the car "Jason you know what?! i had ju-" "Erica stoppit!", Julie interrupted this is supposed to be a fun vacation, lets not start it off on a bad foot." she lightly caressed Ericas shoulder.

I looked in the rearview mirror to see Julie in the backseat she sweetly smiled at me with those pretty eyes. Man i wanted her lots more than Erica. Shawn got in and we left. later on in the trip the couple in the backseat talked and laughed like best friends and occasionaly kissed, but the couple up front barely spoke at all.

All Erica would do was read stupid magazines and everytime i tried to talk to her she'd just say "umm hmm" or "unh uhh." I kept noticing Julie looking at me through the mirror i got a little shread of hope thinking she was feelin me but it was probobly to see where we were at.

she was hooked on Shawn. When we arrived at the house it was night time and after all that driving i was ready to sleep but a certain somebody was complaining and bitching again. "Where's thosee bikinis you bought?" I asked Erica in the middle of a yawn.

"Bikinis??, Jason what are you talking about?" "But you would look so sexy in one of those." "Oh so now you want me to look like your little hooker and look sluttly like all those other broads on the beach!!." "No It wasnt even like that i was just saying." Julie was nowhere to help me out again.

" God Erica why do you have to take shit so seriosly are you that immature?" " Im immature now Jason?!? You know what asshole im sick of your wanting me to look like a model thing it aint happenin I cant take your shit you jerk im leaving!!!" "What. you cant do that how are you gonna get home?" "The train you dumbass!!

Its over!!" She slammed the door and left with her one little luggage, I never felt so dissed in my life, where was i gonna get pussy, this was why i came out here. I thought i was going to be the one to end it with her. I laid on the couch in failed hope just infuriated at the fact Julie wasnt my girl. Soon enough Shawn and Julie came downstairs laughing making me feel even worse. "Whats wrong?" Julie said in one of her sexy soft concered voices "Erica left, we had a stupid argument." "Damn i dont know what to say." Shawn said "and we were all planning for us to go out tonight." "You guys can go in fact im leaving the first damn thing in the morning." "Oh Jason you cant do that.You're the reason this trip was possible" Julie said "Yeah watever." I rushed up the stairs and went to my bedroom.

Before i dozed off i just thought of Julie's pretty face and how it would look like with my cum all over it. I was so envious of Shawn he was touching what i wanted to touch fucking what i wanted to fuck.I finally got over myself and fell asleep The next day as i was ready to leave i noticed Shawn's car was was gone and that he left Julie here alone.She was on the couch watching cartoons in a see through pink skirt with a white halter top looking fuckable.

With those long flawless legs. She had her arms rested on the top part of the couch so her large breasts peeked out the sides of her top. with her legs slightly open but not enough for me to see anything. Her long hair was loose some strands in the inside of her top, she was driving me wild just from sitting.

"Good morning Jason.


Shawn and i picked up breakfast so there's a little something in there for you" she said in a cheery sexual voice, Julie was always in a good mood her grey eyes glared at me with a sweet intensity. "Thank you Julie but im not too hungry." "You're not still thinking of leaving are you?" Her sweet happy gentle looking face turned in to a persuasive frown the one i used to give my mom when i wanted something.I just couldnt turn down a wanting face like that "I dont know." I said sitting next to her "Im really very sorry about Erica, She just gets agitated alot." She caressed my arm in a friendly way and smiled, even that drove me off the wall.

"I Just wish she was more like you." Oops i think i said too much. "HeHe." she laughed " Jason theres something i need to tell you. May i say it" "By all means go ahead Julie." "I've never told anyone this but umm i think i got the short end of the stick when i dated Shawn, i never really got over wanting to be with you. Its not that i dont like Shawn and all, hes great." She scooted more towards me and traced circles with her finger on my chest, and looked deep into my eyes like she was looking for something beyond that with her bedroom eyes.

I couldnt take it Julie drives me nuts my dick froze hard instantly "Is this a joke?" I asked, She kissed my lips with no tounge they were so soft and delecate. She was so gentle with everything including this kiss. Then she got on top of me legs on either side. I was surprisd and also extremely horny. My breathing quicked and my body prepared itself for sex. "Does this look like a joke Jason?" She kissed up and down my neck eagely and hungrily sucking at the skin on my neck like she wanted it raw and slid her tougue between my lips and explored my mouth with deep intimate enterprise.

And sweetly moaned but just a little bit "I've felt the same way about you Julie." "I never acted on impulse like this Jason but i just." I grabbed her tits one in each hand and roughly fondeled them like cooking dough, i gently stroked her soft hair while she kissed my neck up and down and often licked it like a dog.

I closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling, still caressing her rack, and feeling her soft rose peatal skin and the aroma that came from it, i was definitely on a natural high. After no longer than two seconds i came to my senses that i was fooling around with Shawns girl. Even if she did want it i was still wrong for it. I remembered what my grandmother said about what goes around comes around times seven i slowly got off this sweet ecstasy and grabbed her by her arms to stop us.

As hard as it was "Julie if Shawn catches us." "Dont worry sweetie, he wont i made sure he was gone for a long time, now take me upstairs." Julie can make me do anything especially at this moment in time any guy would tear her little 16 year old shit up.

I realized i wasnt gonna resist top shelf pussy so i let it continue even more. As we walked up the stairs we couldnt keep one another off eachothers bodies, i loved it. i couldnt believe i was gonna have Julie right here and now. We finnaly got to the room in what seemed like forever. I gently laid her on my bed while she gave me an erotic smile. I turned around to close the door and by the time i turned around her top was already off.

She held those big lucious tits in her hands with her legs wide open. I seen a little wet spot in her panties. My breath was taken away. "Do you like them?" Julie asked "Hell yeah you know i do." i sat up on top of her while she laid down and i caressed each tit giving it the attetion it deserved while she had her arms up, she was doing a little combination of moaning and laughing whatever it was it was turning me on even more. I then took the left tit in my mouth and slowly suckeled it.

my hand on her upper back pushing her up more. I slurped and sucked her nipple like ice cream. My other hand on her right tit my hand completley covering it, while i flicked my toungue over her sweet pink nipple while hearing the smacking noise of my suckling.

feeling it grow hard in my mouth was magnificent as she moaned in pleasure. I slowly pulled away from her tit watching a thin string of spit come from my mouth on her wet nipple. I pulled out my cock, put it in the middle of her chest and squezed those tities together. I started fucking her titties, while she licked my dick everytime it went up. " Oh Jason i've had this fantasy for months." without a word i kept fucking her titties while she held them together.

she let out the sexiest moans and squeals making my dick throb. The motivaton made me fuck harder till my hips ran out of energy "i'd do anything to have your cock in me right now Jason." Julie cried out "Oh really. first you gotta suck it" I demanded in a husky phonebooth stalker voice. she got from under me. I sat up with my legs slightly apart. She quickly dropped to her knees. I was about to have the hottest girl in my town give me head the fact drove me wild as i waited in anticipation for her to take off my pants.

"Mmm Jason fuck my throat." She took my dick and shoved it all the way down her throat. It felt so good my dick in that wet warm and soft mouth of hers and that tounge ring massaging my cock to a quicker cum, I felt myself in the back of her throat.

This bitch knows how to deepthroat. I pushed her head in deeper fucking her throat like she asked. Pulling her hair up and down faster and faster to meet my requirements.

When i noticed her little finger was up her skirt.She was fingering herself.I felt her gagging on my dick but i didnt give a shit.

This little 16 year old slut was was experienced. I wanted more and more like a fat lady to cakes. "You're a hot little slut arent you??" I said between clenched teeth and on the vege of the greatest climax that Erica could never top. I felt those soft lips move up and down my cock as she took my whole damn dick from shaft to head. Even at 20 years of age i've never had a girl devour my monster. She started from lighty fingering herself to ramming that shit up her pussy, turning me insane.

I stopped her. I wanted to save my cum for her pussy. I scooted all the way on the bed nothing but a hard dick sticking straight up. "I want you to ride my cock and ride it good, fuck me like Erica coudnt." "Okay Jason im your little slut for today, just tell me what to do." She took off the rest of her clothing revealing a soft shaven baby pussy with an enlarged horny clit. She teasfully crawled on the bed. That cute little smile on her sweet face.

She positioned herself over my cock, and slowly sat on it making it go in her, i could feel the tighness of her pussy against my cock, the wetness and the warmth. I held her hips as my dick disappeared in her. she slowly started moving back and fourth. I felt her tiny muscles contract in and out as i watched her ride me and i saw that stuffed little slit with my cock in it. I reached behind and grabbed a hanfull of ass. With each move she made, my body burned for more.

Julie really started getting into it when she started boiuncing up and down. Now taking my cock like it was the last thing she'd get to do. I was growing inside of her. It was amazing watching those perfect round huge tits bounce up and down while she played with her clit incessantly. With one hand on a chunk of ass i pulled her long brown hair with another, forcing her head to go back the screams from her got even louder. "Fuck Julie you got some tight walls." I groaned in complete pleasure.

"Spank me Jason, and fuck me harder. Cum in my pussy." Julie moaned. The moan i so longed to hear from Julie was happening right now and i controled when she can do it. If the little slut wanted to be pussy murdered then her wish was just about to come true. I threw Julie off of me, threw her on the bed and got on top her.

Without saying a word i rammed my dick back in the tight little cunt and pounded her with all my might sending her into wild pleasure but then again some pain. I grabbed her little legs spread em higher till they touched her tits. I was drilling the poor little whore. Her little moans became screams.

Pushing my cock deep inside with each push. God it felt good, she was taking my cock like a pro. The sweat from my body was on her now, I was nailing her pussy and nailing it good too, until her screams turned to whimpers, her nails deep in back.

I knew i was ready to cum the feeling was getting intense, more intense and more intense till i exploded with a huge groan. Jets and streams of cum shot deep into her little cunt causing her to shudder beneath me. I never thought i'd get to cum inide this cute little bitch, never, and you know what i didnt even feel guilty about shawn I got what i wanted and i just got to fuck the brains out the hottest girl in town, and not to mention she gave me the best head no one has ever given me.

With my dick still inside her. I let the remainder of my cum seep out wanting every last drop in that unforgettable pussy. I quikly pulled out watching my cum ooze out her pussy like a creampie. Julie quickly got up and left the room, was she mad?? humiliated??

or guilty.

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Later on that day Shawn came back, Julie and i were on different sides of the house and after a fuck like that i needed some sleep. The next day i left the house early in the morning to take a walk to clear my head.

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When you fuck someone you really want to fuck you usually care less about them later, but for some odd reason i wanted Julie even more than i wanted her the first time.

I crept back in the house looked in her bed and watched her sleeping. She was hot even in deep slumber. I had to have Julie one more time so i could get her out my system.But first i had to deal with her naive boyfriend "Shwan, Shawn!!" I yelled bursting into his room. I abruptly shook him till his eyes opened. "Huh??" he said in a groggy voice "Its your mother, she's having one of her spells again, she needs you.Now!!" Shawn quickly put on his pants, forgetting about the rest of his clothes and rushing for the door.


"Hey Shawn, take my car man. M keys re on the table by the door." "I cant thank you enough, thank you. And just tell Julie i forgot something at home. I dont wanna worry her." He patted my shoulder and ran to the car, the last i heard from him was the sound of skreech marks on the pavement. Now Julie was mine again and it didnt take long to do so. Later on that morning after anticipating the moment she showered and got ready.

i seen her doing the dishes in a rose colored see through robe that clung to her tight teen body like second skin, she obviously wasnt wearing anything under.So I sneaked up behind her and grabbed her ass. "Jason stoppit okay!" Her tone was angry and fierce "Julie come on baby i know you want me." I was pretty confident this was a front. "Dont touch me and im not your baby!" "Julie why are you acting like this?" i became serious "I feel bad about Shawn now will you leave me alone!!" I had a burning desire for Julie that I wasnt going to just turn off.

I was going to get in her and i didnt care how. Even if it had serious consequences. And besides i was hard "Okay Juls." i pretended to walk away when I grabbed Julie by the arms and swung her in front of the table.

I slapped her hard on her face so she fell on the table. When she did i noticed the fear in her eyes. It fed me, fueled me, made me feel powerful that i now had complete control. With one hand i pinned down both of her thin little wrists, she tried fighting, but she was way to weak for me, a five year old could withstand her puny attacks. I thrust her legs open and tore off the robe in one rip, revealing that beautiful young body.

"Please Jason you dont wanna do this." She begged "Shut up!!" "All these open windows Jason i can scream, scream so loud you'll get caught." I picked up a knife already on the table. And held it in the direction of her bald little cunt. "See this. If you scream my dick wont be the only thing inside you.


So do me and yourself a favor and lets make this easier. Your gonna get fucked Juls theres no way around it." I pulled off my shorts with one hand, exposing my erect and hung dick throbbing for this little cunt.

She let out little whimpers of protest and kept begging me to stop. "Jason please stop." she said in a low voice I backhanded her causing her face to turn red, with my hand mark on it.

"Shut up Julieanne, i said using her full name. "Insted of opening the hole on your face open the one between your legs!!

One more little remark and i swear your daddy and your little boyfriend wont have such a pretty face to look at." Carrying on with my buisiness i spread her legs wider exposing her insides to me like never before her pussy was perfectly pink, tight and sweet just like a pornstar or something off a porno, i slid my dick in that tight little pussy of hers.

It was a little dry since she was never horny but it still felt good as her little walls wrapped around my throbbing cock. I started pounding into her my goal was to tear up that tight shit. It felt too good not to. Still holding her down i noticed a tear streaming down her cheek. With no remorese i slammed into her tiny fuck box causing her to convulse. I finally got her pussy lubricated after i felt the slipperieness of her walls.

I pounded her so hard her whole body shook including the table she was laying on.

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All you can hear was skin slappingmy groans, her sniffels and her whimpers. I slammed into her time and time again feeling my skin grow hot and sweaty. I was really getting the fuck of my life. I felt myself ready to cum. The feeling got deeper sharper more intense till i exploded. Streams and jets of cum shot up her little ripped pussy, as she kept crying. Emptying out the rest of my cum in her tight fuckhole, i pulled out and with it came a "POP" She was engorged with my cum after trails of it seeped out onto her inner thigh and asscheek.

I felt refreshed but tired, breathing hard i put on my pants while Julie still laid on the table. "Im done with you now, you can get yourself cleaned up." I said in a rude voice. She slowly got up put on her tore up robe and walked crookedly and bowleggedly up the stairs, sobbing.

She was now out my system i no longer wanted her.

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Julie wasnt talking i know she wasnt. So feeling satisfied i sat on the couch with a beer and watched a movie. ~FIN