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Married slut takes bbc 039 s load tube porn
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PART SIX: THREE'S COMPANY "This is the worst idea anyone has ever had." Alexis said as she slid a cold beer in front of me. "When are they coming?" I looked at my watch. "Soon." Alexis had been one of my closest friends for almost a year. She was a lesbian gal that I had met thru my former land lady.

She was also a bartender at a beach spot called The Tiki Hut, which is where I decided to stage my final move in this wicked little game of chess. "Do you really think you're gonna get out of this mess without getting at least two drinks thrown in your face?" she asked. "Oh, I plan on a lot more than that." I calmly said. "What do you think will happen when they realize who each other is?" she asked, wide eyed.

I took a long tug of beer as I saw the front door swing open and Amanda walking thru it. "Competition Lexi." I smiled as I pushed away from the bar. "Competition." I slid into a dark booth in the back of the bar across from Amanda, making sure that I was on the side facing the door. "So, why did you wanna come all the way out to the beach tonight?" she asked. "There's someone I wanted you to meet." I said. Thank God for pro-nouns.

"Oh." She smiled with her eyes wide. "An old friend or something?" she asked. "Something like that." I smiled. She could already tell I was being evasive. I had to think fast. A distraction maybe? "Do you see that bartender with the really short brown hair?" I asked. Amanda turned and spied Alexis. "Uh-huh." "Her name is Alexis. She's one of my best friends." "Is that who I'm meeting?" She was good. "No. I mean, you'll probably meet her, but she's not who we're waiting on." I sighed.

"She keeps looking over here." Amanda noted. I looked over and Alexis quickly looked away. She was certain I would fail and couldn't wait to watch it happen. She didn't know me as well as she thought she did. "She knows we're dating." I said. The front door swung open. "Oh… Does she know about the other girl you're dating?" Renee stepped into the bar and began to scan the room.

"Yeah." She caught sight of me and began to walk toward the booth. "So you just tell everyone about everything?" Renee was half way across the room and smiling. I lifted my hand to wave her over. "Pretty much." "And you never lie about anything?" Amanda asked, still smiling. "Almost never." I replied. Renee approached the table and finally saw the dark haired girl sitting across from me.

She stopped in her tracks and her eyes went wide. Amanda turned toward her and saw her expression and then turned back to me. "Amanda, this is Renee." The tension in the air was so dense that it felt harder to breathe than usual. Both women stared at each other and then back at me for at least thirty seconds. Finally Renee said "Are you fucking serious?" I raised my hands as if to say 'calm down.' "Okay.

Now, before everyone decides that I'm a piece of shit, just let me say something…" I looked back and forth at them both. Amanda lowered her eyes and Renee crossed her arms across her chest, but neither of them left.

Once I was certain they would hear me out, I went on. "It occurred to me recently that the two of you should meet… So far, you've only heard about each other thru me and have probably formed some pretty low opinions of each other that way. I wanted the two of you to meet because I wanted you to both see what I see… You're both very kind and sweet and I thought that if you met, all of the animosity that has been developing recently might dissipate a little…" I looked around for a reaction and got nothing, aside from clear anger on both of their faces.

"That's it. Now, feel free to call me an asshole or whatever you feel is appropriate." More silence. More stillness. I looked over to Renee and caught a glimpse of Alexis staring on wide eyed behind the bar.

"Will you sit down please?" I asked Renee I honestly expected what happened next. It was like I'd written a scene and was watching two actresses act it out. Renee wouldn't sit next to me and she certainly wouldn't sit next to Amanda.

She didn't leave either though. She reluctantly pulled a chair from a nearby table and quietly sat at the end of the booth.

"So now what?" she asked.

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I was just happy that I had made it that far. Step one of my plan was complete. I had gotten them in a room together. I waved Alexis over and continued. "Now, we have some drinks." Alexis took our drink orders and secretly raised her eyebrows at me. At first no one seemed willing to talk, so I made the first move. "I chose this place for the three of us to meet for Renee. It's far enough away from downtown and the campus to be nearly certain to avoid running into anyone she might know." Amanda glared over at her.

"Like your boyfriend?" LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Renee glared back at her and then over to me. "Thanks, I guess?" she muttered, still clearly displeased. Amanda picked it back up immediately. "Can you just tell us what the point of this is so we can get the fuck out of here?

I don't think I'm the only one who feels really uncomfortable right now." She said looking back over to Renee. Renee nodded in agreement. Then they both turned to me. I took another sip of beer. "Okay… So, here's how I see it. I've been seeing you both for a couple of months now.

I've never tried to hide that fact from either of you. The fact that neither one of you has ended things with me yet has led me to believe that you are both okay with it. I understand you both have your reasons." I glanced over to Renee. "You're already in a relationship." Then I turned to Amanda "And you just moved here and aren't looking for anything serious." They were both listening to me solemnly.

I hadn't lost them yet. "I guess I could've just kept my mouth shut, but lately I've noticed that both of you have seemed a little bitter whenever I mention spending time with the other." I took another sip of beer. "That, coupled with the handful of times that the two of you have almost accidentally met got me to thinking that the two of you were bound to meet sooner or later anyway.

This little meeting is my way of trying to keep it from being as awkward as it probably would be if one day you just ran into each other at my front door." They both sat in silence for several seconds. I pressed on. "Again, and as always, you are both free to walk away any time you like, but if you both still want to go ahead with this, I would prefer that we could all get along or at least be civil." I took another sip of beer.

"I wasn't looking to develop feelings for either of you, but I kinda did. I've come to like you both very much and would hope that by meeting and talking with each other, you may come to at least respect each other too." I thought I had spewed enough reason to get them to come along… I was wrong. Amanda took a sip of her Mojito and said "Okay, this all sounds like a lot of bullshit to me. You can't date two people." She paused before looking over to Renee. "Neither can you." Renee looked up at her and was slightly angry and defensive.

"I can do whatever I want! Besides, didn't you go on a date last weekend with some guy you work with?" Amanda looked over to me again. "Jesus, you really do tell her everything…" She then turned back to Renee. "Don't you get tired of all the sneaking around?" Amanda asked her before focusing back on me. "You need to make a decision… Look, I like you a lot too, even though I wasn't looking for it and I tried not to, but it's impossible for me to take you seriously as long as things keep going the way they are!" She sighed deeply.

"You have to choose… Or you're gonna lose us both." She then looked over to Renee for solidarity. "Right?" Renee looked at her evenly.

They were forming an alliance! It was all going according to plan. Renee looked back at me and lifted her head high.

"Right." Any drill sergeant will tell you: nothing unites people faster than a common enemy. I was nearing the end of stage two. It was perfect. Better even than I had planned. What I did next would have to be pitch perfect though. I looked back at Renee and stared into her eyes. I then looked over to Amanda and did the same.

They both were hanging on my every movement waiting on a resolution. Finally I slid out of the booth and stood up. "I can't make that choice…" I pulled some cash out of my wallet and laid it on the table. "So I guess it's nothing." I turned and walked out to the back patio that overlooked the beach, sat at a table alone and lit a cigarette. I looked out over the white sand out to the waves gently breaking under the moonlight, each one creating a new high water mark.

'They won't leave.' I thought. 'They can't… Not after that… They'll need a stronger resolution than that.' I waited… I sat alone for almost twenty minutes, determined not to break character or look back.

Finally Alexis came out onto the deck. "Do you want another one?" she asked. "Not yet." I glanced up at her. "Did they leave?" I had to know. "Not yet." she smiled. "Do you really still think this is going to work?" "What are they doing?" I asked. "Talking. Too quiet for me to hear anything, but they both look pretty emotional." She replied.

"Okay… I will have another one then." I sat alone for another ten minutes. Finally Amanda stepped out of the doorway and approached my table. "Mind if I sit?" she asked. "You alone?" I asked. "Yes." She replied as she sat down next to me. "What happened?" I asked. "She left." Amanda said. "We had a long talk…" She paused and took a deep breath.

"First, I just need to say that what you did tonight was totally fucked up! Neither of us would've agreed to this if you had told us what was going to happen." I lit a fresh cigarette. "I can see that now." She was quiet for a moment.

"Now that I got that out of the way, you should know; that girl is completely in love with you." I couldn't make sense of it or really figure out what to say. Finally I just said what I was thinking. "So, she's in love with me, but she left and you stayed?" "I didn't stay for 'that.' I could just tell you were upset, and even though you're being a total dick tonight, I didn't want to leave you by yourself." She answered.

"I'm sure you had good intentions, but this was a terrible thing you did." She trailed off. "Yeah… Well, thanks for sticking around." I said. "Sure. You're a nice guy John. You just need to pull your head out of your ass sometimes." She paused before finally looking back at me. "So, what are you gonna do now?" I finished my beer and put the empty bottle on the table.

"Order another drink." I looked up to meet her stare. "Want one?" "Sure." She smiled warmly. We had been out there alone for about five minutes. I turned to wave down Alexis when I saw Renee walking thru the bar toward the back patio. Phase 3: COMPLETE. "I didn't wanna go home yet." Renee mumbled awkwardly as she stood beside the table Amanda and I were sitting at. I knew she would come back. Competition… "We were just about to order some more drinks." I said, breaking the silence.

"Do you want one?" "God yes!" she said as she sat down at the table. Her eyes were puffy and her nose was red. She had been crying.

Alexis came and we all ordered more drinks. "So, we can hang out now, right?. I mean, now that it's not all weird anymore?" she asked.

I knew that during their half hour conversation, they had bonded somewhat. I was counting on that. When Amanda came out to the patio alone, I knew she was hoping secretly (maybe even subconsciously) that Renee was out of the picture and that she and I could start fresh.

I also knew that women never completely trust each other and by that rationale, Renee would come back because she would wonder if Amanda was going to use her absence as an opportunity to make a move. It was all about psychology. There was no getting around the next part. For quite a while, it was really awkward.

I did my best to keep the mood light, but it wasn't easy. I kept ordering more rounds and clinking their glasses in the hopes that alcohol might relieve the situation. Good 'ol alcohol… After about an hour, the mood had lightened significantly. What I hadn't anticipated was how much of the conversation would revolve around Renee's feelings about her relationship with her boyfriend Henry.

Amanda was almost like a counselor to her. She was asking questions and making suggestions. Over time, it became clear that the two of them were actually really starting to get along. At one point, Renee was talking about how their relationship was lifeless and devoid of passion, and her eyes began to well up.

Amanda actually rubbed her back for a moment. Again, the reality of the situation was exceeding all of my plans! Finally, it was 2AM. The bar was closing and just as I had hoped, neither of them knew what to do. I could only imagine that they were both kind of hoping to end up alone with me… Not because I'm any prize, mind you.

I just understand how much pretty girls hate to lose. When I paid the tab, I asked the girls if they felt like leaving yet. Neither of them did, so I bought a six pack from Alexis and suggested that we keep hanging out, but that we move our party down to the beach. We walked about half way down to the beach to where the hotels keep all of their beach chairs in stacks.

It was the exact same spot that Marie and I had had sex almost two years earlier. (See Seven Months With Marie: Part 1) I pulled three beach chairs down and laid them out very close together and the evening continued.

We had two beers apiece. During the thirty or so minutes it took for us to put them down, the three of us just talked more and joked around. All three of us were pretty buzzed by then and both Renee and Amanda would make the occasional reference to the strange situation that the three of us had been involved in.

I even told them about a couple of close calls where they almost ran into each other. All of that talk was making everyone feel more at ease and also a little frisky.

Once the last sip of beer had been taken, I looked at my watch. "Shit." I said. "What time is it?" Amanda asked. "2:35" I answered. "We should probably head out…" No one said a word for a while. I was counting on this too. I had actually chosen to meet up at that particular bar for several reasons. One of them was how far it was from where everyone lived.

I waited patiently for it… "Can I just ride home with you?" Amanda asked. She lived next door so it made perfect sense. I looked over to Renee and could immediately see that she didn't like the idea of Renee and me leaving together. Her disappointment wouldn't last long though. "I was gonna ask if I could ride home with you." I laughed. "Dude, that's like a half hour drive! There's no way I'm driving that far like this!" she whined. "We could split a cab." I said. "It'd be like fifty bucks though…" Then I looked over to Renee.

"Oh, shit! You live even further than we do. That would be like, seventy bucks probably…" "I don't have seventy dollars." Renee stated with her eyes wide. This was the moment I had been waiting for.

I looked down at the sand between my feet and feigned deep concentration. "Shit…" Finally, I lifted my head up and said "Look. All of our cars are here. We could just get a hotel room with two beds.

I'll just sleep on the floor. That would cost less than all of us taking cabs home, plus we wouldn't have to come back for our cars in the morning." Renee and Amanda both looked at me and then at each other. I wasn't sure how they would feel about sleeping in the same room together, but if I had offered to get two rooms (or god forbid, three) the entire night would've been pointless.

I waited with my fingers crossed. Finally Amanda said to Renee "It would be cheaper&hellip." Renee looked over to me and said "They'll probably give you a cot or something if you ask for one." They were in! I knew that neither of them wanted to leave me alone with the other and it paid off! "Okay, then. We'll just stay here." I smiled. I kept in character by saying "Sorry we have to share a room.

I just can't really afford three rooms." I actually could've, but it would've put a major dent in my finances… White lie? "No worries." Amanda smiled. "So, we're officially gonna stay in the hotel?" Renee asked.

"Yep." I said. "Awesome!" Renee exclaimed. "Because, I've wanted to go swimming for like, the last twenty minutes, but I didn't want to get my car wet driving home." Now, I have no idea if Renee actually wanted to go swimming or not, but I do have a theory… I think that despite everything that had happened that night, the competition was far from over.

In fact it was just ramping up. Renee knew that she had an incredible body. She knew that showing it off would possibly make Amanda feel inferior, giving her the upper hand… That's just my theory… Anyway- Renee stood up in the sand and unbuttoned her jeans. There was no one else that we could see on the beach in either direction, and even so, it was very dark and we were drunk. She pushed her jeans down and looked to Amanda and me. "Are you guys coming?" she asked as she stepped out of her jeans and tossed them on the deck chair she had been sitting on.

"I might in a little while." I said as she grabbed the hem of her baby tee and pulled it over her head. She had stripped down to her bra and panties. There it was. That amazing body of hers. I looked over at Amanda and noted how she reacted to Renee's beautiful form. It looked like Renee's plan had worked. Amanda was clearly blown away and also a bit intimidated. "I'm good." She said. "Okay." Renee smiled. She then turned to me and said "Don't take too long, okay?" as she began walking toward the surf line.

Once Renee was out of earshot, Amanda leaned back next to me in her chair and said "Well, I can see why you like her so much." She was clearly sarcastically referring to Renee's thin waist and large breasts. I played dumb. "Yeah, she's a really sweet girl." "Don't be an idiot. You know what I'm talking about." She laughed as she rolled on her side to face me. "What?" I continued to ham it up. "Come on." she paused. "She's built like a porn star!" she laughed.

I laughed before squinting my eyes and looking down to the beach. "Is she?" I asked. Amanda laughed again. "All I know is, I don't have tits like that." She smiled scooting a little closer to me. I turned to face her. "Don't be ridiculous. You have beautiful tits." I smiled. Our faces were less than a foot apart. She smiled back.

"You're sweet." She said. She had lowered her tone and was a bit more serious. "I know." I whispered. Her face moved closer to mine. "I'm sorry I called you a dick earlier." She said even more quietly. I inched closer to her. "How sorry?" She closed the gap between our lips as she whispered "Really sorry." We kissed slowly and gently.

We let our tongues dance around each other's lips and would break away to smile before going back in for more. Amanda kept stealing glances down the beach to make sure Renee wasn't coming back. For ten minutes or so we playfully kissed and licked each other's lips. I was getting really into it when her eyes popped open and she began to pull away. "She's coming.

She's coming." "I thought you were coming down." Renee said as she dried her face with her tee shirt. Amanda and I had gotten back to our positions in our seats and as far as I could tell, Renee had no idea what we had been up to. "I'm sorry.

I decided I didn't want to get all salty." I said. Renee put her wet shirt back on and sat on the bench to slip into her jeans. "I know what you mean. Putting on jeans when you're all sandy feels so gross!" She stood and buttoned her jeans. "Can we go ahead and get the room? I'm dying to take a shower." Renee stood outside of the hotel lobby smoking a cigarette. Her clothes were wet and clinging to her and there was a dark outline where her wet bra had soaked thru her tee shirt.

Her hair hung in salt water clumps. She looked really hot. Amanda came inside with me and we stood at the counter. Amanda was also wearing jeans. She had on a loose flowing black top with turquoise and pink lacing on the sleeves. She looked really good too.

I had on my standard summer gear. Flops, a tee shirt, and shorts. I gave the night auditor my credit card and he gave me a room. The three of us headed to the room and no one said anything the whole way there.

It seemed strange, but it was already a strange night. Once we got into the room, Renee immediately headed to the little bathroom and went in.

She closed and locked the door. Moments later, I heard the shower start up. Amanda and I were alone again. I clicked on the TV and pulled my shirt off. It may have seemed strange, but I was "getting ready for bed." I then pulled the comforter of one of the beds down and sat in the middle of the bed with my back against the head board. Amanda was standing between the beds and smiling at me. "How long do you think she'll be in there?" "Not long enough." I said as I grabbed her by the front of her jeans and yanked her toward me.

She slid onto the bed next to me and we immediately started kissing again. This time, it was much more aggressive than it had been down at the beach. I instinctively reached up and felt for her breast. I began to squeeze it passionately as we bit at each other's lips. I suddenly felt her hand rest on my crotch and begin massaging me thru my shorts. I immediately started getting hard.

For a few more minutes we groped and kissed before we heard the shower cut off. I leaned back into the headboard and she pulled away from me laughing as quietly as she could. She finally got her giggles under control and sat next to me with her back against the headboard and we both stared blankly at the television. Moments later, Renee came out of the bathroom.

The room was dark except for the light coming from the TV. When she stepped into the room, her hair was wet and she had a white towel wrapped around her body covering her from the top of her breasts to her upper thigh.

She saw Amanda sitting next to me. She saw my shirt on the floor. Very decisively, she walked around the bed and climbed up and sat on the other side of me.

"I don't have anything to change into." Neither of us said anything. "What are you guys doing?" "Nothing." We both said almost simultaneously. It was silent and still for a moment. Then Renee leaned over and rested her head on my shoulder as we all stared at the TV. I looked at the top of her head and smiled. I then lifted my arm and put it around her and she nestled her head against my chest.

I looked over to Amanda and she rolled her eyes, but was still smiling. I then raised my right arm and wrapped it around her. Now they were both snuggled up against me and we were all staring at the TV. Finally I spoke. "Well, if both of you dumping me is what it takes for the three of us to hang out together, I guess it's worth it." I laughed.

Amanda smiled up at me. "So are we all just gonna be friends now?" "Why not?" I said. "You're both so unique and interesting to me. I hated the idea of losing either of you, so if this is how it has to be for me to keep you both in my life, then this is what will happen." Amanda rolled onto her side and just barely draped her knee over my leg. "Why do you have to be so cute?" she smiled as she rubbed my bare chest. Renee sat at my side.

Was she getting uncomfortable? Maybe jealous? I couldn't tell. Amanda then leaned over and kissed my shoulder, before settling back into my armpit.

She rubbed her head against my chest the way a cat might. Her leg slid further over my own and her hand rested on my chest. Not to be outdone, Renee pushed further into me. She placed her hand on my thigh and cuddled into me.

I reached up and began playing with her hair. I looked back at Amanda. She was staring straight up at me. "I'm sorry I called you an asshole." She smiled.

Then she stretched her neck up and gave me a little peck on my cheek. Renee must've heard the sound because she immediately looked up, but it was already over. She put her hand on my stomach and began to gently rub up and down. "Me too." She said. I turned toward her and gave her a little peck on the top of her head. Amanda had completely turned her body to face me at that point. When I turned back to her she was staring me in the eye and rubbing my chest.

I leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the lips. Then again. Finally, she leaned in hard and we shared a strong deep kiss. I can only imagine what Renee's face looked like when that happened. Whatever it was, I was planning on doing the same to her, but to my surprise, she leaned into me and began softly licking my nipple. I smiled and went back to kissing Amanda. The intensity was growing immensely. I knew that both girls had fooled around with the same sex before.

Unfortunately, up until a couple of hours earlier, they were practically mortal enemies. I decided to just go for it.


I had come this far, so there was no reason to play it any other way. Renee was only wearing a towel and I was only wearing shorts.

Amanda was completely dressed… I decided it was time to level the playing field. I grabbed the bottom of Amanda's black camisole and began to pull it upward. She rose up to her knees next to me and lifted her arms as I pulled it over her head. That was the line and we had just crossed it.

We were all going for the ride. Where it went from there would be for the three of us to decide. I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her body in. She was wearing a black bra.


I stuck my face between her small breasts and kissed the center of her chest. I then raised my head higher and went back to kissing her lips even harder and deeper than before. I felt Renee's lips leave my chest. Then they were pressing into my neck and nibbling at my ear. I turned away from Amanda and kissed Renee for the first time of the evening. Her kiss was just as forceful and passionate as Amanda's was.

I then felt Renee's hand slide down my belly and over my shorts. She found the outline of my stiff cock and began to slide her palm up and down it.

Then she broke off the kiss and rose up to her knees next to me. She continued to rub my crotch and she made sure that Amanda saw her doing it. Amanda was on the other side of me, also on her knees. Her hands were on her hips and she watched Renee rub my crotch for a moment. "Oh my God." She giggled. Without losing any of the traction I was gaining, I reached for the top of Amanda's jeans and began to unbutton them.

She just sat there giggling with her hands on her hips. I found the zipper and pulled it down. I slipped them over her hips and pushed them down into a bunch around her knees. She quickly rose to her feet beside me on the bed and helped me pull them all the way off of her. She stepped out of them and kicked them down to the floor. Then, down to just a black bra and matching panties, she dropped back down to her knees, only this time, she straddled my right leg. Things were rapidly heating up.

Renee was still rubbing my crotch thru my shorts. Amanda leaned forward and began kissing me again. I then felt her hand slide underneath Renee's and begin massaging my cock.

It wasn't long before they were both pressing into my face from either side and I was having a difficult time trying to kiss them both sufficiently. They were both kissing me and rubbing my crotch when Amanda decided to throw out the wild card.

She leaned back and I started kissing Renee again. She had leaned back far enough so that we could both see what she was doing. She reached behind her back and her bra suddenly went slack. Then she swung her arms forward and her bra slid down her arms. Renee and I both stared at her small firm breasts as she tossed her bra off of the bed.

All of a sudden, Amanda was closer to being naked than any of us! She sat squarely on my thigh and leaned into me, arching her back as she did. I broke away from Renee and wrapped my arm around Amanda to pull her closer. I used my other hand to cup her breast and hold it in front of my face. I gently licked her nipple and massaged her breast as Renee kissed my neck and ear while still rubbing my crotch. I did not expect what happened next. Maybe it was the heat of the moment, or maybe it was a desire to please me.

Maybe it was a latent lesbian tendency in Amanda. Whatever the reason, and contrary to all of my theories, as I was sucking on her tit, Amanda reached over to Renee and grabbed the top of the towel she was wrapped in and began to pull it open.

Renee leaned away from me and straightened her back, watching me suckle on Amanda's nipple. She then pulled open the towel and it slid off of, revealing her amazing body. I couldn't resist. I broke away from Amanda and went straight for Renee's tits with my hungry lips. Renee moaned and reached back down to rub my crotch again as I licked her perfect D-cup breasts.

Amanda then lowered herself down onto my thigh and started grinding her pussy against it. She rode my leg like she was fucking it thru her panties and arched her back. Her firm toned body looked amazing as she grinded against my thigh. Then, completely out of nowhere, Renee leaned toward Amanda and kissed her shoulder. It was just a light little peck, but it was interesting. Amanda didn't show a reaction either way. I went back to sucking on her breasts, curious to see what might happen next.

Renee went back to kissing my neck for a minute, and then, sure enough, she leaned over to kiss Amanda again, but this time a little closer to her neck. Amanda looked back at her as she pulled away and placed her palm on Renee's shoulder. Their eyes met for a moment and it was like they were having a battle of wills. Amanda moaned again as she ground her crotch into my thigh. Renee slowly leaned forward again and kissed Amanda squarely on her right nipple!

I felt another surge of blood go down to my cock. Renee lingered there for a moment and gently licked Amanda's nipple as Amanda rode my thigh.

Amanda didn't show any signs of discomfort. In fact, she was smiling and softly moaning with each lick. I was getting really excited. I had already gotten pretty comfortable with the idea that I might be sleeping with both women that night, but how involved with each other they might get was a variable in the equation.

So far, Renee was showing some desire. Amanda was simply showing acceptance. Either way, it was very interesting and incredibly sexy.

Renee then really went for it. She opened her mouth and took Amanda's nipple in. She licked and sucked hard at it. Amanda ground her crotch into my thigh harder and moaned even louder. As Renee did her work on Amanda, she had also reached down and begun to unbutton and unzip my shorts.

I watched Renee suckling Amanda's nipple and her eyes were wide open and fixed on me. She wanted to please me and wanted to make sure I was taking notice of her efforts.

She then pulled my shorts open freeing my cock. She began to slide her fingers up and down my shaft. It felt amazing and I was suddenly extremely grateful for how much I had had to drink. If I had been sober, just that alone probably would've been enough to make me cum.

When Renee finally pulled away from Amanda's nipple, Amanda saw that my shorts were undone and my hard cock was sticking straight up. She smiled at me and then climbed off of my leg. I pulled my legs up and placed my feet underneath me on the bed and then stood up. As I did, my shorts fell down around my ankles.

I kicked them away and leaned back against the wall. Now Renee and I were naked and Amanda was just wearing her little black panties. I remained standing and they both rose to their knees in front of me. I knew exactly where this was going… Renee gripped my cock with her fist and immediately took it into her mouth. She made a loose fist and gently slid it up and down my cock as she suckled on the tip. Amanda watched for a moment before leaning in and licking the side of my shaft. She slid her tongue down and licked my balls as Renee continued stroking me.

Then they made eye contact again and smiled at each other. It was so hot! The two women I had been sleeping with that I thought might want to kill each other were now on their knees, side by side in front of me in a hotel room taking turns sucking my cock! Renee leaned back but continued stroking me. I was surprised when she gently pointed my cock in Amanda's direction.

Amanda took the cue and pulled me into her mouth as Renee kept sliding her hand up and down. "You want some?" Renee giggled. They continued to pass me back and forth to one another, giggling as they did.

Renee was jerking me softly and slowly, which was not her usual style. It was like she was massaging my cock and it felt amazing. I wanted to go all night. I wanted it to last forever, but seeing those two beautiful girls side by side both sucking my cock and stroking me so softly was more than I could take. I grabbed the top of the headboard and shuddered.

Renee smiled and tightened her grip a bit. "Are you gonna cum already?" she giggled. "Fuck." I muttered. "I love watching him cum." Renee said to Amanda. "I've heard." Amanda smiled back. Renee turned her attention back to me.

"That's right… Are you gonna cum for us Johnny?" Amanda watched her and smiled. "You gonna give us your cum?" I dug my fingertips into the headboard and my knees jerked. Renee pointed the head of my cock a little lower and jerked it hard. "There it is!" she shouted as I sprayed a jet of cum onto her amazing tits. She kept jerking me and both of them were giggling as blast after blast of cum squirted onto Renee's perfect breasts.

I leaned against the wall with my ass on the top of the headboard, breathing hard. I heard Renee say to Amanda "This could be fun…" as they both began to giggle again. My plan had worked flawlessly!

I had no idea where the night would go from there, but for the moment, I was out of commission. Renee slid off of the bed and I looked down at her. My cum was splashed all over her chest in a chaotic pattern.

"I'm gonna take another shower." She smiled as she headed back to the bathroom. I collapsed onto the bed in a heap next to Amanda as the shower cut on. I was still panting like a marathon runner. Amanda was sitting on her haunches looking down at me. "Be honest… Was this what you had in mind when you suggested we get a hotel room?" I wasn't sure what to say. I hadn't lied to either of them yet and I didn't want to.

If I told her the truth, would that end the night immediately? I remembered that the truth had gotten me all the way here, but telling her that I had planned the whole evening in meticulous detail might've been too much.

Finally I said "Maybe I was hoping for it a little…" I wasn't lying. "I know how your dirty little mind works." She smiled.

"The other night when you asked me if I had ever been with a woman before… Did you ask Renee too?" I could only smile. "Yeah." "Oh, god, I bet she has no idea." She laughed as she stood up next to the bed and rested her palms on her hips. I admired her pale athletic body. In the darkness of the hotel room it seemed split in two by her black panties. "So what happens tomorrow?" she asked, still smiling.

"God, who knows?" I moaned as I folded my hands behind my head. "Do we all just go our separate ways or what?" she demanded. "I'm still gonna live next door to you when we all go home tomorrow…" she trailed off. I looked up at her eyes.

"So what are you saying?" "Nothing." She paused. "Just that I'm still not looking for anything serious, so after what the three of us just did together, I don't see any reason for you and me to stop what we were doing." I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

Amanda was kinkier than I ever gave her credit for. She was suggesting that we continue sleeping with each other. And all night I had been thinking of this as a 'last hoorah.' Wow. I couldn't resist. "What about Renee?" I asked. "She's a big girl." Amanda smiled at me. "Jesus." I sighed. "I meant, right now." Amanda smiled at me as she slid her thumbs under the waistband of her panties. "What? We're all having fun right?" she grinned as she pushed her panties down to the floor.

I was in shock. I had expected fall out… Repercussions. Consequences. "Yeah." I moaned. Amanda stepped out of the panties bunched around her feet and threw herself forward onto the bed.

She got to her knees on my right side, completely naked and leaned into my face and kissed me gently. I felt her fingers wrapping around my soft cock.

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"So then, let's keep having fun." She whispered. She then turned her body and angled her head back down to my groin. She gently gripped my shriveled member and slipped her warm lips around it. My head was spinning and I could actually feel my cock getting harder inside of her mouth.

I couldn't believe how much I had underestimated Amanda. She was completely wild and uninhibited. My thoughts were momentarily interrupted when I noticed the shower cutting off.

A moment later, Renee appeared in the bathroom doorway, only without a towel this time. I couldn't wait to see her reaction. Renee just smiled and half laughed "Oh my god." As she strode naked across the room, back to the bed. Amanda was on my right side, still leaning over me and sucking my cock, so Renee positioned herself between my legs and bent forward to join Amanda. I was actually getting a crick in my neck from leaning up to watch the two of them.

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They were both silent, save for the occasional giggle, as they took turns slurping on my cock and tonguing my balls. It wasn't very long before I was completely hard again. Amanda's ass was just within reach of my right arm. I had already been blown by both of them once that evening and had even climaxed once already.

I wanted to press things a little bit further this time around, so I reached over and grabbed hold of Amanda's left ass cheek and pulled it toward me.

Amanda took the cue and scooted her hips closer to me. They were still taking turns slurping and suckling me when I slipped my fingertips across Amanda's tight firm ass and rested them on her (as usual) sopping wet cunt.

She moaned onto my cock as I slipped my fingertip inside of her and bumped her clit with my knuckle. Things were heating up. The next big surprise of the night came immediately after that. Amanda pulled her mouth off of my cock and looked at Renee with a look of lust and exhilaration in her eyes. Renee looked a little surprised and almost scared. Amanda was still stroking my cock when she suddenly bolted forward and kissed Renee, open mouthed, directly on the lips.

It only lasted a second, but it was amazingly hot! Renee seemed to enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed seeing it. When they broke away, Amanda pointed my cock at her and Renee took me back into her mouth as Amanda continued stroking me.

That was the threshold I had been waiting for them to cross. I had seen Belinda and Marcella cross it. I had seen Marie cross it with a host of her friends. It was that invisible line where passion and lust outweigh thoughts about awkward mornings and complicated feelings. Amanda and Renee were connected now. It wasn't solely about winning me anymore.

We were all in it now. For about a minute, I gently slid my finger in and out of Amanda's wet pussy. Her asshole was inches away and my fingers were already dripping wet with her juices.

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I decided to see how far she would let me go, so I pulled my finger out of her pussy and rested my fingertip on her tight little asshole. She didn't even glance up at me. It was time to go for it. I gently applied more pressure until my wet finger slipped inside her rump. Amanda let out a cry of pleasure that was distinctly different from her earlier moans. Her face tightened in that unmistakable look of pain mixed with pleasure. "Whoa! What?" Renee looked at her with genuine concern.

"Fuck! Johnny just stuck his finger in my ass!" she grunted. Then they started talking… That's when things went from crazy to insane. "Do you like that?" Renee asked her. "Fuck yes!" Amanda howled. "I like it when he does it to me too." Renee smiled as she went back to stroking my cock. Without missing a beat, Amanda stuck her middle finger in her own mouth. She withdrew it covered with spit and reached behind Renee. Renee's eyes darted open as Amanda pushed her wet fingertip against the soft tissue of her rectum.

She then ached her back and lowered her head down onto my cock again as Amanda forced her delicate finger inside Renee's asshole. I was beside myself.

I had not expected that! Again, Amanda completely blew my mind! "Fuck me!" Renee moaned. She opened her eyes again and looked over at Amanda. "Has he ever put his cock in your ass?" "No." Amanda moaned. "AH! Uh&hellip. Not yet." "Ooh! Me neither." Renee sighed. "He stuck his tongue in my ass though… It felt so fucking good!" "Did he ever eat your pussy?" Amanda smiled at her.

It was like I wasn't even there anymore. "Mmm-hmm. Just for a minute." Amanda immediately rose to her knees. Renee and I both looked up at her, but she was focused on Renee. "Holy shit! You have to let him eat you out, right now!" I knew that Amanda was impressed with my oral skills, but the fact that she wanted Renee to experience it too made me even hotter somehow! "Okay." Renee smiled.

Renee rose up and so did I. Amanda stepped off of the bed and stood facing us. "Okay. Lay down on your back." She instructed. Renee did as she was told and lay down so that her head was at the foot of the bed. "The first time he went down on me he made me cum in like two minutes!" I was on my knees between Renee's feet. "Holy shit." She giggled. I smiled to her and began to lean forward.

Amanda stood at our side with a huge grin of anticipation pasted on her face. I lowered my head down between her thighs and extended my tongue. I pressed the tip of it against her clit until it slid underneath it and dug into her warm mound. Her body quivered as she let out a loud moan. I then pressed my lips against 'hers' as I vibrated the tip of my tongue up and down inside.

"Oh fuck!" she moaned. "Right?" Amanda smiled. I loved how Amanda had become my little advocate. So, I was doing my thing for about a minute or so and Renee was moaning and shaking. I was getting the sense that I could get her to climax soon if I worked at it.

Then Amanda threw another atom bomb into the party. By that point, Amanda had stepped around to the foot of the bed and was looking down at Renee. She was talking quietly to her. Saying things like "You like the way that tongue feels on your pussy?" and "Can you believe that shit?"… All of which was pretty sexy. Then, she stepped closer to the bed. Then closer. She angled her feet apart and stuck her pelvic bone forward until her pussy was just above Renee's face.

I continued my work, but my eyes were wide open and I stared in amazement as Amanda spread her legs further and began to lower herself down toward Renee's mouth. "Do you think you can eat pussy like that?" she panted. She lowered her hips a bit more until she was clearly just inches from Renee's lips. My eyes were glued.

It was dark in the room, so at first it was hard to see what was happening. Then Amanda softly moaned as I saw Renee's neck arch back and her jaw begin to move. "That's right." Amanda smiled. "Lick that pussy girl!" I couldn't resist it any longer. This night had already gone better than I had ever anticipated and I wasn't going to waste another second.

I broke from Renee's pussy before she could cum and I scooted up her body until I was between her legs. I sat on my haunches and grabbed my cock by its base and started slapping Renee's wet cunt with it. Amanda goaded us on, smiling at me as she did. "You like getting your little pussy slapped by a big hard cock?" Renee moaned into her cunt.

"You want some cock? Huh? You want that big hard cock in your tight little pussy?" Who was this girl? I placed the tip of my rod against Renee's wet hole and grabbed her by the hips.

I then violently jerked forward and buried myself up to my nuts in her hot pussy. She wailed into Amanda's cunt as I began to pound her furiously. I was so glad at that point that I had already gotten that pesky first orgasm out of the way. That plus the booze meant I could last a good long while, and I wanted to make this last till sunrise. After a while, Amanda dismounted from Renee's lips and dropped down to her knees on the floor. Her head was just beside Renee's and I watched Amanda kiss her hard and wet as I fucked her.

When they pulled apart, Amanda said "I can taste my pussy on your lips." Lightening the mood momentarily, Renee laughed and said "I already tasted it once before tonight." "Huh?" Amanda asked as she began to play with Renee's hair.

"The other morning when you two had sex… I came over afterward and sucked his cock." She moaned. "H-holy shit!" Amanda giggled. "That's fucking dirty!" Her hands slid down from Renee's shoulders over her violently shaking breasts. She squeezed them in her hands. "God, I love your tits." I half expected Renee to say "I know." But she didn't. Instead, she turned to face Amanda and arched her neck toward her.

Amanda turned her head to meet Renee and they began to kiss slowly and passionately. Amanda was still massaging Renee's breasts and I couldn't resist leaning in and taking her erect nipple into my mouth. I had been fucking Renee and watching the two of them gently kiss for several minutes and knew I wouldn't be able to hold out too much longer, so I pulled out of her and slid off of the bed. I walked behind Amanda and pulled her up off the floor to stand in front of me.

I reached around her body and momentarily groped at her breasts before finally nudging her hips forward to rest above Renee's face again. "What do you think you're doing, mister?" she hissed with a devious smile.

"Having fun." I smiled back as I pushed her forward at the waist. "Oh. I get it." She smiled again as she lowered her head down to rest in between Renee's thighs. Renee took no coaxing. She spread her thighs wide again and eagerly accepted Amanda's soft lips and tongue. In the faint blue light from the TV, I could see Renee's eyes looking up at me from between Amanda's ass cheeks. She was gently lapping at Amanda's cunt as I stepped forward and slid my wet cock between her lips and Amanda's gushing pussy.

I could feel Renee's tongue glide up the underside of my shaft while the top of it was canvassed with Amanda's pussy lips. I rocked back and forth a few times before angling my hips downward and pushing the base of my cock into Renee's warm wet mouth. She suckled me for a moment before I withdrew it and angled my hips upward.

Renee continued to lap at Amanda's clit as I slid my cock into her wet hole. Amanda began to moan louder as I pushed into her. I could feel Renee's tongue on my balls every so often and would slip out of Amanda and feed myself to Renee, then slip back into Amanda again. It was a few minutes of pure bliss. So much so, in fact, that I felt another orgasm building up.

I couldn't let that happen so soon, so I slipped out of Amanda and took a few steps back. Neither of them seemed terribly annoyed by my departure. I stood in the darkness and watched these two beautiful women suckle and lick at each other's pussies for several minutes in order to regain my stamina.

I strolled over to the other bed and lay down flat on my back and continued to watch them eat each other out. It was truly beautiful. I absently began to stroke my cock at the sight.

Amanda looked over to me and then rose up a bit. "What are you doing over there?" she asked playfully. "Enjoying the show." I smiled. With that, Amanda rose up off of Renee and then helped Renee sit up and slide off of the bed. She then led Renee over to me and said to her "I think it's your turn again." My cock was sticking straight up and Renee climbed onto the bed and threw her leg over my midsection, facing me.

She then reached down between her legs and grabbed hold of my cock and rested the tip against her wet cunt.

As she gently lowered herself down onto my pole, Amanda climbed onto the bed and straddled my face so that she was facing Renee.

Amanda shoved her pussy into my face as I felt Renee's hands rest on my stomach. She then began to slide her wet pussy up and down my cock.

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I dug my tongue into Amanda as hard and deep as I could. Almost simultaneously, they both began to moan. So there we were.

The three of us all writhing as one. My view was limited, but after a while I heard the distinct sound of the two of them kissing again. I felt Renee's hands leave my stomach, so I can only assume she was fondling Amanda in some way. I wanted to see what was happening, but I realized that it was just best to lay there and let the two of them deepen their connection with one another. Amanda angled her hips forward a bit and I used the opportunity to dart my tongue up her asshole.

I could tell she wasn't expecting it by the way her body first shuddered and then arched even more to give me more access. I felt her fingertips slide over her pussy and begin rubbing as I lapped at her anus. Shortly after, Renee began to moan louder and she began grinding harder and harder against my pelvis.

She was going to cum soon. I felt Amanda's weight shift forward and then felt the top of her hand bump the base of my abdomen. She was rubbing Renee's clit! Suddenly Renee's fingernails dug into my chest and her vaginal muscles tightened around my cock.

She let out a loud moan as her first orgasm of the night blasted through her entire body. She shook and convulsed on me until she was all finished and couldn't move any more. I then heard both girls giggling again as Amanda climbed off of my face.

Then I saw Renee (sat in a heap across my lap) panting and glazed with sweat. Renee finally climbed off of me, leaving my glistening cock sticking straight up. Amanda didn't waste any time leaning forward and pulling it into her warm mouth. Renee sat on my other side in a momentary daze and just watched Amanda devour my meat. Amanda then broke away from my cock and leaned to Renee and kissed her again on the lips.

The kiss was soft and gentle and I could swear that both of their eyes were closed. Amanda went back down to suck me some more and Renee finally bent down and joined her.

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Amanda pulled away and tilted my cock toward Renee. "You fuck like a porn star." She grinned. "Thanks, I guess." Renee muttered as she took my cock into her mouth. Amanda held the base of it as Renee sucked it.

She looked Renee in the eye as she watched her. "The way you suck cock is really sexy too." Renee smiled as she continued her work. Amanda turned up to me. "I'm taking notes here…" she said. I laughed lightly. "Does that feel good? Do you like the way she sucks your cock?"Amanda half moaned.

"Could you feel it when she came all over that big cock?" "Yes." I moaned. "I want you to make me cum too." Amanda growled as she pulled Renee up from my groin. She then swung her leg over me and sat down on my cock. At first, Renee sat beside her and watched her fuck me. Then she got the idea to do the same thing that Amanda had done earlier. She crawled up toward my face and gave me one soft kiss before she threw her leg over my head and lowered her punished cunt onto my lips.

We were all three gyrating again and, once again, I couldn't see much. It went on this way for a couple of minutes and I could hear the two of them kiss and giggle. It was totally wonderful, but I wanted to see what was happening or up the ante somehow. I decided to reach around Renee's hips and start to tickle her butthole. I knew she loved it and it was right there. She immediately started moaning and leaning further and further forward.

I had a green light, so I decided to just go for it. I stuck my whole finger into my mouth and got it really wet. Then I shoved Renee forward and spit on her asshole and immediately slid my finger inside. She moaned even louder and leaned all the way forward in order to spread her cheeks wider.

Little did I know that at the same time, she had leaned all the way down to nestle her tongue into Amanda's writhing pussy.

Amanda starts to shake a little bit and decided it was too much for her, so she slid off of my pole and sat back down on the bed. Renee was still bent over and getting her asshole fingered, so when Amanda's cunt slipped away, she lowered her head down onto my wet cock and began to suck all of Amanda's juices off of it. If I'd let her go much longer, I would've cum again, so I pulled her off of me and sat up. Now it was Amanda's turn to be left in the dark.

I shoved her down onto her back, determined to make her cum, and slid between her legs. As I shoved my cock back into her wet pussy, Renee leaned over her and kissed her again. Soon Amanda's moans were too much to compete with, so Renee bent down and drew Amanda's right nipple into her mouth. I railed Amanda without mercy as I watched Renee suckle her tits. I then reached down and grabbed Renee by the throat and turned her face toward me.

Our eyes locked and I commanded her "Sit on her fucking face right now!" Renee threw her leg over Amanda's head and thrust her wet pussy into Amanda's mouth.

Amanda must've went to work immediately because Renee's face tightened up and she let out a low moan. I pulled her face into mine and kissed her hard and deep as we both simultaneously fucked Amanda. Suddenly, I was out of control. I wanted everything! I grabbed Renee's hips and pulled her a bit closer toward me and then told Amanda to eat her asshole. Renee's body lurched forward as Amanda buried her tongue in her ass.

By that point, everyone was moaning and screaming in lust. Renee's face was buried in my chest and she moaned over and over "Feels so fucking good! Feels so fucking good!" I kept bucking into Amanda with all my might and felt her shaking and she began to scream. I felt her warm juices replenish themselves as she came hard all over my cock. Renee then looked up at me. Her hair was damp and matted. She panted with a crazed look in her eyes: "I want you to fuck me in the ass!" I slid my dripping wet cock out of Amanda and pulled Renee in close.

I then turned her around and we fell over to our sides together. We were now laying in the spoon position next to Amanda. My cock was still glistening from her cunt and Renee's asshole was lubed with her spit, so it took very little effort when I pushed my cock between her cheeks. I draped my arm over her and violently squeezed her beautiful breasts and my warrior found the prize. Renee let out another glorious howl as I shoved my entire cock slowly up her ass.

Amanda took a moment to reposition herself and lay down directly in front of Renee. She pushed her hair out of her face and kissed her softly on the lips between moans. "Is your cock in her ass right now?" Amanda smiled. "He's fucking me in my fuckin' ass!" Renee answered for me. Her asshole was incredibly tight and all the spit and fluids helped me glide in and out. The feeling was incredibly intense and I knew I would probably cum if I sped up at all, so I continued to slowly slide in and out of her.


"Does that cock feel good in your ass?" Amanda asked as she tugged on Renee's nipples. "It feels so fucking good!" Renee panted. Amanda then rose to her knees and smiled at us before dropping down the other way and laying on her side with her ass and pussy 5 inches from Renee's face. We watched as her hand appeared from between her legs and began rubbing her cunt. It was so fucking sexy! Then she started scooting backward. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

As Amanda scooted closer, Renee bent forward and grabbed Amanda's ass cheeks and pushed them apart. Then she pushed her head forward more and began to lap at Amanda's asshole! Amanda moaned in pleasure as she fingered herself and Renee rimmed her. Soon after, Renee was sticking her tongue out as straight and firmly as she could and jamming it in Amanda's rectum.

That sight was the last straw. I grabbed Renee's hips and started jamming my cock in and out of her ass as fast as I could. I knew I was going to cum soon and this was the best moment I could imagine for it. I pounded and pounded and howled "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna fuckin' cum!" Just before I felt the first blast, I pulled out of her gaping asshole and shot up to my knees.

Renee quickly rolled onto her back and grabbed my cock. As she jerked it over her tummy, Amanda rolled back over to get closer to her. I threw my head back and shouted as a huge spray of white goo blasted up onto Renee's tits. Then another and another! Both Renee and Amanda giggled as dewy droplets spewed from my exhausted shaft, down onto Renee's belly.

I surveyed the landscape. Renee was on her back wiping globs of my cum onto her fingers and sticking them in either Amanda's or her own mouth. They were both smiling and giggling to one another. They kissed again and Amanda licked the last bit of my cum off of Renee's tummy. I sighed and thought to myself: I did this. I created this moment. I never imagined that it would get this far, but it did.

I let out a final sigh and fell over onto the bed, spent. That hotel room had two beds, but the three of us shared just the one. It was close to 4AM when we finally fell asleep. I woke up the next morning to a knocking on the door. Amanda was naked lying next to me. Renee was nowhere to be found.

The knocking was turn down service reminding us that it was time to check out. I asked Amanda if she knew where Renee was.

She didn't. We got dressed and headed back to the parking lot at the bar and Renee's car was gone. Amanda and I ordered two Bloody Mary's and sat at the bar. I texted Renee and never got an answer. After several more attempts over the next few weeks, I could never get Renee to respond to me.

Finally, I gave up. Amanda and I still saw each other almost every day and continued having a pretty intense sexual relationship. Every so often, one of us would bring up Renee and how it was just so strange how she just disappeared like that. Eight months after that night, Amanda and I went downtown to get a few drinks and ran into Renee. It was awkward. She was with a guy. She introduced all of us.

"Honey, these are two of my friends from college, John and Amanda. Guys, this is my boyfriend Henry." We left the bar that night and haven't seen or heard from Renee since. It had all just been a small window in time. The circumstances and conditions were right and everything just happened the way it happened. NEXT: (The one we've all been waiting for…) ME, MY GIRLFRIEND AND HER BEST FRIEND: PART 4 "Belinda and Marcella are back, and it all comes full circle!"