Shemale big ass dildo fuck

Shemale big ass dildo fuck
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A brother and sister experiment sexually. I was only 17 when my younger sister, Jessica, was 16.


She was intrigued with my body since a young age, and her curiosity transitioned into her late teen years. We both went to the same high school, but saw each other rarely at school. Our rooms were separated by a small bathroom with a shower, this was mutaul territory for the both of us.

The bathroom was rather old, along with the doors, they had old fashion key holes which had been used so much that they were the size of a bout a American silver dollar, on either side.

My sister took showers often, when she took these showers she went into her own little world, where she was hard to contact. One day, when I was sitting in my room reading a few magazines I bought earlier that day, I had to go to the bathroom.

I did not know at that time that my sister had already entered the bathroom, in her bra and panties preparing to hop into the shower. I walked towards the door when I heard the bathroom door on her side was slammed, I assumed at the time that she was done in the bathroom. I walked in to grab some lotion for masturbation, which was located in the closet. I went for the closet but then suddenly heard foot steps just feet away from the door, my life would be ruined if she found me grabbing HER lotion, so without thinking I hurled myself into the closet.


I left the closet door open just a creek so that I could quickly escape when the time was right. She walked in just seconds after I hid, she was wearing a tight Netty bra that held up her C cup breasts beautifully. I took a moment to examine my sister Jessica's beautiful body, she had blonde hair, a cute little face, and a beautiful body, she was a fit girl.

My eyes slowly drifted down to her panties, yellow with multi- colored poke-a-dots all over, you could just barely see the outline of her tight pussy.

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Without noticing, my cock started to grow, faster than ever before. Jessica gazed in the mirror for a few minutes, playing with her tits a little bit, twirling her nipples through the bra. She then unstrapped her bra and threw it on the floor, my dick grew in excitement.

I knew this was wrong, but it felt oh so right. She began to adjust her panties playfully, then pulled them down quickly. A grin grew on her face, as she witnessed her body, my cock was now fully erect. From my view I was seeing her from behind, her amazingly toned ass glistened in the light, but I had yet to catch a glimpse of that tight pussy.

She then swirled around to hop into the shower, her body was spectacular.

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Almost immediately after she entered the shower she started rubbing her pussy. Slow at first, she closed her eyes in pleasure. She then sat herself down on the small ledge inside the shower, rubbing her pussy much faster now, she rubbed her clit like crazy. She spread her legs wide and began to moan quietly, breathing heavily. Her body started to move with her stroking action, soon after she had made herself soaking wet, she started fingering herself. In a very fast motion, going as deep as she possibly could, she went harder, as she pushed in she would hold her fingers there twisting them and moaning loud in pleasure.

Thank God my parents were not home. She was dripping wet now, moaning and sweating, her pussy juice dripped down her thighs. Screaming like a wild animal she began to cum and juices flowed from her throbbing clit and pussy. That was the first time I had seen my sister naked, let alone pleasure herself, and I knew it would not be the last. One day later that year, in the summer time, after days of thinking about her beautiful body, I saw it yet again.

This time I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth at night. I heard quiet moans and rustling around coming from my sisters room. As I peered through the damaged keyhole I witnessed yet another masturbation session, this one better than the last.

She was sprawled out on her bed, very wet at this point she began thrusting into her fingering motion. Yelling, but trying to not be to loud to wake my parents. I wasn't going to miss another oppurtunity like this, I ran for the cloest, grabbed my sisters hand lotion poured some in my hand and started to stroke my fully erect cock.

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She fingered herself much harder this time, after only about 10 minutes her bed was filled with wet pussy juice. "Oh my God!" she screamed, moaning very loud now. She finally cummed, and as did I, all over the keyhole, it was the best.

During my ejaculation I must have moaned a little to loud, and my sister had heard it coming from the bathroom. I was still naked with a stone hard cock dripping with cum. She, still naked as well, walked fast towards the door and burst in, knocking me over.

she, herself, had toppled over, fully naked on top of me.

She fell and yelped in worries as she unwillingly pressed her perfect breasts onto my chest. Our lips touched, but only for a split second. She pulled away, at that moment as we stared deeply into each others eyes, and as her pussy juice flowed from around my belly button down to my cock, she smothered me with french kissing.

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We made out like mad people, attacking each others bodies. I reached my hands around her, grappling her tense ass. She rubbed her hands up and down me, as her right hand held my chest, her left moved towards my cock, which was erect yet again.

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Both of us terribly horny, and her pussy already wet and ready for penetration, she grabbed my cock and sat down on it, at the same time swinging her legs into a kneeling position. she took her hair with both hands and draped it onto her back revealing her face while at the same time wiggling on my cock.

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By her facial expression I could tell that she was surprised how large my cock was inside her pussy, as she and I were both virgins. "It's SO deep!" she yelled in excitement, groaning at the same time, riding my cock faster and faster. as she rode me like a horse it felt amazing, I could feel the wetness inside her pussy, and her beautiful ass slapped up and down near my cock.

Her rounded breasts were jiggling, round and round, as she leaned over with her body on mine still riding me fast and hard, she dropped her tits right into my face. I knew what to do right away, I began to lick and lap up her boobs like a dog, she was loving it and for about a minute she just sat on my cock moving back and fourth, it was great. With all my force I flipped her onto her back and pinned down her arms.

I slammed my cock very fast in and out of her pussy now, she was screaming in pleasure, "Oh God! Yes, Yes, Harder!". As deep in as ever before I rammed her pussy, "I'm cumming, oh my God, I'm cumming!" she gave a long and excited moan as I felt her cum engulf my cock.

It didn't end there, this only made me pushing my cock in and out of her tight glistening better, she then yelped for me to cum as well inside her. I jammed my cock in and out, going deep in, I could take no more and with all my strength I thrust myself into her pussy and cummed all inside.

The end.