Kinjal dave na sex story

Kinjal dave na sex story
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Julie's Realization was GOING to be Chapter 3, but now that I think about it, consider it a special episode.

Don't count on Chapter 2 being continued - This story isn't going to have a storyline, it's just going to be a bunch of individual chapters. I suck at story continuation. Some terms you'll need to know if you're not a nerd like me: Fapping = Slang term for Masturbation.

Plushie = A Plush doll of some character. Doujin = Shortened version of the word Doujinshi, which is a type of manga made by fans of an anime/manga/whatever series, some of which having nudity or sexual situations.

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For people who still don't understand - In this case, a dirty comic with sex in it. In this story, the Doujin that Jeremy "uses" has both nudity and sex. The story starts off with Jeremy's thoughts, incase this confuses anyone.

--- So … It's Valentine's Day, right? And guys are supposed to get junk for girls they love, right? … So what would a guy get for his sister?! I had no idea. Back when I had girlfriends, I never had to worry about it - They were all online. A simple e-mailed card would work just fine. But Julie isn't my girlfriend; she's my sister … Does that still count?

Well, Valentine's Day is tomorrow, so I guess I'll see what happens … &hellip. "Jeremy, wake up …" Julie had come in to wake me for some reason - Usually, she slept in on the weekends, but she made a special effort to come and get me this morning. I swatted my hand, hoping she'd give up and leave me to sleep. "No … Wake me up at noon." I said with my eyes still closed. I heard footsteps afterwards, so I assumed that Julie had quickly given up and left - I was dead wrong.

Just as I had begun to fall back into sleep, I felt something warm hit my body … My lower body. I instantly woke up and pulled my blanket aside - Julie was giving me head. "You wanted me awake this badly, huh?" I asked, trying my best to hold back placing my hand on her head - It was starting to become a bad habit.

Julie pulled her head up for a moment, smiling at me. "Well yeah, it's Valentine's day, after all." She said before moving her head down again, wrapping her lips around the head of my dick. I moaned lightly, feeling myself start to throb in her mouth. She looked up, smirking at me - She liked making me moan.

She pulled away, holding her head in her palm, propping herself up with her elbow. She stroked me slowly, winking at me. "So what'd ya get me?" She asked. I was silent, trying to think up a good answer.

"Well?" She asked, speeding up her hand movements. "Oh god, I'm gonna cum …" I mumbled, moaning a little louder. "I mean … I did get you something, I just can't tell you because …" I started to say, holding back a blast of the hot liquid inside me. "… It's just that awesome." Hearing this, Julie's expression went from curious to somewhat pissed off.

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She sped up her hand as fast as she could - I didn't even have time to warn her as I began shooting streams of cum. Instead of swallowing like she usually did, she just let it all hit my stomach. "Swallow your own damn cum." She said, standing up and flipping me off.

"Can't even get your own damn girlfriend a present on Valentine's Day …" She mumbled as she left my room, slamming the door so hard that a shelf fell from my wall.

Wait … Did she just say GIRLFRIEND? "Julie, wait!" I tried yelling her back, but she must've been too far away, or ignoring me - Probably the 2nd one.

I lied, I didn't get her a thing, and she obviously knew I lied. I became lost in thought as I grabbed a dirty shirt to clean the cum off of myself - What exactly would a guy get his sister for Valentine's Day? I guess a trip to the mall would solve that problem. It didn't take me long to get dressed and find my keys (Julie had hidden them, but she put them in her usual hiding spot,) so off I went to the large mall in the center of the city.

As I passed through various stores, I saw men, some my age, some older, doing the same thing I was - Looking around for last-minute Valentine gifts. Maybe she'd want some of that skimpy underwear? &hellip. No, she'd kill me. Maybe a generic box of those waxy, disgusting chocolates? … Yeah, only if I wanted to eat the coconut ones. Maybe I could go the nerdy route and just buy her some manga?

No, that's too predictable … Aha! I got it now! "I'll just get her some huge plushie!" I thought out loud, causing people walking by to stare at me. After spending over half of my paycheck on this large, soft object, I stuffed it in the backseat of my car and made my way back home. If she doesn't like it, God only knows the sheer Hell I'll be in for … "Hey, Julie!" I yelled as I walked into the living room. I was greeted by my Mom sitting on the couch.

"She isn't home, she went out for something. She looked pretty pissed off, what did you do to her?" She asked. I froze up, thinking up excuses as fast as I could. "I don't know … She's always like that …" I mumbled, hoping this would be a good enough answer - Of course, it wasn't.

"What's in that big bag? I told you to stop spending all your food money on those books!" Mom yelled. I dropped the bag, sighing in annoyance. "It ISN'T manga, it's a thing I got for Julie." I shot at her. She looked shocked that I raised my voice to her - I usually didn't do such a thing because I hated getting bitched at. "What the hell is it?" She asked me. I grabbed the bag, ignoring her and walking upstairs. "Get your ass back down here!" Mom yelled angrily, which I also ignored.

I opened the door to Julie's room, tossed the bag on the bed, and went back to my room - Fapping sounded good right about now. After loading up a few of my favorite Doujin and picking out my favorite of them (An incest one, of course) I began my daily ritual of masturbation.

I figured this would calm me down and give me time to think of how to apologize to Julie. After I finally came (It took me a bit today for some reason, possibly from the stress) I still didn't have an idea on what to do. "I'm back!" That was Julie's voice - Son of a BITCH! She's back and I have no idea what to say!

Maybe I should grab that plushie and give it to her myself, or maybe I should … "Jeremy, get down here!" I heard her yell at me, and she still sounded a little pissy - Might as well go see what she wanted.

I zipped up my jeans, tossed my tissues in the trash can and made my way downstairs. "What?" I asked as I made my way into the living room. Julie was sitting on the couch with her arms crossed - She still looked pissed. She kicked her leg to the right, hitting a large bag. It wasn't the one I had got her, this one was purple.

"Look." She said, glaring at me. I walked over, reaching inside the bag, feeling something soft.


I grabbed it, pulling it out to see it was a pair of silky purple panties. Looking into the bag showed that a bra was also there. "See, I thought about your un-deserving ass." She said. "I went out and planned a whole date, and what the hell did you do for me?" She asked. I put my finger to her lips. "Before you continue Bitch-Fest 2009, I suggest you go look on your bed." I said.

Julie looked confused as she ran past me, heading upstairs as fast as she could.

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I heard her door open and heard the rustle of paper - She'd found the bag. "Jeremy, I love it!" She yelled happily as she ran downstairs, holding the doll in her hands. "It's so cute! Thank you!" She leaned in close to me, kissing my lips for a few seconds.

"I forgive you now, I guess." She said, sitting on the couch and hugging the plush tightly.

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"I still have something to ask." I said as I sat in a recliner across from her. "You called yourself my girlfriend, what's up with that?" She looked confused as she tried to remember what I was talking about. "Oh. Well, you know … After David left me for that fucking bitch Whitney, you're the only guy who actually thinks I'm pretty, so I kind of started thinking you're kinda like my boyfriend … I'm sorry." She said, looking away.

I smiled, moving to sit next to her. "Nah, I think it's kinda cute actually. So we're dating … And we're incest, so … What are we?" I asked.

"White trash?" Julie replied, smirking. "Nah, we don't live in a trailer park … I guess we're secret lovers?" I said, returning that smirk. Julie set the plushie down, wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me close to her. "Deal." She said, pressing her lips to mine, the both of us holding this kiss for a good few seconds. As she pulled away, she grabbed the bag that was still on the floor.

"How about I go change?" She said, smirking.

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I nodded, unable to speak a word. Luckily, that didn't last too long. "Wait a second!" I said as she left the room. She walked back in, the bag still in her hand.

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"What?" She asked. "Where's Mom?" I asked. "She was here like an hour ago." Julie raised an eyebrow, looking at me. "Mom left like three hours ago to go to the neighbor's house." Julie said. "Something about her husband left her on her birthday or something so Mom had to go talk her out of killing herself. Isn't it convenient how she's always gone anytime the mood hits us?" "Yeah, it is, actually." I agreed as I watched Julie leave the room and head upstairs.

Wait, weren't we supposed to go on a date or something …? Hey, if she just wants sex, that's fine by me.

It wasn't long after she left that she called me upstairs to her room. "So, whatcha think?" She asked me. She had on both the purple bra and the purple panties, with knee-high black socks on. Her hair was undone and flowing all the way down her back, and she had her glasses leaning slightly on her nose, trying to give me a seduce glance - It worked.

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I unzipped my pants while walking to her bed, my boxers following as both garments hit the floor. She smiled as she leaned back, pushing her panties down and kicking them aside. "So … You gonna fuck me, or just stand there all day?" She winked, laying down and looking up at me.

"If you insist." I said, moving to her bed, sitting on my knees in front of her. I pulled her close, rubbing the tip of my dick right across her now wet slit, causing her to moan quietly.

"Stop the foreplay, just fuck me …" She whispered, licking her lips. I blushed, nodding quickly and shoving my now throbbing erection into her soaking pussy - She practically screamed in pleasure, but her voice quickly calmed down.

"God, it's been TOO long …" She said, moaning as I began to thrust.


"Yeah, it has …" I said as I grabbed her legs, pulling her even closer and beginning to thrust deeper, causing her moans to increase a little.

"We just haven't been able to since school, and work and everything …" "Yeah, but this is … Oh God, f-faster … But this is worth it, right?" She said through a moan, smiling at how odd she sounded. I sped up my thrusting, looking down at her. We usually didn't hold a conversation during sex, but it didn't bother either of us.

"It's totally worth it …" I said, my thrusting becoming even faster. She clutched the bed sheet under her, her moans becoming loud. "You like it?" I asked, smirking. "Y-Yeah … Don't stop …" She moaned, looking up at me.

"This bra wasn't bought to stay on, ya know …" She said. I smiled, continuing to thrust as I grabbed the bra's straps, pulling them down her arms enough for me to grab the bra itself and pull it down, Julia's big breasts now revealed.

"They're getting bigger." I said, grabbing them both and squeezing. Julie moaned a little at this. "So you like this too, huh? What about this?" I released my hold on her breasts, using my thumbs and index fingers to pinch both nipples, rolling them around. Her breathing started to quicken and her legs wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer.

"Jeremy, I'm gonna cum … Fuck me …" She moaned, looking at me. I smiled, speeding up yet again. She sat up slightly, shaking her head. "No, you idiot. FUCK ME." She said, looking me in the eyes. Obviously I wasn't doing satisfactory at the moment, but I think that won't be a problem much longer.

I grabbed her waist, holding her up as I started to slam inside of her. She wrapped her arms around my neck, hugging me while her legs wrapped around my waist even more. I felt her pussy begin to tighten as I kept moving, going deeper with every thrust.

"I'm gonna cum …" I moaned, now thrusting in as fast as I could, slamming inside as deep as I could without hurting her. "I'm gonna cum …" I repeated myself, feeling Julie's pussy tighten up even more.

"Me, too … Cum in me, Jeremy … Fill me up!" She said, locking eyes with me. "I'm … I'm &hellip." "I'M CUMMING!" She yelled as her pussy tightened up again around my dick.

I could feel her juices leak onto my dick, this giving me enough sensation to thrust in very deep, holding her close as I shot stream after stream of my cum into her soaking hole. "Oh god, yes … Fill me, Jeremy …" I heard her moan as I shot cum into her. I pulled out soon after, cum still dripping from my tip. She quickly moved to her stomach, leaning up and taking the head into her mouth, sucking roughly and moving her tongue on the tip, cleaning up the remaining cum coming from me.

"Oh fuck, that was good …" I said as I held her in my arms, the two of us lying on her bed. She snuggled against me, kissing my cheek. "Hell yeah it was. We really need to fuck more often, ya know." She said, cuddling up to me.

I nodded, smiling. "Yeah, we should. I forgot how fucking amazing it is." I said. She laughed, pulling me into a deep kiss which lasted for over a minute.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Boyfriend." --- Yeah, they're "dating" now. I don't know what I was thinking, either. >_> Sorry it's taken so long to update, but . I'm proud of this one.

I know the last few chapters haven't caused anyone to cum at all, so if this one does the job, let me know so I'll know I'm doing this right!

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