Great set of tits story

Great set of tits story
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Due to the mostly responses I have received and the private email requests here is the continuing story of this. I hope it is as well received as the first.

Again - read the tag lines above. If there is something in those you absolutely don't like - then don't read the story as you prolly won't like that either.

It is the continuation of the first - Sister's Fate. If you read it and liked it - you will prolly like this one too. If not - this one isn't any better for you. With all of that - here is part two. Emily's Ordeal Rosalyn went to bed early that night, by 11pm she was sound asleep hoping that a good night's rest would help ease her pains and also give her some clarity as to what she was going to do about Billy and his friends.

There was no way they were going to get away with this! A sound night of sleeping wasn't in the cards though. Billy came to her room around 2am. His parents had long since gone to bed and were fast asleep. Billy pulled the covers off of his lil sister staring at her momentarily.

He lifted her night shirt up and pulled her panties down and off of her. Rosalyn barely moved during all of this as she was exhausted from the events earlier that day. She didn't stir until Billy stuck his lubricated cock into her ass. Almost immediately she awoke, startled and shocked and was about to scream when she felt his hand tighten into her blond hair and push her face into her pillow, "Remember you lil slut! Not a word to anyone or everyone will know!" Rosalyn started to cry into her pillow as Billy fucked her ass.

She now knew which one he was earlier in the day. He clumsily forced his cock in and out of her and it didn't take long before he shoved his cock completely into her and came inside her ass. As he pumped every drop he could into her he moaned in ecstasy. Rosalyn just lay beneath him sobbing, gaining no pleasure from his quick release into her bowels. He pulled his cock out of her and reminded her to once again keep her mouth shut. The next morning at breakfast Billy's parents were quite surprised at how their kids were getting along.

Rosalyn was surprisingly quiet and Billy was smiling; odd as he was just punished the day before. As Billy got up from the table to leave his father followed him out of the room and asked him what was up? Naturally Billy feigned ignorance and asked what he meant.

His father then went on to explain that it isn't like the two of them to be like that. Him all smiles after his punishment the day before and his sister not pestering him about something. It wasn't that they didn't like it, but it never happened. Billy told his father that he had a talk with his sister and they called a truce between the two of them. His father was shocked and then he shook his hand and patted him on the back, "Well it's about time Billy. I knew at some point you would start to be a man and act like one." As his father walked away it was all Billy could do to not bust out laughing; if he only had a clue as to the real reason why things had changed.

But what the hell he thought, let the old man think what he wants if it makes things easier for himself around the house. A few blocks away it wasn't quite the same morning for Mike. His father raked him over the coals for not taking Rosalyn home along with Emily the day before.

Explained it to him how it was inconsiderate of him and how he then made someone else have to make the same trip and what a waste of energy it was to do so. "Gas isn't cheap you know young man?!" Also thrown in there was what if something had happened to Rosalyn while she was there alone.


Mike couldn't help it hearing that and a small smile appeared on his face. That just infuriated his father even more as he told him that isn't anything to smile about and things like happen all the time! His mother and Emily sat back behind Mike's father and just watched and listened. He told him that he was grounded for the weekend, wasn't going anywhere, watching TV or talking to his friends, no computer, no anything at all.

He could sit and think about what he had done and how he could be a more responsible person from now on. "You are almost 18 years old, it is time you start behaving like a young man and not some child! Do you understand me mister?!" Mike nodded his head, feeling like a beat pup.

His dad walked up to his room and took his laptop from his room and took the power cord for the TV. He left the Playstation as without something to watch it on what good was it?

He locked it all away in their bedroom and said he could have it back on Monday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday Mike was to sit with essentially nothing to do except think and think he did. His father had taken his cell phone as well and if they left the house he disconnected the house phone also.

Derek had stopped by Friday afternoon and his mother had Mike tell him what was up and he couldn't talk or anything that weekend. The conversation lasted maybe a minute and then his mother shut the door. Derek shook his head as he walked out to his car knowing that something was going to have to be done about this. He was sure his bitchy lil sister Emily was responsible for this happening.

Emily made sure to make her brother extra miserable too. Every chance she got she made sure to tell him how nice it was outside or what she had planned to do somewhere else other than the house.

If she went somewhere with her parents or her friends she made sure he heard all about it.

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Mike thought that was a bit much and a little unfair. Punishment was one thing but Emily teasing him about every little detail was a bit much. His parents just let her carry on even when they heard her doing it. He couldn't wait to get his chance to pay her back for everything.

It was Sunday afternoon when Mike heard the doorbell ring. He could tell from the voice that it was Rosalyn.


His dad called upstairs for Emily and Mike watched her perfectly formed lil ass walk down the stairs. Emily was flatter than Rosalyn. A cup breasts maybe but she did have the most perfect ass to make up for it.

Long black hair that came down to the top of her ass, and she was ridiculously thin; didn't help that she was almost 5'9" tall.

Emily had long legs and a cute face and knew that her ass was what caught the guy's attention. She worked that part of her body whenever she wanted a lil extra attention. When she got to the door she spoke with Rosalyn a bit and invited her in. Rosalyn was about to accept when Mike appeared at the bottom of the stairs. Rosalyn felt a lump in her throat and started to sweat she knew the other guys that raped her had to be Billy's asshole friends.

As she glared at Mike she asked if they could go somewhere else. Emily said sure and said to hold on a sec, but as she turned to go back upstairs Rosalyn grabbed her arm and practically insisted that leave immediately as Mike walked closer.

Emily turned and looked at him and then smiled, "MOM! I am going to go over to Rosalyn's house for a bit?" Her mother said that would be ok and Emily smiled even broader, "Guess we won't be seeing you any more asshole!" With that the two girls walked away and Mike watched as he closed the door and then went back up the stairs to his room. As he walked by Emily's room he noticed that in her haste to leave she had left her computer on.

His dad was out in the garage and his mom was downstairs so Mike crept into his sister's room. He moved the mouse before her computer went to sleep and then he wouldn't have the password to unlock it again. He quickly looked around the desktop and checked for pictures or something to get his lil bitch sister in trouble.

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Of course then it hit him even if he did find something, he would still get shit as he wasn't supposed to be doing anything. He went to her recently used files and found one of interest it was labeled as diary.

He opened it and started to read. All of the accounts of how she got him into trouble and things she had done over the weekend to him. Mike thought for second and then did a search for Robert Shlereth. Nothing came up and didn't until he hit the right name Robbi Emily's lone boyfriend. They had dated earlier that year and then all at once nothing. She didn't really seem too upset you just never seen or heard from Robbie again.

As he read the texts with anything having to do with him he soon found out why. Mike's lil sister was no longer a virgin!

She had wanted to try sex and "Robbi" was the benefactor. That was all she wanted him for was that. So she hung out with him for a month until they did that and then she dumped him.

She talked about what it was like to lose her virginity and even gave him a blow job. Which she said wasn't that bad until he came in her mouth. She said it was a lil salty and nasty and she spit it out but still had the taste in her mouth. Mike made sure to send himself a copy of her diary to himself and then closed the file and left out of her room, his head now filled with thoughts of what to do with his lil sister.

Monday at school Mike met with his friends, Derek, Billy, Tony and Matt. Talked about the weekend and that they needed to do something about this shit.

Mike had just the idea though; if it worked for Billy's sister then it should work for his! Rosalyn had become quite the whipped lil pup around the house and Billy was glad to tell the other guys how he had fucked his sister's ass and pussy even after that. Proudly proclaiming how the slut came when he fucked her pussy the night before. That just made Mike even more determined and told his friends what they needed to do and how this was going to happen. The next day was Tuesday.

Emily volunteered after school on Tuesday's downtown at the church. It was done through the school and she thought it would help her out on whatever college application she was to fill out if she did some volunteer work. Besides she kinda liked it as she was treated like she was a little older and more responsible there by everyone.

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Mike always had to drive her there as both their parents worked and he usually got tasked with picking her up as well. So after school Mike patiently waited for his sister Emily to show up. Billy was in the back seat as Emily got in.

She looked back at Billy, "Well I see you know your place huh?" Billy just smiled at her, "It doesn't make sense for me to sit up front as you are getting out first; why would I want your skanky ass climbing over me?!" Emily laughed, "You just wish my ass would climb over you!" Mike finally told him to ignore the bitch as he didn't want to hear her any more.

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He turned the corner but not the one they usually take. Just as Emily was about to say something, Billy reached around her mouth and covered it with a cloth again soaked in starter fluid. She struggled but soon passed out. Her last thought was the conversation she had with Rosalyn on Sunday. She had tried to tell her, to warn her to maybe let up on Mike a little. As they had often traded stories with each other about how they tortured their brothers she didn't understand why the change of heart.

It suddenly started to sink in as she blacked out. When Emily awoke she looked through her foggy eyes as they adjusted to the room she was in. She turned her head and realized she was in a stable. She went to get up but couldn't. She was tightly bound to the table with her legs spread and her arms secured to the other set of legs.

She also knew that she was naked and this was not a position to be in. Her head ached and throbbed and then she heard her brother, "Nice of ya to wake up finally sis! Since you are such a good girl and volunteer we thought you could do some different volunteer work today. And since you are such a slut that just uses a guy for your own shit and then dumps him, we thought it was your turn to get used today!" Mike told her how he had read her diary and also forwarded a copy of it to his own email account.

The other guys had read it too and thought she should be taught a lesson. As she lay there strapped down she felt a poke at her pussy. She could see her brother and his 4 friends standing there naked and taking pictures. Who the hell was this fucking her?! They cheered him on as Emily lay there protesting and telling them to stop.

Telling Mike how he was really in for it this time! The guys just laughed and told the guy fucking her pussy to hurry up and stick his cock in her mouth to shut her up. Told him how much she liked sucking a guy's cock and how she likes her mouth being filled with cum.

Emily glared at her brother and his friends as she felt the cock slide from her then she saw Robbie walk around in front of her. His cock glistened wet from her pussy and Mike walked over to her and grabbed her hair, "Since you used Robbie figured it only seemed fair he gets to do the same to you." With that Mike pushed her head against the wooden table she was tied to.

Robbie just looked as Mike told her to suck his cock and this time she was swallowing! She reluctantly opened her mouth as Robbie stuck his cock inside. He fucked her face only a few strokes and as he shot his cum into her mouth Emily felt another cock enter her pussy. She moaned out as it was larger than Robbie's and she noticed Billy was no longer with his friends.

Robbie squeezed the rest of his cum into her mouth and Emily grimaced at the salty taste. Mike told her to swallow and she did. She looked up at him, tears running down her face and Billy fucking her, "Please stop this Mike!" Mike just smiled and told her they would stop when she sucked every cock there. Emily couldn't believe this was happening. Billy pulled his cock from her pussy and when she thought she was going to have to suck him he jammed it back into her perfect little ass.

She screamed out at the invasion and Billy fucked her even harder, "You're right bitch! I was wishing this ass was climbing over me!" He slapped her ass as he fucked her and then pulled his cock from her ass. Walked in front of her and she protested she wasn't about to suck something that was just in her ass! Mike pulled her hair even harder, telling her how a slut like her will do as she is told.

Again she reluctantly opened her mouth and Billy eagerly fucked it. Emily gagged on it, the taste of her ass on his cock. She felt another cock enter her pussy. Tony pounded away at her pussy as Billy fucked her face. She could hear the camera clicking as the two boys used her.

Billy came in her mouth and Tony was standing right there. As she opened her cum filled mouth Tony stuffed his cock inside and filled her. She swallowed both loads of the disgusting white semen. As she did she felt someone else fucking her, "How do you like that sis?!" Her own brother fucked her pussy that was dripping wet.

Emily couldn't believe that she was getting wet from being raped. It didn't take long and Mike had his cock at Emily's mouth as Derek shoved his oversized cock into her cunt. She moaned out and as she did Mike stuffed her mouth with his hard cock. As Derek fucked the skinny girl her brother came in her mouth.

Again the taste of her pussy mixed with their semen. She swallowed and then Derek appeared with his huge cock. She protested that she couldn't fit that in her mouth and they all laughed, Emily had no idea. Derek grabbed her hair and proceeded to fuck her face hard. Each thrust into her mouth deeper as she gagged on him. Soon like the others he filled her mouth. As he pulled his cock out Emily gagged and spit up cum and saliva all over his cock and stomach. Derek grabbed her head guiding it and having the girl lick up the mess.

Matt walked over to her. No way was he going to try to fuck her well used pussy after that! He lined his cock up to her tight little ass and pushed inside her. Emily moaned and groaned as he worked every inch of his cock in and out of her. She couldn't believe that she was going to orgasm to Matt fucking her ass, but orgasm she did. As Matt felt her tighten around his cock he couldn't take any more and shot his hot cum into her ass.

He pulled out of her gaping hole and Emily thought she had just been spared one cock, but Matt walked in front of her and told her to clean up the mess she was responsible for. Emily looked up at him and slowly started to lick his cock clean, the last of his cum running down it as she licked that too. "OK, I have done all of you, now please let me up from here!" Mike walked over to his sister and told her that she was going to suck every cock there and she wasn't finished just yet.

With that she heard the clop of the stallion behind her and then saw the cloven feet on either side of her. She started to scream as a gag was forced into her mouth. Emily's eyes opened wide in disbelief as she felt the extremely large cock against her wet pussy. With a hard shove the mushroom shaped head pushed its way inside her. Emily screamed into the gag as they all watched and taped the stallion forcefully fucking her.

He fucked her not for pleasure but for reproduction. It only took a few violent thrusts and the horse whinnied as he emptied his balls inside her well used cunt.

As the horse withdrew a flood of semen flowed from her pussy. Mike had a pitcher under her and caught most of it. He walked around in front of her and took the gag from her mouth. Billy held a funnel into her mouth and she watched as Mike poured the horse's semen that was just in her pussy into her mouth.

She gagged and coughed but Mike kept pouring. It flowed out of the corners of her mouth and she swallowed what she could. As the boys released her Emily went to stand but couldn't.

She fell to her knees, her legs weak from being bent over for so long and from being used. Mike told her that was the perfect place for her anyways. She watched as Tony came walking in with yet another stallion. This one was smaller than the first one.

"Since you have shown us all what a good cock sucker you are Em, we want to watch you with this one!" Emily knew not to protest but hesitantly got into position under the horse. The stallion had caught the scent of sex and his large cock was hard under him.

Emily started to lick him but soon her brother told her to suck it. She opened her mouth and worked the large head into her mouth. "Stroke it, stroke it!" She heard them yelling. Emily sucked and stroked the horse. All of a sudden his sides tightened and he whinnied loud as he exploded into the girls' mouth. The force of his cum was unbelievable. It shot down her throat and she gagged uncontrollably. As Emily pulled the large cock from her mouth, horse semen ran from it as she held her mouth open gasping for breath.

As she did the horse released the rest of his load. It splashed onto her face and on her head coating her long black hair in horse semen. The horse backed away and Emily lay back naked and her stomach obviously distended. The boys laughed at her, her stomach filled with cum that she so detested. As she started to stand up she felt her head swim. Her mouth watered and Emily grabbed the table she was bound to for stability as she started to vomit.

Horse and human semen shot from her mouth and pooled under her. Emily spit the last of it from her mouth as she watched her brother filming and taking pictures of her. Mike told her that she better not puke in his car or she was really in for it. Mike took a sundress and pulled it over his sister.

He did nothing else to clean her up or get her dressed. The rest of the boys took care of cleaning up the stables as it was 6:00pm. That was the time Emily usually finished up with volunteering, but they were farther out of town now and he was going to have to rush to get home before his parents. As Emily walked out of the stables Robbie smiled at her he had stayed for the whole ordeal.

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On the way home Emily got told the same thing as Rosalyn. Things were going to change and she was going to keep her mouth shut or her friends and the rest of the family and the school would see her.

She tried to reason with him telling him how he would be in just as much trouble maybe even more. Mike laughed, "Maybe so Em, but I won't be the cock sucking whore that everyone knows either!" Mike told her to roll down the window as she stunk.

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He also told her to hurry and get cleaned up when they got home and to get the smell out of the house. Use some Febreeze or something. As they pulled into the driveway Mike was relieved that his parents weren't home yet. He and Emily went inside and she immediately went to the bathroom. He didn't have to tell her as she wanted the dried horse cum washed from her, as well as, the cum from her brother and his friends. Emily used a douche to get the horse cum from her and her brothers friends.

She didn't want to be pregnant and thought if she could wash it out then so be it. And what if the thing came out half horse and half human? Emily wasn't sure if you could get pregnant by a horse, but she wasn't going to find out. As Emily turned on the shower their parents pulled in the driveway. Mike was sitting on the sofa watching TV when they walked in.

His parents asked how his day went and Mike just smiled broadly. He told them he had a good day and that he also talked to Emily and he thought they were finally going to get along together.

His parents smiled and told him it was about time he grew up and stopped arguing with his sister. Mike couldn't agree more. Well all there ya go.

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Hope ya enjoyed it. As always if ya made it this far please at least take the 5 seconds to click positiv or negative. If ya want to leave a message - well that works too. :)