Gay sex boys fuck emo and curious straight boys caught having gay sex

Gay sex boys fuck emo and curious straight boys caught having gay sex
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His ass hole was unwashed and tasted like a long hard day of construction work. Jesse hadn't worked for two days so I know he hasn't showered in at least that long. He spread his ass cheeks wide open and I sucked on his hole, cleaning the dirt and sweat and body odor off it.

"Shove your fucking tongue up there" he commanded me, grabbing my head and pushing it hard against his ass. I greedily comply, my tongue going as deep as I can up his hole.


He pushed a little bit and a nice burst of smelly air shot into my mouth. I sucked up the putrid smell and tongued deeper, begging for more.

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He grunted and pushed and farted more in my mouth, apparently he'd eaten something special for this trip. I swallowed mouthful after mouthful of hot ass air until he was straining trying to push more out. "You like those farts, baby? You like that nasty taste and smell in your mouth?" His words got me even more wet as I told him I'd love any dirty thing I got to taste. I think that got his attention, he got up and pushed me off the bed onto the floor, while he sat on the edge and stuck his dirty feet in my face.

I sucked the grime off his toes, out of his toenails, licking and sucking everywhere I could. He shoved his big toe up my pussy while I licked the bottom of his other foot. Jesse told me to get on my back. He loomed up over me sticking his cleanish ass on my mouth and three fingers up my pussy.

I started sucking his ass again as he jammed his digits up my cunt, adding a fourth as his knuckles bruised my bone.

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He tucked his thumb and pushed his fist into me, ripping a little as I've never been fisted before. He ruthlessly pounds his hand in and out of my pussy, getting as deep as he can as he loosens me up. I put my tongue in his asshole and continue breathing in his ass smells. I feel him strain again and a big wet fart explodes onto my tongue. He pushes harder and I taste the beginnings of something solid.

I lick the tip of it as it presses further down his ass hole, squishing my tongue into it. I've never done this either but the taste is mild, bland. The smell is the worst part, which I breathe in deeply. His shit pushes my tongue out and I open wide for it to drop into my mouth. The first bit was a nice log, thick and creamy that I chewed and swallowed while he watched in sick horny fascination.

But that whittled down into a more liquid form after a minute and soon I was slurping up runny, soft shit. He stopped for a second then pushed again so some of his runny ass candy exploded over my face. I licked all around getting it up as he positioned his ass hole strangely over my nose. I feel him start to shit up my nostril so I pry the very edges open to widen them for him.

I feel shit escaping from my nostrils down the back of my throat so I swallow that down too. His forgotten fist is half held half pumped in and out of my loosened up pussy, and as he looks down at it I see a resolved gleam in his eye.

He starts shoving fingers from his second hand up my pussy, not-so-slowly stretching it out to fit both his hands wrist deep inside me. He works at it until he can pull me decently apart, then left to get some stuff. He comes back and I see toys, huge toys.


He sticks two huge dildos up my cunt, both of them, and is starting to work his own fingers into me again when we hear "let me help with that". His face splits into a big dumb grin as he looks around and we see four guys, friends of his, looming over us. They already had their cocks out, I don't know how long they'd been standing there enjoying the show.

But as I had two rubber dildos up me and my face was still covered with shit it's a little obvious what was going on anyway.

One guy, Ryan, leans down and rips out the dildos at the same time, hurting me. He stuffs his hand up my cunt easily and starts to work in fingers from his other hand.

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Jesse immediately starts sticking fingers up my ass while Jasper starts me to work on licking his dirty ass hole. I look up at his face to see him starting to suck on Chris's cock, and Mark wipes his cock on Jesse's face and neck.

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"I want to suck you" Jesse says, looking up at Mark. "No, I have something better for you, open your mouth" Mark told him. Jesse gets a heavenly look in his eye and opens his mouth for Mark to unload piss into.

The room is filled with the pungent smell of his yellow-brown dark pee as Jesse gulps it up by the huge mouthful. He pulls his fist out from deep in my ass hole and gets on his hands and knees, forcing Mark to stop his heavy long stream momentarily.

Chris pulls his cock out of Jasper's mouth and brings it over, sticking it into my boyfriend's ass hole. Jesse takes it like a champ and Chris starts fucking him hard.


Mark is just waiting by Jesse's head and I'm wondering what's going on, but when Chris's cock pulls out a little bit of Jesse's ass and I see liquid streaming out of it…"Oh, he's pissing up his ass" I thought excitedly. Mark resume face fucking Jesse when he saw that Chris was filling up Jesse's bowels. Ryan, still at work on my pussy, yanked both of his closed fists out of me at the same time causing me to scream in pleasure and pain. He jams them back in as hard as he can, in and out and in and out until I can't feel it anymore.

Then Jasper, while shitting down my throat, adds his hands to the mix and soon there are three and a half fists up my cunt. I eat raunchy smelly shit and get gapped open while my boyfriend's friends take turns sucking the piss out of his ass.

Jasper and Ryan each take their fingers and hook them into my pussy, gripping my walls and each pulling me open further. Mark, done with pissing in Jesse's throat, comes to inspect the status of my gaping hole. He sets his asshole over my huge cunt and starts to shit, getting diahrrea in my pussy. The guys work to pack in the shit, pushing it past my cervix and into my piss hole also.

"I want to fill her up completely" Mark said, and the other four nod their agreement. They use a flat, wide cylinder with a handle on it to push the shit together in my pussy, packing it past my cervix into my body. Mark shit a lot, and when he was finished each guy took turns stuffing doodie into my cunt.

They managed to pack it all into me and my stomach was bloated, like I was pregnant. I figured I was done as the guys had emptied completely into me, but they each grabbed a limb and hauled me outside.

They'd plugged up my pussy so no shit would escape from it, either. They laid me down on the ground and brought over a huge dog. I'd never been told Jesse owns a dog. They bring its ass end over to me and I start lapping at it, sticking my tongue up that hairy doggie hole. I taste a little bit of shit, and apparently my tongue opening the dog's sphincter made it need to shit. It let out a chunk into my mouth, which I started eating feverishly.

The guys hurriedly brought my pussy up towards the dog's ass and it filled me, too. They packed me full of horse and pig shit, too, apparently there was a mini farm included in the property.

I got some turns sucking on horse, pig, and dog cock and ass hole, which I enjoyed extremely. I've had many fantasies about doing something with a dog and the other two were a bonus. The guys got the horse's cock up my gaped, shit-filled cunt and it fucked me wildly, pushing shit further than it had been packed so far.

After the horse loosed its cum into my cunt the guys took me over to a big metal bucket and placed me sitting over it, then started pushing and punching on my stomach. Shit and cum started pouring into the bucket, mixing into a creamy brown and white half-paste. I shat out of my pussy for a good ten minutes, needing two metal buckets, then they turned on the high-powered hose to clean me out. While water was gushing up my body they held the bucket to my mouth and told me to drink.

I gulped down the disgusting mixture, a good twenty ounces of it, before they hosed off my face and head and declared me officially clean. We ventured back into the house, me excited to find out what was going to happen next. To Be Continued.