Desi Indian Horny Hot Sexy Bhabhi Sex Fucking Neighbor Blowjob With Chudai

Desi Indian Horny Hot Sexy Bhabhi Sex Fucking Neighbor Blowjob With Chudai
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It was twelve o'clock in the morning, and I had still yet to find my prey for the night. I growled as my long, blood red nails dug into the steering wheel of the black minivan I currently sat in, frustration boiling inside me just begging to be released on some innocent bystander.

Just as I was to abandon my hunt, a flash of blonde obstructed my vision, causing me to snap my head to the side to see a blonde beauty with a both somewhat petite frame and generous jugs walking alone, looking down at her phone with her earbuds in. I could almost laugh and shake my head at the stupidity of the girl, but all I could do was groan as my dick twitched in my pants at the girl.

You see, I was born as a hermaphrodite, with a large cock that can (and has) broken many women before. My mother was one as well, and had raised me to be her perfect replica, taking what I wanted, when I wanted no matter what stood in my way.

And man did I want this hot piece of ass around my shaft tonight. I bit my lip as I began to turn the car, trailing slowly after the beaut, making sure not to give away I was following her. Eventually, she stopped, before sitting down on a public bench, making it all to easy for me when I slipped out of the van, and pressed the chloroform cloth to her lips. I could feel the blood begin to rush to both my clit and my cock, in return a groan of sexual frustration escaping my lips as I effortlessly carried the unconscious woman to the back of the van, taking a moment to look around, seeing nobody in sight.

I tied her up and gagged her, for the event in which she could awaken, and swiftly slipped back into the driver's seat, taking off from the scene of the crime as fast as possible. A grin spread to my face as I imagined all I had in store for my little fuck prize. I imagined slipping myself into her tight little holes, every single one of them, and tearing them up as my engorged member destroyed this little whore.

I wanted to make sure she was completely broken by the time I was done. She hadn't awakened the whole ride back to the very secluded ranch I owned for just this purpose. Of course, I primarily lived in the city, where I can pick and stalk my prey, as well as live on with my life outside of these urges, but this was the place I always took my prey to when my inner slut wanted to come out and play with her toys.

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To violate and enjoy all their bodies offered. By the time I parked in the garage, my cunt was soaked, my cock standing fully erect in need for such release. Angrily, I pushed myself out of the drivers seat and shoved open the trunk, grabbing the limp body of the girl roughly and impatiently. After all, I couldn't wait to break in my prize.

I dropped the girl on the garage couch with no consideration in mind for her well-being, and brutally backhanded her face, leaving her gasping awake from pain. I grin as the muffled, confused cries of the girl escapes her taped lips as her current situation sinks in and soon, sobs radiate from her. "I should have waited and tied you up properly," I spoke to the girl, taking out the blade I always kept stuffed in my bra.

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"But I just couldn't. I'm too impatient." I charge forward, causing her to leap as far away as she could, which wasn't far seeing as she was trapped and bound, and my grin grew wider as she flinched when my blade met her baby pink blouse that buttoned up right above her juicy breasts, completely tearing off the fabric to reveal her milky smooth perfectly round set of tits. The girl was a total babe.

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Blonde, average height, and small hourglass figure to boot. It made me want to use and violate every tiny hole in her body until she was completely ruined. "Ooo baby look what we have here." I taunted massaging the tent that was growing in my pants at the sight of her half naked chest.

Her eyes flickered down to spot the strain in my pants and they immediately grew to the size of saucers.

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"What whore, like what you see so far?" I devilishly ask, running a hand through the bitch's blonde locks only to suddenly grip it in my hand tight bringing her head to my crotch as she tried to resist to little avail. She was trapped with her face in my crotch, one of my hands in her hair and the other moving to my pants to remove my cock that was begging to be put to use.

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"Well then let's get you a better look shall we." I spit on her face as I took my fully erect dick out of my pants, rubbing the spit around with the tip, eliciting a groan from me.

I hummed in appreciation as I traced the tape I had placed on her mouth, wondering what the feel of her lips on my shaft would feel like, and immediately I knew I had to have it. "I'm going to take the tape off your lips now bitch." I speak sternly to the whore that I had yet to break in.

"And if you scream so help me god, I will slit your throat and then fuck it, understand me?" The girl nodded in confirmation and without warning I ripped the tape off her lips, no longer muffling the uncontrollable flood of sobs she had building up. "P-please." She begged. "What do you want from me?" "Who asked you to speak?" I snapped angrily, my temper flaring at the incompetence of the girl before me. Growling I reached out and pinched her nose, her mouth gasping for air leaving the perfect opportunity for me to slip my cock past her silken lips and shove it down her unsuspecting throat.

I could feel her gag as forced her to deepthroat and let out a monstrous groan as wet velvet surrounded my fuck pole.


I held her there for a moment, looking down at the blue eyed cunt who looked up at me humiliated and desperate to be free of this nightmare, and I shoved myself mercilessly out of her to the tip only to shove it all the way back in in a fast stroke. Slowly I repeated this, until I was going faster and faster, facefucking this whore brutally as she gagged on my shaft, having to hold her breathe multiple times to not pass out.

I grunted loudly as I dominated the bitch's mouth, taking the blade I had abandoned when turning my attention to the fuck toy's mouth, and cut the front strap of her bra, letting her jugs hang free, her nipples hardening slightly from the exposure to the cold. I groaned as I twisted one between my finger, never once slowing my fast paced facefucking, causing a gasp of shock and pain to come from the girl.

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I chuckled darkly as I twisted the other one twice as brutally as the first, this time in result, a scream vibrating my cock to epic proportions where I felt cum moving up my shaft until I erupted down the little slut's throat with one, two, three, four, and five humongous jet streams of my potent, thick milky cum shooting down her fuck tube and to her stomach.

I held her face in place, grinning wider and wider as the little bitch I was in total control of ceased to keep breathing as her mouth was plugged with my meat.

She struggled as my cum squirted down her throat, choking on my cum and her inability to breathe. This, in turn, only made things more intense for me and persisted in holding the girl even further towards my crotch until her tiny little pale nose was connected to my pelvis. She struggled, making the sensation more great, until with one final jerk, she slipped into a deep unconsciousness, where only at this point did I extract myself from her warm mouth.

I knew I should have waited to play with her, to start with the brutality that would be this little fuck toy's life from now on, but again, like I told the girl, I'm impatient.


But at the end of the day, it's not like it will matter that much right? Because this was only the beginning of the start of this little fuck toy's life as my own personal slut. (part 2?)

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