Gay outdoor oral sex and boners in public All You Can Eat Buffet

Gay outdoor oral sex and boners in public All You Can Eat Buffet
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Back when I was in high school, more years ago than I care to remember, I worked on the school newspaper and yearbook. We handled business like any other newspaper based on advertising. One day in class, the teacher asked me if I'd go by one of the local clothing stores after school to do some photos for an ad for the yearbook.

The owner had three of my classmates working for him and wanted them, dressed in clothing from the store, as the centerpiece of the ad. I told the teacher I could do it and, after school let out, stopped at home to grab a camera and headed toward the downtown store.

Imagine my surprise, and pleasure, when I learned Nancy was one of the girls who'd be modeling for me.

Nancy and I were both sophomores, so I'll place our age at 15 or 16. Nancy was a gorgeous, pixie-faced, dark haired girl. She stood maybe 4-foot-10 and weighed in at about 90 pounds, soaking wet. But she wasn't skin and bones.

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She sported a pair of 36C tits and had a high, tight, heart-shaped ass that was to die for. When she was walking down the halls of the school in a pair of tight jeans, it looked like two kittens, fighting in a denim sack. The other two girls, Julie and Joan, were cute, too. But they didn't hold a candle to Nancy.

I'd probably gone through a whole case of tissues over her, if you know what I mean. We got to shooting at various locations around the store about 4 p.m. Each girl had three or four different outfits their boss wanted them to wear for the photos.

The owner had already left for the day, leaving Nancy to close up, when we got done about 5:15.

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Joan and Julie left, letting the door lock behind them. I went to the back of the store to pack up my camera gear and was headed toward the door. Nancy was nowhere to be seen. Then, I heard something inside one of the dressing rooms. I figured Nancy was changing. I turned toward the curtained area to tell her I was leaving when I got the shock of my life. The dressing room curtain was open about a foot and there was Nancy, in a tiny white bra, slipping her skirt down her legs.

Then, there was Nancy, in tiny white bra and panties.

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My 16-year-old dick literally shot down the leg of my pants as Nancy turned toward me to hang the skirt on a hook by the entrance to the dressing room.

I was like a deer caught in the headlights. I couldn't have moved or even looked away if I wanted to — and I REALLY didn't want to. The bra and panties she was wearing were sheer, almost to the point of being see through. I could clearly see the dark circles of her dusky areola, tipped by darker nipples, and the shadow of pubic hair on her mound of Venus.

I slowly dragged my eyes up her body, my cock throbbing inside my jeans, tenting the front. As I reached her face, instead of a shocked look, screams and hands madly flinging the curtain shut, I found Nancy, grinning. A little aside about myself. I knew, from what I'd seen in the gym locker room, I had a larger than average cock even at 16. Nancy obviously saw, and appreciated, the tent I was pitching in my jeans. She seemed to enjoy the fact it was all for her.

"Um," she said, wiggling the index finger of her right hand at me in an ages-old gesture. "Come here." I put the camera bag down and, as if in a trance, walked up to the curtain. I passed through, into the dressing room, where Nancy took my hand and pulled me the rest of the way inside. Still holding my hand, she turned her back to me, giving me my first clear look at her amazing ass. "Help me with my bra," she said, as she released my hand.

"Unhook me, please." With trembling hands, I reached for the tiny scrap of material holding the garment in place around her body. I looked over her head I was close to 6-feet by my sophomore year catching her eyes in the mirror as I worked the here-to-fore foreign clasp. It didn't take me long and the device parted under my fingers. Unbidden, my hands crept up her body to her shoulders, hooked the straps of her bra and pushed it down her arms and off.

I was looking straight at them in the mirror when the cups released their grip on her breast flesh. I just about came in my pants as they were revealed. I released the straps, let the bra fall down her arms, and reached around to cup her beautiful, round tits. The hadn't moved when the cups released, they were that firm. As my hands closed around the delicate teen flesh, Nancy moaned and pressed back against me, grinding her back against my straining cock.

"Oh, mmmmmy Goooood!" she said. "That feels Mmmmm!" I palmed her tits, letting the nipples slip between my fingers. I squeezed and Nancy groaned again. I leaned down and she tilted her head back and around. Our lips met, her tongue forced its way into my mouth, and we both moaned as we kissed.

"Sit down," Nancy said as she broke away and turned toward me. She pushed me back toward the tiny bench running the length of two walls and meeting in the corner of the dressing room. Nancy knelt between my legs and reached for my belt. "Let's see what we have here," she said as she opened my belt and popped the clasp on my jeans. She pulled the zipper down and, looking me in the eye, she gripped the waistband of my pants and pulled them down to my ankles.

Her eyes got big as she was faced with the throbbing, twitching bulge in my tightey-whitey underwear. She looked up at me with another grin, grabbed the elastic of my shorts and dragged them down to join my jeans. "Oh, fuck!" she said as she wrapped her tiny fingers around my rampant shaft. "Oops, sorry. Didn't mean to swear. Good girls shouldn't swear." "Mmmmm," I moaned. "I think you're safe, then." "What do you mean?" Nancy asked as she started to stroke my cock slowly.

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"With my cock in your hand, I don't think that qualifies you as a good girl," I laughed. "Wait," she said. "You'll see just how good I can be." With that, she came up on her knees, eyed my cock one last time, then sucked the head and more than half the shaft into her mouth in one go. She gagged slightly as the tip hit the back of her mouth and nudged the entrance to her throat. "Oh," she said as she back off, letting my cock pop from her mouth.

"That's a big one." She reset her position and engulfed my cock again. She appeared determined as she began bobbing her head on the shaft until, after just four or five strokes, she forced the head into and down her throat.

"Aw, shit!" I cried as my cum just rocketed up my shaft and straight down her throat. What? I wasn't a virgin but I'd never been deep throated before. Also, it was the hottest girl in school, the girl of my dreams, taking my cock to the root in her gullet.

So sue me! Nancy's throat bulged around my shaft and cum literally shot out of her nose. She backed off, coughing, but still stroking. She took a deep breath and pulled the head of my cock back into her mouth in time for the second shot to coat her tongue. I could feel her working to swallow that one as the third and fourth came flying from the head of my cock to fill her mouth. "Grrrrgl," she said (that's what it sounded like, anyway) as she back off, her hand still holding my shaft as she worked to swallow my cum.

Once she had her throat mostly clear, she looked at me with a grin and licked the last bit of jizz off the piss slit. "That was yummy!" Nancy exclaimed. "I hope there's more where that came from." "Trade me places and you'll find out," I said as I stood and lifted her to her feet.

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I plopped her tight little ass down right in the corner of the bench. I dragged her panties down her shapely legs and off her feet.

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I spread her thighs, hooked her feet on the bench and stared at her young snatch spread in front of me. Her pussy lips were completely smooth and dusky red, capped by an engorged clit barely hidden at the top.

Her Mons was the only place she had hair, a short, soft patch of down clearly shaped into a triangle, pointing right at her gates of heaven.

I placed my hands on her thighs near their junction, used my thumbs to pry her nether lips apart and dove into her wet, fragrant snatch. As my tongue penetrated her vaginal entrance, her body jerked, her head striking the wall with a hallow "thud." "Oooowww," she laughed as she reached up to rub the back of her head.

"That hurt." "Don't worry," I said, my voice muffled in her snatch. "I'll make it better." I sat about feasting on Nancy's spicy, tangy pussy. I had her moaning, her fingers wrapped in my hair, as she pulled me tighter against her snatch. I caught her clit between my teeth and tortured it with the tip of my tongue before sucking it fully into my mouth.

In no time at all, Nancy was humping her hips against my face. I worked one hand between us an probed at her pussy opening, finding it soaking wet a slippery. I slowly drove one, then two fingers, deep into her body. The walls of her vagina rippled around my penetrating digits.

God, I thought. She's tight. "Oh, shit!" she cried and mashed her hips forward, bruising my lips on her gash. "Oh, fuck! I'm cumming! Fuckshitffuckshitfuckshit!" Nancy's body froze, her muscles locked as her orgasm swept through her body. She'd barely started to relax, though, when I pulled away, positioned myself between her still-twitching thighs and drove my cock full-length into her cunt.

"Oooooooooo!" she wailed. "Oooooooooo! Fuck!" I didn't stop. As soon as I bottomed out on the initial penetration, I pulled back until just the head was inside the ring of muscles at her entrance, then immediately drove back inside. I quickly set up a steady rhythm, full depth strokes fucking deep into her young pussy, my balls slapping against her ass. I hooked my arms under her knees, pulled them up until she was almost doubled over and fucked her soundly.

I rose to my knees, then my feet, pulling Nancy with me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and, just like that, I was standing with her impaled on my shaft. I really wasn't thinking as I stepped out of my jeans and underwear and carried Nancy out of the dressing room and into the middle of the shop.

I lowered her down, arms and legs still wrapped around my body, onto a counter covered in wool sweaters, caps and scarves.

The counter was low enough I was able to position Nancy right at the corner and, standing almost over her, pound her pussy long and hard from above. Nancy was wailing like a banshee, working her hips to meet each and every thrust I made down into her body.

The friction between her pussy and my cock made a wet, squelching sound as her natural lube was forced from her body with each thrust. She seemed incapable of coherent speech, guttural, almost animal noises escaping her lips each time I bottomed out in her snatch. "Ah! Fu! Ck! Cum! Ming!" she cried.


Nancy's pussy, which had been gripping my cock like a velvet vice, suddenly got even tighter. She clamped down around my shaft at full penetration, her legs locked behind my back, and I was effectively trapped inside her body. Her orgasm wracked her body as her pussy muscles danced around the shaft of my cock.

That did it for me as my balls erupted. My orgasm rushed up my spine, exploded in my head then rocketed back down my body and out the end of my cock, which was pressed tight against the entrance to her womb.

"Hot!" she cried. "Cum! Hot! Cum! Fill me! Fill me up with your cum!" That's exactly what I did. Blast after blast of sperm-laden cum fired into her unprotected body.


I couldn't have pulled out if I wanted to, though. Nancy's legs were locked tightly around my spasming body, holding me securely in place as I came. "Oh, my God!" Nancy finally groaned as her muscles unlocked and her legs fell to the side.

"Damn! I think I've just been fucked!" "Me, too," I said as I staggered to my feet and took a step back. My rapidly-deflating cock slipped from her depths, followed by a rush of frothy, white cum.

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It poured from her gaping pussy hole and stained a sweater and scarf set she'd been resting on. "You just about ripped me open!" she said with a grin. "We've got to do that again some time." She seemed to finally realize where we were. It was still light enough outside anybody walking by could have seen us humping up a storm on the sweater display. We both looked toward the large, plate-glass windows of the store.

Fortunately, we appear to have escaped discovery. We quickly dressed, gathered up our stuff and cleaned up the store as best we could. Nancy ended up hiding the sweater she'd leaked on at the bottom of a pile in the back room. We made our way out of the store and I offered Nancy a ride home.

As soon as she was in the front seat of my car she was leaned over, scrambling for my cock again and sucking it deeply into her mouth. "God, I can't get enough of this cock!" Nancy groaned as she coaxed yet a third load from my balls, parked directly in front of her house. "Pick me up tomorrow before school," she said as she gathered her stuff, wiped a stray drop of cum from her lips and bounced out of the car.

"I wanna suck that thing before class." Nancy and I ended up fucking our way through the rest of high school, including an unbelievably hot session behind the stage at prom as the king and queen were introduced.

She even shared me with a few of her girlfriends, including Julie and Joan the girls from the photo shoot who it turned out had seen us fucking in the store that night. But that's another story.