Chap with biggest dong gets sucked and ridden by a schoolgirl

Chap with biggest dong gets sucked and ridden by a schoolgirl
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****This is a true story of my experience. I do not condone rape, this was the most horrifying yet erotic experience of my life. What happened to me 10 years ago is as follows.**** My very first job was at a tanning salon when I was 16 years old. I was not the type of girl that had a lot of experience with guys, in fact, I had only ever kissed one guy up to that point. My mom was very strict so I wasn't allowed to have boys over or go out with them.

I was a very innocent 16 year old, but I didn't look like it. my body was well developed.

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I was 5'5'', 122 lbs., my tits were a perfect size 34C, I had a sexy fit hour-glass figure, soft tan skin, long brown hair, and sparkling green eyes. I got looks from men everywhere I went, my mom hated it! Anyway, one evening I was working at the salon, and a man came in to sign up for a membership.

His name was Tommy, a 36 year old business owner in the small town I lived in. He was an attractive older guy. muscular, tall, light brown hair, blue eyes. but none the less MUCH older than me, so I just thought of him as an "old guy". In fact, I went to school with his son.

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I helped him sign up then took him to a tanning room to show him how to use the bed. I could tell he liked me by the way he looked at me and how friendly he was. I had on little tight denim shorts and a light pink tank top, and as we walked down the hall I could feel his eyes on my ass. Then when we were in the room, he just stared at my chest the entire time while I explained the bed. But, I just passed it off as another guy checking out my goodies.

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So everytime he came to tan he was very friendly with me. even a bit flirty.

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But me being the innocent girl that I was, I didn't recognize his flirtatiousness. No one ever flirted with ME. I just thought he was a nice guy. And of course I was nice back, he was my customer after all, and I was friendly with everyone. I always worked the night shift at the salon and we closed at 9pm but took our last appointment at 9pm. no one ever came at that time though. Tommy soon found this out and started tanning later and later.

Soon he was coming in right at 9pm every night and it was just me and him in the salon. He liked it like that. One night, he came in and told me that he saw me through my bedroom window the night before. He told me that he had followed me home and watched me watch TV in my room.

He knew I had a daybed and that my walls were painted lavender. I was a little weirded out, but didn't think much of it. The next night he came in, he was very happy to see me.

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I had on a pair of dark blue shorts and a little white form-fitting T from Old Navy. He said he liked what I was wearing. it made me feel good when he complimented me. He tanned for 20 minutes, and when he came out of the room, he asked if he could sit on a chair that was behind the counter and put his shoes on. While he tied his shoes, we chatted about normal stuff. the weather, his son, work, etc.

I was sitting with my legs crossed, and at one point I uncrossed them to reach around for a pen. When I turned back around, he said he liked the pink panties I had on.

I got embarrassed and asked how he knew what color my panties were, and he said he could see my crotch through the gap in my shorts when I uncrossed my legs. Then he told me that when he tans, his hair gets lighter on his head. his arms.

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and somewhere else too. And he stood up and pulled down his pants and his cock sprang up! I had never even seen a cock! It didn't look like what I thought they looked like. Then I got REALLY embarrassed and turned my head thinking maybe he didn't mean to do that. He sat back down and apologized and said he couldn't help it, he thought I was so beautiful and wanted to show himself to me.

Then he pulled my chair over to him that I was sitting in and kissed me. I pushed on his shoulders trying to get away. This guy was old enough to be my dad! I was totally grossed out. When he let me go, I could tell he was a little bit pissed that I was denying him. At that point I was completely uncomfortable and told him he had to leave so I could close the salon and get home. He said ok, but needed to use the bathroom real quick. I was annoyed but said ok. Two minutes later I heard him call out from the bathroom that there was no soap, so I went back there to help, and when I got to the door it was barely cracked open.

So I tapped it open slowly, and all of a sudden he appeared completely naked with a stiff cock! I knew I was in trouble. I turned to get away but he grabbed my arm and yanked me into the bathroom with him. He shoved me up against the wall and pressed his body onto mine and tried to kiss me again. His knee was positioned between my legs so I couldn't kick him, and he held my hands down by my sides while he kissed my face and neck. I couldn't move.

All I could do was try to move my head around to get away from his mouth, but the back of my head kept getting pounded into the wall and I could feel a knot starting to develop. He clutched both of my arms together in front of me with one of his hands and tried unbuttoning my shorts with the other. But he couldn't get them unbuttoned, so he roughly yanked them down off my hips and they fell to my ankles. my pink panties got dragged down with them.

I was telling him "no, stop", and "I don't want this". but it was like he was in a trance, his face was angry, and his skin was red. He was on a mission and was NOT going to stop for anything. He kept replying, "don't fight, this is going to happen no matter what." He was groping my tits through my shirt while still holding my arms and rubbing his leg back and forth on my exposed pussy.


With my shorts and panties still around my ankles he pushed me onto the floor directly outside of the bathroom (it was carpeted thank goodness).

I fell to the ground and he was immediately on top of me, grinding on my ass while whispering in my ear, "you're going to enjoy my big dick in that little pussy of yours".

Then he flipped me over to face him and bent down to kiss me some more. But instead of letting him kiss me, I screamed as loud as I could in his face.


then he smacked my cheek and told me "shut the fuck up or I'll fuck your ass too!". I'd never been hit on my cheek before and my entire face stung. I didn't make another sound. He held my hands above my head and lifted my t-shirt up and began biting my nipples through my white cotton bra. He took each tit out, one by one, and sucked each of them until my nipples were rock hard. He nibbled on my neck, and kissed along my jaw line.

Next he straddled my chest, and pinned my arms down under his knees. it fucking hurt! His cock was huge, at least it was to me. He stroked it a bit then told me to lick it, so I did. I was afraid he would hit me again, or worse, fuck my ass. so I was going to do whatever he said. I opened my mouth and he slid it all the way to the back of my throat. I gagged, so he pulled it almost all the way out, then shoved it back in and did that slowly for a while.

I could tell he liked gagging me, watching spit run down the sides of my mouth. He called me a "good girl", and sped up his thrusts.

He was eventually fucking my face as I gagged and squirmed trying to catch my breath. My whole face was wet from spit and tears, but the sight of this just made his cock harder. Then he positioned himself between my legs and I pleaded with him once more. I said "please don't, I've never had sex before.", tears running down my face.

But his eyes just glimmered, and he seemed even more pleased, more hungry.

hungry for pussy, a tiny, tight virginal pussy. His body was so heavy on mine, I couldn't move my legs, my arms were retrained above my head again, and he started rubbing his cock all over my little cunt. It wasn't long before I was I was dripping wet, his cock was so big it hit every part of my pussy, my thick pussy lips were hugging his huge dick. He told me I was a good little girl, getting wet for him so quickly. He started pushing the head of his cock back and forth on the entrance of my tiny fuck hole.

Then he pushed a little further until the head was slowly going inside me, he fucked me just a little bit like this with the head of his cock, rocking back and forth barely inside me, teasing me.

I couldn't believe how good it felt. My pussy was getting even wetter. He soon started sliding his dick half way in.

He moved it in and out like this, thrusting deeper and deeper, then suddenly he thrust all the way in my cunt and we both felt my hymen tear.

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The pain I felt was over ridden by the pleasure this man's cock was giving me. He fucked my pussy slow and deep, squeezing my ass with one hand, and clenching my wrists with the other. His cock went all the way inside my wet pussy, then all the way out again, slowly, then faster, and faster. He started pounding me, fucking my virgin hole. My pussy wrapped so tightly around his hard cock, squeezing it, milking the shaft with every thrust. My wetness was pouring out of me and I was crying out, moaning everytime his cock hit the back of my cunt.

He was fucking me so hard, this much older man forcing himself on a little high school aged girl, he wrapped his hand around my neck and held me down like that while he continued pumping his cock inside me. "You're such a good girl", he would say. I began feeling an orgasm buliding up, I couldn't beleive I was about to cum! I couldn't help it, I was getting fucked so hard, this huge cock inside me was forcing me to cum. then finally I did! I screamed as I came all over his cock. My juices were streaming out, and my pussy spasmed even tighter around his cock.

Suddenly he thrust really hard and deep as he shot his load of cum inside me. I could feel the heat of his jis filling up my pussy with each shot. It felt amazing. He collapsed on top of me, sweaty, both of us soaked in each other's cum and my virgin blood. We layed there for a while with his thick cock still inside my abused meat hole. When it got limp, he pulled it out and layed beside me, completely spent.

We were both exhausted. Eventually we got dressed and he walked me to my car. I couldn't decide what had just happened. did he rape me? Or did we just have sex? I had an orgasm. I was confused. But he told me, "no matter what little girl, you better not tell anyone about tonight".


He said no one would believe me anyway since he was a popular guy in town, an "upstanding guy" who had friends in high places. It just wouldn't work to my advantage if I told someone. So I didn't. I never did until now. We had many more encounters after that night. If I didn't let him fuck me then he would tell my boss that I was stealing. So we made a deal, I'd have to let him fuck me and he would keep it a secret.

It made sense. at the time. More of my experiences with Tommy to come.