Blonde Babe tanzen nackt vor der Webcam

Blonde Babe tanzen nackt vor der Webcam
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Since here I am faceless, I will share the activities of my family. First let me say that my older sister introduced me to sex, when I was only four years of age.

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At age twelve, my sister 17, mom caught us fucking one night, disciplined, and forbade us" from ever doing that again". Needless to say we just stopped "doing it" when everyone was home, but those stories are for later.

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First I'd like to share, how the strict disciplinarian would eventually become my girlfriend. my story begins when I was 21 and my mom was 40 years of age, she was always beautiful, with a youthful appearance, and an ass so sexy, all of my friends would tell me just how much they would love to fuck my mother.

The summer of 1986 my mom was just not going out, to work, and the market, but that was all. and believe me she had a different man every month, after she and my dad split, she fucked anyone who came by from salesmen to repairmen, even the reupholdstere, but she was different, she would come, home we would eat, she would shower, drink and go to sleep.

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One night after mom had finished off a half pint of Hennesey, I walked into her room to check on her, she was out like a light,sleeping on her belly I was curious, so I pulled her sheets back to look at that fabulous ass, a look not being enough I reached down, and I touched her ass, my legs were trembling by then, she was so drunk she did not even stir.

I stuck my face in between her legs and started licking her, nothing, no moans, or movement, I lapped her ass, and her pussy like a dog, then I decided I might as well fuck her.


I am well endowed with 8and 3/4 inches and I wanted to place it all inside my mother. I pulled my pants down at the knees positioned myself over her, between her legs, when Istuck my dick inside my mom, the joy was overwheming, it felt better than anything I had ever experienced or ever will in my life, even fucking my sister.

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I was so excited you can imagine I I didn't last long,after cumming, I got up mezmerized at the sight of my cum dripping out of my mom, I took off my shirt and wiped it off not thinking about the other gobs stil in her, that were to exit here vagina, and reveal my crime. The following evening, we followed the same routine, we ate together, small talk, she showers, drinks and goes to bed. Again I walk in her room, only this time I'm fully nude she was on her back, again I touched her, shaking her leg, calling out "mom, mom are you woke"to make sure that she was sleep.

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Again I'm in my moms bed, inbetween her legs, sucking her pussy, pulling up the hood to reveal and lick her clit, running my tounge up and down her cunt, snaking my way to her asshole, only to start again at the top, after almost 30 minutes of this, I decided it was time to stick my dick into this beautiful woman, again after positioning myself over her, my long big black dick, half way inside of her, she suddenly, frightfully, shouts "What the hell are you doing"? I felt like a deer caught in the headlights of a Mack truck, something had just taken hold of me, and I didn't even answer, I just grabbed her wrists, continued to pummel her with my dick, and kissed her full in the mouth every time she began to speak,not knowing, worrying, or caring whether they were words of elation or condemnation.

I knew she was mine, when I grabbed her legs, and placed them over my shoulders and slowly churned my dick insided of her right to left, left to right, peering into her eyes only to see love, then she took control, got on her knees and said I like it from behind.

I told her to tell me to "fuck me like a dog".

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She looked at me with those loving eyes, and whispered "baby" .my face blank, I said to her "tell my to fuck you like a dog". She took it one step further," please baby, fuck your mother like a dog" thats when I knew that that pussy was mine, when ever I wanted it and that is how me and my mom became lovers